Student Involvement


UROP offers all undergraduates the opportunity to volunteer and contribute to the success of the program. Students can be involved in a variety of support activities for the program including publicity, research, office support, outreach, and Symposium preparation.

Eligible students may receive 1.3 units of credit through a University Studies course for their involvement with UROP. The course requires 30 documented hours and a five-page paper reflecting on the experience. Students who participate will gain valuable knowledge in a dynamic and growing area of undergraduate education.

To be a volunteer, fill out the Volunteer Application (MS Word document) and either drop it off at the UROP Office or send it as an attachment to

Hear what former volunteers had to say about their experiences!

"One of the most important skills I will take with me from this experience is cooperation with other people." ---Caroline Tran

"Volunteering for UROP made me see things I failed to understand before." ---Rose David Reyes

"The hours that I spent working with UROP were hours well spent, and I will forever cherish the moments in my heart." ---Manjeet Sandhu

"I feel I learned about organization and problem-solving." ---Sejal Parekh

"I recommend this experience to anyone because working for UROP is an excellent way to get started on becoming more active and involved on campus." ---Joyce A. Komanapalli

UROP Ambassadors
The purpose of the UROP Ambassadors is to establish a self-propagating culture of undergraduate research in ALL disciplines through faculty and peer-mentorship. Ambassadors seek to strengthen the UCI research community by motivating, assisting, and training undergraduates to be involved in various types of research or creative projects, thereby enhancing the undergraduate experience as well as shaping future goals and aspirations.

In addition, UROP Ambassadors help to create a networking environment where undergraduate research and creative opportunities are received and disseminated to aid students in pursuing the research opportunities available to them. They foster a community of designated student mentors, who use research-related activities as a channel to equip other students with valuable skills and qualities in preparation for post-undergraduate endeavors.

Who is Eligible?

  • previous research experience (at least 2-3 quarters)
  • good academic standing
  • minimum of one year commitment
  • willingness to work with others

Those who meet the eligibility requirements will be interviewed and selected by UROP.


  • Develop strong leadership and mentoring skills
  • Assist other students in achieving their academic and professional goals
  • Excellent networking opportunity with fellow undergraduates from all disciplines who have similar interests and goals

For more information on being a UROP Ambassador, e-mail: