Welcome from the Division of Undergraduate Education


May 11, 2002

Dear Members of the UCI Community and Guests:

We are pleased to welcome you to the Ninth Annual UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium. Over the past nine years, the Symposium has provided an excellent opportunity for many of UCI's finest undergraduates and their faculty mentors to celebrate the success of their experience, and present and explain the methods and findings of their research and creative projects. It is also a day for the UCI Community to celebrate the many accomplishments of our students, and to recognize the efforts of UC Irvine's esteemed faculty.

We hope that this Symposium serves as a catalyst for all those involved: that students will recognize the benefits of collaborating on projects and sharing ideas, that faculty will feel encouraged by the environment of inquiry and exchange they help to create, and that guests will recognize the insight and depth of study fostered at the University of California, Irvine.

We are immensely proud of the accomplishments of the students presenting here today. Each of them has contributed to the evolution of our collective body of knowledge. Spanning the many disciplines, students at UCI have begun a lifetime of revising and updating the way we understand the world in which we live. UCI students and faculty alike have set the standards of excellence in leadership, achievement and success. It is our hope that in sharing their knowledge today, each of them will realize not only what they have already accomplished, but will be inspired to play a leading role in paving the paths for future researchers and informed citizenry.

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities (UROP) in the Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) is honored to be able to assist students involved in faculty-mentored research at UCI. Many of today's presenters have received research assistance and funding from UROP, the organizer of today's Symposium. UROP's programs also include advising undergraduate students about on and off-campus research opportunities and publishing The UCI Undergraduate Research Journal. As a demonstration of UCI's commitment to undergraduate research, in the summer of 2001, UROP launched the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP), which offers students the opportunity to become immersed in a summer research project or creative activity under the guidance of UCI faculty members. UROP is part of a campus-wide network of faculty, departments and programs dedicated to supporting the undergraduate research enterprise at UCI.

We are thankful for your support of the undergraduate researchers presenting here today, as well as the faculty mentors who devoted their time and efforts to mentoring these students. Your encouragement has greatly added to the success of all involved. We look forward to following the continued achievement of these outstanding students, and hope that you enjoy today's program.



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Meredith Lee
Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education
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Said M. Shokair
Director, UROP