Journal Advisor

Said M. Shokair
Director, UROP

UROP Faculty Advisory Board

Professor Alice Fahs
Professor Samuel L. Gilmore
Professor John C. LaRue
Professor Richard H. Lathrop
Professor Shahram Lotfipour
Professor Hartmut Luecke
Professor Lisa Naugle
Professor James S. Nowick
Professor Roxane Cohen Silver

UROP Student Editorial Board

Stephanie Cheng
Natasha Sekhon

UROP Journal Assistant

Jerry McMillan, Journal & Symposium Student Advisor

~ A Letter from the UROP Student Editorial Board ~

Research at UC Irvine takes many forms, within many fields, and we have been privileged to have the opportunity to witness its wide scope. As members of the UROP Student Editorial Board, we have each brought our own research experience to the process of creating an undergraduate research Journal that meets the highest standards of research quality, multidisciplinary communication and excellent writing. After reviewing all of the papers that had been submitted, and discussing the merits and weaknesses of each, we reached a consensus on the papers contained in this volume. We remained involved with the Journal process, contributing also to the editing and proofreading that were necessary to perfect the excellence that these papers already represented. We are proud to have been able to participate in bringing this year’s Journal to you, and hope you find its papers as informative and inspiring as we have.


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