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The Dance Department is proud to present faculty-mentored undergraduate creative projects that feature movement-based research. Dance artists share their ideas through live performance and discussion. These new works demonstrate the ability to allow inspiration and creativity to flow between research, rehearsal and the stage. We hope you will enjoy the show!

Time: 12:20 – 1:20 p.m.
Location: William Gillespie Performance Studio 1100

Improv Revolution

Faculty Mentor: Joel Veenstra

Title: Improv Revolution Showcase

Performers: Matthew Duran, Zoe Moacanin, Marcus Munguia, Katie Reed, Benjamin Ridge, Vincent Tangherlini, Yunder Tsai, Andra Whipple

Bare Bones Dance Theater 2012-2013

Faculty Mentor: Jodie Gates

Title: You are the Beauty

Choreography: Brittany Clements

Music: "Spiegel im Speigel" by Arvo Part

Dancers: Brittany Clements, Karen Wing, Natalie Matsuura

Title: Little Battles

Choreography: Anne Carr

Music: "Un Dernier Verre (Pour La Route)" by Beriut and "La Banlieue" by Beirut

Dancers: Anne Carr, Alex Dreschke

DTM2 Improvisation Ensemble (Dance, Theater, Music, and Media)

Faculty Mentor: Lisa Naugle

Choreography: Professor Lisa Naugle in collaboration with dancers

Dancers: Sarah Bauer, Kimberly Bridgewater, Sarah Castro, Brita Crain, Kelsey Gerber, Cyla Grisso, Kaylyn Hopkins

Title: Passerby

Faculty Mentor: Lisa Naugle

Choreography: Kimberly Bridgewater

Music: "Claire De Lune" by Ludwig van Beethoven

Dancers: Cierra Crowley, Kelsey Gerber, Caitlin Hicks

Title: Annie Fannie (an excerpt)

Faculty Mentor: Jodie Gates

Choreography: Kimberly Bridgewater

Music: "House by the Sea" by Iron and Wine

Dancers: Cierra Crowley, Caitlin Hicks

Donald Mckayle's UCI Etude Ensemble 2012-2013

Title: To Artina

Choreography: Donald McKayle

Rehearsal Assistant: Will Jonhston

Music: "To Artina" by Eric Santos, Vocals by Darryl Taylor, Poem by Langston Hughes

Dancers: Karen Wing and Jeremy Zapanta

Interface Ensemble

Faculty Mentor: Chad Michael Hall

Title: Whiplash

Choreographer: Chad Michael Hall

Music: Composed by David Karagianis

Dancers: Melanie Anderson, Brita Crain, Landyn Endo, Kelsey Gerber, Andrew Hallenbeck, Shelby Monson, Keely Moore, Daniel Tran