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SURP Awards - 2001

Congratulations to the following students for receiving Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) Fellowships in support of their faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.

Student Name Major(s) Faculty Mentor Project Title

Camille Adler

Social Ecology

Professor Lisa Grant

Mapping Coastal Shorelines of Tectonically Uplifted Region of San Joaquin Hills; Newport Back Bay

Shagufta Ahmed

Economics/ Political Science

Professor Gary Richardson

Banking Panics During the Great Depression

Shaista Ahmed

Economics/ Political Science

Professor Gary Richardson

Indexing the Long-Lost Records of the Federal Reserve System Stored

Reshmi Basu

Biological Sciences

Professor Brian Wong

Determination of Temperature and Wavelength Dependent Optical Properties in Cartilage

Reema Basu

Biological Sciences

Professor Hartmut "Hudel" Luecke

Elucidating the Mechanism of Annexin 1-Induced Membrane Aggregation

David Bear

Biological Sciences

Professor Ranjan Gupta

Evaluation of VEGF Up-Regulation by Schwann Cells Subjected to Shear Stress

Andy Bourgeois

Biological Sciences

Professor Timothy Osborne

Effects of the CREB/ATF Family of Transcription Factors on the 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl Coenzyme A Reductase Promoter

Kathleen Cao


Professor Athan Shaka

Comparative Analysis of Decimated Signal Diagonalization (DSD) and Filter Diagonalization Method (FDM)

Yinhui Chae

Electrical Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering

Professor Andrei Shkel

Precise Feedback Control of MEMS Mirrors with Silicon Photodetector Sensor Interface

Amine Chahbouni

Biological Sciences

Professor Hans Keirstead

Transplant-Mediated Repair of Multiple Sclerosis-Like Legions Using the MHV Mouse Model

Wilbur Channels

Electrical Engineering/ Information & Computer Science/ Mathematics

Professor Henry Lee

Temperature Control for a Tunable Fiber Bragg Grating

Chin-Ju Chen

Information & Computer Science

Professor Tatsuya Suda

Live Media Multicast

Michael Chen

Biological Sciences

Professor Alvin Glasky

AIT-082 and Neural Stem Cell Proliferation in the Sub-Ventricular Zone

Jonathon Cooke

Biological Sciences

Professor David Imagawa

Antiseuse Transforming Growth Factor-β (TGF-β) Immunotherapy as Treatment for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

David Cuccia


Professor Bruce Tromberg

Co-Registration of Near-Infrared Photon Migration And Magnetic Resonance Imaging For Quantitatively Monitoring Changes In Tumor Physiology During the Course of Anti-Mitotic Chemotherapy

Temre Davies


Professor Donald Hoffman

Psychophysical Investigation of Face Processing

Linh Duong

Biological Sciences

Professor James Fallon

The Temporal Expression of Different Neuronal Immunocytochemical Markers During in vivo Neurogenesis

Raquel Fernandez

Biological Sciences

Professor Arthur Grant

Tactile Perception in People with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Alexandra Gangi

Biological Sciences

Professor Vincent Caiozzo

Is Muscle Overload Controlled by Calcineurin and NFAT?

Gigi Hoang

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor Henry Pontell

Intellectual Property Law: A Case Study on WAREZ Sites

May Huong


Dr. Tonya Schuster

The Self-Rated Health and Wellness Survey, The Rand 36, and Network Care Over Time

Edward Hyatt


Professor Judy Stepan-Norris

Area Co-ordinating Teams of Cape Town, South Africa

Peter Kim


Professor Charles Wright

Assessing the Properties of the Dorsal Visual Stream: Comparing Sensitivity to Green With Luminance Sensitivity

Kristine Kolkman

Biological Sciences

Professor Thomas Carew

Characterization and Mapping of a Serotonergic System Involved in Memory Formation in Aplysia

Clint Lagbas

Biological Sciences/ Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Sue Duckles

Effects of Estrogen on Cycooxygenase-1 (Cox-1) Protein in Rat Cerebral Blood Vessels

Kathryn Le

Biological Sciences

Professor Lawrence Cahill

Psychophysiological Responses in Perception

Jessica Lee

Biological Sciences

Professor Vickie Lamorte

Sterol Regulated Gene Expression in Human Cervical Carcinoma

Candace Lehman

Film Studies

Professor Akira Lippit

Contemporary Media and Masculinity

Jason Lepore


Professor Duncan Black

Crime and Abandonment: An Empirical Perspective

Son-Hee Lyu


Professor George Sperling

The Illusion of Standstill in a Moving Texture Stimulus

Odette Ma

Chemical Engineering/ Chemistry

Professor Douglas Tobias

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Trapping of Atmosphere Gases by Organic Films

Neda Mehr

Biological Sciences

Professor Vincent Caiozzo

Transcription Factors Affecting Rehabilitation of Muscle

Celida Miramontes

History/ English

Professor Alice Fahs

Social Impact of the Los Angeles County Repatriation Program on the Mexican Community

Trinidad Molina


Professor Caeser Sereseres

Frustrating the Academic Dream of Undocumented Immigrant Latino Students: State and College Policies

Sarah Mutch


Professor Patrick Farmer

Synthesis of Oxochlorin Cofactors

Adrienne Ng

Environmental Analysis & Design

Professor Scott Bollens

Are Community Development Block Grant Funds Effectively Targeting Low and Moderate Income Populations in Los Angeles County?

Bich-Chau Nguyen

Biological Sciences/ Economics

Professor Alvin Glasky

Effects of AIT-082 on Gene Expression of Neurotrophic Factors

Tuan Nguyen

Biological Sciences/ Chemistry

Professor Murray Korc

TGF-β-Regulated Expression of Human Pancreatic Cells

Ha Nguyen

International Studies/ Music

Professor Caeser Sereseres

Fragmentation of Vietnamese-American Politics In Orange County

Gemi Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor James Fallon

The Efficacy of Administrations of TGF-α in Inducing Neuronal Recovery at Variable Intervals After Brain Injury

Karen O'Bosky

Biological Sciences

Professor David Fruman

The Role of p85α in v-Abl Transformation of B Cells

Vahagn Ovasapyan

Biological Sciences

Professor Arnold Starr

Pre-Stimulus Potentials in a Self-Initiated Target Detection Task

Nidhi Pandhoh

Biological Sciences

Professor Brian Wong

Proliferation of Chondrocytes Following Laser Irradiation

Joseph Papac

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin

Measuring Real-Time Air Pollutant Emissions of Oscillating Combustion

Basmina Parmakhtiar

Biological Sciences

Professor Ralph Purdy

The Effects of Simulated Microgravity on the Various Components of Arachidonic Acid Pathway

Nilesh Patel

Information & Computer Science

Professor Tatsuya Suda

Live Media Multicast

Jennifer Quirin

Anthropology/ Political Science

Professor Etel Solingen

Agrarian Reform and the Indigenous Population of Chiapas, Mexico

Jessica Rickert

History/ Neurobiology

Professor Ron Frostig

Experiential Tuning of Cortical Maps and Behavioral Discrimination

Sharon Santana

Psychology & Social Behavior

Dr. Jeanette Castellanos

American Indians: Ways of Life and Coping Mechanisms

Shawna Shaw

Political Science

Dr. Pamela Kelley

Faith Based Initiatives: A Closer Look

Alia Shbeeb

Biological Sciences

Professor Ralph Purdy

Effects of Simulated Microgravity on Vascular Contractility: Alteration of Cytosolic Calcium Levels

Parastou Shilian

Biological Sciences

Professor Arthur Grant

Auditory Perception in People with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Nisha Singh

Political Science

Professor Ceaser Sereseres

The Interaction of Nuclear Weapons and Jammu and Kashmir in Indo-Pak Relations

Donna Sir

Biological Sciences

Professor Laurance Mueller

Drosophila in Ammonia Stress Environment

Ryan Stafford

Biological Sciences/ Chemistry

Professor Gregory Weiss

Mutation Resistant Anti-Viral Small Molecules from Library vs. Library Screens

Adriana Torres


Professor Virginia Mann

Home-Based Activities Building Language Acquisition (HABLA)

Yvonne Tu

Biological Sciences

Professor Edward Nelson

Developing an Anti-Tumor DNA Vaccine with TARC as the Biological Adjuvant

Christopher Van der Westhuizen

Information & Computer Science

Professor Adriaan Van der Hoek

ArchDiff: Algorithms for Architectural Differencing and Merging

Christine Vo

Biological Sciences

Professor Oswald Steward

The Construction of GFP Fusion Genes for Transgenically Labeled Glial Cells in Zebrafish

Sara Walker

Dance/ Environmental Analysis & Design

Professor Lisa Naugle

Integrating Text and Movement

Toby Warden


Professor James Given

Female Prophets in Medieval Europe

Number of Proposals Submitted = 91
Number of Fellowships Awarded = 63
Number of Honorary Fellowships = 2

Total Funds Requested = $267,000
Total Funds Awarded = $157,500

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