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James N. Danziger
Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education
Said M. Shokair
Director, UROP

UROP Faculty Advisory Board

Professor Roxane Cohen Silver
Professor Mary Corey
Professor Robert Doedens
Professor Gail Hart
Professor Donald Hoffman
Professor John LaRue
Professor George Lueker
Professor Richard Robertson
Professor Georg Striedter

UROP Student Editorial Board

Jennifer LaFemina, Chief Editor
Kirsten Showler, Associate Chief Editor
Daniel Aldana
Mathew Dos Santos
Dave Han
Jennifer Juhn
Zhanna Pinkus
David Snyder
Matt Traum
Byron Van Nest

UROP Student Production Staff

Saquib Rashid, Hard Copy Layout
Henry Yan, Web Layout and Front Cover Design


~Letter from the UROP Student Editorial Board~

Research is an integral part of undergraduate education, particularly at the University of California, Irvine, an institution that not only invests in and prizes undergraduate education, but also maintains its prestige as a leading research university in the world. We, the UROP Student Journal Editorial Board, took the opportunity to launch this inaugural volume in order to showcase some of the high-caliber work and research endeavors completed by our fellow undergraduates. More importantly, though, we wanted to highlight the successful relationships that have been cultivated between students and faculty that were made possible through faculty-mentored research endeavors.

After being given the opportunity to create what is going to be a new tradition here at UC Irvine, the Student Board–a group of 10 undergraduates from all disciplines at the University–were not only able to recognize the student and faculty contributions to research, but also to facilitate their recognition through a unique medium. Months of research, dynamic communication, and passionate exchange resulted in the Journal that you are about to read. We have spent excessive time not only in a detailed editing process–to perfect both the presentation of grammar and figures–but also, in an intricate design process, to make the Journal professional, yet personal. We feel we have achieved this goal, for not only do you, the audience, get a sample of high-caliber research, but you receive it through a medium that clearly showcases the students’ efforts and the faculty’s support.

We are proud of the Journal not only because we have successfully achieved our broad goals, but also because we have done so through a medium of which we are proud–proud because of the Journal’s uniqueness, proud because all undergraduates now have another means through which to transmit their work, and proud because the Journal will be a tradition of which this world-class research institution can be proud.

On behalf of the Board,

Jennifer LaFemina
Chief Editor


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