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SURP Awards - 2007

Congratulations to the following students for receiving Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) Fellowships in support of their faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Aaron C. Abajian Computer Science & Engineering, Mathematics Professor Alexander McPherson Negating an Electron Density Map to Characterize the RNA in Satellite Tobacco Mosaic Virus
Shushmita M. Ahmed Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor Sheryl Tsai Discovering and Developing: Crystallization of Hec1 and the Promise for Future Drug Design
Rose V. Alapat Biological Sciences Professor Larry D. Jamner,
Professor Judith Profant
The Tryptophan Connection - A Study of the Correlation Between Diet and Hostility
Janetta L. Arellano Biological Sciences Professor Devin K. Binder Role of AQP-4 on the Neuron Cell Death and Degeneration in the Formation of Epileptic Networks in the Brain
Audrey Au International Studies, Literary Journalism Professor Louis DeSipio,
Professor Robert G. Gonzales
Surviving America and Striving for Higher Education: The Long Road to Success for Undocumented Asian Young Adults
Kimberly S. Balazs Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Professor Oladele A. Ogunseitan Caffeine as a Cause of Coral Bleaching: Effects of Caffeine on the Proteins of Coral Symbiont Zooxanthellae
Jaclyn R.. Barrera Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Early Detection of Temporomandibular Disorders Using Optical Coherence Tomography
Patricia M. Bauler Chemistry Professor Craig Martens Using Molecular Dynamics to Study the Purification of Water in an Electric Field and Nanoscale Environment
Rachel M. Bell Dance, English Professor Diane Diefenderfer The Pilates Technique: An Investigation of Aesthetic Influence & Anatomical Effects on the Body
Reno F. Bowen Psychology Professor Charles E. Wright,
Professor Charles F. Chubb
Peripheral Motion Based Stimuli: Specially Functioning Exogenous Cues?
Joel G. Breuklander English, Creative Writing Emphasis in Fiction Professor Michelle Latiolais New Critical Approaches to the Contemporary Short Story
Elena M. Briber Dance Professor John Crawford,
Professor Lisa Naugle
Active Space - The Interaction of Dance and Technology
Jessica H. Bruystens Biological Sciences Professor Hartmut Luecke Structure Determination and Analysis of Uridylyltransferases by Means of X-Ray Crystallography for Trypanoside Development
Lauren M. Burgeno Chemistry, Biology Professor Daniele Piomelli Determination of the Role of Anandamide Signaling in Anxiety Induced by Corticotrophin-Releasing Factor
Clarisse E. Cadang Biological Sciences Professor Danielle A. Simmons Role of Inflammation and Iron in Huntington's Disease Pathogenesis
Cross Candice Dance Professor Lisa Naugle,
Professor John Crawford
From Land to Sea: An Exploration of Human Interaction with Mother Earth
Jamie L. Carter Comparative Literature, European Studies Professor Jane O. Newman Calderón and Emblem Theory: Opening a Space for the Skeptical Poet in Seventeenth-Century Spain and Today
Wesley Chin Biological Sciences Professor F. Lynn Carpenter Invertebrate Diversity in Costa Rica: Is There Greater Diversity Where There is More Plant Diversity?
Aysha R. Cohen Psychology & Social Behavior, Spanish and Educational Studies Minor Professor Mark Warschauer The Role of Supportive Peer Relationships in Promising Afterschool Programs
Mark C. Combs Psychology Professor Mireille Jacobson Internet Marketing and the Addiction Rehabilitation Industry
Amy I. Cooper English, Philosophy Professor Linda F. Bauer Studying Doll Play to Discover Racial Identity Construction in Minority Children
Belinda M. Dao Biological Sciences Professor Brian J. Wong Assessment of Keratinocyte Viability and Proliferation at the Basal Membrane after Cigarette Smoke Exposure in Organotypic Skin Models
Mona A. Dave Biological Sciences Professor Frances Leslie The Role of Harmane and Norharmane in Tobacco Addiction
Alexander G. Davis Psychology Professor Charlie Chubb,
Professor Charles E. Wright
Applications of Equisalience Function Analysis
Cindy De La Cruz Psychology Professor Sally S. Dickerson How Do Latinos Rate Themselves in Performance in a Social Evaluative Setting?
Denise Der Chemistry, Biology Professor Gregory A. Weiss Site-Specific Single Molecule Attachment to a Covalently Functionalized Carbon Nanotube
Colin T. Devane English Professor John H. Smith The Ethics of Interpretation: Foundations in Hermeneutic Theory
Bao T. Dinh Biomedical Engineering Professor Steven C. George The Effect of TGFb2 on Collagen Synthesis by Lung Fibroblasts and Airway Smooth Muscle Cells Embedded in Collagen and Fibrin Gels Using Multiphoton Microscopy as a Non-Invasive Tool to Detect Second Harmonic Generation of Fibrillar Collagen
Amish P. Doshi Biological Sciences, Minoring in Management Professor Jogeshwar Mukherjee Development of 18F-FBM for Detecting of β-Amyloid Plaques and Neurofibrillary Tangles in Alzheimer’s Disease
Alexander F. Edwards Computer Engineering Professor Brian Demsky Bristlecone Language Development
Glenn T. Ellington Music Professor Darryl G. Taylor Aspen Summer Vocal Program Experience
Satoru Emori Materials Science Engineering Professor Regina Ragan Characterization of Platinum Nanoparticle Catalysts Using Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy
Barbara Escobar Chicano/Latino Studies, Psychology (Cognitive Sciences) Professor Jeanett Castellanos Cultural Congruity and Perceptions of Culture in Latino/a College Students:
Daniel T . Eskander Biological Sciences Professor Yi-hong Zhou The Role of PAX6 on Suppression of Angiogenesis in Glioma
Kathryn N. Farrar Art History Professor Jane O. Newman French Artist, Italian Spirit: Deconstructing Nicolas Poussin's Role in Art Historical Methodology
Sean C. Fleming Sociology, Psychology and Social Behavior (Minor) Professor Salvatore Maddi,
Professor Danielle S. Rudes
Sexual Deviance and Psychosexual Development
Qian L. Gao Biological Sciences Professor Steven L. Wechsler Study of the Mechanism by which Herpes Simplex Virus Latency Associated Transcript (LAT) Blocks Apoptosis
Juefeng Ge Economics, information and computer science Professor Ramesh Jain Evolution of Virtual Social Networks
Joshua D. Gladieux Political Science Professor Carole J. Uhlaner Unitary and Adversary Democracy in the Territory of Nunavut, Canada
Edward J. Gonzales International Studies, Environmental Analysis and Design Professor Caesar D. Sereseres Analysis of Macro Perspectives on U.S.-Mexico Relations and the Security, Prosperity, and Partnership Agreement
Alexander M. Grant Physics, Biomedical Physics concentration Professor Anthony J. Durkin Characterization of a Fiber Based Probe for Quantitative Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy of Cutaneous Melanoma
Ashley A. Gray Chemistry Professor Patrick J. Farmer Enzymatic Extraction of Keratin-Bound Melanin and Equilibrium Studies of the Natural Pigment
Clare E. Greene English, European Studies Professor Jayne E. Lewis Eve’s Recreation: Milton Remembered by Female Writers
Amber Greer Civil Engineering Professor Ayman Mosallam Residual Strengths of Bridge Girders after Lateral Impact
Timothy J. Grigsby Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Eric D. Knowles Computerized vs. Paper-and-Pencil Questionnaires: Evaluation of Test Setting, Social Desirability, and Mode of Administration
Amanda Y. Grummon Mathematics Professor Natalia Komarova Mathematical Modeling of Language Learning from Inconsistent Input
Alex S. Hamil Biological Sciences, Cognitive Psychology Professor Rainer K. Brachmann Identifying Novel DNA Binding Sites for p53 Cancer Mutants
Christopher M. Hardy Biological Sciences Professor Michael Rose Comparing Average Longevity of Lines of Drosophila melanogaster with Known Genotypes at the hsp26 Locus
Christina V. Hoang Biological Sciences Professor Devin K. Binder Glial Cell Changes Following the Onset of Spontaneous Seizures in Wild-Type vs. Aquaporin-4-Deficient Mice
Laura Anne Hogling Dance, Minor: Education Professor Lisa Naugle Beyond the Choreography of American Ballet Theatre's Classical Repertoire
Toby A. Howard International Studies Professor Caesar D. Sereseres,
Professor Paula J. Garb
Black on Both Sides: The Perceptions of African-Americans and Nigerians on Each Other
Megan M. Ikeda Neurobiology Professor John F. Guzowski The Functional Significance of Persistently Higher Levels of Immediate-Early Gene Arc Expression in the Watermaze Overtraining
Aditi Iyengar Biological Sciences Professor J. Lawrence Marsh Development of New Drosophila Models of Polyglutamine Disorders to Characterize Common Pathomechanisms
Nicole Jardine Psychology Professor Emily Grossman Subjective Judgments of Biological Motion Speed as Modulated by Stimulus Contrast
Nelson Jen Biomedical Engineering Professor Xiaorong Wang,
Professor Lan Huang
Investigation of the Biological Roles of ADRM1 Phosphorylation
Karanjodh S. Johal Biological Sciences Professor Randall F. Holcombe Synergism of Erbitux and Resveratrol on EGFR and Wnt Signaling Pathways in Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines
Kameran R. Johnson Developmental & Cell Biology Professor Bruce Blumberg The Role of SXR in Breast Cancer Stem Cells
Cheryl C. Johnson Physics Professor Roger D. McWilliams Two-Dimensional Ion Velocity Distributions in the Sheath and Pre-Sheath of Two-Species Argon-Xenon Plasma
Oliver F. Kamari-Bidkorpeh Chemistry, Biological Sciences Professor Sheryl Tsai Analysis of Ketoreductase and Polyketides Produced by a Ketoreductase Mutant Engineered in an In Vivo Host, Streptomyces Coelicolor CH999
Jacob S. Kanady Chemistry Professor Chris Vanderwal Polychlorinated Natural Products—Biological Interest, Stereochemistry, and Synthesis
Albert L. Kang Psychology Professor Ramesh Srinivasan Does Videogame Playing Modify Cortical Networks Involved in Visuospatial Attention?
Samantha Kao International Studies Professor Michael L. Burton A Study on Sustainable Fisheries and the Environmental Constraints of the Turks & Caicos Islands
Amit B. Karmur Biological Sciences Professor Arthur Weis The Effects of Severe Drought and Late-Season Rain on Flowering Time in Brassica rapa
Samuel J. Kaufman Informatics Professor David G. Kay Animex: Visualization of Object-Oriented Program Execution
Katherine A. Keith International Studies Professor Lina Kreidie Citizen Diplomacy in US/Iranian Relations
Ramni Khattar Biological Sciences Professor Jagat Narula HAPPY: Heart Attack Prevention is a Possibility
Juliet P. Kim Biological Sciences Professor Alan G. Barbour Differential Temperature Sensitivity on Survival of Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia hermsii
Danielle Y. Kirkwood African-American Studies Professor Frank B. Wilderson Afro-Pessimism and Black Masculinity in Film: Representations of Black Men in Cinema from 1967-2005
Nicolas D. Klute Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Larry D. Jamner Alternative Explanations to Occurrence of Preclinical Markers for CVD in ADHD Patients Taking Stimulant Medication
Chuuk Wing B. Ko Biological Sciences Professor Paolo Sassone-Corsi Identifying the Action of Dopamine on the HAT Activity CLOCK
Sharon J. Kung Dance, Economics Professor Molly Lynch American Dance Festival: The Artistic Voice
Eric P. Kuo Biomedical Engineering Professor Edwin S. Monuki,
Professor Noo Li Jeon
Characterization of Cortical Precursor Cells' Response to Microfluidic BMP4 Gradient
David Lai Biomedical Engineering Professor Andrew Putnam The Effects of 3-D Extracellular Matrix Stiffness on Osteoblast Cell Migration and Invasion
Jason K. Lam Biological Sciences, International Studies Professor Arthur Weis The Effects of Assortative Mating by Flowering Time on Other Phenological and Morphological Traits
Trevor T. Law Biomedical Engineering Professor Zoran Nenadic Brain-Machine Interface Algorithm Development
Maxim M. Lazarov Computer Science Professor Aditi Majumder Immediately Adaptive Dynamic Range Camera
Ronny Le Biological Sciences Professor Arthur Weis The Effects of Severe Drought and Late-Season Rain on Flowering Time in Brassica rapa
Brian Leon Chemistry Professor Larry E. Overman Progress Towards the Synthesis of Sieboldine A
Veronica A. Lewis Biological Sciences Professor Mahtab Jafari The Effect of Anti-Aging Botanical, Rhodiola rosea, on the Physical Characteristics of Drosophila melanogaster Progenies
Denise Y. Li Comparative Literature, Humanities & Arts Professor Stephen Barker Spatiotemporal Manipulation in Experimental Writing and Performance
Kevin Li History Professor Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan Keep Moving: Toward a Relational Analysis of Mobility and Immobility in the Airport Terminal
Joseph J. Lim Computer Science Professor Max Welling Mobile Sensor Localization
Aaron J. Lin Biological Sciences Professor James S. Nowick Folding Studies on 54-Membered Ring Macrocyclic Peptides
Pui Yu Ling Earth & Environmental Sciences Professor James T. Randerson Analysis of the Seasonal Cycle of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide in the Arctic (50˚N) from 1971 to 2005 and Implications for Terrestrial Ecosystems
Leslie S. Liu Informatics Professor Joerg Meyer Distributed and Fractal Pixel Sensors
Veronica Lopez Sociology, Criminology Professor Jeanett Castellanos Latina/o Students and Academic Families
Lynly M. Lumibao Criminology, Law & Society, Political Science Professor Scott A. Bollens Implications of Urban Policies in the Netherlands: Integration or Conflict?
Trinh Luu Comparative Literature, Asian American Studies Professor Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan The Economy of Mobility in Airport Terminals
Annie A. MacDougall Dance Professor Lisa Naugle A Study in Dance Improvisation
Ana E. Macias Dance Professor Loretta Livingston Paul Taylor Summer Dance Intensive
Nick M. Masellis International Studies Professor Caesar D. Sereseres The Impact of Counterinsurgency Doctrine on Military Readiness and Effectiveness: U.S. Forces vs. Unconventional Warfare
Krystal A. Matsuyama Dance, Minor: Digital Arts Professor Jodie Gates San Francisco Conservatory of Dance & Jiri Kylian
Kimia Menhaji Genetics Professor J. Lawrence Marsh Suitable Site for Targeted Insertions in Transgenic HD Drosophila
Julie Ann M. Minaai Dance Professor Lisa Naugle Studying Diverse Dance Techniques in Relation to Creating Movement Form, Function and Aesthetic Shaping of Personal Expression
Siddharth Mohan Biological Sciences Professor Yi-Hong Zhou Novel Tumor Suppressor Gene on Chromosome 10 Linked to Pax6 Expression in Glioblastomas
Charne E. Moore Biological Sciences Professor Harald Biessmann Knocking Down Gene Expression of Odorant Binding Proteins and Odorant Receptors in Anopheles gambiae by RNAi
Laura E. Muscianese Dance, Biology Professor Lisa Naugle A Contemporary Feud: Should the Royal Danish Ballet Update the Original Choreography of Augustus Bournonville?
Jessica M. Newman Women's Studies, English Professor Kavita Philip,
Professor Robert G. Moeller
The Inheritance of Apartheid: Rape in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Jackson Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Yi-Hong Zhou In Situ Detection of PAX6 and EFEMP-1 in Glioblastoma multiforme
Nhu P. Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Stephen G. Weller,
Professor Ann K. Sakai
The Significance of Inbreeding Depression in the Evolution of Distyly in Oxalis alpina
Guita Nouranian Psychology & Social Behavior Professor William Thompson Expert Witnesses: Hired Guns or Impartial Informers? Jurors’ Perceptions of Experts in the Courtroom
Pamela A. Ny Biological Sciences Professor Mahtab Jafari Screening Rhodiola Rosea in Drosophila Melanogaster Using DNA Microarrays
Jenna N. Otter Dance, Biology Professor Molly Lynch The San Francisco Conservatory of Dance: An Exploration of Contemporary Ballet Choreography and Technique
Rachel B. Pace Dance Professor John Crawford Active Space Studio: Order vs. Chaos
Rebecca A. Paquette Biological Sciences Professor Michael D. Cahalan The Temperature Dependence and Energetics of Lymphocyte Motility
Kevin M. Pease Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Keith Fowler Addressing Pertinent Social Issues through the Medium of Playwriting
Kevin Pham Biological Sciences Professor Paolo Sassone-Corsi Drosophila Circadian Regulator dCLOCK is a Histone Acetyltransferase?
Angelo L. Pioli Informatics Professor Andre Hoek Mobile Audio Knowledge Sharing
Dorothy F. Pirtle Social Science Professor Frank B. Wilderson Roses that Grow from Concrete
Shahrzad T. Radbod Political Science Professor Mark P. Petracca Comparison of Assimilation and Political Participation Rates of Jewish Political and Economic Refugees
Ardeshir S. Rahman Biological Sciences Professor Jorge Busciglio Investigation of Neuronal Abnormalities Due to Dosage Alterations of Intersectin (ITSN) as a Result of Trisomy on Chromosome 21 in Down’s Neurons
Sheilamae Reyes Sociology, Anthropology Professor David Meyer The Illegal Immigration Debate in Mainstream Media
Eric T. Richard Chemical Engineering Professor Zhibin Guan A Self-Assembly Mediator for Divalent Gold Nanoparticles
Carla Rodriguez-Gonzalez Sociology, Psychology and Social Behavior Professor Caesar D. Sereseres Border Security Strategies, Immigration Trends, and U.S-Mexico Relations
Ashley L. Russell Applied Ecology Professor F. Lynn Carpenter Potential for Bioremediation of Costa Rican Soil
Sobia Saleem English, Global Cultures Professor Beheroze Shroff Weaving through Film and Literature: An Examination of Lahiri’s The Namesake and Nair’s Cinematic Adaptation, in Reference to Gogol’s The Overcoat
Kaivan M. Salehpour Biological Sciences Professor Devin K. Binder Epileptic Seizures Regulate the Expression of AQP4 in the Brain
Luis A. Sarmiento Sociology Professor Victoria Beard Oaxaca and Southern California: Transnational Strategies of Community-Based Development and Poverty Alleviation
Rachel K. Schreyer Biological Sciences Professor Edwin S. Monuki Measuring the Activity of BMP in the Developing Mouse Cortex
Marcus M. Seldin Biological Sciences Professor Devin K. Binder Expression of Aquaporin4 mRNA in Epileptic Mice
Ashley M. Shapiro Women's Studies Professor Jennifer Terry Basic Training: Gender Performativity within the United States Military
Amir Shbeeb Biological Sciences Professor Aileen Anderson,
Professor Brian Cummings
Complement Affects Neurite Growth on Myelin Substrate
Amanda M. Shin Environmental Analysis & Design Professor Oladele A. Ogunseitan Mercury Detoxification by Aquatic Bacteria: A Biotic Solution for Environmental Mercury Pollution
Negin Singh Drama Professor Donald Hill Much Ado About Nothing - A Night in the Park
Kulwinder Singh Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Larry D. Jamner Does Anger and Anxiety Contribute to Adolescent Smoking in the Home Environment?
Amanda N. Siu Biological Sciences Professor Stephen G. Weller,
Professor Ann K. Sakai
Changes in Fruit Allocation after Artificial Selection in Schiedea salicaria
Jeffrey R. Smith Political Science, International Studies Professor Cesar D. Sereseres Hugo Chavez: Didactic Analysis of Perceived Antagonist
Kulginder S. Sran Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith A Non-Invasive Optical Approach to In Vivo Periodontitis Under Diabetes Mellitus
Roy B. Taggueg Psychology & Social Behavior, Criminology, Law, and Society Professor Roxane C. Silver Media Portrayal of Social Disasters: Analysis of the Local and National Media Coverage Surrounding the Massacre at Blacksburg, Virginia
Roy A. Tiburcio Information & Computer Science Professor Susan E. Sim Filtering and Visualization of User Story Cards in Software Development
Michael Todhunter Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor Gregory A. Weiss Expression and Purification of Vif for Use in Novel HIV Treatments
Sandy T. Tran Chemical Engineering, Material Science Engineering Professor James C. Earthman Incorporation of Plant-Based Chemicals into Silicone Coatings
Connie N. Tran Anthropology, Educational Studies Professor Mark Warschauer Creating a Positive Learning Space for Girls and Technology
My Hanh D. Tran Biological Sciences Professor Ann K. Sakai,
Professor Stephen G. Weller
Male and Female Floral Allocation after Artificial Selection in Schiedea salicaria, a Gynodioecious Species
Andrew K. Treister Biological Sciences Professor Devin K. Binder The Differences of Wild-Type vs. AQP4-Knockout Mice in Response to Pilocarpine
Tiffany J. Tu Biological Sciences Professor Sheryl Tsai 3-Dimensional Structure of the LovB Megasynthase
Ana S. Urzua Anthropology Professor Michael Montoya Urban "Revitalization": Assessing the Effects of and Responses to Gentrification
Huy N. Vo Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering Professor Henry P. Lee Polarization Representation and Conversion
Roger D. Vu Biological Sciences Professor Edwin S. Monuki Border Refinement in the Dorsal Midline-Cerebral Cortex by Msx1 and Lhx2
Kunalkumar K. Vyas Biological Sciences Professor Jogeshwar Mukherjee Development of an Imaging Agent for D3 Dopamine Receptor Systems
Kaivalya J. Vyas Biological Sciences, Psychology Professor John H. Weiss Investigating BMAA-Induced Motor Neuron Degeneration in Organotypic Spinal Cord Cultures: Possible Evidence for a Feedforward Model of ALS Pathogenesis
Tracy J. Wu Global Cultures, Spanish Professor Carol M. Burke Human Trafficking in Guatemala: Cultural Contexts and the Role of Journalism
Steven W. Wu Biomedical Engineering Professor Lan Huang Characterization of Newly Synthesized Crosslinkers for the Study of Protein-Protein Interaction Using Mass Spectrometry
Joanne S. Wyrembak Neurobiology Professor Doug C. Wallace Mitochondrial Energetics in Triple Transgenic Alzheimer Model Mice
Owen Yang Biomedical Engineering Professor Bernard Choi Use of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in the Analysis of Arterial Blood Flow from Laser Speckle Imaging
Sherine M. Yassa Biological Sciences Professor Christine Suetterlin The Role of Gas11 on Golgi Apparatus Morpholoy, Dynamics and Function
James J. Yeh Biological Sciences Professor Devin K. Binder Changes in Water Content of Brain Regions: A Predictor of Epileptic Seizure Onset
Philip K. Yuen Chemistry Professor Patrick Farmer Intelligent Design of Synthetic Resveratrol Derivatives for Cancer Prevention and Treatment
Christina N. Zdenek Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Professor Kathleen Treseder Mycorrhizal Fungi Abundance in Pristine Chaparral Versus Degraded Sites: Implications for Restoration Projects in Southern California
Paul M. Zelaya Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engr. Professor Richard Nelson,
Professor John LaRue
Design and Fabrication of Test Bench for Biopotential IC
Jan-Mitchell A. Zerrudo Political Science Professor Sherilyn K. Sellgren The Seldom Known Stories of Supreme Court Justices

Number of Proposals Submitted = 178
Number of Fellowships Awarded = 138
Number of Honorary Fellowships = 22

Total Funds Requested = $505,439.50
Total Funds Awarded = $243,400

For more information, please contact:

Said M. Shokair, Director
Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)
Student Services II, Suite 2300
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