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SURP Awards - 2010

Congratulations to the following students for receiving Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) Fellowships in support of their faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Kirollos Abdel-Malek Biological Sciences Professor James D. Belluzzi The Effects of Nicotine Pretreatment on Social Interactions in Adolescent Rats Given a D2 Receptor Agonist
Samar Abedrabbo Biological Sciences Professor Adam Martiny Diversity and its Limits: Variation within Prochlorococcus Ecotypes
Stephanie Aguilar Chemistry Professor Sheryl Tsai Structural Characterization and Mutagenesis of StfQ
Asim Q. Ahmad Biological Sciences Professor Sheryl Tsai Elucidating the Mechanism of Cyclization of the Bikaverin Synthase Product Template Domain by Site Directed Mutagenesis
Daniela P. Amado Psychology Professor Michael D. Lee,
Professor William R. Shankle
The Effects of Alzheimer’s Disease on Metamemory
Adan Amarillas Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin,
Professor John D. Garman
Modeling Local Heating and Laser Interactions on Soft Tissue
Jahanzeb S. Ashraf Biological Sciences Professor Peter A. Bowler Growing and Extracting Biofuel from Algae
Melody C. Avakian Biological Sciences Professor Tom Carew Examining the Role of Cysteine-Rich Neurotrophic Factor (CRNF) in 5-Hydroxytrptamine-Induced MAPK Activation
Raquel S. Ayubi Political Science, Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Bojan Petrovic A Comparison of three Periods: The Role of Afghan Women before the Cold War, during the Civil Wars and after the Taliban
Beina Azadgoli Biological Sciences, Cognitive Psychology Professor Mahtab Jafari Gaining further Insight into Rhodiola rosea’s Mechanism of Action by Assessing its Effects on Sleep and Circadian Cycles
Jessie I. Baker Social Ecology Professor Daniel S. Stokols,
Professor David P. Kirkby
Residential Energy Consumption Patterns: An Analysis of Feedback Users
Sourish Bandyopadhyay Biomedical Engineering Professor Steven C. George Optimizing Growth of In vitro Prevascularized Cardiovascular Tissue
Bianca Y. Barrios Social Science, Psychology and Social Behavior Professor Jeanett Castellanos Latina Undergraduates Perceptions of Microaggressors, Coping and Well-Being
Hope Bataclan Dance Professor Sheron C. Wray,
Professor Jennifer Fisher
Dance, Infused with Education and Technology, in Ghana, West Africa
Lindsay M. Berliner Dance Professor Lisa M. Naugle Dance Improvisational Summer Intensive
Karthik R. Bharadwaj Biological Sciences Professor Norbert J. Fortin,
Professor Timothy A. Allen
Investigating Regional Specificity in the Medial Temporal Lobe in Rats During a Sequence Task
Jeremy Blanco Social Ecology Professor AnneMarie M. Conley Flow Psychology: The Motivation to Achieve Flow Amongst College Students in Their Education
Stephen J. Breen Physics Professor Russell Detwiler Evaluation of the Ability of Geophysical Electric Resistance Tomography to Track Subsurface Multiphase Flows
Alexander G. Bretana Informatics Professor Gillian R. Hayes Understanding and Envisioning Ubiquitous Computing Systems in Volunteer Management and Coordination
Ian A. Brown Information & Computer Science Professor Bill Tomlinson KarunaTree
Yi Bu Biological Sciences Professor John Krolewski,
Professor Kent Nastiuk
FOXO3a and Androgen Receptor Interactions
Anna T.O. Bui Biomedical Engineering Professor Hung D. Nguyen Modeling Viral Particles
Suzanne M. Casazza English Professor Alice E. Fahs Children's Literature from 1850 to 1900: Shaping and Reflecting Society
Gabrielle D. Castro Dance-Choreography, English (Creative Writing) Professor Sheron C. Wray,
Professor Jennifer Fisher
INSIGHT Goes to Ghana
Christopher M. Celaya Political Science, Sociology Professor Anthony McGann Is STV a Possibility for California
Varshini Chakravarthy Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Zoran Nenadic Predictive Model for Intracranial Hypertension
Marvin Chan Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering Professor Martha Mecartney Thermal Shock Resistance of Oxygen Sensors
Vickie Cheng Chemistry Professor Sheryl Tsai Elucidating the role of HedE in the Biosynthesis of the Hedamycin Aromatic Core
Seton P. Chiang Sociology Professor Lisa M. Naugle Dance: An Art that Transcends Music?
Derek D. Chien Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Elliot Botvinick Design and Construction of an Active micro-Rheometer
Alex Chu Computer Engineering Professor Jean-Luc Gaudiot Cloud Computing - Communication Mechanisms
Emerald Chun Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Steven C. George The PDMS Bubbler Effect: Creating a Three‐Dimensional Representation of the Extracellular Matrix to Measure Cellular Growth Response to Mechanical Stress 
Chris Combs Informatics Professor Gillian R. Hayes Evaluation of Health Information Systems at UC Irvine Medical Center
Maithao T. Dang Biological Sciences Professor Sheryl Tsai Structural Characterization of Type I Iterative Non-reducing Polyketide Synthases
Scott J. David Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Professor Kailen A. Mooney Changes in Mycorrhizal Colonization and Arthropod Community Structure of Native Deinandra fasciculata due to Invasive B. nigra
Anthony R. Dawson Biological Sciences Professor Suzanne B. Sandmeyer Host Factor Regulation of Ty3 Retrotransposition
Janice D. De Jesus Biomedical Engineering Professor Elliot Hui Integration of Poly N-Isopropylacrylamide in Pneumatically Controlled Microfluidic Channels
Cynthia de la Torre Literary Journalism Professor Carol Burke Presenting the History of Mining in the Adirondack Mountains
Julian M. DeGuzman Dance-Performance, Sociology Professor Lisa M. Naugle Dance Improvisation and Performance: Creating and Sharing Movement in a Foreign Setting
Mindy L. DeYoung Psychology, Management Minor Professor Michael D. Lee,
Professor Pernille Hemmer
The Influence of Expertise on General Knowledge and Prediction Ordering Tasks
Veena Dharmadhikari Neurobiology Professor Oswald Steward Distribution of Transfected RNA in Neurons in Culture
Quentin Dietz Biomedical Computing Professor Peter A. Bowler Growing and Extracting Biofuel from Algae
Saron Ephraim African-American Studies, Public Health Policy Professor Oladele A.. Ogunseitan,
Professor Sheron C. Wray
Dance as a Holistic Approach to Health: Tracing the History of Dance in Accra, Ghana through the Lens of Health
Francisco J. Espitia Biological Sciences Professor Bogi Andersen,
Professor Amelia Soto
Get1 directly regulates Tgm1 expression in the epidermis
Daniel M. Etherton Economics Professor Gary Richardson Banking and Financial Panics
Roxanne M. Favis Biological Sciences Professor Thomas C. Cesario Cascade Iodination Technique
Kathryn Y. Felsinger Dance Professor Lisa M. Naugle Immersion Into Improvisation in Spain: Understanding Collaboration, Dance Technique and the Connection to Dance Therapy
Kristen E. Figueira Urban Studies Professor Daniel S. Stokols,
Professor David P. Kirkby
Residential Energy Consumption Patterns: An Analysis of Feedback Users
Dario X. Figueroa Biological Sciences Professor Marcelo A. Wood Role of Hippocampus in Retrieval of Location-Dependent Object Recognition Long-Term Memory
Vanessa C. Fong Biological Sciences Professor Jogeshwar Mukherjee Imaging Serotonin Receptors
Masih A. Fouladi Economics, Cognitive Psychology Professor Gary Richardson The Effects of Legal Policy and Legislation in the United States and Globally on Banking During the Great Depression
Amanda C. Freise Genetics Professor Bruce Blumberg Role of Highly Chlorinated Polychlorinated Biphenyls as SXR Antagonists and Stimulators of B-1a B Cell Proliferation
Jannet Galdamez Dance Professor Sheron C. Wray Collaborative Conversations on the Continent
Esperanza Garcia Psychology, Chicano/Latino Studies Professor Jeanett Castellanos The Validation of the “Academic Family” Measure with Latina/o College Students
Andrea Gaspar Anthropology, Psychology Professor Karen B. Leonard,
Professor Sheila G. O'Rourke
Nationalism, Racism, Discrimination and Contemporary Gypsy Art in Hungary
Hilda Gaytan Sociology Professor Deborah L. Vandell Factors that are Associated with Adolescents' Attendance in a High Quality Youth Program
Michael K. Girard Physics Professor Tammy Smecker-Hane Investigation of the Chemical Composition of Stars in the Sculptor Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
Rodolfo Gordillo Computer Science Professor Alexander T. Ihler Learning to Rank
Michael Gou Economics Professor Gary Richardson Banking Runs in the 1930's and their
Lindsey N. Gripe Biological Sciences, Cognitive Psychology Professor Andrea J. Tenner Effects of Pharmacological Inhibition of C5aR with PMX205 and PMX53 on Plaque Pathology in Mouse Models of Alzheimer’s Disease
Stephanie C. Hammel Chemistry, Biological Sciences Professor Athan J. Shaka Gamma Irradiation: A New Treatment for Longer Life?
Jared P. Haren Computer Science & Engineering Professor Gillian R. Hayes Visualizing Personal Digital Traces Using Mobile Phone Logs
Sina S. Hashemi Aerospace Engineering Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin,
Professor John D. Garman
The Two-way Interactions between Vaporizing Liquid Droplets and a Turbulent Flow: Fully Resolved DNS and Experiment
Roni A. Hazim Biological Sciences Professor Leslie Lock The Roles of Rex-1 and the JAK/STAT Pathway in Human Myoblast Differentiation
Esmeralda A. Hernandez Political Science Professor Jeanett Castellanos Latino High School Students: A Psychosociocultural Perspective of Coping Mechanisms and Academic Persistence
Maria I. Hernandez Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Wendy A. Goldberg Division of Labor and Marital Quality in Families Raising Children With and Without Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
Vanessa N. Hernandez Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Jodi A. Quas The Influence of Interviewer-Provided Social Support on Adolescents Memory Accuracy
Charles B. Hicks Religious Studies Professor Jack Miles Charismatic Authority and the Figure of the Prophet in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Gary P. Hill Materials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Professor Marc Madou Fabrication of Suspended Nano-Wires via Controlled Electrospinning Deposition of SU-8
Andrew P. Ho Biological Sciences, N/A Professor Jennifer Martiny,
Professor China Hanson
Spatial patterns in the Phenotypic Diversity of Viruses Infecting Marine Synechococcus
Jennie T. Ho Biological Sciences Professor Stephanie Tjen-A-looi Role of Rostral Ventral Lateral Medulla during Effects of Electroacupuncture in Response to Cardiovascular Depressor Responses
Kenny Hoang Biological Sciences Professor John H. Weiss The Interaction Between Cyclophilin-D and Mutant Superoxide Dismutase on Neuronal Survivability
Mitchell D. Hsing Physics, Electrical Engineering Professor Gutekin Gulsen Direct Chromophore Reconstruction for Diffuse Optical Tomography (DOT)
Irvin B. Huang Biomedical Engineering Professor Catherine Loudon A Green Approach to Insect Pest Control Efforts: the Effects of Sticky Surfaces on Bedbug Locomotion
Naoko Ichiishi Chemistry Professor Elizabeth R. Jarvo Development of a Silver-catalyzed Propargylation and Allenylation of Pyruvates
Kenji Ikemura Biomedical Engineering Professor Steven C. George Creating Airway Models: Generating Prestress and its Analysis by Imaging
Leilani M. Isozaki Biological Sciences Professor James L. McGaugh,
Professor Larry Cahill
Neurological and Psychological Implications of Superior Autobiographical Memory
Farnaz Jadbabaie Civil Engineering Professor Farzin Zareian Assessment of Collapse Capacity of Structural Systems Using Cyclic Pushover
David Jaenisch Physics Professor Michael Dennin Effect of Flow History on Elastic Modulus of Foams
Natalie D. Johnson Dance-Choreography Professor Lisa M. Naugle,
Professor John L. Crawford
Dance and Digital: An Exploration of Dance, Improvisation, Collaboration, Photography, and Video
Daniel P. Joseph Physics Professor Joseph Huszti The World Choir Games: A Cultural and Musical Insight into the World of Singing
Sima Kamouie Business Economics Professor David Neumark An Empirical Estimate of the Effect of Sales Tax Policy on Job Composition in Alaska
Justin M. Keats Dance Professor Lisa M. Naugle,
Professor John L. Crawford
Embodying Improvisation: Generating Movement and Creating a Social Network in Figiliana, Spain and New York City, New York
Garrett C. Kehoe Civil Engineering Professor Betty H. Olson Denitrifying Bacteria in a Wastewater Plant
Ariana L. Keil Anthropology Professor Karen Leonard,
Professor Sheila G.. O'Rourke
Determinants of Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery: An Examination of Pornography and Cultural Visual Constructs of the Vulva, their Contribution to Women’s Genital Anxieties, and Their Intersections with the Culture of Cosmetic Surgery
Seyed Ali A. Khalessi Hosseini Biomedical Engineering Professor Stephanie M. Reich Breastfeeding, Obesity, and Infantile Feeding Habits
Matin Khoshnevis Biological Sciences Professor Darren Malinoski The Inflammatory Response to Brain Death and Its Effects on the Suitability of Organs for Donation and Recipient Graft Function
Ali A. Khostovan Physics Professor Asantha R. Cooray Determining Correlations in the CIB and Fitting with Dark Matter Halo Models
Mitri K. Khoury Biological Sciences Professor Dana W. Aswad Mechanism of CRMP2 Aggregation and Oligomer Formation in vitro
Keun Chul Kim Biological Sciences Professor Stephanie Tjen-a-looi Role of the Sympathetic Pathway and Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla during the Effects of Electroacupuncture on Cardiovascular Depressor Reflexes
Jae woo Kim Quantitative Economics Professor Gary Richardson Banking Panics During the Great Depression
Jinwan Kim Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Brian JF. Wong Control of Costal Cartilage Warping Using Electromechanical Reshaping
Joe M. Klunder History Professor Michael E. Martinez Computerized Cognitive Training Methods to Increase Intelligence
Bryan Koe Computer Science & Engineering Professor Ian G. Harris Debugging Microcontroller Systems
Scott J. Koppel Biological Sciences Professor Karina S. Cramer Effect of Neuron-Glia Interaction on Dednritic Reorganization in Developing NL Neurons of the Avian Auditory Brainstem
Natalie A. Kovacs Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Deborah L. Vandell What Factors are Associated with Adolescent Attendance in High Quality Youth Programs?
Sharango Kundu Aerospace Engineering Professor Peter A. Bowler Growing and Extracting Biofuel from Algae
Madeline K. Lamond Dance-Performance Professor Loretta Livingston,
Professor Lisa Naugle
“The Madcat Factory: Exploring Dance Improvisation”
Kevin Launglucknavalai Mechanical Engineering Professor Feng Liu CUDA Acceleration of 2D Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes Flow Solver
Bryan Q. Le Chemistry Professor Zhibin Guan Synthesis and Characterization of Structural and Electronic Variants of the Super-Stack-Blocked (SSB) 4-Ureido-2-Pyrimidone (UPy) Discreet-Folded-Dimer (DFD) Module
Bao Tran T. Le Chemistry Professor Rommie E. Amaro,
Professor Robert V. Swift
Binding Mode Studies of Herpesvirus Protease and Small-Molecule Dimer Disruptor DD2
Thomas S. Lee Pharmaceutical Science Professor Mahtab Jafari Examining the Effects of Curcumin on Mitochondrial Activity in Drosophila melanogaster
Patricio G. Legras Anthropology, Possible History Major Professor Michael Montoya “Indianizing” Mexico: Race and National Identity in Mass Visual Culture
John Leong Biological Sciences Professor Sheryl Tsai Determination of Structure and function of EqiS TR, a enzymatic domain of Equisetin Synthase
Ben K. Lesel Chemistry Professor Kenneth J. Shea,
Professor Yu Hoshino
Synthesis of Polymer Nano-Particles for Selectively Targeting Toxic Peptides
Rebecca M. Levy Dance-Performance, Business Administration Professor Lisa M. Naugle Dance Improvisation in Frigiliana, Spain
Theresa Lien Biological Sciences Professor Marcelo A. Wood Localization of HDAC4 and 5 in Neurons Lacking HDAC3
Stacey E. Lien Psychology, Sociology Professor AnneMarie M. Conley Middle School Vietnamese American Math Effiacy: The Association of Educational and Occupational Aspirations with the Academic Competence to Succeed
Tom G. Lillehoff Studio Art Professor Gillian R. Hayes Developing a Storytelling Game to Enhance the Social Skills of Children with Autism
Jessica X. Lim Biomedical Engineering Professor Michael W. Berns Centrosomes: Are They Important for Mitosis?
Dana Lin Biological Sciences, Chicano/Latino Studies Professor Andrej Luptak Searching and Characterizing Functional Genomic Sassanfar Aptamers
Sarah E. Link Psychology & Social Behavior, Public Health Policy Professor Sally Dickerson The Effects of Exercise on Physiological and Psychological Responses to Stress
Austin Liou Computer Science & Engineering Professor Ian G. Harris Design Tradeoffs of Embedded Video Processing Systems
Darina J. Littleton Dance Professor Sheron C. Wray “Collaborative Conversations on the Continent”
Irene J. Liu Dance-Performance Professor Molly Lynch National Choreographers Initiative
Sophia Y. Liu Biological Sciences, Chemistry Professor Bruce Blumberg Identification of the Role of Etv3 and Erf in the Retinoic Acid Regulation of Primary Neurogenesis
Juan Lopez Political Science, History Professor Caesar Sereseres An Unholy Alliance: West Africa’s Emerging Terror-Drug Nexus
Amanda Lopez Public Health Policy Professor Zuzana Bic What Are the Medicinal Uses among the Latino Population with Diabetes?
Bao Lor International Studies Professor Caesar D. Sereseres The Hmong and their Relationship with the United States During the Vietnam War
Justin C. Luo Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry Professor Steven C. George The Role of TGF-β in Increasing the Contractility of Fibroblasts
Denise Ly Biological Sciences, Psychology Professor Norbert J. Fortin,
Professor Timothy A. Allen
In Search of Ssequence Memory in the Brain: The Effects of Hippocampal and Perirhinal Lesions on Recognition for Items in Sequence
Asif A. Majid Biological Sciences Professor Anthony A. James Tissue-Specific Gene Expression in the Salivary Glands of the Dengue Vector Mosquito, Aedes aegypti
Neal A. Maler Biological Sciences Professor Sunny Jiang Influence of Spring Tides on the Population Dynamics of Fecal Indicator Bacteria in Southern California Coastal Waters.
Samantha T. Matsumoto Dance Professor Lisa M. Naugle Explore Improvised Choreography and Oneself
Monica E. McCallum Chemistry Professor Kenneth J. Shea Approach to the Total Synthesis of (–)-Stenine
Daniel McMullin Arts & Humanities Professor Allison Miller,
Professor Tanis Thorne,
Professor Yong Soon Min
The Traditional and Contemporary in Oceania Art of the Pacific Islands
Olivia R. Medina History, Anthropology Professor Laura Mitchell's Neo-Colonialism in Ghana: Misrepresentations of the Ashanti
Nilofar Mehdizadeh Saraj Political Science Professor Caesar D. Sereseres Arezoo
Katie Mo Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Steven C. George Prevascularization of Fibrin Tissue In Vitro
Aram S. Modrek Biomedical Engineering Professor Wen-Hwa Lee Human Mitochondrial Poly(A) Polymerase and Poly(A) Tail Metabolism in Response to Cellular Energy States
D'Amore Montgomery Criminology, Law & Society Professor Deborah L. Vandell Factors that are Associated with Adolescents' Attendance in a High Quality Youth Program
Katherine Montoya Dance, Drama Professor Jennifer Fisher Dance and Drama Forms in Ghana, West Africa
Tibisay T. Moreno European Studies Professor Stephanie M. Reich A Comparison of Reading Styles between African American, Hispanic, and Caucasian Mothers and their Infants
Sarah D. Mortero Neurobiology Professor Steven C. Cramer Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) Val66Met Polymorphism Effects on Cognitive and Motor Skill
Niloufar Moslehi English Professor Nasrin Rahimieh Causes and Consequences of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran
Justin J. Moy Civil Engineering Professor Stephen Ritchie Simulating the Arterial Traffic Network in the San Pedro Bay Port Area to Facilitate Air Quality Impact Investigation
Katrina J. Muffley Dance Professor Lisa M. Naugle Movement, Research and Performance through Improvisation in Andalusia, Spain
Mithil R. Munshi Mechanical Engineering Professor Wenlong Jin Implementing Electric Bicycles on UC Irvine Campus
Shruthi V. Murali Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Steven C. George Impulse Oscillometry: A Viable Pulmonary Function Test?
Kaela L. Napolitano Chemical Engineering Professor Ali Mohraz Synthesis of Pickering Emulsions for Confocal Microscopy and Rheology
Linda M. Naylor Criminology, Law & Society Professor Donna C. Schuele "Assessment Tools to help Analyze Learning Outcomes in C7 (Introduction to Criminology, Law and Society), a course offered at UCI"
Jodi L. Nelson Biological Sciences Professor Yi Hong Zhou The Angiogenesis Suppressing Properties of the Extracellular Protein EFEMP1
Tuan Ngo Biological Sciences Professor Paul D. Gershon Vaccinia Virus Protein Quantification and Abundance Quantitation by Proteomic Analysis Using Mass Spectrometry
Linda L. Nguyen Biological Sciences, Chemistry Professor Xiaolin Zi The Anti-proliferative Effects and Underlying Mechanisms of a New Class of Synthesized Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitor on Prostate Cancer
Tony D. Nguyen Biomedical Engineering Professor Brian JF. Wong Effects of Electromechanical Reshaping on Stiffness Behavior of Bovine Tendon
Jamie Noh Comparative Literature Professor Adriana Johnson,
Professor Alexander Gelley
Self-Interest vs. Communality
Madelyne M. Oliver Art History, Anthropology Professor Alka Patel What is Research in the Virtual World
Chau D. Ong Chemistry Professor Rommie E. Amaro,
Professor Robert V. Swift
RNA Editing Ligase Interaction with Divalent Metal Cofactors in Trypanosoma brucei
Danielle E. Ordunio-Palomares Music Professor Darryl Taylor Attending and Performing in the Amalfi Coast Music Festival & Institute in Amalfi, Italy
Emi Oshima Dance, Public Health Science Professor Lisa M. Naugle Somatic Dance Movement Research and Performance Improvisation in Frigiliana, Spain
Breanna N. Padilla Biomedical Engineering Professor Elliot Botvinick Determining the Force Gradient of the Twistometer 9000 and its Influence on Capillary Formation
Boyang Pan Earth & Environmental Science Professor Diane E. Pataki The Iinfluence of N Source and Fertilizer Application on Growth of a Tropical Pitcher Plant, Nepenthes ventricosa
Shaudee Parvinjah Biological Sciences Professor Jorge Busciglio Surfactant Induced Neuroprotection following Mechanical Injury during Cryopreservation
Payal B. Patel Biomedical Engineering Professor Albert E. Cerussi Development of a Molecular Imaging Phantom for Diffuse Optical Spectroscopic Imaging
Rohan V. Patel Biological Sciences Professor Marcelo A. Wood Analysis of CBP Regulation in CA3 Dependent Memory
Sarin N. Patel Biomedical Engineering Professor Anthony Durkin Burn Depth Assessment Using Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging
Apurva Patel Biomedical Engineering Professor Abraham P. Lee Shear Sorting of Same Sized Droplets
Monil Patel Biological Sciences Professor Peter A. Bowler Growing and Extracting Biofuel from Algae
Davita H. Paul Dance Professor Lisa M. Naugle,
Professor John L. Crawford
Integrating Video Technology and Dance in Andalucia Spain: A Cross-Cultural, Cross-Disciplinary Study
Davita Paul Dance Professor Sheron C. Wray Cross-Cultural, Cross-Disciplinary: An Investigation into the Growth of Dance
Noemi S. Perlas Biomedical Engineering Professor Steven C. George Mechanical Evaluation of Thermally Reactive Poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) as Sensors in Microfluidic Chips
Nhieu T. Pham Developmental & Cell Biology Professor Bruce Blumberg The Epigenetic effect of TBT on Mesenchymal Stromal Cells in relation to Obesity
Kevin T. Phan Biological Sciences Professor Hans S.. Keirstead In Vitro Characterization of Motor Neuron Progenitors (MNPs) Cell Cultures
Derek T. Phan Biological Sciences Professor James D. Belluzzi Nicotine’s Effects on Drug and Sucrose Extinction and Reinstatement in Adult and Adolescent Rats
Krystal A. Piresp-Patch Dance Professor Sheron C. Wray Gender in Ghanaian Dance
Grant P. Porter Biological Sciences Professor Todd C. Holmes CRYPTOCHROME and the Mutation of the Tri-Tryptophan Motif in Drosophilia circadian Clock
Jason Poullard Dance, Drama Professor Lisa M. Naugle Continued Progressive Composition Through Integrated Leveles: Dance, Music, Drama and Media Arts in Andalusia, Spain
Amy E. Quanbeck Dance Professor Jeff Russell Kinematic and Gait Assessment of Lower Extremity Rotation in Dancers and Non-Dancer Age-Matched Controls
Amy E. Quanbeck Dance Professor Lisa M. Naugle,
Professor John L. Crawford
Improvising My Way through Spain: Creating Dance and Video for Performance
Bryon Riggs English Professor Richard Godden Assessing Shifts: A Look at the Evolution of Capitalism from Modernity to Late Capitalism through Literature
Christopher J. Ro Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering Professor Lorenzo Valdevit Measuring the Linear and Non-Linear Bending Response of Silicon Cantilevers using a Novel Micro-Mechanical Test Frame with 20nN Resolution
Johnny Rodriguez Biological Sciences Professor Gregory A. Weiss,
Professor Cathie M. Overstreet
Engineering Non antibody Affinity Reagents for Molecular Recognition
Oscar F. Rojas Perez Sociology, Chicano/Latino Studies Professor Jeanett Castellanos Latino Male Undergraduates Coping Strategies and Well-Being A Psychosociocultural Approach
Jiraporn Rungvivatjarus Business Economics Professor Amihai Glazer The Driving Force behind Pharmaceutical Expenditures
Brandon Saller Aerospace Engineering, Materials Science Professor John R. Porter,
Professor Farghalli A. Mohamed
Analysis of Local Texture Across Layers in Electron-Beam Melted (EBM) Ti-6Al-4V via Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD)
Bojana Sandic Literary Journalism, Psychology and Social Behavior Professor Amy Wilentz 80’s Yugoslavian Rock Music as a Socio-Cultural Movement that Defined and Defended Yugoslavianism
Shane E. Scopatz Dance Professor Loretta Livingston A Hop, Skip, and a (Insert Movement Here)
Brianna M. Segura Biological Sciences Professor Diana N. Krause,
Professor Sue P. Duckles
Effects of PPT on Purified Brain Endothelial Cells
Michael A. Sevilla Computer Science & Engineering Professor Ian G. Harris Host-Based Intrusion Detection System Using an FPGA
Dahnish Shams Economics Professor Peter Bowler Growing and Extracting Biofuel from Algae
Camille P. Shehadeh Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Wendy A. Goldberg Marital Quality and Division of Labor Among Parents of Children With an Autism Spectrum Disorder and Typical Developing Children
John W. Shek Mechanical Engineering, Material Science Engineering Professor Farghalli A. Mohamed Corrosion Properties of Nanostructured and Commercial Copper
Elliot M. Sherman Earth & Environmental Science Professor Jefferson K. Moore Refining UCI's Earth System Computer Model
Alysha R. Shroff Dance, Psychology and Social Behavior Professor Lisa M. Naugle,
Professor John L. Crawford
Exploring Choreographic Creation through Improvisatory Dance and Video/Media Technology
Eric K. Shum Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering Professor Farghalli A. Mohamed The Effect of Different Surface Treatments on the Corrosion Properties of Commercially Pure Titanium
Puneet K. Sidhu Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Professor Hans S. Keirstead Analysis of Neuromuscular Junction Maturation in Mouse Models of Spinal Muscular Atrophy following Transplantation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Motor Neuron Progenitors
Kevin J. Slagle Physics, Math Professor Anyes Taffard Heavy Majorana Neutrino Search and ATLAS Data Quality Monitoring Display
Sylvia L. Smith African-American Studies Professor Sheron C. Wray “Collaborative Conversations on the Continent”
Tandis Soltani Biological Sciences Professor Paolo Casali,
Professor Hong Zan
C-MYC-IGH Translocation in Lupus-Prone Mice
Gail Sparks Information & Computer Science Professor Ian G. Harris Hardware Antivirus Detection System: A Behavioral Approach
Aishwarya Sridharan Biological Sciences Professor Anshu Agrawal Impact of Age-Associated Decline in Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Function on Anti-viral Immune Responses
Nancy U. Ta Biological Sciences Professor James D. Belluzzi Cigarette Smoke Extract (CSE) Effects on Self-Administration in Adult Male Rats and its Relationship to the Rewarding Value of Nicotine
Jenna N. Tatone Dance-Performance Professor Sheron C. Wray Collaborative Conversations on the Continent: the Motive to Move
Julie M. Taylor Biomedical Engineering Professor Steven C. George Effect of Fibrin-Collagen Matrices on Vessel Development
Alfredo J. Tigerino Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Salvatore Maddi Eating Habits and Hardiness
Samiyyah Tillman Public Health Sciences, African-American Studies Professor Jared Sexton "Because some of us are Brave," a Closer Look at the History of Black Feminism
Kevin N. Tran Biological Sciences Professor Sunny Jiang,
Professor Marilou Sison-Mangus
The Relationship between Epibiont Bacteria and the Diatom Pseudo-nitzschia that Leads to the Production of the Toxic Domoic Acid
Anthony Tran Biological Sciences Professor Marcelo A. Wood CBP Acetlyation on RelA of NF-kB may Facilitate Contextual Fear Memory
Tuyet Hong T. Tran Biological Sciences, Educational Studies Professor Kimberley Lakes A Qualitative Analysis of Bioethical, Cultural, and Practical Issues Affecting Recruitment and Retention in the NCS
Steven T. Truong Biomedical Engineering Professor Nathan D. Wong Cardiovascular Mortality Risk Among U.S. Adults By Asthma Status
Jonas Tsai Electrical Engineering Professor Lisa M. Naugle,
Professor John L. Crawford
Timeline of Spontaneous Movement in Dance Improvisation (Spain)
Anita Venkatesan Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor John Krolewski,
Professor Kent Nastiuk
Development of Micro-Scale Western Blotting for Clinical Cancer Diagnostics
Michael M. Vu Chemistry Professor Andrej Luptak In Vitro Selection of Aptamers from Human Genomic KSA Pool
Quynh N. Vu Biological Sciences Professor Ron D. Frostig Naturalistic Experience Pre-conditioning: Implications for Ischemic Stroke Protection
Yen Vuong Biological Sciences Professor Daniela Bota The Role of Mitochondrial Lon in Connecting Hypoxic Adaptation and Treatment Resistance in Malignant Gliomas
Ryan P. Wallace Biological Sciences Professor Gillian R. Hayes Evaluating Innovative Technologies for Supporting the Needs of Children with Autism
Raymond Wan Business Administration Professor L. Robin Keller Does Prospect Theory Provide Empirically Verifiable Evidence for Understanding How Students at UCI Resolve Decisions under Risk?
Steven Wang Biological Sciences Professor Nosratola Vaziri Investigating the Mechanism(s) Responsible for B-Vitamin Induced Progression of Diabetic Nephropathy
Min-Xuan Wang Neurobiology Professor Timothy A. Allen,
Professor Norbert J. Fortin
Electrophysiology of the Rat Hippocampal and Perirhinal Cortical Activity During a Sequential Odor Behavioral Task
Joshua Wang Biological Sciences Professor Young Jik Kwon Delivery of Molecular Decoy Using Stimuli-responsive Polymeric Nanoparticles for Prostate Cancer Gene Therapy
Heather C. Wells Music Professor Darryl Taylor The Study of Opera: An Italian Perspective
Evan J. Williams Classical Civilization Professor Peter A. Bowler Growing and Extracting Biofuel from Algae
Vinthia W. Wirantana Psychology, Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Arnold Starr Music Perception in Bilinguals who Grew Up in Different Environments
Andrew C. Wong Economics, International Studies Professor Gary Richardson Banking Panic During the Great Depression
Kalina Wong Biological Sciences Professor Nathan D. Wong Global Risk Evaluation and Risk Factor Control in U.S. Adults with Asymptomatic Peripheral Arterial Disease
Jaclyn S. Wong Sociology Professor Andrew Penner Can Perceptions of Attractiveness Account for Racial Inequality?
Meiting Wu Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science Engineering Professor Matthew D. Law Synthesis of P-Type Nanocrystalline Photoelectrode for Tandem Dye-Sensitized Water-Splitting Devices
Kevin Wu Chemistry Professor Aimee Edinger Down-Regulation of Nutrient Transporter Proteins by AAL-149 Treatment in Breast Cancer Cells
Celeste E. Wychopen Music-Performance Professor Darryl Taylor Amalfi Coast Music Festival Summer 2010
Stephanie Yang Chemistry Professor Andrej Luptak Protein-DNA Fusions
Kimberline R. Yang Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor Sheryl Tsai Discovering and Developing New Tuberculosis Therapeutics: Crystallizing AccA3/AccD4
Stephen Yang Computer Science & Engineering Professor Brian C. Demsky Out Of Order Java
Andrea M. Yorita Dance-Performance Professor Molly Lynch An Apprenticeship with the National Choreographers Initiative: A Study of the Changing Face of Contemporary Dance
Stephen A. Yu Biological Sciences Professor John H. Weiss Effects of Intrathecal BMAA Infusion on Transgenic Rat Models of ALS
Clinton Yu Biological Sciences, Chemistry Professor Lan Huang Unraveling Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Regulation of the 26S Proteasome Complex upon Oxidative Stress
Jeremy B. Zapanta Dance Professor Lisa M. Naugle Reseach Project: Fundamentals of Improvisation and Choreography
Mohammad Hossein Zarghami Materials Science Engineering Professor Matthew D. Law PbSe Quantum Dot Solids Prepared with Short Chain Acids and Diacids
Jorge O. Zavala Urban Studies, Criminology Professor Victoria M. Basolo Community Gardens as an Innovative Approach to Healthy Living in Santa Ana

Number of Proposals Submitted = 256
Number of Fellowships Awarded = 196
Number of Honorary Fellowships = 32

Total Funds Requested = $722,312
Total Funds Awarded = $258,500

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Said M. Shokair, Director
Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)
Student Services II, Suite 2300
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