Student Researchers      

There are many types of research and creative projects available to undergraduates of every discipline. While some of these opportunities are provided by UROP, many more exist both on and off campus. We encourage students to be proactive in their search for research opportunities by identifying their interests, looking for a potential faculty mentor or organization that shares those interests, and developing a general plan for their research. Students looking to participate in faculty-mentored research or a creative project should take advantage of the many resources available, including the:

For an overview of the research process, you can download a flowchart with tips for a successful undergraduate research experience.

Types of Projects

Research takes many different disciplinary forms. These are the most common types of research:

  1. Individual Projects
  2. Laboratory Projects
  3. Senior Thesis/Term Papers
  4. Literature Review and Analysis
  5. Scholarly Work in Humanities/Social Sciences
  6. Group Projects
  7. Experiential/Field Studies
  8. Surveys/Psychology Experiments
  9. Design Projects
  10. Artistic Projects or Performances
  11. Clinical Projects
Student Researcher Links

Student Research Interest Form
Let us know about your research interests and goals.

Researcher's Handbook
Finding research opportunities as an undergraduate can be difficult. Here are some helpful hints to aid in your research journey.

Researcher of the Month
Each month UROP selects one outstanding student who has shown the qualities and characteristics of academic excellence. Read more about this month's outstanding researcher, and learn more about those selected in the past.

Faculty Mentor of the Month
Each month UROP selects one UCI faculty mentor who has participated in and contributed to the advancement of undergraduate research and creative projects.