A Letter from the Chancellor

May 17, 2014

Dear Colleagues and Guests,

Welcome to the 21st annual University of California, Irvine Undergraduate Research Symposium, a day dedicated to the students who have chosen to immerse themselves in their fields of study by engaging in faculty-mentored research. Today's theme, "Undergraduate Research: Growth through Innovation," symbolizes how the systematic creativity inherent to the research process fosters personal, academic and societal growth.

As you explore the impressive array of research projects and creative activities being presented here today, I encourage you to consider the impact of the research process in helping our students prepare for their future lives. I offer them my congratulations for their accomplishements and the growth they have attained through their efforts. I also offer my deepest thanks to the faculty mentors who have dedicated themselves to their multiple roles of research advisor, motivator and coach; their example and leadership have helped turn the students' dreams into the findings they are sharing with us today.

Finally, I offer my profound thanks to the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program team for organizing this symposium and for its continuing efforts to foster undergraduate research at UC Irvine. This year marks the publication of Volume XVI of The UCI Undergraduate Research Journal, a sampling of the most outstanding undergraduate research projects presented at last year's symposium. UC Irvine's commitment to undergraduate research is a national model for how a research university can effectively enhance its undergraduates' educational experience.

To further celebrate UC Irvine's commitment to research, it is my distinct pleasure to sponsor the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research. This award—an 18-year tradition—recognizes the dedication and contributions of one student and faculty member from each school. Along with the entire UC Irvine community, I offer my congratulations to this year's talented recipients.

Since my appointment as chancellor in 2005, my admiration for the countless undergraduate researchers, their mentors and the culture that supports them has grown ever higher. I hope that, as you witness the achievements and passion of today's presenters, you will share my certainty that UC Irvine's undergraduate research culture will continue to flourish in the years to come.


Michael V. Drake, M.D.