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2012-2013 MDP Participants

Congratulations to the following students for being selected to participate in the Multidisciplinary Design Program (MDP) in support of their faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.

Project Title Faculty Mentors Student Researchers
DAT Space - Undergraduate Workshops in Design, Art and Technology Dr. Garnet Hertz
Professor Peter Krapp
Professor Donald Patterson
Ting Deng
Vahan Hartooni
Saurabh Kumar
Nicholas LaJeunesse
Design of a Dental Blood-Flow Sensing Probe Professor Bernard Choi
Professor Petra Wilder-Smith
Tiffany Bui
Theodore Chang
Ashley Hoang
Design of a Planar Lens Using Metallic Nanostructures Professor Filippo Capolino
Professor Regina Ragan
Aria Askari
Katie Burke
Misagh Khayambashi
Anirban Samanta
Design of Deployable Blood-Flow Imaging Device Professor Bernard Choi
Professor Pietro Galassetti
Ryan Farraro
Akshay Paul
Jeffrey Tse
Design of Endoscope-Compatible Blood-Flow Imaging Device Professor Bernard Choi
Professor Brian Smith
Edmund Ray Florendo
Tram Pham
Steven Truong
Designing Mobile Games for Learning Professor AnneMarie Conley
Professor William Tomlinson
Cathy Tran
Christine Bediones
Chia Hao Chen
Christopher Dinh
Kenneth Fernandez
Stanislav Listopad
Kal McDowd
Alex Morishita
She Nie
Xiaoyue Xiao
Developing a Low-Cost, Portable Particle Counter for In-Field Emission Studies Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin
Professor Rufus Edwards
Professor Ali Mohraz
Alba Aguilar Cubo
Dominique Ingato
Ariyan Manshadi
Dual MRI-Fluorescence Probe for Molecular Imaging of Cancer Professor Gultekin Gulsen
Professor Jered Haun
Bassel Malek
Trinh Nguyen
Joanne Yoo
Emotion Regulation Patterns in Interactions Between Parents and their Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Novel Application of a Dynamic Systems Approach Professor Wendy Goldberg
Professor Yuqing Guo
Tsai-ling Fraher
Daniyel Grancich
Anai Lepe
Shannon Merrell
Stephanie Tsai
In Vivo Optical Imaging of Detection of Biomaterial-Induced Reactive Oxygen Species Professor Gultekin Gulsen
Professor Wendy Liu
Yu-Wen Chan
Ernesto Sosa
Integration of Feedback Design with Consumer Tradeoff for Energy Efficient Consumer Electronics Professor G.P. Li
Professor Daniel S. Stokols
Dr. Arthur Zhang
Ilene Chang
Jane S. Choi
Marta E. Mendoza
Bin Wu
Mina Yoo
Investigation of 3D Polypyrrole Structures as Electrodes for Supercapacitors Professor Allon Hochbaum
Dr. Lawrence Kulinsky
Professor Marc Madou
Ulises Ibarra
Matthew Schiel
Elaine Truong
Cheng Zhou
Microfluidic Biopsy Chip for Automated Tumor Tissue Processing Professor Jered Haun
Professor Marian Waterman
Ji Hwang
Joycelin Luc
Joel Jose Nario
Vivian To
Nuclear-Encoded Mitochondrial Genes SNPs in Different Ethnic Background Relevant to Alzheimer Disease and Aging Professor Jorge Busciglio
Dr. Pinar Coskun
Professor Rick Lathrop
Ryan Idrogo-Lam
Dorian Kim
Zahra Nematinejad
Nicolas Seranio
Sheetal Singh
Patient Connect Pilot Project Professor G.P. Li
Professor Stephanie Reich
Professor Mark Warschauer
Dr. Arthur Zhang
Chantal Fry
Kelvin Wu
Kaikai Xu
Portable, Low-Cost HIV Diagnostic Device Professor Oladele Ogunseitan
Professor William Tang
Natasha Felsinger
Nigel Fernandez
Patrick Kahn
Huylong Ngo
Vladimir Satchouk
Portable, Low-Cost Malaria Diagnostic Platform Professor Oladele Ogunseitan
Professor William Tang
Chase Davis
Priyanka Jain
Ryan Kwong
Katherine Lee
Eric Nguyen
Reaz Rahman
Programmable High Throughput Cell Based Assays for Immunological Diseases Professor Anshu Agrawal
Dr. John Collins
Melody Abazari
Amrita Dhinsa
Shrutilaya Karunanidhi
Jenny Nguyen
Search and Rescue Robotics Professor James Bobrow
Professor Ian Harris
Professor Jeffrey Krichmar
Professor Michael McCarthy
Terri Chang
Tzu-Yu Chao
Joshua Ferguson
Randy Harper
Dong Ju Lee
Camille Macalinao
Grant Moe
Wells Tsai
Teaching Science with Video Games: Software Design, Development and Testing Professor Peter Krapp
Professor Craig Martens
Joel Duggan
Kunal Khaladkar
William Leung
The Micropallet Array: A Novel Nanotechnology for the Recovery and Molecular Profiling of Tumor Cellular Subsets Professor Mark Bachman
Professor Edward Nelson
Monica Deomampo
Amanda Ngo
Trisha Westerhof
Eric Wilde
Therabot: A Remote Controllable Robot Avatar Designed for Bedridden Kids Professor Jill Berg
Professor Yuqing Guo
Professor Simon Penny
Avinash Chinchali
Jacqueline Chu
Shawn Graham
Nazneen Pashutanizadeh
Steven Rutherford
Francis Sabas
Values in Design: Designing for Hesitation and Presence Professor Geoffrey Bowker
Professor Judith Gregory
Professor Sanjoy Mazumdar
Ali Alkhatib
Fady Barsoum
Ian Brown
Erin Costino
Reaksmey Diep
Anthony Pham
Ching-Wen Yang

Number of Applications Submitted = 114
Number of Fellowships Awarded = 99

For more information, please contact:

Said M. Shokair, Managing Director
Multidisciplinary Design Project (MDP)
Student Services II, Suite 2300
Phone: 824-4189 e-mail:

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