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SURP Awards - 2015

Congratulations to the following students for receiving Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) Fellowships in support of their faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Marwa Aboubaker Comparative Literature Professor Nasrin Rahimieh Cinematic Urbanism and Racial Formations in Egyptian Cinema
Desiree R. Acosta Biological Sciences Professor Michelle A. Fortier Parent Assessment of Children’s Cancer-related Symptoms During Treatment
Erika N. Acosta Biological Sciences Professor Michelle Fortier Ethnic Differences in the Recovery of Children after Outpatient Surgery
William J. Agnew Biomedical Engineering Professor William C. Tang Investigation of Polyvinyl Difluoride (PVDF)-Based Micro-Cantilevers for Studying Cardiomyocyte Contractility
Marwa N. Ahady Pharmaceutical Science Professor Andrej Luptak Characterizing Bacterial HDV-Like Ribozymes Sensitivity to Glucosamine 6-phosphate and the Implications in Gene Expression
Tasnim Ahmed Biomedical Engineering Professor William Tang Neural Interfaces for Control of Prosthetic Limbs
Itohan Aikhionbare Biological Sciences, Applying for the Art major this spring Professor Manny Azizi Does Variation in Sarcomere Lengths Determine the Risk of Muscle Injury
Jafar A. Al Souz Biological Sciences Professor Olivier Cinquin The Different Effects of Intermittent Fasting on the Reproductive Output and Reproductive Lifespan of C. elegans
Amni Al-Kachak Biological Sciences Professor Marcelo A. Wood The Role of CREST in Drug-Associated Memories
Usman Alam Biological Sciences Professor Brian Sato Impact of Course Grading on Student Performance
Annika A. Alejo Dance Professor Kelli Sharp Movement Exchange UCI trip to Panama
Paria Ali Pour Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, History Professor Xing Dai Studying the Role of Ovol2A Protein in Pancreatic Cancer Pathogenesis using a Kncok-Down System
Pilar X. Altman Biological Sciences Professor Sheryl Tsai Studying KS0 in the Polyketide Enacyloxin IIa of B. ambifaria
Michelle Antimie Mechanical Engineering Professor John Stupar,
Professor David Reinkensmeyer
Unmanned Surface Vessel
Sara G. Arellano Political Science Professor Caesar D. Sereseres The Voting Rights Act & Shelby v. Holder: Exploring the Impact on Latino Voting Rights in Texas
Aliza Asad International Studies, Public Health Policy Professor Caesar Sereseres Analyzing the Syrian Refugee Healthcare Response in Turkey: Past Response and Future Ameliorations
Medha Asthana Anthropology, Business Administration Professor Keith M. Murphy An Ethnographic Look into Students’ Political Expression within University Climates in Santiago, Chile
Hamza Atcha Biomedical Engineering Professor Wendy Liu Study of Macrophage Behavior under Uniaxial and Biaxial Stretch
Andrew T. Ayad Biological Sciences Professor Jonathan Lakey Evaluation of Parameters that Impact Pore Size in Alginate Microcapsules using a Dextran Diffusion Assay
Matine M. Azadian Biological Sciences, Medical Anthropology Professor Yama Akbari Role of Caloric Restriction on Neurological Recovery after Cardiac Arrest
Melissa L. Baldado Biomedical Engineering Professor Anthony J. Durkin,
Professor Adrien Ponticorvo
Spacial Frequency Domain Imaging of Burn Wounds in Rat Models
Claire Bantilan Political Science Professor Heidi Hardt Understanding the Centers of Institutional Memory in NATO
Julia C. Barbour Pharmaceutical Science Professor Mahtab Jafari The Action of Natural Products on Inflammation in Drosophila melanogaster
Farheen Basith Biological Sciences Professor Kyoko Yokomori dCas9-Mediated Epigenetic Manipulation of D4Z4 Repeats
Cayla N. Bauer Dance Professor Molly Lynch Effective Dance Training in Gaga Movement
Monica Becerra Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Sarah Pressman The Connections Between Positive Emotion and Health within a Mentoring Relationship: A Quantitative Analysis
Danielle M. Behrens Biomedical Engineering Professor Elliot Botvinick Physiological Response to Degradation and Permeability of Alginate Capsules
Elias J. Berezin Music Professor Colleen Reardon,
Professor Cecilia Sun
French Operatic and Art Song Repertoire of the Early Twentieth Century through the Lens of Debussy and Ravel
Marissa E. Bodell Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Salvatore R.. Maddi Beliefs about Self and Others
Ryan L. Boyle Biomedical Engineering Professor Elliot Botvinick Physiological Response to Degradation and Permeability of Alginate Capsules
Ngoc Hoang M. Bui Psychology Professor Charles Chubb The Effects of Frequency of Gabor Patches on Centroid Task
Lena Cai Biological Sciences Professor David B. Baglietto Vargas Role of Diabetes on Tau Pathology and Cognition in AD Transgenic Mice
Junming Cai Materials Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Professor Wangcun Jia Numerical Study of Port Wine Stain Treatment with OR-PAM Imaging System
Andres Camarena Neurobiology Professor Bruce McNaughton The Effects of a Unilateral Hippocampal Lesion on the Brain Cortical Dynamics
Daniel Cano Social Science Professor Jeanett Castellanos African-American Males’ Persistence in Academia: A Qualitative Study
Monica Cardenas Guzman Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Susan Bibler Coutin,
Professor Caitlin Patler
Collateral Consequences of Immigration Detention: The Impacts of Long-Term Parental Detention on Children and Households
LaShonda Carter African-American Studies, English Professor Tiffany Willoughby-Herard Joy James: An Analysis of African American Studies Roots
Ariana A. Castro Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Raymond W. Novaco Reducing Anger through Expressive Writing
Carolina Chacon Delgado Chemistry Professor Guiyun Yan,
Professor Elizabeth Hemming
Population Genetic Structure of Anopheles arabiensis across Kenya
Christopher S. Chen History Professor Sarah B. Farmer The Holocaust in Urban and Rural Poland and Lithuania: A Comparative Study, 1918-1945
Irene H. Chen Nursing Science Professor Yuqing Guo,
Professor Julie Rousseau
An Innovative Approach to Mental Health Disparity in Santa Ana Community
Richard Cheng Aerospace Engineering Professor Robert H. Liebeck Advanced Aircraft Wing Structural Design and Fabrication
Jessica Cheung Biological Sciences Professor Ken Cho Monitoring Transcriptional Dynamics of RNA Polymerase II in Xenopus tropicalis Early Development
Tiffany Chien Biomedical Engineering Professor Elliot Hui 3D Patterning of Myogenesis using 2 Photon Optogenetics
Kevin E. Chrisney Drama Professor Jane Page Reaching Out from UCI Drama: Summer Children’s Theatre Project
David Y. Chung Music Professor Darryl Taylor The Unsung Masterpiece: Exploration on Latin American/Iberian Vocal Music
Danielle D. Cobb African-American Studies, Minor: Public Health Professor Tiffany Willoughby-Herard The Projection of Motherhood onto Black Women’s Bodies: A Critical Analysis of Public Policy and Social Media
Huitzijared Contreras History Professor Ana E. Rosas White Flight and the Working Class in the San Fernando Valley: A Historical Comparison of Today’s Barrios and Yesterday’s Vanilla Suburbs
Jason Core Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Anna Grosberg Investigating Nuclear Morphology and its Significance in Cardiomyopathies
Jazmine R. Curie Dance, Art Professor Sheron Wray The Intellectual and Emotional Affect of Dance
Waleed Dahbour Mechanical Engineering, aerospace eng Professor Anna Grosberg Cell Stretcher Devices for Stretching of Cardiomyocytes
Rishad J. Dalal Chemistry Professor Kenneth J. Shea Synthesis of Nanoparticle Polymer and Testing Affinity with IgG
Ariel A. Dalisay Biological Sciences Professor Jonathan Lakey Evaluating Barium Ion Crosslinking to Reduce Isotropic Swelling Noted with Calcium-Gelled Alginate Microcapsules
An N. Dang Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Rolf B. Saager,
Professor Anthony J. Durkin
Development and Validation of a Portable, Quantitative Spectral Skin Imager
Robert K. Dang Biological Sciences Professor Donovan P. German The Digestive Anatomy and Physiology of Manipulated Populations of Podarcis sicula Compared over Seasons
Christina T. Dang Biological Sciences Professor Maksim V.. Plikus Project title removed at student's request
Kathy Dao Chemistry Professor Christopher D. Vanderwal Synthesis and Determination of Relative and Absolute Configuration of Pustulosaisonitrile
Sandy B. De Leon Rivera Psychology & Social Behavior, Criminology, Law & Society Professor Jeanett Castellanos The Influences of a Mother-Daughter Relationship on Latina Undergraduates' Persistence
Stephanie A. De Los Santos Psychology Professor Belinda Campos The Association of Socioeconomic Status on Valued Traits in Social Relationships
Desiree A. De Pace Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Wendy A. Goldberg Student Parents Psychological Wellbeing, Perceptions of Support, and Academic Success
Juanne Deguzman Education Sciences, Earth System Sceicnes Professor Joshua Lawrence Motivational Variables for Second Language Acquisition: A Qualitative Case Study
Brian Dertli Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Sabee Y. Molloi Myocardium Bed Perfusion Calculation using Computed Tomography
Tracy N. Dilworth Dance-Performance Professor Lisa Naugle Two Lands - One Voice, a Personal Investigation in Italy
Dishant P. Donga Biomedical Engineering Professor Yama Akbari Investigating the Role of Delta Wave in EEG during Rodent Cardiac Arrest
Robert E. Dunn Biomedical Engineering, Psychology and Social Behavior Professor Zhongping Chen Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging to Find a Correlation between Age and Biofilm Accumulation in Extubated Endotracheal Tubes as Well as Analyzing Biofilm Thickness from Distal to Proximal Regions of Endotracheal Tubes
Jimmy B. Duong Biological Sciences Professor Chang Liu,
Professor Alex Javanpour
Engineering a Highly Error-prone DNA Polymerase through Rational Site-Directed Mutagenesis
Jordan Edmunds Biological Sciences Professor An H. Do Spatially Distributed Functional Electrical Stimulation
Cindy M. Escobar Biological Sciences Professor Pinar Coskun,
Professor Jorge A. Busciglio
Familal Danish Dementia as Potential Model for Identifying the Role of Neurofibrillary Tangles in Neurodegeneration
Emmaline T. Esper Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Raymond Novaco Narcissism and Aggression
Daniela Estrada Political Science, Spanish Professor Mark P. Petracca Police Brutality in America: An Analysis of the Rodney King Beating in 1991
Shayon L. Falls Psychology & Social Behavior, Criminology, Law & Society Professor Tiffany J. Willoughby-Herard,
Professor Thomas A. Parham
Yet Black still Receives fewer Benefits: A Contextual Analysis of the Black Brazilian and Mulatto Undergraduate Experience in a Racial Democracy
Ahmed M. Farhat Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Frank Meyskens,
Professor Feng Liu
Exploring Potential Drug-Arrest and Drug-Adaptation Gene Pathways in Melanoma Tumor Cells to Identify Prospective Drug Targets
Jacob A. Fenster Chemical Engineering, Minor: Accounting Professor Nancy A. Da Silva Overexpression of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Efflux Pumps to Reduce Short Chain Fatty Acid Toxicity
Anysa Fernandez Biomedical Engineering Professor Jered Haun Production of Recombinant Nanoparticle Targeting Proteins: CHO-K1 Cell System
Cheryl R. Flores African-American Studies Professor Frank B. Wilderson, III Black Press and the Influence on Black Political Debates and Movements
Monica L. Folkerts Psychology Professor Virginia M. Richards Comparison between Head Movements during a Speech-in-Noise Task and a Speech-in-Speech Task
Yu Fu Mathematics Professor Knut Solna Warfarin Dose Prediction by Building a Pharmacokinetics-Pharmacodynamics Model with Math Tools
Shinnosuke Fukazawa Biomedical Engineering Professor Bernard Choi Developing Low-Cost Wearable Device to Measure Blood Pressure and Oxygen Saturation Level
Christopher Galeano International Studies, Sociology and Political Science Professor Caesar Sereseres Invisible Actors? Central American Migrants in Southern Mexico
Priyanka Ganesh Biomedical Engineering Professor Anna Grosberg Generating Differently Shaped Single Cardiomyocytes to Quantify and Understand Self-assembly
Jacob A. Gantz Aerospace Engineering Professor Kennith Mease Utilization of Low Thrust Engines to Increase efficiency of Interplanetary Missions
Fan Gao Biological Sciences Professor Xiaolin Zi The Regulatory Effect of srGAP1 on the Cell Growth, Migration, Invasion Ability of Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer
Jennifer Garcia-Cano Public Health Policy, Public Health Science Professor David Timberlake Marketing to Minorities: Electronic Cigarette Ads on the Web
Nazilya Gasanova Biological Sciences Professor Christopher C.W. Hughes Investigating the Role of Wnt5a Signaling in Blood Vessel Maturation in vivo
Tingting Ge Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor Jordan Michael. Thompson,
Professor Olga V. Razorenova
Identify VHL-RhoC Interaction in Renal Cell Carcinoma
Anthony J. Gibson Film & Media Studies, Literary Journalism Professor Amy Wilentz Feature-Length Screenplay: The Decisions We Make and How They Shape Us
Timothy Gibson Literary Journalism Professor Ana Rosas Latina/o Youth in California's Central Valley: Their Confrontation of Everyday Life
Arameh Giragosian Information & Computer Science Professor Gillian R. Hayes,
Professor Mahtab Jafari
Implementing a mobile app to teach STEM Students How to Improve Their Mental and Physical Health
Afarin Golabgir Anbarani Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Developing a Clinical Capability for Detecting Enamel de- and Remineralization
Rupal Golakiea Pharmaceutical Science Professor Mahtab Jafari The Action of Rhodiola rosea on Drosophila Lifespan and Cyclic AMP levels
Christopher L. Gomez Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Sarah Pressman Personality-Based Differences in Reactivity to Cell Phone-Induced Stress-Reduction during Social Exclusion Manipulation
Aishwarya K. Gosai Psychology, Biological Sciences minor Professor Ramesh Srinivasan Individual Differences in Attention Predict Learning in Perceptual Decision Making
Martha A. Gray Dance Professor Chad M. Hall Dance and Self-Confidence: How Movement Promotes Confidence in Students
Alexandria E. Green Political Science, International Studies Professor Caesar Sereseres Sanctions and Nuclear Proliferation: Are Sanctions Enough Compellence to Prevent a Nation from Nuclear Acquirement?
Mikaela A. Grimm Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Sarah Pressman The Effects of Smiling on Social Exclusion
Emily J. Guerard Dance-Performance, Dance-Choreography Professor Molly Lynch Discovering Gaga
Nathalie E. Guerrier African-American Studies, English Professor Tiffany Willoughby-Herard State Violence and Haitian Identity: Black Subjectivity in Edwidge Danticat’s The Dew Breaker
Onalli Gunasekara Aerospace Engineering Professor Gregory N. Washington Aerial Triage & Surveillance: Hand Motion Recognition Quadcopter
Christian M. Gutierrez Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Angela Lukowski Infants Imitation
Robert A. Gutierrez Biomedical Engineering Professor Jered B. Haun Detection of Soluble Cancer Biomarkers by Single Cells using Nanoparticle
Andrew N. Hallak International Studies Professor Daniel Wehrenfennig Crisis in the Gaza Strip: An Analysis of Water Resource Management and Potential Solutions
Imane L. Hamza Chemistry, French Professor James S. Nowick Determination of the High-Resolution Structures of Oligomers Formed by β-Amyloid
Jeong Woo Han Biological Sciences Professor Jeff Chan Regulation of Nrf1a Transcription Factor Stability and Activity by OGT-mediated O-GlcNAcylation
Yeirang Han Music Professor Robin Buck Italian Opera Culture in Modern Italy
Lisa Haygood European Studies, History Professor Kai Evers Mutlation & Mythology: The Reality of German Atrocities in Belgium during the Great War
Jason G. Hedy International Studies, Film & Media Studies Professor Caesar Sereseres Humanitarian Aid and Drones
Matthew E. Heidl Biological Sciences Professor Sumeet Vadera Electrocardiographic Changes Associated With Seizures and Stimulation of Intracranial Electrodes as a Novel Means of Elucidating Underlying Mechanisms of SUDEP
Nizar Helwani Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Jacqueline M. Chen Personality Predictors of Intergroup Relationships and Attitudes
Gilbert A. Hernandez Biological Sciences Professor Manny Azizi Effects of Metabolic Rate on Muscle Atrophy
Damaris Hernandez Psychology, Sociology Professor Yuqing Guo,
Professor Wendy Goldberg
An Examination of Changes in Emotion Co-Regulation Among Mother and Child Dyads During the Strange Situation
Kimberly M. Hilby Chemistry Professor Scott D. Rychnovsky Expansion of Reductive Lithiation Methodology
Heather M. Ho Biological Sciences Professor Jogeshwar Mukherjee Evaluation of Dopamine D2/D3 Receptors in Transgenic Mouse Models of Alzheimer’s Disease
Jessica Ho Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Efficacy of Dentifrices on Early Periodontal Disease: Livionex Dental Gel vs. Crest Pro-Health
Lauren Hofschneider Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Sarah Pressman Great Expectations: The Influence of Positive Affect on Moral Decision-Making
Zach A. Holley Physics Professor Roger D. McWilliams Analyzing the Effectiveness of Arc and Glow Discharges in Plasma Electrosurgery
Richelle Roelandt Homo Chemistry, Biological Sciences Professor Mahtab Jafari Consumption and Fate of Natural Products in Drosophila melanogaster
Kelly Hong Electrical Engineering Professor Gregory N. Washington Aerial Triage & Surveillance: Hand Motion Recognition Quadcopter
Melissa L. How Biological Sciences Professor Maksim Plikus Project title removed at student's request
Hanze Hu Biological Sciences, Biomedical Engineer Professor Xiaolin Zi Metformin and delta-Tocopherol Combination Treatment Disrupts Unfolded Protein Response Pathway Results in Bladder Cancer Cell Death in vitro
Justin Hui Biological Sciences Professor Gary Lynch Presynaptic Actin Signaling in the Lateral Perforant Path of the Dentate Gyrus
Catrine S. Ibrahim Biological Sciences Professor Bruce Blumberg SXR Signaling and its Relationship to Obesity
Ervin M. Irimpan Biological Sciences Professor Celia W. Goulding Structural and Biochemical Characterization of Siderophore Export Proteins, MmpL4 and MmpS4, from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Megumi E. Iwama Dance-Choreography, Dance-Performance Professor Molly L. Lynch Concert vs. Commercial Dance Training: Developing Professional Dancers
Kevin M. Johnston Chemistry Professor Gregory A. Weiss WL47 as an Oligomerization Disrupting Ligand for Caveolin-1
Daniel Jooryabi Computer Engineering Professor Aparna Chandramowlishwaran Large-Scale Image Matching using Fast N-body Algorithms
Jeremy Juwono Physics Professor HuanJun Ding,
Professor Sabee Molloi
Dose Reduction in Spectral CT Using Iterative Non Local Total Variation Reconstruction
Carla R. Kekejian English, Education Sciences Professor Robin Scarcella English Writing Instruction in Armenia: A Study in Yerevan and Gyumri
Justin Kerr Aerospace Engineering Professor Alon A. Gorodetsky Expression, Purification and Biophysical Characterization of the Protein Reflectin B1 from Doryteuthis (formerly Loligo) Pealeii
Rainee A. Khabagnote Psychology Professor Jean Gehricke Development of a Tailored Career Building Tool for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Yusra Khafagi International Studies Professor Mark Le Vine University of California, Ethical Investments
Maria T. Khan International Studies Professor Richard A. Matthew,
Professor Connor F. Harron
Swaziland Food Sovereignty Initiative
Fatemeh Khashai Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Effect of Oral Hygiene (OH), Saliva Production, Saliva Buffering Capacity and Saliva Protein Content on Formation of Biofilm
Stephanie H. Kim Chemistry Professor Sergey Nizkorodov Photolysis of Atmospherically Relevant Carbonyl Compounds
Bella Kim Public Health Policy Professor Richard Matthew Social-Psychological Tools for Household Behavior Change in Curbside Organics Collection Programs
Saho L. King Mechanical Engineering Professor Robert H. Liebeck Advanced Aircraft Wing Structural Design and Fabrication
Laliphat (Mai) Kositchaimongkol Aerospace Engineering Professor Robert H. Liebeck Advanced Aircraft Wing Structural Design and Fabrication
Samantha Ku Political Science Professor Kristen R. Monroe Darkness Has Fallen: A Documentary on War, Survival, and Retaining Humanity
Louai Labanieh Biomedical Engineering Professor Weian Zhao Single-Molecule Sensing of miRNAs for Disease Diagnostics
Lynn Lam Biological Sciences Professor Jean Gehricke The Effects of LEGO Therapy on Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms
Tanya Lam Earth & Environmental Science Professor Nathan Garcia,
Professor Adam Martiny
Elemental Stoichiometry of Synechococcus as a Function of Growth Rate and Temperature: Implications for Global Change
Alex LaVelle Mechanical Engineering Professor John Stupar,
Professor David Reinkensmeyer
Unmanned Surface Vessel
Christina Le Biological Sciences Professor Francesco Tombola Stretch-activated Channel Piezo1 Generates Spontaneous Ca2+ Transients in Human Neural Stem Cells
Jason Ledesma Biological Sciences Professor Sumeet Vadera Solving SUDEP: Analysis Of ECG And EEG Correlates In Epileptic Patients
Sunyoung Lee Biological Sciences Professor Robert Hunt Epilepsy Gene Expression in GABA Neurons
Darren J. Lee Biological Sciences Professor David B. Baglietto Vargas Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptic Impairments in Human AD Cases
Lauren Lee Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Yama Akbari Quantitative EEG Analysis of Post-Cardiac Arrest Coma Recovery in a Rodent Model
Amanda Lee Biological Sciences, Education Professor Brian Sato Impact of Course Grading on Student Performance
Katherine L. Lee Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Roxane C. Silver The Role of Coping Strategies in Mental Health Outcomes following Negative Life Events
Sean A. Lee Biomedical Engineering Professor Jered Haun Recombinant Single-Chain Antibody: Improving Binding Properties using Yeast Surface Display and Directed Evolution
Vanessa V. Lee Pharmaceutical Science Professor Geoffrey W. Abbott Identification of Channel-transporter Interactions with SMIT1
Langou Lian Sociology Professor Yang Su The Effect of Cross-Culture College Experience on Chinese International Students' Perception and Attitude toward the Occupy Central Movement
Catherine Louise Ligad Biological Sciences Professor Steven Gross Anti-Bacterial Properties by Lipid Droplet Histones in Drosophila melanogaster
Paulina Lim Psychology, Spanish Professor Michelle Fortier Nurse and Parent Training in Postoperative Stress (N/P-TIPS)
Michelle Lim Computer Science Professor Aditi Majumder Hole Detection and Patching in 2D/3D Hybrid Animation
Benjamin Lin Biological Sciences Professor Sha Sun Male versus Female: Expression Profiles of Cancer Associated lncRNAs during Differentiation
Michelle Y. Lin Biological Sciences Professor Travis Huxman Using the Rare, Endemic Species Heterotheca brandegeei to Understand the Effects of Climate Change and How Individuals Work Together to Respond to Stress
Yang Liu Mechanical Engineering Professor Yun Wang Evaluating the Compression Molding for PEM Fuel Cell Bipolar Plates
Kevin H. Liu Computer Engineering Professor Mark Bachman,
Professor Yuqing Guo
An Innovative Technological Approach to Environmental Enrichment Therapy for Pacifying Behavioral Tantrums in Children with Autism
Jason D. Lyle International Studies Professor Connor F. Harron,
Professor Richard Matthew
Swaziland Food Sovereignty Initiative
Lesley Ma Biological Sciences Professor Xiangmin Xu Developmental Studies of NRG1/ErbB4 Signaling in Inhibitory Cortical Neurons
Kim M. Ma Economics Professor Evan Schofer Educational Testing, Private Schooling, and Tracking in Southeast Asian Educational Systems: Understanding how Education Systems Influence Social Inequality
Ray Mak Biological Sciences Professor Maksim Plikus Project title removed at student's request
Shant Malkasian Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Sabee Molloi,
Professor Benjamin Ziemer
Quantification of Regional Myocardium at Risk using Computed Tomography Angiography
Ileana Matta Biological Sciences Professor Kavita Arora Role of BMP ligand Dpp in Lipid Metabolism in Drosophila
Spencer Mattson Biomedical Engineering Professor Jered Haun Use of Gold Nanoparticles in the Detection of Cancer Biomarkers
Dagmawit A.. Mengestu International Studies Professor Caesar Sereseres Racialized Violence and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment against African Immigrants in France: Building a Better Model for Immigrant Integration in the European Union
Hazelene L. Merluza Biological Sciences Professor Hartmut Luecke Investigation of the Effect of Small Molecule on p53 Mutant Stability and Interaction with BAK and Bcl-XL
Rae A. Michaud Dance Professor Kelli Sharp Movement Exchange: Communicating without Words
Nikka M. Mofid Electrical Engineering Professor Alon A. Gorodetsky Photodoping of Reflectin-Based Devices
Janine A. Montag Dance-Choreography, Dance-Performance Professor Shaun Boyle Importance of Cultural and Artistic Exchanges in Dance
Stacey A. Morales Urban Studies Professor Richard Matthew Social-Psychological Tools for Household Behavior Change in Curbside Organics Collection Programs
Mahan S. Naeim Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Alon Gorodetsky Cephalopod Inspired Invisibility Stickers
Rohit K. Nair Biological Sciences Professor Henry Hirschberg Photochemical Internalization Mediated Transfection of Macrophages: Use as Delivery Vectors for Suicide Gene Therapy
Alexa Nazarian Biomedical Engineering Professor Michelle Khine Optimization of an in vitro Cardiac Organoid Model: Effect of Elasticity on Cardiomyocyte Function
Thi N. Nguyen Pharmaceutical Science Professor Weian Zhao Development of a Rapid Test for Ebola Virus Infection by Integrated Comprehensive Droplet Digital Detection
Tricia T. Nguyen Pharmaceutical Science Professor Aimee L. Edinger Combinatorial Therapy with FTY720 Analogs and Small Molecule Inhibitors
Thai Nguyen Biomedical Engineering Professor Bernard Choi Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging with Raspberry Pi
Cindy Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Mahtab Jafari Evaluation of Rhodiola rosea in a Drosophila melanogaster Model of Huntington’s Disease
Brandon T. Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Jorge A. Busciglio An Investigation on Seizure Activity in Transgenic Mouse Models with Down Syndrome
Huy M. Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Jonathan RT. Lakey Evaluating Oxygen-Generating Alginate Microcapsules to Attenuate Hypoxic Damage in Islets during in vitro Culture
Magie H. Nguyen Public Health Sciences, Psychology Professor Yanjun Sun,
Professor Xiangmin Xu
Circuit Connection Mapping of Subicular Neurons that Project to Hippocampal CA1
Hanh B. Nguyen Chemistry Professor Eugenia Lo,
Professor Guiyun Yan
The Invading Mechanism of Plamodium vivax Associated with Duffy-Negatives from the Ethiopian Populations
Benjamin V. Nguyen Pharmaceutical Science Professor Mahtab Jafari The Action of Rhodiola rosea Root Extract in Rescuing Mitochondrial Dysfunction
Victoria B. Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Geoffrey W. Abbott Studying the Role of KCNE2 in Pancreatic Islet Cells and Ventricle Cells
Hiroyuki R. Ogikubo Chemistry Professor Kenneth J. Shea Snake Venom Inhibition by Synthesized Polymer
Alec N. Ohanian International Studies Professor Heidi Hardt Rethinking the United States Hostage Policy: The Need for Change
Ishani H. Patel Pharmaceutical Science Professor Jogeshwar Mukherjee Evaluation of 42 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors (nAChRs) in Postmortem Alzheimer’s Disease Brain
Yash R. Patel Biological Sciences Professor Liang-Wu Fu Role of Opioid δ-Receptors in Regulation of Ischemic Mediator-evoked Cardiac Reflex
Stephanie I. Pearlman Biomedical Engineering Professor Jered Haun Study of Mucin 1 Glycocalyx Content through Cell Deformability
Lakshan Peiris Mechanical Engineering Professor David J. Reinkensmeyer,
Professor John G. Stupar
Unmanned Surface Vessel
Alexandra Perebikovsky Physics Professor Marc Madou Electrical and Magnetic Stimulation of Stem Cells Grown on 3D Carbon Scaffolds
Huy Pham Computer Science Professor Wayne Hayes Bacteria Growth Simulation
Hanh M. Pham Pharmaceutical Science Professor Mahtab Jafari The Study of Cinnamaldehyde on Alzheimer's Disease Drosophila melanogaster
Tiffine Pham Biological Sciences Professor Katrine Whiteson Identification of Bacteriophages in Bacterial Strains Isolated from Cystic Fibrosis Patients: A Comparison of Bioinformatic and Lab Based Approaches
Sally T. Pham Biological Sciences Professor Mahtab Jafari The Impact of Angelica Keiskei on Lifespan and Health Span
Jessica V. Pham Pharmaceutical Science Professor Andrej Luptak In vitro Selection of Coenzyme A Aptamers
Tiffany M. Phan Public Health Policy Professor David Timberlake How Can U.S. States Effectively Legislate the Use of E-Cigarettes?
Celine H. Phong Biological Sciences Professor Anthony A. James A Synthetic, Autonomous piggyBac-Based Transposon in Anopheles stephensi
Laura Prieto Arias Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Karen S. Rook An Investigation of Factors Associated with Loneliness in Very Old Adults
Celine Qussiny African-American Studies, Comparative Literature Professor Sohail Daulatzai Constructing a Palestinian Identity through Hip-Hop: Uniting Palestinians across the Diaspora
Hassan Rassmy International Studies, Political Science Professor Daniel Wehrenfennig Contemporary Europe and its Periphery
Anthony M. Raus Chemistry, Biology Professor Young J. Kwon Developing an Acid Cleavable Linker for Amine Bearing Drug Delivery Vectors and Gold Nano-Particles for Therapeutic Delivery
Luke N. Raus Computer Science Professor Donald J. Patterson,
Professor William Karnes
Ryan C. Razo Aerospace Engineering Professor Robert H. Liebeck Advanced Aircraft Wing Structural Design and Fabrication
Kimberly Reyes Psychology & Social Behavior, Philosophy Professor Sarah Pressman Social Situations, Smartphones & Smiles
Rea Reyes Chemical Engineering Professor Mark Bachman,
Professor Yuqing Guo
Biofeedback-Mediated Video Game: An Intervention to Improve Emotion Self-Regulation Skills in Children with Autism
Monique R. Reyes Pharmaceutical Science Professor Jennifer A. Prescher Engineering Orthogonal Luciferin:luciferase Pairs
Ryan Ripperdan Biological Sciences Professor Ulrike Luderer Effect of Charged Particle Exposure on Ovarian Tumor Development
Monica A. Roche Biological Sciences Professor David Gardiner Positional Signaling from Mouse Connective Tissue and Patellar Development
Troy T. Ruff Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Professor Vy Dong Enantioselective Synthesis of Cyclobutanones using Cobalt Catalysis
Rebecca E. Ruggiero Genetics Professor Larry Marsh Post-Translational Modifications of Huntingtin and the Influence of Peptide Structure
Marian J. Sagoe Chemistry, Biological Sciences Professor Jennifer A.. Prescher Development and Optimization of Genetically Encoded Reporters for Imaging Cell-Cell Interactions
Mariyah N. Saiduddin Biological Sciences Professor Michael Kleinman Inhalation of Concentrated Ambient Particulate Matter Stimulates Systemic Inflammation and the Development of Atherosclerotic Plaques in Mice
Valery Saikaly Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Laser Speckle Imaging for Early Detection of Gingivitis
Robert D. Sandlin Psychology Professor Virginia M. Richards,
Professor Jonathan H. Venezia
Perceiving Speech: Role of Modulation Rate in Fluctuating Masking Benefit
Jessica D. Sanmarti Dance-Choreography Professor Sheron Wray Expanding My Teaching Methods
Christos N. Sarantopoulos Biological Sciences Professor Alan Widgerow Evaluation of Cellular Stressors on Adipose Tissue-Derived Stromal Vascular Fraction Components for Enhancing in vivo Fat Grafting Survival
Mary J. Sargious Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor Bruce Blumberg Steroid and Xenobiotic Receptor and Immune Disorders
Eashani Sathialingam Biomedical Engineering Professor Elliot Botvinick Understanding Biophysical Data to explain Notch Signaling
Sara K. Schroerlucke Dance-Performance Professor Lonnie Alcaraz Move to Change: Bridging the Gap Between the Dance Realm and the Community
Steven D. Schwartz Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Elizabeth F. Loftus,
Professor Peter H. Ditto,
Professor Brendon J. Butler
Motivated False Memory: Associations between Political Affiliation and Misinformation
Sergio Serafin Biological Sciences Professor Aimee L. Edinger The Effects of SecinH3 on Multiple Cancer Cell Lines
Prachi A. Shah Biomedical Engineering, Information & Computer Science Minor Professor Bernard Choi Point of Care Laser Speckle Imaging Device for Blood Flow Imaging & Quantification
Nehal M. Shah Pharmaceutical Science Professor Jogeshwar Mukherjee Design and Synthesis of [18F]Cymserine Analogs as Radiotracers for Imaging the Enzyme Butyrylcholinesterase
Farbod Shavarebi Biological Sciences Professor Suzanne B. Sandmeyer Adapting a Foreign Biosensor in Yarrowia lipolytica for Detection of Triacetic Acid Lactone
Michael A. Shenk Materials Science Engineering Professor Alon A. Gorodetsky Viscoelastic Behavior of Reflectin Solutions
Jessica J. Shi Psychology Professor David Baglietto Vargas Molecular Mechanisms Linking Diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease
Ali Siddiqui Biomedical Engineering Professor Michelle Khine Superhydrophobic Closed-Channel Microfluidic Devices to Prevent Non-Specific Binding and Reduce Drag
Neetu J. Singh Political Science, International Studies Professor Caesar Sereseres South Asian Disasporic Domestic Violence: Strategies of Resistance for Indian Women in the Los Angeles County
Don Raveen S. Solanga Arachchige Aerospace Engineering Professor Robert Liebeck Advanced Aircraft Wing Structural Design and Fabrication
Charity Faith G. Sotero Public Health Sciences, Statistics minor, Health Informatics minor Professor Guiyun Yan Determining the Various Functions of the Aedes albopictus’ Microbacteria using Metagenomic Analysis
Sophia C. Spann Biological Sciences Professor J. Christian Fox,
Professor Shadi Lahham
Can EM Resident Ultrasonographers Performing Bedside Tracheal Ultrasound Accurately Confirm Endotracheal Tube Placement during an Intubation?
Breauna M. Spencer Sociology, Education Sciences Professor Samuel Gilmore,
Professor Joanne Christopherson
African American and Asian American in STEM Majors: Undergraduate Experiences that Contribute to Persistence and Success at UC Irvine
Nicholas Stamnas Urban Studies Professor Seth Pipkin Analysis of Argentinian Water and Energy Resources as a Comparison to First World Infrastructure and Sustainability
Justin R. Stovner Biomedical Engineering Professor Marc Madou Developing a Bioplotter Material Library for Tissue Engineering Constructs
Yingkai Su Biomedical Engineering Professor Chang C. Liu An In-vivo Method for the Generation of Protein-DNA Conjugate
Amanda T. Sugijoto Biomedical Engineering Professor Beth A. Lopour Characterization of Treatment Effectiveness in Infantile Spasms Using Quantitative Measurements of Hypsarrhythmia
Brandon F. Talmood Biological Sciences Professor Steven Gross RNA Amplification and Examination in Lipid Droplets within Embryonic Cells of Drosophila melanogaster
Weiyi Tang Biological Sciences Professor Bruce Blumberg Characterizing Retinoic Receptor beta 2 Promoter
Vicki D. Tea Biological Sciences Professor Frances Leslie Epigenetic Mechanisms Underlying the Nicotine Enhancement of Adolescent Cocaine Reward
Kaitlin N. Tinker Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Jacqueline M. Chen Personality Predictors of Intergroup Relationships and Attitudes
Shauna K. Toh Music Professor Colleen Reardon,
Professor Nina Scolnik,
Professor Cecilia Sun
Comparative Regional Observation of Music Therapy Practices in New York and California
Thu T. Tran Biological Sciences Professor Stephen G. Weller,
Professor Ann K. Sakai
Potential Barriers to Gene Flow of Two Sympatric Species
Catherine Tran Biological Sciences Professor Robert Spitale Assaying RNA Localization in Living Cells With Spatially-Restricted Chemistry
Sean C. Trommer Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering Professor Sunny Jiang Degradation of Microcystins by Ozone
Hau V. Truong Biological Sciences Professor Sheryl c. Tsai Structural Characterization of Resistomycin Cyclases and Detection of Formation of Cage Complex
Johnathon Truong Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor Gregory Weiss Isolation of High Affinity Binding Partner for ShuA
Tori R. Tucker Biological Sciences Professor Jonathan RT. Lakey,
Professor Rahul Krishnan
A Novel Strategy to Ameliorate Hypoxia in Encapsulated Islets using Perfluorodecalin
Griselda Valdez Biological Sciences, Minor in Sociology Professor Bruce Blumberg,
Professor Ron Leavitt
Investigating Histone Modification Changes in vitro in Mouse Mesenchymal Stem Cells Treated with the Obesogen Tributyltin
Blaine R. Valencia Public Health Policy, Film and Media Studies Professor Tim Bruckner Does the CAFTA-DR Free Trade Agreement Undermine Health Equity in Costa Rica?
Josue Velasquez Chicano/Latino Studies, Anthropology Professor Ana E. Rosas A Tale of Two Cities: Contextualizing the Plight of Jornaleros in the Inland Empire (Pomona and Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
Carmen J. Vickers Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Belinda Campos Discrepancies in Accounts of Racial Discrimination Among Black Students at UCI
Nam Vo Biological Sciences Professor Bruce McNaughton The Interaction of the Hippocampus and Neocortex in Learning and Memory
Hetika Vora Pharmaceutical Science Professor Xiaolin Zi Treatment of Docetaxel Resistant C4-2B Prostate Cancer Cell Line
Brian Vu Biological Sciences Professor Maksim Plikus Project title removed at student's request
Lily R. Wagner Nursing Science Professor Ellen F. Olshansky Understanding Nurses’ Experiences of Delivering Nursing Care in Conflict Zones: A Qualitative Study Exploring Narratives of Nurses Working in Israel and Palestine
Emma N. Walsh Dance-Performance Professor Diane Diefenderfer Using Dance to Discover Effective Instructional Strategies for Children across Cultures
Alexander Wang Mechanical Engineering Professor Jeffrey Krichmar Autonomous Ground Robot for Coordinated Unmanned Search and Rescue Missions
Jian Wang Mechanical Engineering Professor Yun Wang Graphene-Based Supercapacitor for Renewable Energy
Nikole R. Warren Public Health Policy Professor Miryha G. Runnerstrom Peace over Violence
Kaylee M. Wells Biological Sciences Professor David M. Gardiner Gland Development in Embryonic and Regenerating Limbs of Ambystoma mexicanum
Keira R. Whitaker Dance-Performance Professor Shaun Boyle Female Empowerment through Movement
Timothy M. Wiher Biological Sciences Professor Aimee L. Edinger Furthering the Understanding of the Structure-Activity Relationship of FTY720 through an Investigation of its Sphingolipid Derivatives
Madara Y. Wijetunga Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Professor John Stupar,
Professor David Reinkensmeyer
Unmanned Surface Vessel
Leon F. Wojno Psychology Professor Gregory Hickok,
Professor Jonathan Venezia
Action Anticipation in Trained Athletes and Novices: No Mirror Neurons Required
Ashley R. Wong Biological Sciences Professor Ali Mortazavi Comparative Analysis of Hydra Head Regeneration and Budding using RNA Sequencing and Open-chromatin Profiling
Yixin Yang Arts & Humanities Professor Bryan Jackson Pastoral: Anchor Babies and the New Chinese
Peter A. Young Physics Professor Sabee Molloi,
Professor Huanjun Ding
Characterizing Breast Tissue with Dual-Energy Mammography
Laura Yu Aerospace Engineering Professor Marc Madou Effects of Hypergravity on C. elegans Worms Cultivated on a Microfluidic Disc
Jason M. Yu Chemistry Professor Filipp U. Furche Constructing a Genetic Algorithm to Optimize Luciferin Analogs for Bioluminescence Imaging
Grady J. Yu Computer Science Professor Wayne Hayes Forget Connect 4; Connect 2390: Biological Networks Alignment
Sara Zadmehr Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Application of a Novel Auto-Fluorescence Imaging Device for Assessing Early Dentin Caries
Jasmine Zhang Undeclared Professor Michelle Khine Wearable Flexible Shrink Strain Sensors for Point-of-Care Health Monitoring
Michelle W. Zhang Political Science Professor Feng Wang The Perception of High School Students toward Chinese Residential Registration System
Joann Zhu Biological Sciences Professor Bruce G. Berg Effects of Level Randomizing to Obtain Phase Sensitivity
Jiaqi Zhu Computer Science Professor Wayne B. Hayes Improvement of SpArcFiRe, Interface and Parallel Modification

Number of Proposals Submitted = 288
Number of Fellowships Awarded = 255
Number of Honorary Fellowships = 21

Total Funds Requested = $796,797
Total Funds Awarded = $354,000

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