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SURP Awards - 2005

Congratulations to the following students for receiving Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) Fellowships in support of their faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Amin Abdinezhad Neurobiology Professor Christa K. McIntyre,
Professor James L. McGaugh
The Role of the Basolateral Amygdala (BLA) in the Activity of Other Brain Regions in Response to Systemic Administration of Glucocorticoids
Amelia Acker Comparative Literature, Women's Studies Professor John B. Culbert “The Double Chiasmatic Invagination of Edges: An Interrogation of the Diagram in Derrida’s ‘The Law of Genre’ ”
Jalpa V. Amin Biological Sciences Professor Frances Leslie,
Professor Anne-Sophie Villegier
D1 Receptors in MAOI and Nicotine Self-Administration
Christopher D. Asher Biological Sciences Professor Ricardo Miledi Production of Functional Human GABAC Receptors in Sf9 Insect Cells
Hikmat Assi Genetics Professor Carrie Brachmann Identification of Cell Signaling Lattice Specific Apoptotic Genes in Drosophila Eye Discs Using FLAG-tagged PABP
Arif Azam Biological Sciences, Chemistry Professor John J. Krolewski Characterizing Molecular Complexes in Interferon Signaling
Kimberly S. Balazs Biological Sciences Professor Oladele A. Ogunseitan Effect of Anthropogenic Caffeine on Cnidarian Bleaching
Greogoria Barazandeh Political Science Professor Louis DeSipio Pain Management Care for Chronic Pain Patients
Michael G. Barboza Biological Sciences Professor Nathan D. Wong The Relation of the Metabolic Syndrome to the Likelihood of Diastolic Versus Systolic Hypertension
Kaylene A. Barrera Neurobiology Professor David K. Imagawa Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Areg E. Barsegyan Psychology Professor Larry Cahill Memory Enhancement of Emotionally Arousing Stimuli Through Bilateral Olfactory Activation of the Amygdala
Carolina Beltran History Professor Heidi Tinsman Neopluralism in Post-Authoritarian/Post-Crisis Argentina: An Assessment of Social Exclusion in the Public Sphere
Matthew W. Bennett Aerospace Engineering Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin UCISAT
Elizabeth M. Black English, Creative Writing Emphasis Professor Jayne E. Lewis Revolution; Tales of the Genetic Surgeons
Megan M. Blair Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Wendy A. Goldberg Type and Extent of Sleep Interventions in Relation to the Security of Toddler-Parent Attachment
Katherine S. Blevins Biomedical Engineering Professor Andrew J. Putnam Development and Utilization of an in vitro Three-Dimensional Model System of Tumor Progression
Vikentiy Bobkov Information & Computer Science Professor Vittorio Cristini Tumor Simulation Using Efficient Adaptive Mesh Algorithms
Alexandra J. Bradshaw Dance, English Professor Loretta Livingston Contemporary Dance in the United Kingdom: An Investigation of Aesthetic Influence
Ashley T. Brenner Anthropology, History Professor William M. Maurer Analysis of the Perception of the Paradigms of Archaeology and Its Effect on the Discipline
Michael A. Brown Biomedical Engineering Professor Andrew J. Putnam Design of a Tubular Construct for Implanting Smooth Muscle Cells and Subjecting the Construct to Pulsatile Flow Conditions
Bryan R. Burton Environmental Analysis & Design Professor Paul D. Jesilow The Effects of Fraud on the Evaluation of Health Care
Irvin I. Bussel Biological Sciences Professor Michael R. Rose Age-Specific Incidence of Ovarian Cancer in Drosophila melanogaster
Virit Butani Biological Sciences Professor M. Cristina Kenney Characterization of mtDNA Damage in Keratoconus Families Leading to Altered Gene Expression and Mitochondrial Dysfunction
Melissa K. Cerro Biological Sciences Professor Curt Sandman Comparative Study of Developing Premature Infants
Teresa Chan-Law Biological Sciences, Women's Studies Professor Lynn F. Carpenter The Advantages and Disadvantages of Specialization in Hummingbird Flowers
Yu-Ching Chang Biological Sciences Professor Nien-Hui Ge Structure of ErbB Receptor
Stephanie Channual Biological Sciences Professor Katumi Sumikawa The Effect of Cholinergic Decline on Acetylcholine and Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Subunits Beta2 and Beta4 mRNA in the Hippocampus
Grace Chiang Information & Computer Science Professor William M. Tomlinson EcoRaft Project
Henry Chu Biomedical Engineering Professor Christopher C. Hughes The Effects of JAGGED-1-Intracellular Domain Signaling in Angiogenesis
Marika D. Csapo Political Science, Dance Professor Mark P. Petracca The U.S. Trade Embargo Against Cuba: Issues of Legitimacy
Anne-Marie D. Dao Political Science, Cognitive Psychology Professor Mark P. Petracca A Study of Congressional Casework—Process, Impact and Effectiveness
Joanna Do International Studies Professor Kamal Sadiq,
Professor Caeser D. Sereseres
The Impact of the Tsunami Disaster on Human Trafficking
Michelle L. Dragojlovic Biological Sciences Professor Timothy Osborne Phenotypic Response of SREBP-1a Knock-out Mice to Induction of Lipogenesis Through Fasting and Refeeding
Olivia Eng Dance Professor Donald McKayle American and International Modern Dance- a Comparative Study
Rabia Farooquee International Studies Professor Fan-Gang Zeng,
Professor Ginger Stickney
Informational Masking and Spectral Resolution in Cochlear Implant Users
Jeffrey S. Felgner Biological Sciences Professor Mahtab Jafari Identification and Characterization of Fecundity Depressing Drugs in Drosophila melanogaster
Dillon Fitch Political Science, Earth System Science Professor Keith Moore Antarctic Seasonal Sea Ice and Wind Forcing Impacts on Phytoplankton Growth in the Southern Ocean
Margaret J. Foss Drama Professor Madeline A. Kozlowski Costume Design at the International Fringe Festival and the Presentation of a Student's Work in a Professional Setting
Mohamed Galal Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering Professor Tadashi Nakano,
Professor Tatsuya Suda
Molecular Communication: Modeling and Simulations
Ernesto Garcia Psychology & Social Behavior, Psychology, Cognitive Science Professor Salvatore R. Maddi Hardiness Approach to Stress Management: A Behavioral Approach That Can Accelerate Recovery After Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Mathew M. Garcia Aerospace Engineering Professor Kenneth Mease Movable-Mass Control System for Aero Vehicles
Mason Gibb English Professor Jayne E. Lewis Fetish and Sexuality in Comus
Christopher N. Gilbreth Physics, Mathematics Professor Michael Dennin The Effective Temperature of Two-Dimensional Complex Fluids
David P. Goekjian Physics, Philosophy Professor Aaron Barth Research and Analysis on the Variability of POX 52's Active Galactic Nucleus
Nadeem A. Goraya Biological Sciences Professor Ralph E. Purdy Role of Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotype Changes in Simulated Microgravity-Induced Vascular Hyporesponsiveness
Dirk H. Groeneveld Information & Computer Science Professor Natalia Komarova Computational Analysis of Complex Syntactic Data
Howard D. Guan Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor Guey-chuen Perng A Real Time Monitoring Viral Entrance Process During the Course of HSV Infection
Shida S. Hashemi Chemistry Professor Patrick J. Farmer The Effect of N, N diethyldithiocarbamate Metal Complexes on Melanoma Cell Lines
Pernille Hemmer Psychology Professor Scott Brown,
Professor Mark Steyvers
Decision Making in Recognition Memory Tasks With Alternating Environments
Christopher P. Herman Genetics Professor Arthur E. Weis The Affects of Incubation on Flowering Time in Brassica rapa
Wes R. Hillman Chemistry Professor William J. Evans Synthesis and Structural Analysis of Tetramethylcyclopentadienyl Uranium Complexes
Brian H. Hoang Biological Sciences Professor Robert A. Edwards Mechanisms of IL-11 Expression in Intestinal Subepithelial Myofibroblasts (ISEMF) in a Mouse Model of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Sara J. Holderfield Social Ecology Professor Elizabeth F. Loftus False Memories and False Confessions
Sandra Hong Psychology & Social Behavior, Education Minor Professor Richard Harvey Hardiness Training Effects on Maladaptive Perfectionists in Academics and Strain From Stress
Bryant D. Hornick Informatics Professor William M. Tomlinson The EcoRaft Project: Games and Education
Raymond Hsu Aerospace Engineering Professor John C. LaRue Engine Optimization and Heat Transfer
Deena Ibrahim Neurobiology Professor James L. McGaugh,
Professor Emily Malin
The Effect of Rostral Anterior Cingulate Cortex Lesions on Oxotremorine Infusions into the Basolateral Amygdala for Inhibitory Avoidance
Richard A. Jimenez Biological Sciences, Chemistry Professor Vincent Procaccio Detection of Low Percentages of the 3243A>G Mutation in Mitochondrial DNA Derived From Type II Diabetic Patients
Ashley E. Jordan Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Salvatore R. Maddi Hardiness and Religiosity in Relation to Indicators of Mental and Physical Health
Sunny V. Karnani Mechanical Engineering Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin Sources of Inefficiency in Centimeter Scale Internal Combustion Engines
Kyle L. Kimmel Chemistry Professor Keith A. Woerpel Mechanistic Studies of Allylsilane Rearrangement
Kimberly J. Komatsu Biological Sciences Professor Katharine N. Suding The Effects of Herbivory on Competition Intensity in California Grasslands
Dmitriy Kostovetskiy Information & Computer Science Professor Ryota Egashira,
Professor Michael Moore,
Professor Tatsuya Suda
Decentralized Network of Trackers
Mark H. Kunitomi Biological Sciences Professor Kyoko Yokomori Characterization of the Chromosome Targeting Domain (CTD) of hCAP-G, a Non-SMC Subunit of the Human Condensin Complex
Julia J. Kutaka Developmental & Cell Biology Professor Stephen G. Weller Mechanism for the Breakdown of Incompatibility in Oxalis alpina
Ryan A. Langan Biomedical Engineering Professor William C. Tang,
Professor James Fallon
Advanced Prosthetic Hand - Design and Development
Monica Lavian Biological Sciences Professor Diane O'Dowd Role of Dmca1A Calcium Channels in Mediating Spontaneous Calcium Transients in Drosophila Kenyon Cells
John S. Lee History Professor Eugene Y. Park Merchants as a Reflector of Change in Late Choson Korea, 1600-1876
Chao Li Biological Sciences Professor Brian JF. Wong Multi-Photon Microscopy of the Extra-Cellular Matrix Peripheral to Thermal Injury in Laser-Irradiated Hyaline Cartilage
Man-Hing Li Biological Sciences Professor Bert L. Semler The Enzymatic Activity of an Unknown Protein Which Cleaves the Phosphodiester Bond Between the Tyrosine Residue of a Viral Protein and the 5’ Terminus of the Picornavirus RNA
Yun Lin Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor Sheryl Tsai Towards the Characterization of E1 dehydratase, E3 reductase, and DesVII glycosyltrasferase: Crystallography of Enzymes Involved in Deoxysugar Biosynthesis
Victor A. Lopez Mathematics Professor Nathan D. Wong The Prevalence, Control, and Population Attributable Risk for Concomitant Hypertension and Dyslipidemia in the US Population With and Without Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease
Cathryn A. Lucas Biological Sciences Professor Ann K. Sakai Inbreeding Depression in Oxalis alpina
Veronica Macias Political Science Professor Louis DeSipio Socio-Economic Status, Language, and Citizenship Status: Correlating Factors to Mexican-American 2004 Presidential Election Voter Turnout
Don Jonathan M. Marcia Chemistry Professor Kenneth J. Shea Approaches to 5-[2-(tert-Butyl-dimethyl-silanyloxy)-ethyl]-cyclohex-2-enone, a Precursor to the Stemona Alkaloid Stenine
Stefan Marinov Information & Computer Science Professor William M. Tomlinson EcoRaft
Autumn Maruniak Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Chemistry Professor David A. Fruman KLF4 is a FOXO Target Gene that Suppresses B Cell Activation
Uel J. McMahan Information & Computer Science Professor William M. Tomlinson The EcoRaft Project
Vivek Mehta Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor Sastry Gollapudi Dioxin and Host Susceptibility to Infection: Modulations of Receptors Involved in Immunity
Steven D. Meissner Psychology Professor Elizabeth F. Loftus A Predictive Model of Underlying Mechanisms Surrounding False Memory Formation with Concurrent Real Memory Suggestion and Imagination Inflation
Dario Meluzzi Chemistry Professor Vladimir A. Mandelshtam Size-Temperature-Dependent Phase Diagrams for Quantum Lennard-Jones Clusters
Ray P. Mendoza Linguistics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering Professor Natalia Komarova Complexity in Different Language Registers: A Sociolinguistic Study
Joey B. Miller Undeclared Professor Paul D. Jesilow The Effects of Fraud on the Evaluation of Health Care
Natalia M. Milovantseva Political Science Professor Caesar D. Sereseres Nationalistic Extremist Movement Trends and Growing Ethnic Hatred: A Threat to the Process of Democratization in Russia?
Jahed Momand Biological Sciences, Chemistry (pending fall 2005) Professor Patrick J. Farmer Nitric Oxide Studies of Myoglobin and Myoglobin Cysteine Mutants
Hideo Morita Biomedical Engineering Professor Richard D. Nelson,
Professor John C. LaRue
Effects of Film Thickness on Pyrolyzed Polymer Resistivity
Jessica S. Morreale English, Dance Professor Margot Norris The Narrative of Exile
Sue L. Murray Dance Professor Diane Diefenderfer Pilates Conditioning and Its Effect on Dancers
Vincent P. Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Johanna F. Shapiro Medical Student Creative Projects in Gross Anatomy: Issues and Concerns
Lena T. Nguyen Biological Sciences, Minor in English Professor Aileen J. Anderson,
Professor Brian J. Cummings
The Effect of Age in the Central Nervous System Inflammatory Response After a Moderate Contusion Spinal Cord Injury
Phuong T. Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Edward L. Nelson Evaluation of Combined Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and Dendritic Cell Based Immunotherapy for Enhancement of Anti-Tumor Immunity
Soo K. Oh Political Science, Economics Professor Caesar D. Sereseres Pathway to Asian American Political Empowerment: Case Study of Asian American Political Mobilization and Incorporation in Southern California
Alison K. Okuda History Professor Laura J. Mitchell The Movement of Ska Music from Jamaica to the United Kingdom
Zack J. Oldham Drama Professor Myrona L. Delaney How to Make a Television Pilot Fly
John W. Oliver Chemistry Professor Zhibin Guan UPy Incorporation and Property Enhancement; a Strategy for Conservation of UPy Material
Michael Ousdahl Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Roxane Silver A Social Ecological Response to Community Based Man-Made Trauma: Analysis of Laramie, Wyoming and Jasper, Texas
Paul M. Pak Electrical Engineering Professor John C. LaRue,
Professor Richard D. Nelson
Development of Packages for Optical MEMS
Jung S. Park Electrical Engineering Professor Regina Ragan Nanoscale Sequence Specific DNA Bio-Sensors for Monolithic Integration with Silicon Integrated Circuits
Rishin Patel Biological Sciences Professor Steven Gross Quantifying the Effects of Deficiencies of Klarsicht, Bicaudal-D, Lipid Storage Droplet-2 and Halo Proteins on Embryonic Lipid Droplet Deposition
Charlene Pham Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor Bruce Blumberg SXR--The Target for Breast Cancer Treatment
Jesse Pineda Chicano/Latino Studies Professor James Vigil Marasalvatrucha, an Internationalized Gang Epidemic and its Relationship to the United States’ Border
Nicholas A. Potter Chemical Engineering Professor Douglas J. Tobias Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Uptake of Ozone in Oleic Acid at the Air-Water Interface
Abraham J. Qavi Biological Sciences, Chemistry (pending) Professor Robert M. Corn Fabrication of Microarrays With 3’ and 5’ Thiol-Modifed DNA for Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging
Angelita C. Ramirez Criminology, Law & Society Professor Caesar D. Sereseres From Barrio Street Gangs to Transnational Organizations: A Qualitative Analysis of Eighteenth Street and Mara Salvatrucha
EvaMarie Rodriguez History, Art History Professor Douglas Haynes Meeting the Lonely Londoners
Jeremy Roth Materials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Professor Martha L. Mecartney Analysis of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Doped With Lithia
Hallie E. Rulnick European Studies, Environmental Analysis & Design Professor Jean-Daniel Saphores,
Professor Kathleen L. Dallaire
Assessing the Economic Benefits of Brownfields Redevelopment: A Comparative Analysis of Case Studies in the St. Lawrence and Niagara Regions
Faryal Saadat Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Karen B. Leonard Personal Identification Post-9/11
Sarah J. Sadeghi Psychology Professor Sally S. Dickerson The Effects of Perceived Social Status on Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
Ellika Sadr Biological Sciences, Psychology and Social Behavior Professor Hans S. Keirstead Targeting Chemokine CXCL10 in the Immune System: A Possible Therapy to Spinal Cord Injury
Neil Saigal Psychology Professor Jogeshwar Mukherjee Image All the People
Farishta Sarpas Psychology Professor Donald D. Hoffman False Facial Recognition of Altered Internal & External Features
Vinod R. Sastry Mathematics, Sociology Professor Tihomir Petrov,
Professor Paul C. Eklof
Group Theory and Rationality
Justin B. Schaal Biological Sciences Professor Michael Selsted Significance of Analog Structure in Indolicidin Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Activity
Peter D. Schombert Information & Computer Science Professor William M. Tomlinson The EcoRaft Project
Layla K. Shaikley Political Science, Minor in Digital Arts Professor Lina Kreidie The Quality of Life in Iraq, Post American Intervention: A Comparative Study
Rana Sharif Women's Studies Professor Lara Deeb A Comparison: The Involvement of Palestinian Women in the First and Second Intifadas
Mowaffak H. Shbeeb Biological Sciences Professor Wesley G . Hatfield Transcriptional Regulation of the adhE and ychE Genes of Escherichia coli
Sara S. Siavoshi Biological Sciences Professor Bruce Tromberg Temporal and Spatial Variations in Optical and Physiological Properties of Pre-Menopausal, Healthy Breast Tissue
Sheina B. Sim Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Professor Arthur E. Weis Adaptive Evolution of Brassica rapa
Harry C. Sin Biomedical Engineering Professor Andrew J. Putnam Vasculogenic Mimicry in Melanoma: Defining the Contributions of Matrix Metalloproteinases and Rho-Mediated Signaling
Dana L. Sinclair Global Cultures Professor Duncan Williams From Pilgrimage to Religious Tourism: A Study of the Commodification of Buddhist Culture
Devina K. Sindhu English, International Studies Professor Margot Norris Metamorphosizing Identity: The Figure of the Hermaphrodite in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Angela Carter’s The Passion of New Eve
Sukhpreet Singh Biological Sciences Professor Steven L. Wechsler LAT Gene of HSV-I Functions as a Ribozyme to Block Apoptosis and Enhance Spontaneous Reactivation Phenotype
Ann B. Smith Dance Professor Matthew Brenner Non-Invasive Imaging of Oral Premalignancy and Malignancy With a Fiber Bundle OCT Probe
Jenny H. Sohn Classics, Comparative Literature Professor Martin Schwab Modern Conceptions of Greek Drama: A Comparative Examination of Nietzsche and Hegel
Christopher J. Stapleton Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Chemistry Professor Daniele Piomelli,
Professor Kwang-Mook Jung
Neuronal Localization and Function of DGL-a and -b in the Production of 2-arachidonoylglycerol in the Rat Brain
Scott T. Sullivan Physics Professor Michael Dennin Complex Fluids and Effective Temperature
Farah Tabibkhoei Political Science Professor Shawn Rosenberg Political Evaluation: The Different Ways in Which Individuals Judge Socio-Political Phenomena
Hong L . Tan Information & Computer Science Professor Tatsuya Suda Coordinated Monitoring in Large-Scale and Dynamic Sensor Networks
Jarrett A. Thibodeaux Sociology Professor Elliot P. Currie The New War on Poverty: The War on Drugs
Denise Tirrell Biological Sciences Professor Grant MacGregor Analysis of the Function of FNDC3B During Mammalian Development
Jimmy Tong Psychology Professor Mary Louise Kean Effects of Early English Exposure in Vietnamese-English Bilinguals
Karo Torosian Biological Sciences Professor Arthur E. Weis Competitive Inhibition on Flowering Time
Dang H. Tran Biological Sciences Professor Shao Jun Tang Specific Types of NMDA Receptors: How Do They Regulate Local Protein Synthesis in Postsynaptic Dendrite?
Man N. Tran Biological Sciences Professor Maike Sander The Role of Sox9 in Pancreas Development
Alan S. Triman Chemistry Professor Kenneth J. Shea Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Films for Specific Protein Recognition
David T. Truong Biomedical Engineering Professor Steven C. George The Role of TGF-B2 on Endothelial Cell Angiogenesis in an in vitro Model of the Respiratory Mucosa
Jerry D. Truong Psychology, Studio Art Professor Donald D. Hoffman Creation of False Memories for Previously Unfamiliar Faces
David Y. Tseng Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering Professor Henry P. Lee Optical Trapping
Ka W. Tsoi Social Science, Cognitive Science Professor Jennifer L. Skeem Effect of Dating Relationship on Academic Performance
Ekaterina I. Tzvetkova Biological Sciences Professor Thomas J. Carew The Effects of Trial Pattern in Memory Formation
Cynthia M. Ungson Biological Sciences Professor Ken W. Cho Analysis of Enhancer Sequences Using Transgenic Xenopus Embryos
Dustin H. Urbaniec Physics Professor David P. Kirkby Application of Neural Networking in the Analysis of B-zero Decays
Thanh N. Vu Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration Professor Sheryl Tsai Structural Analysis of Aromatic Polyketide Synthase for the Design of Novel Aromatic Polyketide Natural Products of Pharmaceutical Importance
Cindy H . Wang Biological Sciences, Chinese, Psychology Professor Adriana H. Briscoe The Evolution of COI ,Period, Ef1-a, and Opsin Genes in Lepidoptera
Sarah L. Watson International Studies, Political Science Professor Caesar D. Sereseres The War on International Terrorism and America's Preemptive Strike Doctrine
David Wharton Biological Sciences Professor Sally Dickerson Impact of Negative Self-Perception on Physical Health
Ernest J. Wright III Neurobiology, Political Science Professor Norman M. Weinberger Amygdala Modulation of Specific Memory Traces in the Auditory Cortex
Julie N. Wu Biological Sciences Professor Carrie B. Brachmann Investigation Into the Role of grim in Developmental Apoptosis
Tiffany J. Wu Political Science, History Professor Dorothy J. Solinger Eurasia or My-Asia: A Case Study on US-Chinese Cooperation in Central Asia
Craig Yoho Information & Computer Science Professor William M. Tomlinson The EcoRaft Project
Christina M. Zabat-Fran Political Science, Arts and Humanities Professor Matthew N. Beckmann Mrs. Commander in Chief: Gender Stereotypes and Electoral Prospects for Women Presidential Candidates
Vanessa L. Zuabi Political Science, International Studies Professor Lina Kreidie Lebanon as a Model for Iraq: The Effects of Sectarianism on the Process of Democratization

Number of Proposals Submitted = 189
Number of Fellowships Awarded = 129
Number of Honorary Fellowships = 25

Total Funds Requested = $521,315
Total Funds Awarded = $238,300

For more information, please contact:

Said M. Shokair, Director
Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)
Student Services II, Suite 2300
Phone: 824-4189 e-mail:

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