A Letter from the Chancellor


May 15, 1999

Dear Colleagues and Guests:

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Welcome to one of the most exciting events of UCI’s academic year. The UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium has become a campuswide tradition representing the very heart of what it means to be educated at a top research university. About 50 percent of UCI undergraduates participate in some form of research. At this symposium more than 200 of them stand in the place of the research professional, presenting their original work to be scrutinized as well as appreciated.

The intense effort leading to these presentations is of lasting importance to UCI students. Research experience gives them an edge in the competition for prestigious scholarships and fellowships. It builds their confidence and indicates to prospective employers that our students are committed to achieving excellence in their chosen disciplines.

Much of my own excitement about this conference stems from the glimpse it gives us into the future at the researchers, teachers, leaders and laureates of the next century. Spanning virtually every discipline on campus, their projects reflect both a creativity and maturity in their willingness to ask the tough questions and tackle the mysteries of the present, in order to benefit the society of the future.

My special thanks to the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program in the Division of Undergraduate Education for their dedicated work in organizing the sixth annual symposium. This year they have also published the first "UCI Undergraduate Research Journal," yet another forum for displaying the talent of UCI scholars to the larger community. I am delighted as well to sponsor the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research which recognizes the meritorious contributions of a student and faculty member from each school or program.

Congratulations to every participating student, as well as to the faculty who have been their mentors and role models. May you have a most successful day immersed in the pleasure of learning that accompanies research.


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Ralph J. Cicerone