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SURP Awards - 2017

Congratulations to the following students for receiving Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) Fellowships in support of their faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Elena Abaeva Aerospace Engineering Professor Kenneth Mease UCI Rocket Project
Karim E. Abdelaal Biological Sciences Professor Sunil Gandhi Dissecting the Circuits of the Mouse Central Visual System using Brain Clearing and Single Cell Functional Imaging
Hamid Abuwarda Biological Sciences Professor Medha Pathak Examining Neural Development with a Conditional Piezo1 Knockout Mouse
Jonathan D. Agena Asian American Studies Professor Judy Wu #AAIronFist: A Study of Asian American Representation and Superhero-Race Power Dynamics in U.S. Television and Film
Edgar R. Aguirre Dance Professor Lisa Naugle,
Professor John Crawford
Choreography and Performance Project in Italy
Murad F. Aldoghmi Biological Sciences Professor Judith S.A. Asem,
Professor Norbert J. Fortin
Hippocampal Neural Mechanisms Underlying Age-Associated Impairments in Memory for Sequences of Events
Sylvia Alejo Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor Melanie Cocco Structural Studies of Reticulon-4
Maria A. Alvarez History, Education Sciences Professor Ana E. Rosas Invaluable Transformations: Muralism in a Gentrified Los Angeles, 1930 to Present
Elena M. Amaya Criminology, Law & Society, Sociology; Gender and Sexuality Studies Professor Joanne Zinger Teaching Evaluations and its Relationship to Syllabi Wording
Clay R. Ammentorp History Professor Andrew R. Highsmith The City of Angels Becomes the City Beautiful: Building Landmark Entertainment Spaces in Turn-of-the-Century L.A.
Elizabeth J. Andrews Biological Sciences Professor Frank M. LaFerla,
Professor Stefania Forner
Does Intracellular or Extracellular Aß Preferentially Facilitate Tau Pathology?
Mary A. Angadol Chemistry Professor William J. Evans Exploring Tris(cyclopentadienyl) Complexes of Zr(II) and Hf(II)
Jasmin Grace J. Arabit Pharmaceutical Science Professor Mahtab Jafari,
Professor Samuel Schriner
Rhodiola rosea may Improve Symptoms of Huntington’s Disease in a Fly Model
Mira N. Asad Biomedical Engineering Professor Anna Grosberg Analyzing the Structure of Sarcomeres in iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes Containing the LMNA Mutation
Michael Au Pharmaceutical Science Professor Daniela Bota Preclinical Development of Coumarinic Compounds as a Novel, Mitochondrial-Targeted Therapy for Glioblastoma
Mina M. Ayad Neurobiology Professor Wirachin Hoonpongsimanont Nurse Practitioner and ED Physician Predictability in the Disposition of Patients Admitted to the Emergency Department Observation Unit (EDOU)
Julio A. Ayala Angulo Biological Sciences Professor Craig M. Walsh Immunohistochemical Analysis of Reguatory T cells in Neural Stem Cell Transplanted Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis Mice
Matine Azadian Anthropology Professor Yama Akbari Role of Caloric Restriction on Neurological Recovery after Cardiac Arrest
Christian F. Baca Biological Sciences Professor Rachel Martin Characterization of Interactions between Alpha-Crystallin Derived Peptides and Human GammaS-Crystallin along with Cataract Prone G18V Mutant
Alexander J. Badten Biological Sciences Professor Ilhem Messaoudi Determining Mechanism and Efficacy of rVSV-MARV Vaccine
Adrian Bahani Biomedical Engineering Professor Bernard Choi Comparison of DiI and Lectin-FITC as Contrast Agents for use in Optical Histology of Intracerebral Microbleeds
Yu Bai Biological Sciences Professor Shahrdad Lotfipour Sex-Dependent Effects of Gestational Nicotine Exposure on Adolescent Cocaine Self Administration in Rats
Erica L. Baker English Professor Andromache Karanika Shining Stars Teacher Apprenticeship
Sarah K. Balaian Civil Engineering Professor Mohammad Javad Abdolhosseini Qomi Efficient Extraction of Water from Gypsum Found on Mars
Erin E. Ballard Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Jessica Borelli Polymorphisms as Protective Factors for Families of Children with ASD
John Barclay Dance Professor Lisa Naugle ,
Professor John Crawford
Choreography Project in Italy, Directed by Lisa Naugle
Jade Barrilleaux Earth System Science Professor Katherine Mackey Chromatic Adaptation of Coastal Synechococcus to Varying Iron Levels following Iron Limitation
Tiziano G. Bassi Chemistry Professor Athan J. Shaka Gamma and Neutron Radiation Measurements Surrounding UCI's TRIGA Reactor Core
Danielle M. Becker Biomedical Engineering Professor Anna Grosberg The LMNA Mutation and its Effects on Cellular Structure in Patient-Specific iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes
Amanda N. Bishop Education Sciences, (Minors: Psychology and Social Behavior, English) Professor Susanne Jaeggi Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in Relation to Learning and Performance: College Undergraduate Students
Jacob M. Boarnet Dance, Adding Criminology, Law, and Society soon Professor Kelli Sharp Diversity: Exploring the Impact of Culture on Modern Dance
Kasuni K. Bodinayake Biological Sciences Professor Marcelo A. Wood The Role of the Calcium RESponsive Transactivator (CREST) in the Nucleus Accumbens Core in the Formation of Cocaine-Associated Memories
Mario M. Brenes Mathematics Professor John Lowengrub Cancer Cell Lineages and Radiotherapy
Kyle T. Brumm Biomedical Engineering Professor Wendy Liu Regulation of Macrophage Behavior by Cyclic Uniaxial Stretch
Michelle K. Bui Biological Sciences Professor John C. Fox,
Professor Shadi Lahham,
Professor Shahram Lotfipour,
Professor Wirachin Hoonpongsimanont
Suspected Small Bowel Obstruction in the Emergency Department: Accuracy of Point-of-Care-Ultrasound
Alexia I. Burquez Political Science, Business Management Professor Davin Phoenix Capital Punishment: Institutional Biases and Factors that Influence Public Opinion
Belen M. Cairo Earth System Science, Urban Studies Professor Katherine Mackey Prochlorococcus among Southern California’s Invisible Forest
Elisa Campello de Mello Psychology Professor Barbara Sarnecka With Great Power comes Great Responsibility? Investigating how Children Behave when put in Leadership Positions
Arian D. Cano Biomedical Engineering Professor Wendy Liu Development of an in vitro Model to Study Immune-Mediated Wound Healing
Tadria Cardenas Psychology Professor Laura Enriquez Assessing Academic Outcomes of Undocumented College Students
Alexis S. Castillo History, Chicano/Latino Studies Professor Jeanett Castellanos Porto’s Bakery: The History and Psychosociocultural Influence on the Latina/o Community
Anthony J. Castro Chemistry Professor Elizabeth R. Jarvo Optimization of Fluorinated Cyclopropanes
Caitlyn Catabay Biological Sciences Professor Donovan P. German Processed Carbohydrates versus Fibers: Effects on Growth and the Gut
Elizabeth Cervantes Psychology, Sociology Professor Al Valdez College Women's Attitudes on Seeking Treatments for Depression
Anjelica Cespedes Psychology & Social Behavior, Criminology, Law and Society Professor Sarah Pressman Stress, Emotion and Physical Activity
Jenny Cevallos Biological Sciences Professor Stephen Mahler Effects of (R)-Methanandamide in the Nucleus Accumbens on Palatable Food Intake and Other Behavior
Mincy M. Chakkalakal Biological Sciences Professor Bharath Chakravarthy Evaluation and Investigation of Drivers Involved In Motor Vehicle Collisions under the Influence of Drugs at the Emergency Department of UC Irvine Medical Center
Andrew T. Chang Biomedical Engineering Professor Elliot Hui Engineering the Response Kinetics of Synthetic Light-Switchable Gene Expression
James Chao Economics Professor Gary Richardson,
Professor Amihai Glazer
Great Depression Bankers
Dezhang Chen Chemistry Professor Shane Ardo Fabrication of Bismuth–Halide Perovskite Solar Cells
Carol Chen Biomedical Engineering Professor Jered Haun Use of Gold Nanorods in the Detection of Cancer Biomarkers
Ryan Chen Pharmaceutical Science Professor Xiangmin Xu Mapping Neural Circuit Connections to Nociceptive Neurons in the Thalamus
Howard Chen Computer Science, Statistics (Minor) Professor Richert K. Wang Building a Cyber Range for Advanced Cybersecurity Training
Jeffrey H. Chen Biomedical Engineering Professor Gordon T. Kennedy,
Professor Anthony J. Durkin
Quantative Imaging of Burns in Porcine Models using Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging
Sunny Y. Chiu Business Administration Professor Amihai Glazer Program in Corporate Welfare Summer Undergraduate Research Grant/Fellowship
Loise Cho Biological Sciences Professor Lisa Flanagan Relationship of Neural Cell Fate and N-Glycan Modified Integrins
Nasam Chokr Biomedical Engineering Professor Anna Grosberg Studying Mitochondria Structure in Cardiomyocytes
Alyssa H. Columbus Mathematics Professor Argyrios Ziogas,
Professor Hannah L. Park
Evaluation of Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Models for Women with a Family History of Breast Cancer
Vanessa Comia Education Sciences, Psychology and Social Behavior Professor Hosun Kang Impact of Peer Interaction on Student Engagement and Intellectual and Behavioral Development
Maribel Comparan Asian American Studies, Spanish Professor Judy Wu,
Professor Thuy Vo Dang
The Founding of Asian American Studies
Brodric J. Cormier Data Science Professor Mitul Mehta A Large Retrospective Study of Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging of the Retina in Cataract and Refractive Surgery Patients
Dania V. Corrales Biological Sciences Professor Aimee L. Edinger Using Macropinocytosis Inhibitors to Selectively Increase the Anti-Neoplastic Activity of Synthetic Sphingolipids
Stella Crall Dance, Biology Professor Sheron Wray Challenging Boys' Perception on Ballet Stereotypes
Eduardo Cruz Biological Sciences Professor Brian Sato Do Email Conversations have a Lasting Impact on Student Understanding?
Boonyarit Daraphant International Studies Professor Judy Wu,
Professor Laura Enriquez
Bow Tie and Friends, Pt.2
Christian G. Datu Electrical Engineering Professor Jesse C. Jackson Improving and Field Testing Remotely Controllable and Monitorable Time-Lapse Cameras for Extreme Cold Weather using a Cyclapse Assembly Modified with a Raspberry Pi
Julian M. Davila Political Science Professor Cesar Sereseres The History, Significance and Uniqueness of California’s Imperial Valley
Petra F. De La Cruz Public Health Policy Professor Ana E. Rosas Re-Imagining the Emerging Warehouse Economy: The Material Culture of Latina Warehouse Workers, 2015-Present
Jasmine D. Delgado Biological Sciences Professor Xiangmin Xu Genetically Modified Rabies Tracing of Global Circuit Connections in the Corticotropin Releasing Hormone Neurons in the Paraventricular nucleus
Sukhman K. Dhaliwal Biological Sciences Professor Steven Gross Amplification and Inspection of Embryonic Cell Lipid Droplets in Drosophila melanogaster
Barbara Dickson Physics Professor Michael Cooper Developing a Spectroscopic Redshift Catalog for Imaging-Based Dark Energy Experiments
Tony Djanrelian Biological Sciences Professor Stephanie Tjen-A-Looi The Role of Angiotensin and Cytokines in Electroacupuncture on Salt-Sensitive Rats with Severe Hypertension
Genilson DoCarmo Social Policy and Public Service, Chicano/Latino Studies Professor Rocio Rosales Understanding the Impact of Mass Immigrant Detention and Deportation
Derek R. DuBois Chemistry Professor James S. Nowick Study on X-Ray Crystallographic Structures of Teixobactin Analogues
Auzzsa L. Eaton Biomedical Engineering, Urban Studies Professor Kenneth Mease UCI Rocket Project
Miriam N. Fam Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Sarah Pressman The Significance of Manipulated Facial Expressions on the Experience of Pain
Irma B. Fernandez Biomedical Engineering Professor Jered Haun Improving Trans-Cyclooctone Reactivity on Antibodies for Molecular Imaging
Jessica C. Fong Pharmaceutical Science Professor Gregory A. Weiss Single Molecule Enzymology to Understand the Catalytic Activity of the Klenow Fragment of DNA Polymerase I
Jennifer Y. Fong Pharmaceutical Science Professor Andrej Lupták Understanding the Activities of F-prau-1 and F-prau-2 HDV-Like Ribozymes in the Presence of Glucosamine-6-Phosphate and the Implications in Gene Expression
Cailen Fu Music Theatre Professor Andrew Palermo The CADE Experience in London and Musical Theatre Training in New York City
Alexandra Gacuya Biological Sciences Professor Andrej Luptak Identification of Structure-Switching Aptamers against Small Molecules
Karthik Gajulapalli Computer Science, Math Professor Richert K. Wang Secure Messaging In Untrusted Environments
Joseph A. Garcia Chemistry Professor Mark Richardson,
Professor Gregory Weiss
Self-Catalyzed Bioconjugating Peptides: Selective Sulfhydryl-Dimethylmaleimide Click Reactions
Evan P. Garcia Chemistry Professor Eric O. Potma Visualizing Single Molecules using Photo-Induced Force Microscopy
Nicholas Gardner English Professor Valerie Jenness Privatization as Effect and Cause of Mass Incarceration and its Preventative Influence on Criminal Justice Reform
Nane Ghazaryan Biological Sciences Professor Jogeshwar Mukherjee Development of Dopamine D3 Receptor Imaging Agent
Wyeth S. Gibson Chemistry Professor Jenny Y. Yang Using Mechanochemistry to Mimic Nature
Daniel Gilchrist Biological Sciences Professor Anne L. Calof Understanding how Tissues Achieve Stable Shapes and Sizes during Development
Megan E. Girczyc Biomedical Engineering Professor Norbert J. Fortin A Novel Design for a Modular Microdrive Array for Studying the Rodent Prefrontal Cortex
Karen V. Gonzalez Psychology Professor Drew Bailey Early Childhood Spatial Intelligence Data Analysis and Video Production
Algrae M. Gorospe Education Sciences, Cognitive Neuroscience Professor Hosun Kang Does an Increase in Peer Interaction Influence the Engagement and Willingness to Participate in the Afterschool Science Club? Does this Impact Students’ Behavioral and Intellectual Development in Science?
Natasha J. Granneman Biological Sciences Professor Kavita Arora Regulation of TGF-β/Activin Family Member Dawdle in Lipid Metabolism
Megan E. Gravenstein Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Jessica Borelli Parenting the Spectrum: An Online Positive Emotion Intervention
Mary Guirguis Political Science Professor Sherilyn Sellgren Game Over: Redesign or Get Sued (Written Document)
Luis Felipe Gutierrez Physics Professor Daniel Whiteson The Unexplored Landscape of Three-Body Resonances
Miroslava Guzman Perez Comparative Literature, Spanish, French Professor Laura Enriquez Undocumented Student Equity Project
Aminah Habib Biological Sciences Professor Dara H. Sorkin Effects of Perceived Discrmination on Muslim American Health
Nima R. Hadidi Biological Sciences Professor Christine M. Gall Comparing the Efficacy of Endocannabinoid Enhancement as a Means of Treating Cognitive Deficits in Male and Female Fragile X Mice
Sepehr Haerianardakani Chemistry Professor James S. Nowick Determination of the High Resolution Structures of Oligomers Formed by B-Amyloid
Yasmeen N. Halim Political Science, Business Economics Professor Davin Phoenix Capital Punishment: Institutional Biases and Factors that Influence Public Opinion
Khaila Hall Film & Media Studies Professor Judy Wu,
>Professor Thuy Vo Dang
Student Activism and the Creation of Asian American Studies at UCI
Aya Hallak International Studies Professor Daniel R. Brunstetter A Change in Gender Roles: Syrian Women Take over Male-Dominated Fields
Greyson M. Hanson Dance, Exercise Science Professor Tong Wang,
Professor Molly Lynch,
Professor Diane Diefenderfer
Attending the International Summer Dance Intensive at the Joffrey Academy of Dance in Chicago and the Next Step towards a Potential Dance Career
Xinya Hao Biological Sciences Professor Edwin S. Monuki Transplantation of Fluorescent Choroid Plexus Epithelial Cells in Preparation for Cell-Based Therapies
Syed F. Haque Physics Professor Anyes Taffard Surveying Results in the Lightest Supersymmetric Particle (LSP) Scannings from the ATLAS Detector to Recover Sensitivity Drops
Eden V. Harder Biological Sciences Professor Barbara Sarnecka Individual Differences in Children's Exploration-Exploitation Stategies
Clark L. Hendrickson Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, N/A Professor Katrine Whiteson Antagonistic Coevolution between Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA14) and JBD95b (PA14 phage)
Grace A. Hernandez Biological Sciences Professor Devon A. Lawson Characterization and Genome Modification and Analysis of Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) Models Grown in Culture
Daniela M. Hernandez Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Sarah Pressman Stress, Emotion and Energy (SEE) Study: Effects of Positive Affect on Health and Stress
Maricruz Hernandez Cabrera History Professor Ana E. Rosas Recapturing Los Angeles: Photographic Analysis of Past, Present, and Future L.A. County Gentrification
Marina N. Hettick Chemistry, Biology minor Professor David L. Van Vranken Modifying a Fluconazole Synergizing Spiroindolinone to Produce a Polar Compound
Esmeralda Hic Earth System Science, Global Sustainability Professor Ana E. Rosas Demystifying Latina/o Environmental Activism: A Community-Centered Response to the Environmental Dangers of the Salton Sea, 2000-Present
Lauren A. Hisatomi Public Health Policy, Psychology Professor Miryah Runnerstrom Distracting the Distraction in the Classroom
Victor T. Hung Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Bruce Blumberg Investigating the Obesogenic Effects of Novel Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals that Activate the Retinoid X Receptor
Danae T. Husary Dance Professor Lisa Naugle,
Professor John Crawford
Choreography and Performance Project in Italy
Philip H. Hwang Neurobiology Professor Marcelo A. Wood The Role of NR4A2 in Regulating Cocaine Action in the MHb
Yusef S. Ibreighith Chemistry Professor Jennifer A. Prescher Engineering an ATP-Free Luciferase
Ervin M. Irimpan Biological Sciences Professor Celia Goulding Efforts to Repurpose a Bacterial Toxin to Fight Cancer
Delaney Islip Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Developing a Wider-Scale Saliva Based Oral Cancer Risk Test for Underserved Population
Leandra V. Jackson Public Health Sciences Professor David Fruman Understanding mTORC1 Regulation of Antibody Class Switching through the 4E-BP/eIF4E Axis
Shannan N. Jenkins Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Ray Novaco Psychological Distress, Adjustment, and Resilience in Victims of Child Sex Trafficking
Brandon S. Jeong Biomedical Engineering Professor William C. Tang Electrochemical Impedance Detection of Salivary Biomarkers Indicating the Presence of Infectious Diseases
Yufang Jia Economics Professor Amihai Glazer Program in Corporate Welfare Summer Undergraduate Research Grant/Fellowship
Jaimie C. Joo Art History Professor Roberta Wue,
Professor Jayne Lewis
A Visual Testimony: Lee Jung Seob’s Life and Art in Dialogue with the Korean War
Syeda Q. Kaifee Human Biology Professor Norbert J. Fortin Radiosensitivity of Neural Mechanisms: Linking Ionizing Radiation-Induced Cellular and Cognitive Damage
Thomas M. Kaufman Materials Science Engineering Professor Martha Mecartney Synthesis and Thermal Characterization of the Complex Ceramic Murataite
Sehrish Khan Civil Engineering Professor Mohammad Javad Abdolhosseini Qomi Thermal Fluctuation of Monolayer Graphene Sheet
Zepyoor Khechadoorian Physics Professor Daniel Whiteson Dark Matter Interactions with New Physics Particles
Dong Hyeon Kim Mechanical Engineering Professor Jaeho Lee Investigation of Thermal Transport in Silicon Nanomeshes and Phononic Crystals
Andre Ksajikian Biological Sciences Professor Justyna M. Sosna Sex-Based Differences in the Presence of Proteins Involved in Necrotic Cell Death in Transgenic Mice with Alzheimer’s Disease
Aya Labanieh Philosophy, Comparative Literature and French (Triple Major) Professor Jayne Lewis,
Professor Nasrin Rahimieh ,
Professor Casey Perin
The Self-Other Relation: Pain, Love and Resistance
Brandon C. Larson Mechanical Engineering Professor Jaeho Lee Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Devices based on Rough Silicon Nanowires
Hien Lau Biological Sciences Professor Jonathan Lakey Effects of Short-Term Culture on Quantity and Quality of Isolated Porcine Islets
Hien Lau Microbiology & Immunology Professor Baotran Vo Does a Simple Before-and–After Educational Survey Promote Selection of Primary Care as a Career Choice among the Pre-Medical Community?
Hien Lau Microbiology & Immunology Professor Baotran Vo The Effect of Clinical Exposure at an Undergraduate Student-Run Free Clinic on Primary Care Residency Choice
Chap-Kay K. Lau Pharmaceutical Science Professor Andrej Lupták Investigate the Role of the CPEB3 Ribozyme in Cortical Neurons and how it Responds to Neuronal Stimulation
Eric J. Lawver Biomedical Engineering Professor Anna Grosberg Quantification of Nuclear Deformity for Association with Genetic Diseases
Sarah E. Lazbin Cognitive Sciences Professor Lisa Pearl The Impact of Text Length and Medium on Imitation Attack Detection by Humans and Machines
Dana H. Le Biological Sciences Professor Erik D. Barton,
Professor Wirachin Hoonpongsimanont,
Professor Shahram Lotfipour
Pharmacological Methods used for Intubated Patients with Medical vs. Traumatic Indication in the Emergency Department (National Emergency Airway Registry)
Duong Vy Le Chemical Engineering Professor Yoonjin Won Evaporation Heat Transfer Phenomena using Nanostructured Surfaces
John S. Lee Business Economics Professor Amihai Glazer,
Professor Gary Richardson
Program in Corporate Welfare Summer Undergraduate Research Grant/Fellowship
Rachael J. Lee Cognitive Sciences Professor Gregory Scontras,
Professor Lisa Pearl
How Adjective Ordering Preferences Develop in Children
Benjamin Lee Music Professor Stephen Tucker Orchestra Simulation Development
Adrienne TY. Lee Biomedical Engineering Professor Marc Madou,
Professor Sunny Jiang
Analysis of Mixing Efficiency and Droplets on PCR Centrifugal Microfluidics Disc
Lillian Lee Earth System Science Professor Katherine Mackey Effects of High Copper Concentrations on Phytoplankton Species
Monica Y. Lee Civil Engineering Professor Farzin Zareian Quantification of Variability in Performance Measures of Ordinary Bridges to Uncertainty in Seismic Loading Directionality
Brandon M. Lehrich Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Massimo S. Fiandaca Importance of Fetal Bovine Serum Exosome-Depletion Protocols for Supporting Cell Growth and Viability in in-vitro Systems
Caroline E. Lei Nursing Science Professor Mienah Z. Sharif,
Professor Dara H. Sorkin
Examining the Role of Fathers on Child Obesity Risk
Samantha C. Lin Dance, Education Sciences Professor Sheron Wray Movement as a Form of Communication
Frances Liu Chemistry, Computer Science Professor David L. Van Vranken Design and Synthesis of Spirocyclic Pyrrolidine Analogues that Synergize with Azole Drugs to Combat Fungal Resistance
Baldwin M. Liwanag Chemistry, Biology Professor Shane Ardo Development of a Dye-Sensitized, pH Neutral Polymer Membrane for use in a Photovoltaic Ion Pumping Device
Jose A. Loli Mechanical Engineering Professor Lorenzo Valdevit Manufacturing of Honeycomb Ceramics with Stereolithography and Structural Analysis through Digital Imaging Correlation
Zane G. Long Chemistry Professor Jennifer A. Prescher Non-Canonical Cyclopropene Amino Acids as Bioorthogonal Probes
Aja Loo Dance Professor Kelli Sharp How Dance is Viewed in Panama vs America Socially
Deida D. Lopez Biological Sciences Professor Candice Taylor-Lucas Evaluation of Providers' Perceptions towards Early Childhood Obesity Prevention
Andrea S. Lopez Social Policy and Public Service, Sociology Professor Alana M.W. LeBrón Undocumented Women Navigating Life without DACA: Implications for the Social Determinants of Health
Mathew A. Loren Biomedical Engineering Professor Bernard Choi Comparing Viability of Optical Clearing Agents
Andres R. Lozano Civil Engineering Professor Mohammad Javad Abdolhosseini Qomi Emissivity Behavior of Micro-Architectural Structures
Anthony Luu Undeclared Professor Kenneth Mease Rocket Project
Alexander D. Luu Biological Sciences Professor Donovan P. German Comparing Nutrient Efficiency between Insectivorous and Rapidly Evolving Herbivorous Italian Wall Lizards
Van K. Ly Materials Science Engineering Professor Albert F. Yee Investigating the Antimicrobial Effects of a Novel Biomimetic Nanotextured Contact Lens
Brianna L. Ma Biological Sciences Professor Peter H. Ditto Social Ecological Response to Sexual Assault Occurrences on Undergraduates
Mariel Ma Biological Sciences Professor Baotran Vo Investigating Patient Perception of the HPV Vaccine
Julia E. Majdali Cognitive Sciences Professor Emily D. Grossman Investigation of Neural Mechanisms in those with Autistic Traits when Completing the Stag Hunt
Mai M. Makhlouf Biological Sciences Professor Ramesh Jain P5 Cybernetic Health System Delivery via Health Butler
Connor Marsh Music Theatre Professor Myrona DeLaney An Exploration of a New Style of Dance, and Necessary Preparation for a Theatrical Career
Lani H. Matsumura Education Sciences Professor Mark Warschauer,
Professor Rachel Baker
How Spacing and Self-Testing are Related Learning Outcomes in a Large STEM Course
Sierra D. Mazzarini Biomedical Engineering Professor Timothy Downing Optimization of DNA Plasmid Transfection Methods in Primary Mouse Macrophages
Meghan K. Mc Dermott Biomedical Engineering Professor Norbet J. Fortin Designing a Novel Microdrive from Wilson Drive for Prefrontal Cortex Data Collection
Gabrielle McGahey Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Michelle Digman A Study on the Effect of Metabolic Inhibitors and Substrate Stiffness on Cancer Cells
Christopher M. McGuire Earth System Science Professor Katherine Mackey The Effects of Wastewater Discharge on Coastal Marine Phytoplankton Populations
Marlaina (Nashalah) K . McNamara Dance Professor Kelli Sharp Child Development and Dance as a Supplement
Rodolfo Medina Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Belinda Campos The Effects of Cultural Frame-Switching on Familism
Beverly A. Mendoza Biological Sciences Professor Michelle A. Fortier Immigration Health Paradox in Pediatric Cancer Patients
Rae A. Michaud Dance Professor Kelli Sharp Dance: Universal vs. University—How a Dancer Cultivates Passion and Artistry in the Scholastic World
Maria G. Mireles Social Policy and Public Service Professor Laura Enriquez Assessing Academic Outcomes of Undocumented College Students
Vivian M. Mitchell Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Paul Piff A Naïve Understanding of Social Hierarchies: Which Organization do Children Prefer?
Osama O. Mobayed Biological Sciences Professor Wirachin Hoonpongsimanont Valadating Audit using Serum Phosphatidylethanol
Jasmine G. Morales Criminology, Law & Society Professor Cheryl Maxson Mexican Males in Gangs: A Comparative Analysis of Sociocultural Perspectives in Mexico and the United States
Laura S. Moreno Psychology & Social Behavior, Educational Sciences Professor Joanne Zinger The Correlation between Professor's Diction and Syntax in Syllabi and Student Evaluations
Caitlyn K. Morgan Dance, Education Professor Chad M. Hall Fostering Collaboration through Positive Community Dynamics
Chamee V. Moua Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Jessie Borelli The Power of Positive Moments: Promoting Socioemotional Health in Mother-Child Dyads through Relational Savoring—Pomona MOU
Zeina N. Mousa Comparative Literature Professor Nasrin Rahimieh Terror Talk: Right Wing Anti-Terrorism Rhetoric
Sarah N. Mousa Political Science Professor Mark A. Le Vine The Misrepresentation of African Americans in Advertisements and Print Media
Alyssa M. Muller Dance Professor Jennifer Fisher Investigating the Convergence of Mind, Body and Dance
Laman Musayeva Dance Professor Lisa Naugle,
Professor John Crawford
Exploring Cultural Heritage of Italy and Experience in Working in the International Setting
Asis K. Nath Electrical Engineering Professor Ian G. Haris Sustainable Home Water Management
Tamiko Nesley Biological Sciences Professor Baotran Vo Effects of Procedural Workshop on Medical Students' Perception of Family Medicine and Clerkship Experience
Thi Ngo Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor Kavita Arora The Role of Drosophila Activin Signaling in Lipid Metabolism
Christopher Ngov Psychology Professor Susanne Jaeggi Validating a Kid-Friendly Visuospatial Working Memory Task
Nancy Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor David Fruman Sensitization of DLBCL Cells to ABT-199 by Targeting Translation Initiation Complex
Donhao T. Nguyen Chemical Engineering Professor Filipp Furche,
Professor Juan Du
Computational Analysis of the Ln3+/Ln2+ Reduction Potential
Cassidy M. Nguyen Neurobiology Professor Frank M. LaFerla,
Professor Laura I. Trujillo Estrada
The Impact of Tau on Synaptic Deficits Induced by Type 2 Diabetes
Jennifer Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Bogi Andersen Circadian Clock Regulation of the Systemic Interferon Response after Topical Imiquimod Treatment
Pauline A. Nguyen Comparative Literature Professor Judy Wu Nguyen Thi Ve, the First Female Judge of Vietnam: How Education, War, and Law Shaped her Life
Hoang Quan T. Nguyen Cognitive Sciences Professor Barbara Sarnecka Assessing Risk Propensity as a Function of Executive Function in Three- to Seven-Year-Olds
Pauline Y. Nguyen Chemistry Professor David L. Van Vranken Increasing Polarity and Effectiveness of Azole Synergizing Small Molecules
Johnny D. Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Ulrike Luderer Effects of UFP on Fertility in ApoE Knockout Mice
Thinh Q. Nguyen Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Jered Haun Soluble Expression of Recombinant Single-Chain Fragment Variable (scFv) Antibodies
Brianne N. Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Matthew Bracken Characterizing Nutrient Profiles of California Rockweeds
Daryl C. Nguyen Biomedical Engineering Professor Arash Kheradvar Finite Element Analysis of Transcatheter Heart Valve
Lisa Nguyen Biomedical Engineering Professor Jered Haun Using Gold Nanoparticles to Detect Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha (TNF-Alpha)
Hannah M. Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Anshu Agrawal The Effects of Environmental Toxin on the Immune Response to Infections
Sierra C. Nguyen Chemistry Professor Chris E. Vanderwal Development of an Epoxypolyene Cyclization for Selective Access to Oxygenated Diterpene Scaffolds
Eva Ni Biological Sciences Professor Albert Siryaporn Signaling Pathway of Escherichia coli Dispersal
Rosemary O'Neill Drama Professor Myrona DeLaney Humans of the Arts: A Study of the Relationship between Theatre and Politics in New York City and Washington, D.C.
Jill M. Oates Biological Sciences, Dance Professor Kelli Sharp Understanding the Contributions of an Aquarium on Conservation through Marine Mammal Care
Justin C. Ong Biological Sciences Professor Charles G. Glabe,
Professor Justyna M. Sosna
Damage Associated Molecular Patterns (DAMPs) and Neutrophil Extracellular Trap (NET) Formation have Distinct Presentations in 3xTg Alzheimer's Disease and Wildtype Mice
Elisa V. Ornelas Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Michelle A. Fortier Ethnicity and Acculturation Affect in Parental Health Ratings of Children Undergoing Surgery
Jessica J. Oshiro Biological Sciences Professor Baotran Vo Effects of Procedural Workshop on Medical Students' Perception of Family Medicine and Clerkship Experience
Guillermo Paez Sociology Professor Rocio Rosales Understanding the Impact of Mass Immigrant Detention and Deportation
Nicollette Pepin Biological Sciences Professor Bruce Tromberg Reducing Unnecessary Breast Biopsies with Noninvasive Diffuse Spectroscopic Imaging (DOSI)
Nancy T. Pham Biological Sciences Professor Candice Taylor-Lucas Evaluation of Health Care Providers' Perception towards Childhood Obesity Prevention
Skyler Han Pham Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Mark Warschauer,
Professor Rachel Baker
Organization and Time Management and its Relationship to Student Achievement
Hanh M. Pham Pharmaceutical Science Professor Mahtab Jafari The Impact of Cinnamaldehyde on the Healthspan of Alzheimer’s disease Drosophila melanogaster models
Jimmy Phan Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Frank M. LaFerla,
Professor Alessandra C. Martini
Endocytosis of IL-1R1 and its Impact on Tau Pathology and Cognition
Thinh Q. Phan Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Bernard Choi Easy-Access High-Resolution Laser Speckle Imaging of Blood Flow with a Modified Monochrome dSLR Camera
Howard J. Phang Pharmaceutical Science Professor Mahtab Jafari,
Professor Michael R. Rose
Diet and Supplementation: A Combined Therapy for Healthspan Improvement
Jake T. Plewa Biological Sciences, Immunology and Microbiology Professor Virginia E. Kimonis A Multidimensional Cross Sectional Analysis of Clinical Evaluation in 29 Individuals with VCP Inclusion Body Myopathy
Joceline Porron Public Health Policy, Chicano/a Latino/a Studies Professor Louis DeSipio Understanding the Health Needs of Homeless Women of Color Living in Orange County
Ridhika N. Prasad Psychology & Social Behavior, Biological Sciences Professor Rimal Bera Comparison of Self-Rating of Cognition and Depression in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder
Anna Pushkin Cognitive Sciences Professor Christie D. Fowler The Influence of Adolescent Cannabinoid and Nicotine Exposure on Later Drug Dependence
Amanjeet Rai Pharmaceutical Science Professor Katrine Whiteson Antagonistic Coevolution between Bacterial Strain Pseudomonas aeruginosa 14 and Lytic Phage JBDs5
Estela Ramirez Undeclared Professor Laura Enriquez Assessing Academic Outcomes of Undocumented College Students
Brandon L. Rawson Physics Professor Albert Siryaporn Propagation of Phage Infection of Pseudomonas Biofilms
Cheyenne E. Read Art, History, European Studies (Prior BA, UCI 2013) Professor William S. Roberts Photographing Living Conflict
Khalia R. Rehemtulla Business Administration Professor Brendan Shapiro Shining Stars Dance Organization
Jessica Resendez Literary Journalism Professor Rocio Rosales Understanding the Impact of Mass Immigrant Detention and Deportation
Anthony Ricaldi Materials Science Engineering Professor Catherine Loudon,
Professor Albert F. Yee
The Use of Synthetic Surfaces in Control Effects with Bed Bugs
Jessica A. Richards Dance Professor Lisa Naugle,
Professor John Crawford
Exploration of Movement in Rome
Nefertari Rincon Guerra Psychology Professor Dara H. Sorkin,
Professor Kelly A. Biegler
Unidas por la Vida: Examining the Social Network as a Mediator of Stress Reduction in a Dyadic Lifestyle Intervention in High-Risk Latinas
Jefferson I. Rivas Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering Professor Russel Detwiler Particle Flow through Fractured Media
Laura Robledo Environmental Science Professor Katherine Mackey Aerosol Deposition and Santa Ana Events’ Effects in Southern California Coasts
Alan Robledo Chemistry Professor Filipp Furche Picturing Photochemistry: Visual Analysis of Non-Adiabatic Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Adriana Rodriguez Biomedical Engineering Professor Anna Grosberg Investigating Fibroblastic Wound-Healing in Response to Local Injury
Yanete Rodriguez Biological Sciences Professor Grant MacGregor Identifying Amino Acids in FNDC3A and FNDC3B Required for their Interaction with SMAD and SMURF Proteins
Edgar A. Rodriguez Biomedical Engineering Professor Zoran Nenadic A Novel Unsupervised Action Potential Detector for Multi-Sensor Electrodes
Jordyn Rodwell Biological Sciences, Chemistry Professor Bruce Tromberg Monitoring Radiation Induced Skin Toxicity using Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (SFDI)
Brianda G. Ruiz Chavez Criminology, Law & Society, Urban Studies Professor Rocio Rosales Understanding the Impact of Mass Immigrant Detention and Deportation
Terence S. Rustia Political Science Professor Sara W. Goodman The Challenges and Outcomes of Refugee Integration in European Labor Markets
Gurleen K. Samra Biological Sciences Professor Jogeshwar Mukherjee Synthesis and Evaluation of Fluorescent Imaging Agents for α4β2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors (nAChRs)
Mira K. Sanghera Pharmaceutical Science Professor Andrej Luptak Selection for Multi-Turnover Luciferin-Synthesizing Ribozymes
Kiana A. Scambray Psychology Professor Ramesh Srinivasan Reaction Time in Decision Making and Motor Control in Stroke Patients using the Drift-Diffusion Model
Samantha M. Scheller Dance Professor Kelli Sharp Music: Its Impact and Relevance in the Reception of Movement
MIchael Schneider Biological Sciences Professor Veedamali Subramanian Biotin/Panthothenic Acid Over-Supplementation to SLC5A6 (SMVT-cKO) Mice Effects on Growth Rate, Intestinal Mucosal Morphology, and Tight Junction Integrity of the Knockout Animals
Madeleine F. Schreifels Dance, French Professor Jennifer Fisher Dance as Language in the Classroom: Improving Communication between Teacher and Student
Purnika Selvan Biological Sciences Professor Andrea Tenner Analysis of Neuronal Complexity of CA3 Area of the Hippocampus of C5aR1 Knockout Mice Model
Yunliang Sha Aerospace Engineering Professor Papamoschou Dimitri Jet Noise Reduction
Amal Shafi Biological Sciences Professor John C. Fox,
Professor Shadi Lahham,
Professor Wirachin Hoonpongsimanont,
Professor Shahram Lotfipour
Ultrasonographic Measurement of Right Ventricular Outflow Tract Systolic Excursion to Diagnose Patients with Acute Pulmonary Thromboembolism: A Comparison to the Gold Standard
Andrew K. Shannon Biological Sciences Professor Baotran Vo Clinics’ Clientele Characteristics
Aiqian Shen Environmental Engineering Professor Brett Sanders A New Approach for Coastal Modeling
Savannah R. Shively Physics Professor Steven W. Barwick,
Professor William H. Parker
LPDA Antenna Simulation and the Effects of Orientation on Gain
Ginger L. Short Nursing Science Professor Susana Cohen-Cory Effect of Altering Levels of DSCAM Expression on Dendritic Morphology and Excitatory to Inhibitory Balance in the Xenopus Retino-Tectal Circuit
Guanhua Shu Neurobiology Professor Marcelo A. Wood,
Professor Janine Kwapis
Characterizing the Effects of HDAC3 Inhibition on Memory and Plasticity Impairments Induced by Mutant nBAF Nucleosome Remodeling Complex
Sana M. Siddiqui Biological Sciences Professor Ann K. Sakai,
Professor Stephen G. Weller
Impact of Post-Zygotic Reproductive Barriers on Hybridization
Amrit K. Sidhu Education Sciences Professor Stephanie Reich How much Education is in Educational Preschool Apps?: Analyzing and Experimentally Testing Educational App Designs
Anushka N. Silva Public Health Sciences Professor Kai Kessenbrock Characterization of Stromal Cell Influences on Breast Stem Cell Behavior in BRCA1 Mutant Carriers
Ritika Singh Biological Sciences Professor Cascade Sorte Avian Predators: Bridging the Gap between Intertidal and Terrestrial Ecosystems
Ryan H. Sivoraphonh Biomedical Engineering Professor Brian J. Wong Using Optical Coherence Tomography for Early Diagnosis of Subglottic Stenosis
Justine T. Skaar Psychology Professor Barbara Sarnecka Toddlers and Social Interaction: Do Toddlers Prefer the Bully that Reaches its Goal?
Lily K. Sloan Chemistry Professor Kenneth J. Shea Hydrogel Polymer Nanoparticles for Anticancer Drug Delivery
William Smith Biomedical Engineering Professor Robert Wilson,
Professor Anthony J. Durkin
Multimodal Optical Imaging of Cerebral Resopnse to Cardiac Arrest and Resuscitation
Shashank Somasundaram Biological Sciences Professor Bharath Chakravarthy Long-Term Knowledge Retention of Multimedia Opioid Education in Emergency Department Patients
Anival Soriano Political Science Professor Ana E. Rosas Solidifying a Community: The Historical Actors in the Progression of the Mexican Community in Orange County (1930s-1950s)
Branda T. Sun Education Sciences, Psychology and Social Behavior Professor Drew Bailey Early Childhood Spatial Intelligence Data Analysis and Video Production
Dorreen Sun Psychology & Social Behavior, Film & Media Studies Professor Susanne Jaeggi Relationship between Bilingual's Verbal Working Memory and Language Dominance
Natwara Sutthirat Biological Sciences, Chemistry Professor Jenny Y. Yang Synthesis of a Nickel Iron Phosphine Complex for Carbon Dioxide Conversion to Carbon Monoxide
Seemal Tahir Biomedical Engineering Professor Rachel Martin The Functionality and Structural Composition of a Novel Cysteine Protease from a Carnivorous Plant
Sien Tam Biomedical Engineering Professor Wendy Liu Phagocytosis of Apoptotic and Necrotic Cells by Macrophages
Kevin C. Tan Human Biology Professor Scott Atwood The Effect of aPKC on the Hedgehog Pathway in Drug-Resistant Basal Cell Carcinomas
Jerica Tan Dance, Educational Sciences Professor Anita Fischer How we use Dance as a Form of Communication
Junyi Tang Pharmaceutical Science Professor Rachel Martin Anthocyanin Structure Identification in African Violets Saintpaulia ionantha and Storm's Eye
Alejandra Tantamango Gavilan Economics Professor Ana E. Rosas Peruvian Families Structures and Mobility Effect in Education: 1980-2015
Sydney L. Tea Biomedical Engineering Professor Albert F. Yee Is there a Relationship between Cell Shape and Degree of Adherence?
Radhanath Dasa. Thialan Dance Professor Molly Lynch Choreographic Development through Screendance, Gaga Summer Intensive, and Choreographic Showcase/Exposure
Jerry Thomas Environmental Science, Criminology, Law & Society Professor Saewung Kim ARAON Campaign: Examining Ocean-Atmosphere Trace Gas Exchange in the Bering Sea
Sonja A. Thrasher Dance, International Studies Professor Kelli Sharp Mediation through Dance
Myint Myat Thu Biological Sciences Professor Pavan Kadandale ThinkCheck Questions: A Multiple-Choice Assessment Technique that Bridges the Gap between Free Response and Multiple Choice Questions
Mareeya Tongkul Civil Engineering Professor Mohammad Javad Abdolhosseini Qomi Concrete: How Much can Carbon Emissions be Reduced? (ASCE Concrete Canoe 2017-18)
Christian A. Totoiu Chemical Engineering Professor Gregory A. Weiss Vortex Fluidic Device-Mediated DNA Cross-Linking Reversal
Mohammad R. Tourchian Biological Sciences Professor Susanne Jaeggi Motivational Intervention for Children with ADHD
Phuong Quynh N. Tran Pharmaceutical Science Professor Michael Demetriou The Effect of N-glycan Branching through Salvage on Differentiation of T cells
Ngoctran T. Tran Biological Sciences Professor Aaron P. Esser-Kahn The Screening of NF-kB Small Molecule Inhibitors
Peter Tretiakov Biological Sciences Professor Baotran Vo Effects of Procedural Workshop on Medical Students' Perception of Family Medicine and Clerkship Experience
Justine T. Trinh Asian American Studies, Mathematics, Classics Professor Judy Wu,
Professor Thuy Vo Dang
“World Class, My Ass:” Student Activism and the Creation of Asian American Studies at UCI
Kim P. Truong Computer Science & Engineering Professor Wayne Hayes Applying Dijkstra's Algorithm to Protein-Protein Interaction Networks: A New Way of Comparing Species
Justin Tsao Mechanical Engineering Professor Jack Brouwer UCI Solar Car
Victoria Valdes Public Health Sciences Professor John C. Fox,
Professor Shadi Lahham
Echocardiogram Screening of Young Athletes for Cardiac Abnormalities in a Community Setting
Zachary A. Valley Biological Sciences Professor Roshan M. Patel Evaluation of a Novel Retroperitoneal Dialysis Technique: Feasibility Study in a Rabbit Model
Adrian Velasco Mechanical Engineering Professor Kenneth Mease UCI Rocket Project
Anderson M. Vereyken English, Philosophy Professor Michelle Latiolais Gears Turning Gears
Jocelyn A. Vilchez Biological Sciences Professor Elani Streja Movement Exchange
Mary J. Villarreal Chemistry Professor Scott Rychnovsky Expanding the Scope of Collision-Induced Dissociation-Cleavable Cross-Linkers for Protein Structure Analysis
Alondra Villegas Political Science Professor Hosun Kang Impact of Peer Interaction on Student Engagement and Intellectual and Behavioral Development among 5th Graders in an After-School Program
Paul E. Vintimilla Electrical Engineering Professor Jaeho Lee Carbon Nanowire Simulations
Bryan T. Vo Business Administration, Economics Professor Amihai Glazer Program in Corporate Welfare Summer Undergraduate Research Grant/Fellowship
Brooke Wallace Pharmaceutical Science Professor Aaron P. Esser-Kahn,
Professor Rachel Steinhardt
Identification of New Agonist Synergies Containing RIG-I that Provide a Targeted Response
Edison Weik Physics, Computer Science Professor Daniel Whiteson Reverse Engineering Physics from Neural Networks
Benjamin A. Wells Chemistry Professor Matt Law Lead Selenide Quantum Dot Thin Films as Thermoelectric Material of Interest
Brian D. Wi Biological Sciences Professor Craig M. Walsh Culturing and Differentiating Mouse Neural Stem Cells that will be Transplanted into a Mouse Model of Multiple Sclerosis
Michael Wiedeman Chemical Engineering Professor Nancy Da Silva Using Efflux Pumps to Reduce Decanoic Acid Toxicity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Jaliya S. Wilkinson Dance, Education Sciences Professor Kelli Sharp How Different Pedagogical Styles can Affect a Class
Amanda Woodworth Public Health Sciences Professor Margaret Schneider A Pilot Study for an Acceptance-Based Intervention to Improve Physical Activity among Adolescents
Rachel Wu Dance, Mathematics Professor Kelli Sharp Alonzo King LINES Ballet Summer Program
Yujia Yang Physics Professor Kieron Burke Parametrizing the Fermi-Dirac Integral using Machine Learning for Applications in Density Functional Theory
Angel Yen Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Jessica Borelli Relational Savoring and Parenting Sensitivity: Can We Help Parents Be More Sensitive?
Yuexi Yin Biological Sciences Professor Shahrdad Lotfipour Sex-Dependent Role of Gestational Nicotine Exposure on Adolescent Cocaine Self-Administration in Rats
Danessa L. Yip Biomedical Engineering Professor Henry Hirschberg Sonochemical Internalization (SCI): A New Modality for Focused Ultrasound Site Specific Enhanced Gene-Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy
Jung Soo Yoon Psychology & Social Behavior, Sociology Professor Jessica Borelli Associations of Pronoun Use with Acculturation and Attachment among Parent-Child Dyads and its Implication of Parental Sensitivity
Hakeem Yousef International Studies Professor Daniel R. Brunstetter,
Professor Houri Berberian
Media Coverage on the Syrian Civil War: A Conflict of Two Narratives
Aubrey Yuen Biomedical Engineering Professor Marc Madou Developing a Centrifugal Microfluidic Disc Platform for Rapid Incubation of Bacteria Found in Uropathogens
Cayla S. Zhang Asian American Studies, African-American Studies Professor Judy Wu,
Professor Thuy Vo Dang
"World Class My Ass:" Asian-American Studies at UCI and Alternative Movement-Building
Kevin H. Zhang Biological Sciences Professor Jonathan Lakey Effects of Partial Pancreatic Digestion on Isolated Porcine Islet Yield and Viability
Jie Zhang Mathematics Professor Hongkai Zhao A Randomized Algorithm for the Decomposition of Very Large Matrices
Luxi Zhang Biological Sciences Professor Magdalene Seiler,
Professor Bin Lin
Use of Electroretinography to Determine Success of Transplantation on RCS Rats
Anni Zhang Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Professor Shane Ardo Using Mass Spectrometry to Optimize Reactors for Solar Photochemical Hydrogen Production
Zoe Zhao Economics Professor John Duffy Source of Income and Charitable Giving
Jiayi Zhao Biomedical Engineering Professor Brian J. Wong Quantification of Electrochemical Therapy on ex-vivo Porcine Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue using Ultrasonography
Edward Zhu Mechanical Engineering Professor David J. Reinkensmeyer Utilizing Deep Learning Algorithms to Ensure Accurate Data from a Rehabilitation Robot
Maksym Zubkov Mathematics Professor Vladimir Baranovsky Homotopy Commutative Algebras, Knots and Graphs

Number of Proposals Submitted = 345
Number of Fellowships Awarded = 294
Number of Honorary Fellowships = 26

Total Funds Requested = $962,640
Total Funds Awarded = $380,500

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