A Letter from the Chancellor

May 11, 2002

Dear Colleagues and Guests:

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Welcome to one of the most exciting events of UCI's academic year. The UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium has become a campuswide tradition and a hallmark of what it means to be educated at a top research university. In this ninth annual symposium, students will assume the role of a research professional, presenting their own work to be scrutinized and appreciated.

The intense work these students have devoted to their projects raises their knowledge and creativity to a new level. Research experience gives them an edge in the competition for scholarships and fellowships, and indicates to prospective employers that our students know how to achieve excellence in their chosen disciplines.

As you discover the remarkable nature of this year's symposium, please keep in mind that these students are not only contributing to research at UCI, they are shaping the future as leaders who will question, explore and construct solutions to the problems of tomorrow.

My special appreciation to the members of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Team for their commitment to supporting students interested in faculty-mentored research and creative activities. They work year round to involve undergraduates in the research life of the university, including the Symposium. This year also marks the publication of Volume Four of The UCI Undergraduate Research Journal, which showcases only a sample of the excellence in undergraduate research at UCI. And for the sixth year in a row, I am delighted to sponsor the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, which applauds the outstanding contributions of a student and faculty member from each school or program.

Congratulations to every 2002 Symposium participant, in particular the faculty whose guidance and mentoring is invaluable to these students. I wish everyone an exciting, engaging day on the UCI campus.


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Ralph J. Cicerone