Thanks & Acknowledgements

Many thanks to the following individuals and groups for supporting faculty-mentored
undergraduate research
and creative projects at UCI.

Ralph J. Cicerone 
Executive Vice Chancellor
Michael R. Gottfredson

Associate Executive Vice Chancellor, Michael Clark
Associate Executive Vice Chancellor, Barbara Hamkalo
Associate Executive Vice Chancellor, Herbert P. Killackey
Vice Chancellor Wendell C. Brase, Admin. & Business Services
Vice Chancellor Roy Dormaier, Planning & Budget
Vice Chancellor Manuel N. Gomez, Student Affairs
Vice Chancellor Thomas J. Mitchell, University Advancement
Vice Chancellor William H. Parker, Research & Graduate Studies

Dean Nicolaos Alexopoulos, Henry Samueli School of Engineering
Dean Susan Bryant, School of Biological Sciences
Dean Thomas Cesario, College of Medicine
Dean Barbara Dosher, School of Social Sciences
Dean Nohema Fernandez, Claire Trevor School of the Arts
Dean C. Ronald Huff, School of Social Ecology
Dean Karen Lawrence, School of Humanities
Dean Meredith Lee, Division of Undergraduate Education
Dean Gary Matkin, University Extension
University Librarian Gerald Munoff, Library
Interim Dean Jone Pearce, Graduate School of Management
Dean Debra Richardson, School of Information & Computer Science
Dean Ronald J. Stern, School of Physical Sciences

Acting Associate Dean Linda Bauer, School of Humanities
Associate Dean Alison Clarke-Stewart, School of Social Ecology
Senior Associate Dean Dennis Cunningham, College of Medicine
Associate Dean Robert Doedens, School of Physical Sciences
Associate Dean Mary Gilly, Graduate School of Management
Associate Dean Joanna Ho, Graduate School of Management
Associate University Librarian, Judy Kauffman, Library
Associate Dean John LaRue, Henry Samueli School of Engineering
Associate Dean Michael Leon, School of Biological Sciences
Associate Dean George Lueker, School of Information &
Computer Science

Associate Dean Virginia Mann, School of Social Sciences
Associate Dean James Meeker, School of Social Ecology
Associate Dean Robert Moeller, School of Humanities
Associate Dean Michael Mulligan, School of Biological Sciences
Associate Dean Robert Newsom, Undergraduate Education
Associate Dean Janelle Reinelt, Claire Trevor School of the Arts
Associate Dean William Schmitendorf, Henry Samueli School of Engineering
Associate Dean Caesar Sereseres, School of Social Sciences
Associate Dean Gene Tsudik, School of Information & Computer Science

UROP Faculty Advisory Board

Peter Ditto, School of Social Ecology
Don Hoffman, School of Social Sciences
John LaRue, Henry Samueli School of Engineering
Richard Lathrop, School of Information & Computer Science
Hartmut Luecke, School of Biological Sciences
James Nowick, School of Physical Sciences
James Penrod, Claire Trevor School of the Arts
Richard Robertson, College of Medicine
Martin Schwab, School of Humanities

Roundtable Discussion Leaders

Alice Fahs, History
Susan Bryant, Dean, School of Biological Sciences
Stephen D. Franklin, School of Information & Computer Science
Julia Gelfand, UCI Libraries
Valerie Jenness, Chair, Criminology, Law & Society
Mark LeVine, History
Robert Moeller, Associate Dean, School of Humanities
Amelia Regan, Computer Science-Systems
Debra Richardson, Dean, School of Information & Computer Science
Steven Topik, History

Faculty Moderators

Stephen Barker, Drama
Harald Biessmann, Developmental & Cell Biology
Bob Boross, Dance
Donald Brown, Ophthalmology
David Camerini, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Jeanett Castellanos, Social Sciences
Gary Chanan, Physics & Astronomy
Roxane Cohen Silver, Psychology & Social Behavior
Simon Cole, Criminology, Law & Society
Alice Fahs, History
Sarah Farmer, History
David Gardiner, Developmental & Cell Biology
Samuel Gilmore, Sociology
Wendy Goldberg, Psychology & Social Behavior
Matt Huffman, Sociology
Donald Hoffman, Cognitive Sciences
Michael Leon, Neurobiology & Behavior
Stephen Lyon, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Bill Maurer, Anthropology
Sanjoy Mazumdar, Planning, Policy, & Design
Anthony McGann, Political Science
Roger McWilliams, Physics & Astronomy
Tadashi Nakano, Computer Science
Linda Nelson, Neurology
Richard Nelson, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Jane Newman, English & Comparative Literature
Guey-Cuen Perng, Ophthalmology
Mark Petracca, Political Science
Charles Ribak, Anatomy & Neurobiology
Susan Sim, Informatics
Katherine Tate, Political Science
Andrea Tenner, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Robert Uriu, Political Science
Jin-Yi Yu, Earth System Science
Mei Zhan, Anthropology

Faculty Mentors

Paul Adlard, Neurology
Bogi Andersen, Medicine
Peggy J. Arps, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Mark Bachman, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Kenneth Baldwin, Physiology & Biophysics
Tallie Z. Baram, Pediatrics
Alan Barbour, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Stephen Barker, Drama
Victoria Basolo, Planning, Policy, & Design
Jill Beck, Dance
James Belluzzi, Pharmacology
Martina Berger, Medicine
Lubomir Bic, Computer Science
Harald Biessmann, Developmental Biology Center
Bruce Blumberg, Developmental Biology Center
Marlon Boarnet, Planning, Policy, & Design
Hans Bode, Developmental Biology Center
Robert Boross, Dance
Carolyn Boyd, History
Adriana Briscoe, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Donald Brown, Ophthalmology
Scott Brown, Cognitive Sciences
Nancy Burley, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Michael L. Burton, Anthropology
Vincent Caiozzo, Orthopaedic Surgery
Teresa Caldeira, Anthropology
Jay Calvert, Surgery
David Camerini, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Thomas Carew, Neurobiology & Behavior
Philip Carpenter, Pathology
Jeanett Castellanos, Social Sciences
Haris Catrakis, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Gary Chanan, Physics & Astronomy
Susan Charles, Psychology & Social Behavior
Leo Chavez, Anthropology
Chuansheng Chen, Psychology & Social Behavior
Pai Chou, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Ralph Cicerone, Earth System Science
Olivier Civelli, Pharmacology
Roxane Cohen Silver, Psychology & Social Behavior
Simon Cole, Criminology, Law & Society
Mary Corey, Dance
Carl Cotman, Neurology
Vittorio Cristini, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Michael D’Zmura, Cognitive Sciences
Russell Dalton, Political Science
Nancy DaSilva, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Elysia Davis, Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Franco De Flaviis, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Myrona Delaney, Drama
Michael Dennin, Physics & Astronomy
Louis DeSipio, Political Science
Sanjay Dhar, Surgery
Roxana Diaconescu, Computer Science
Michael Dillencourt, Computer Science
Peter Ditto, Psychology & Social Behavior
John Dombrink, Criminology, Law & Society
Paul Dourish, Computer Science
Sue Duckles, Pharmacology
Zulma Duenas-Gomez, Neurobiology & Behavior
Derek Dunn-Rankin, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Brian Edmonds, Biological Chemistry
Brian Edmonds, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Jonathon Ericson, Environmental Health, Science, & Policy
Gregory Evans, Surgery
William Evans, Chemistry
Alice Fahs, History
Sarah Farmer, History
Raul Fernandez, Social Sciences
Nanette Fornabai, French & Italian
Donald Forthal, Medicine
Keith Fowler, Drama
John Christian Fox, Emergency Medicine
Michael Franz, Computer Science
Fillmore Freeman, Chemistry
Ron Frostig, Neurobiology & Behavior
David Fruman, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
James Fujii, East Asian Languages
Israel Gabriel, Dance
Christine Gall, Anatomy & Neurobiology
Lisa Garcia-Bedolla, Political Science
David Gardiner, Developmental Biology Center
Michelle Garfinkel, Economics
Steven George, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Linda Georgianna, English & Comparative Literature
Samuel Gilmore, Sociology
Wendy Goldberg, Psychology & Social Behavior
Sastry Gollapudi, Medicine
Rayna Gonzales, Pharmacology
Richard Granger, Computer Science
Arthur Grant, Neurology
Stanley Grant, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Zhibin Guan, Chemistry
Ranjan Gupta, Orthopaedic Surgery
Charles Hamilton, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Agnes Henschen-Edman, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Gregory Hickok, Cognitive Sciences
James Hicks, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Donald Hoffman, Cognitive Sciences
Bonnie Oda Homsey, Dance
Herbert Hopster, Physics & Astronomy
Matt Huffman, Sociology
Tara Hutchinson, Civil & Environmental Engineering
David Igler, History
Leslie Ishii, Drama
Anthony A. James, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Larry Jamner, Psychology & Social Behavior
Stephen Jenks, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Valerie Jenness, Criminology, Law & Society
Paul Jesilow, Criminology, Law & Society
Mina Kalantari, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Claudia Kawas, Neurology
Hans Keirstead, Anatomy & Neurobiology
Cristina Kenney, Ophthalmology
J. Patrick Kesslak, Neurology
Crist Khachkian, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Michael Kleinman, Community & Environmental Medicine
Diana Krause, Pharmacology
John Krolewski, Pathology
Falko Kuester, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Dragan Kujundzic, English & Comparative Literature
John LaRue, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Richard Lathrop, Computer Science
Michelle Latiolais, English & Comparative Literature
Long Le, Political Science
Henry Lee, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Michael Leon, Neurobiology & Behavior
Frances Leslie, Pharmacology
Guann-Pyng Li, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Fu Liang-wu, Medicine
Steven Lipkin, Medicine
Steven Lipkin, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Elizabeth Loftus, Psychology & Social Behavior
John Longhurst, Medicine
Cristina Lopes, Informatics
Hartmut Luecke, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Gary Lynch, Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Stephen Lyon, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Salvatore Maddi, Psychology & Social Behavior
Virginia Mann, Cognitive Sciences
Gloria Mark, Informatics
Kelsey C. Martin, Biological Chemistry
Ataślfo Martinez-Torres, Neurobiology & Behavior
Bill Maurer, Anthropology
Sanjoy Mazumdar, Planning, Policy, & Design
Michael McCarthy, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Anthony McGann, Political Science
James McGaugh, Neurobiology & Behavior
Donald McKayle, Dance
Roger McWilliams, Physics & Astronomy
Kenneth Mease, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Martha Mecartney, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Joerg Meyer, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Ricardo Miledi, Neurobiology & Behavior
Jeffrey Milliken, Surgery
Patrick M. Morgan, Political Science
Fred Moten, African American Studies
R. Michael Mulligan, Developmental Biology Center
Daniel Mumm, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Suzanne Munns, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Tadashi Nakano, Computer Science
Bonnie Nardi, Informatics
Lisa Naugle, Dance
Edward Nelson, Medicine
Linda Nelson, Neurology
Richard Nelson, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Jane Newman, English & Comparative Literature
Riley Newman, Physics & Astronomy
James Nowick, Chemistry
Betty Olson, Environmental Health, Science, & Policy
Adam Matthew Ormond, Education
Kathryn Osann, Cancer Center
Timothy Osborne, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Renato Pajarola, Computer Science
Thomas Parham, Social Sciences
Guey-Chuen Perng, Ophthalmology
Mark P. Petracca, Political Science
Janice Plastino, Dance
JoAnn Prause, Psychology & Social Behavior
Ralph Purdy, Pharmacology
Casandra Rauser, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Charles Ribak, Anatomy & Neurobiology
Debra Richardson, Computer Science
Gary Richardson, Economics
Matthew Rickard, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Richard Robertson, Anatomy & Neurobiology
Belinda Robnett, Sociology
Fatimah Rony, Film & Media Studies
Karen Rook, Psychology & Social Behavior
Michael Rose, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Vicki Ruiz, History
Ann Sakai, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Tina Salmassi, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Wayne Sandholtz, Political Science
Curt Sandman, Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Suzanne Sandmeyer, Biological Chemistry
Jan Scherfig, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Sarah Senesky, Economics
Caesar Sereseres, Political Science
Caesar Sereseres, Social Sciences
A.J. Shaka, Chemistry
Kenneth Shea, Chemistry
Ronald Sherman, Pathology
Andrei Shkel, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Barry Siegel, English & Comparative Literature
William Sirignano, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Tammy Ann Smecker-Hane, Physics & Astronomy
David Snow, Sociology
Oswald Steward, Anatomy & Neurobiology
Mark Steyvers, Cognitive Sciences
Tatsuya Suda, Computer Science
William Tang, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Katherine Tate, Political Science
Richard Taylor, Informatics
Andrea Tenner, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Brook Thomas, English & Comparative Literature
Jeremiah Tilles, Medicine
George Tita, Criminology, Law & Society
Bill Tomlinson, Informatics
Steven Topik, History
Lisa Torres, Sociology
Rudolph David Torres, Political Science
Bruce Tromberg, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Sheryl Tsai, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Stanley Tyler, Earth System Science
Federico Vaca, Emergency Medicine
Vasan Venugopalan, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
Larry Vickery, Physiology & Biophysics
Feizal Waffarn, Pediatrics
Edward Wagner, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Rahul Warrior, Developmental Biology Center
Arthur Weis, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Gregory A. Weiss, Chemistry
Stephen Weller, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Carol Whalen, Psychology & Social Behavior
Charles Wheeler, History
Jon Wiener, History
Petra Wilder-Smith, Beckman Laser Institute
Brian Wong, Beckman Laser Institute
Brian Wong, Otolaryngology
Nathan Wong, Medicine
Charles Wright, Cognitive Sciences
Ariffin Yahaya, Computer Science
Leman Yel, Medicine
Jin-Yi Yu, Earth System Science
Fan-Gang Zeng, Otolaryngology
Mei Zhan, Anthropology
Hong-Kai Zhao, Mathematics

Many Thanks to the

Academic Counselors
Chancellor’s Office
Department Chairs
Directors of Organized Research Units
Directors of Research Programs
Division of Research & Graduate Studies
Division of Undergraduate Education
Honors Programs
Parents & Friends of Presenters
Student Presenters & Performers
UCI Communications Office
UCI Community
UCI Student Center Staff
University Advancement


Said M. Shokair, Director
Arda Arjian, Student Program Assistant
Gregoria Barazandeh, UROP Ambassadors President
Tarek Elabbadi, Undergraduate Research Counselor
Jana Remy, Student Journal & Symposium Assistant
Megan Nowell Kaufman, Publications & Web Assistant
Jose Romero-Mariona, Student Program Assistant
Katia Salamon, Office Manager
Henry Yan, Computer Resource Specialist

UROP Volunteers

Amin Abdinezhad
Mona Ahooie
Neel Anantani
Jada Augustine
Diane Aw
Mavel Becerra
Kimberly Bowen
Lauren Brothers, Team Leader
Warren Chen
Nathan Choi
Lakshmi Ganesan
Amir Ghaffari, Team Leader
Forough Ghavami, Team Leader
Stacy Gunawan
Feng Yuan (Fendi) He
Ahmed Ibrahim, Team Leader
Parisa Jassim
Sabreena Kasbati
Hasanali (Hasan) Khashwji
Sarah Killian
Masanosuke (Masa) Kinoshita
Matthew Korn, Team Leader
Delia Lee
Linna Lee
Rachel Lee
Chao Li
Joan Lim
Dana Ling
Madelyn Luttgen
Veronica Macias
Courtney Macneil
Dedrei Mans
Maryam Moazzami
Erik Montes
Esperanza Montano
Talla Motakef
Arash Nafissi, Team Leader
Mimi Ngo
Tin Nguyen, Photographer
Quang Tri Nguyen
Cathryn O’Neil
Liang Pan
Lise Phan
Scott Ritter
Sana Rizvi
Eva-Marie Rodriguez-Morris, Team Leader
Jemie Sae Koo, Team Leader
Marie-Claire Siddall, Team Leader
Wijaya Somadibrata
Dora Szymanowicz
Linda Tran
Irene Shuang-An Tsai
Piin Chian Tsang
David Michael Woods
Olivia Wu
Ted Yanagihara, Team Leader
Emily Yee
Kathleen Zucker
If you would like further information on how you can contribute to UROP, please contact:

Said M. Shokair, Director
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
Division of Undergraduate Education
University of California, Irvine
Student Services II, Suite 2300
Irvine, CA 92697-5685
Telephone: (949) 824-4189
Fax: (949) 824-1607
Web site:

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