Student Performances

Keynote Address

Title: Excerpt from "Questing for the Voice of this Land"

Dancers: Cherie Adame, Alicia Albright, Cherise Bryant, Ashley Holladay, Anna Kaiser, Samantha Palmer, Sarah Reese, Sarah Stevenson, Seth Williams, Timothy Wilson

Choreographer: Meadow Leys

Music: Meadow Leys


Title: Excerpts from "Rainbow Round My Shoulder"
Dancers: Prisoner: Seth Williams
Dream: Meadow Leys
Girlfriend: Alicia Albright
Mother: Samantha Palmer
Wife: Carlene Lai

Choreographer: Donald McKayle

Music: Traditional Chain Gang Songs from the collection of John and Alan Lomax, arranged by Robert Decormier and Miton Okun


Awards Ceremony

Title: Peacock Dance
Dancer: Carlene Lai
Choreographer: Carlene Lai
Music: "Fish Song" by Yu Guh

Based on a traditional Chinese dance originating from the southwestern region of mainland China.


Title: Rendezvous
Dancers: Alicia Albright, Jennifer Parsinen
Choreographer: Alicia Albright, Jennifer Parsinen
Music: "Adam" by Me’shell Ndegeocello, "Prime Audio Soup" by Meat Beat

A dance, a graceful dance
The coordination requires both
The strength of one, the trust of the other
Together we dance
In our dreams, a brief moment
Our rendezvous

- tuan


Poster Session & Reception

Cellist: Chris Lancaster