Corporate Corner

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, in partnership with schools and research institutes at the University of California, Irvine, welcomes collaboration opportunities with companies as well as governmental, nongovernmental, and nonprofit organizations in mutually beneficial relationships that help promote our students’ education and research experience.
As each partner organization is unique in its needs, expectations, and project requirements, each relationship is likewise unique. For some, organizational involvement may include any number of summer internship programs, cooperative education positions, or applied research opportunities in both on- and off-campus settings. For others, such involvement may involve sponsoring undergraduate research events and/or grants.
Summer internship programs and local cooperative education
These are educational opportunities that augment classroom studies with learning through productive work experience in a field, which meets the student’s academic or career objectives.

Once your submission has been received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you and your designates with a secure link that allows you to update or remove the opportunity.
In addition, your submission will be posted shortly afterwards on the UROP Web site (, under Opportunities/Off-Campus Opportunities. We will also follow up to offer additional services for filtering through applications and resumes, and facilitating compensation to students.

Applied research
These are corporate-sponsored research projects with well-defined objectives and milestones. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research opportunities are available under the guidance of a corporate or faculty mentor and conducted individually or by a student project team. May be for a specific area of research and may be in the form of a student stipend or other grant to help pay for the cost of materials related to the research project.
Sponsored undergraduate research events and resources
Sponsor symposia and other events or publications, such as the UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium or The UCI Undergraduate Research Journal.

Benefits to Companies

Fill basic areas of research that require astute researchers.
Cut costs by assigning student interns specific projects under the guidance of a project manager.
Try out students for potential future employment.
Post your research opportunities/internships on the UCI-UROP Web site.
Participate in the annual Corporate Undergraduate Research Fair (Proposed).
Help contribute to students' education through research and development opportunities.
UCI Contacts
To sponsor a project or UCI’s undergraduate research efforts, or discuss the prospects of such sponsorship, please contact:
Said M. Shokair, Director
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
Phone: 949-824-7701
To learn more about guidelines related to university industry partnerships, please contact:
Office of Techology Alliances
Phone: (949) 824-7295