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Figure 9
RC Array NSEW and full quadrant row/column connectivity

or quadrant column (Figures 9 and 10).  The data from the leftmost RC in the quadrant row is called Left A (LA), the data from the rightmost RC in the quadrant row is called Right (R), and the data from the remaining-

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Figure 10
RC Array Port A connectivity

RC in the quadrant row is called Middle (M). The data from the topmost RC in the quadrant column is called Top (T), the data from the bottommost RC in the

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Figure 11
RC Array Port B connectivity


quadrant column is called Bottom (B), and the data from the remaining RC in the quadrant column is called Center (C).  Note that the names do not reflect the direction from which the data came (i.e. Left could come from the RC to the right of the RC in question if the RC in question is the leftmost RC in its quadrant row; similarly, Top could come from an RC below).  These data are only available for Port A (operand A). Port B (operand B) utilizes only the North, South, and West connections, which in Figure 10 are called Up (U), Down (D), and Left B (LB).  This was determined after studying the applications of interest and discovering that the North and South inputs are necessary; the East and West are not. Due to the lack of bits in the context, the number of inputs to the Port B input MUX is limited by necessity­only East or West could be included, and West was chosen arbitrarily. 

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Figure 12
RC Array Express Lane

The third type of connectivity are the "Express Lanes," where every RC is a row or column and is connected to every RC in the same row or column in an adjacent quadrant (Figures 12 and 13). Using the Express

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Figure 13
RC Array inter-quadrant Express Lanes connectivity

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