A Letter from the Chancellor


May 13, 2000

Dear Colleagues and Guests:

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Carrying out UCI’s research mission involves the support of many people, from faculty and staff, to students and community members. Each is a critical element in the continuum that builds research excellence. Our undergraduate students in particular impart a fresh perspective to the research process, and remind us of the joy of setting those first footprints in the sands of discovery.

This year more than 250 students will present their research in a professional forum at the Seventh Annual UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium. The intense effort students have put into these research projects raises their educational experience to a new level. Beyond giving them an edge in the competition for scholarships and fellowships, research takes classroom knowledge into the real world. It leads to personal growth and ignites a passion for learning like nothing else can.

As guests of this symposium, we’ll encounter presentations from virtually every area of campus. And I ask you to keep in mind that these students are not only contributing to the UCI research tradition, they are shaping the future as leaders who will question, explore and construct solutions to problems of the new century.

This is also an occasion to express my gratitude to the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program in the Division of Undergraduate Education. The UROP team has dedicated its efforts to organizing this symposium year after year, and assisting students from the moment they show an interest in research at UCI. By way of providing another forum for showcasing the work of our undergraduate scholars, UROP has published the second volume of the UCI Undergraduate Research Journal. And I am delighted as well to sponsor the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, which recognizes the meritorious contributions of a student and faculty member from each school or program.

Welcome to a most stimulating, engaging day on the UCI campus. And congratulations to every participating student, as well as to the faculty who have been their mentors and role models.


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Ralph J. Cicerone