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SURP Awards - 2003

Congratulations to the following students for receiving Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) Fellowships in support of their faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Vishakh Information & Computer Science Professor Suda Tatsuya & Dr. Tadashi Nakano Evolution and Adaptation in the Bio-Networking Architecture
Mona M. Ahooie Electrical Engineering Professor Henry Lee Development of an Efficient Variable Optical Attenuater (VOA) in Dealing with Acoustic Reflection
Mohanned Yousef Alhazzazi Information & Computer Science Professor Renato Pajarola RASTER: Real-Time Adaptive Simplification and Rendering of Terrain
Soon Ming Ang Electrical Engineering Professor Hamid Jafarkhani Markov Chain and Gilbert Loss Model
Ahmed Bilac Azam Information & Computer Science Professor Thomas D'Zmura Neural Network for Spatiotemporal Filtering in Binaural Sound Localization
Courtney Jane Baird English/ Information & Computer Science Professor J. Paul Dourish Cognitive and Metaphorical Models of Computer Science
Gregoria Barazandeh Political Science Professor Caesar Sereseres Increasing Disability Insurance
Yasaman Barmaki Philosophy/ Studio Art Professor Martin Schwab Deconstruction as Illustrated Through Architecture: The Theories & Debates Surrounding these Discourses
Shari Rebecca Berkowitz Psychology Professor Elizabeth Loftus Food Preferences and Personality
Gabriela Blanco Psychology & Social Behavior/ Sociology Professor Ji Ying Sze Caenorhabditis elegans TRPV Ion Channel Regulates Serotonin Biosynthesis in Chemosensory Neurons
Yan Biao Boey Information & Computer Science Professor Sharad Mehrotra Data Cleaning and Visualization in an Event-Entity Database
Alexandra Jane Bradshaw Dance/ English Professor Lisa Naugle Alvin Ailey School Summer Dance Intensive
Anne Rene Brashier Drama Professor Lisa Naugle Moving to Action: Developing Professional Performance and Choreographic Skills
Nicole Marie Byrd Dance Professor Janice Plastino The Effects of Body Image on Student Performance
Camille Elia Campion Psychology Professor Virginia Mann Spelling Proficiency of Native Speakers of Spanish: A Look at the Influence of Morpheme Structures in Spelling Errors
Anshuman Chadha Information & Computer Science Professor Cristina Lopes Modeling Pauses in Speech
Rebecca Lynn Chadwick Civil Engineering Professor Tara Hutchinson Correlation of Field Acquired Earthquake Intensity Measures to Structural Damage Using Synthetic Environments
Jenny Chien-Yi Chen Economics Professor Gary Richardson The First Banking Panic in California: A Self-Fulfilled Fear Among Depositors?
Jeff Chen Physics Professor Peter Taborek Optical Detection of Superfluid Helium Drop Oscillations
Joyce Yi-Tzy Cheng Chemical Engineering Professor William Sirignano Development of Miniature Pre-Vaporizer with Fuel Film Evaporation
Daniel Chee-Ing Cheng Biological Sciences Professor Kenneth Baldwin Efficiency of High Resistance Training in Blunting the Atrophy Effects on Muscles Due to Zero Gravity SIMULATED Conditions
Dong Kuan Chung Biological Sciences Professor Andrea Tenner Characterization of CD93 Deficient Macrophages
Matthew Charles Critchlow Information & Computer Science Professor Andre van der Hoek Improving the Management of Product Line Architectures
Alpay Dermenci Chemistry Professor Athan Shaka Optimization of Radio Frequency Pulses for NMR Spectroscopy
Melissa Chua Dionisio Biological Sciences Professor Jeremiah Tilles Screening of HIV Long Term Non Progressor and HIV Progressor Specific Peptides, and their Potential as Diagnostic Markers for Disease Progression
Natalia Dmitrieva Philosophy/ Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Susan Charles Lack of Sleep, Mood, and Activity
Janelle Kearulani Eagle Drama Professor Keith Fowler Art to Educate
Alisa Aun Ekk English Professor Linda Georgianna The Medieval Hagiographics of Christina of Markyate and Margery Kempe: Shifts of Societal Attitudes Toward Marriage and Chastity from 12th to 15th Century Through Personal "Gender Strategies" of Sublimation and Integration
Golnoosh Farzaneh Psychology Professor Pamela Kelley Gun Control in the U.S.: A Look at Gun Control Legislation
Matthew John Fawcett Information & Computer Science Professor Renato Pajarola Point-Based Multiresolution Splatting for Interactive Volume Visualization
Philip James Garcia Aerospace Engineering Professor Kenneth Mease Autonomous Unmanned Solar Aero Vehicle Research Project II
Matthew Adam Garfinkle Political Science Professor Russell Dalton Democracy in Iraq? A Study of the Possibility of a Functioning Democracy in Post-War Iraq
Nareg Andre Gharibjanian Biological Sciences Professor Jay Calvert Release Kinetics of Polymer-Band Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 on the Osteogenic Expression of MC3T3-E1 Osteoprecursor Cell
Dylan Bruce Gibson Drama Professor Keith Fowler The Bard's Trail
Crystal T. Gonzalez Anthropology/ International Studies Professor Leo Chavez Transnational Identity: A Case Study Comparison Between Chicano/a Punks in Santa Ana and Mexican Punks in Guadalajara, Mexico
Michael Gray Biological Sciences Professor Ranjan Gupta The Role of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Compressive Neuropathy
Aisa P. Green Psychology Professor Charles Wright Visuospatial Information Processing: A Behavioral Analysis of the Ventral and Dorsal Pathways
Dirk Hendrik Groeneveld Information & Computer Science Professor Tara Hutchinson Building a Digital Classroom
David Allen Hallowell Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Carol Whalen Palm Top Partners: Mapping the Daily Lives of Parents and Children
Crystal Hernandez Dance Professor Bonnie Homsey A Comparative Analysis of Dance Programs at a University and Professional Dance Institution
Paul Kenji Hetman Chemical Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering Professor Vladimir Mandelshtam Algorithm Development for Spectral Analysis on DOSY NMR Experiments
James Huerta Film Studies/ Humanities and Arts Professor Frederick Moten Revolutionary Aspects of Collage: Music, Art and Cinema
Christopher Phan Huynh Biological Sciences Professor Guey-Chuen Perng Evaluation of Controllable Gene Expression Using Herpes Simplex Virus Vector
Elise Lillard Ipock Film Studies Professor Fatimah Rony The Salvaging Life: A Film About Vision, Identity, and Junk
Melika Jahangiri Philosophy Professor Aaron James Are "Human Rights" "Legal Rights"?
Dave Goldwyn Jequinto Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith In vivo Multiwavelength Spectral Mapping of Oral Malignancy
Dianne Marie Kam Aerospace Engineering Professor Melissa Orme The Exploitation of Naturally Occurring Satellite Droplets for Advanced Manufacturing Applications
Mondana Karen Kazemzadeh Biological Sciences Professor Ghassan Kassab Remodeling of Branching Pattern and Vascular Geometry of LCX in Hypertension
Michelle Kainani Kong Biological Sciences Professor Ghassan Kassab The Effect of Cigarette Smoke on the Aorta
Matthew Joseph Korn Biological Sciences Professor Charles Ribak Studies on the Effect of Cs Radiation on the Pilocarpine Model of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Haroon Lais Computer Engineering/ Electrical Engineering Professor William Tang Development and Optimization of ZnO Sputtering Process
Amber Michelle Lakhani Comparative Literature/ History Professor Michelle Hamilton Reflections of War: Medieval War Propaganda of the Crusades and the Reconquista
Weng Cheong Lao Electrical Engineering Professor Mehran Moshfeghi Video and Image Annotation Program
Carol May Lazo Criminology, Law & Society/ Psychology Professor James Vigil Understanding the Graffiti Art Subculture in Southern California
Duy Minh Le Biological Sciences Professor Bogi Andersen Characterization of GET-1 Interaction
Jennifer Erin Lester Biological Sciences Professor Douglas Tobias Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies of the Structure and Function of Mutant Surfactant Protein B Peptides
Huihui Li Information & Computer Science Professor Stephen Bondy Performance and Computational Processing of Fluxes in Genetic Expression within Mouse Brain
Charlie Lie Chemistry/ Music Professor William Evans Reduction of Nitrogen with Substituted Tris-Cyclopentadienyl Lanthanide Complexes and Potassium
Elaine Marie Lipiz Political Science Professor Lisa Garcia-Bedolla Bilingual Education in New York City and Miami: A Comparative Study
Patrick Lo Information & Computer Science Professor Tatsuya Suda iRex Implementation in Zebra Project Proposal
Michelle Rene Lutes Materials Science Engineering Professor Martha Mecartney Effect of Alumina on the Grain Bounding Conductivity of 8Y-CSZ
Wing Karl Ly Mechanical Engineering Professor Farghalli Mohamed Mechanical Behavior of Nanonickel Materials
Cynthia Kerstin Mescher Mechanical Engineering Professor Mark Bachman Protein Crystallization
Kristina Manam Messeih Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Optical Coherence Tomography
Fatheme Maryam Moazzami Computer Engineering Professor Stephen Jenks Parallelization Process with Efficiency
Marshall Blake Moncrief Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Wendy Goldberg Father's Perspectives and Influence on Parent-Child Co-Sleeping
Babak Naffas Information & Computer Science Professor Bruce Tromberg Real Time Data Acquisition and Analysis
Angela Beth Nelson Economics/ Psychology Professor Mark Steyvers Memory for Words and Images
David Ng Information & Computer Science Professor Ronald Sherman Effect of Bacterial Pathogens on the Growth and Development of Waste-Dwelling Maggots
Thien Minh Ngo Biological Sciences Professor Christine Gall Ampakine Treatment Decreases Ampakine Glutamate Receptors in Cells: A Closer Examination with Western Blotting
Vivian Thuy-Vy Nguyen Chemistry Professor Zhibin Guan Synthesis of Titan-Making Multi-Domain Polymers
Connie Minhcanh Nguyen Biological Sciences/ Chemistry Professor Noo Li Jeon Neutrophil Migration in Overlapping Chemoattractant Gradients
Tin Toan Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Arnold Starr GAP Detection and Cortical Evoked Potentials: Normals and Patients with Auditory Neuropathy
Brian Christopher Oglesby English Professor P. Michelle Latiolais My Avisia Winger
Lilly Kathleen Pinney Dance Professor Mary Corey The Interrelation of Ballet and Modern Dance
Jennifer Renee Puebla Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Roxane Silver Coping with a National Trauma: Results from a Longitudinal Study of Responses to the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks
Razvan Christian Raicu Information & Computer Science Professor Vittorio Cristini Mathematical Modeling and Computation of Cancer Growth: Progression and Treatment
Navreet Kaur Raju Biological Sciences/ Psychology Professor Donald Hoffman The Effects of Stereo, Color, Shape from Motion, and Dynamically-Changing Facial Expressions on the FFA as Determined by fMRI Scanning
Liza Monica Rebaza Biological Sciences Professor Edwin Monuki The Role of Extracellular Matrix in Generating Neurons from Human Neural Stem Cells
Nima Rezaei Abbassi Chemistry/ Neurobiology Professor Shaojun Tang Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein (FMRP): How Its Synthesis is Regulated by Synaptic Activity
Rachel Denise Ridnor Sociology Professor Belinda Robnett Determinants of Future Mate Selection for College Students: A Case Study on the Effects of Coming from a Divorced Family
Jose Virgilio Romero-Mariona Information & Computer Science Professor Debra Richardson Formal Specifications Based Testing
Helene Erika Rybol English Professor Adam Ormond Motivation: What Students Want to Learn and How?
Sepideh Saber Biological Sciences Professor Michael Leon The Location of Activity in the Rat Olfactory Bulb with Varying Positions of the Alcohol Group in the Heptanol
Asal Sadatrafiei Biological Sciences Professor Bruce Blumberg Identification of Novel SXR Target Genes
Brett E. Schmitt Anthropology Professor William Maurer Monetary Design: Cultural Dictation and Cross-Cultural Understanding
Alana Diana Shilling Comparative Literature Professor Jane Newman The Mute Humanist: The Emblem and Sixteenth and Seventeenth-Century Imagery, Poetry, and Thought
Farhan I. Simjee Computer Engineering/ Electrical Engineering Professor Pai Chou Power Consumption Emulation for Battery-Powered Devices
Ann B. Smith Dance Professor Lisa Naugle Reflecting on Diversity: A Study of Choreographic Approaches
Lothar Werner Steffens Chemistry Professor Larry Overman Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Vincorine
Julia Marie Stewart Dance/ Drama Professor Bryan Reynolds "Hamlet" and Psychoanalysis
Vaya Wendy Tanamai Biological Science Professor Bruce Tromberg Monitoring the Effectiveness of Chemotherapy Using Photon Migration Spectroscopy
Irene Shu-Hong Tang Social Ecology Professors Kristen Day & Marlon Boarnet Evaluation of the California Safe Routes to School Program
Nancy Tran Biological Sciences Professor Rahul Warrior Regulation of the Drosophila Lissencephaly 1 (DLis1) Gene
Annie T. Tran Biological Sciences Professor Cristina Kenney Abnormal Antioxidant Enzyme Levels in Keratoconus Diseased Corneas and Its contribution to the Increase in Oxidative Damage
Chi-Lin Tsan Computer Engineering Professors Richard Nelson & John LaRue Design & Optimization of Dielectric Mirrors
Arkadej Albert Udompanyavit Information & Computer Science Professor Gloria Mark Instant Messaging Visualization Project (IMVP)
Mark Barnuevo Villamor Electrical Engineering Professors Richard Nelson & John LaRue Interfacing the Macroworld with the Microworld of Microfluids
Jackie Woo Political Science Professor Caesar Sereseres Can the United States Democratize Iraq?
Ryan James Wright Biological Sciences Professor Brian Wong In vivo Response of Cartilage to Laser Reshaping in the New Zealand White Rabbit
Mike Yin Information & Computer Science Professor Richard Granger Simulation of Human Cortex Using Cortical Column Theory of Memory

Number of Proposals Submitted = 119
Number of Fellowships Awarded = 94
Number of Honorary Fellowships = 9

Total Funds Requested = $351,800
Total Funds Awarded = $206,600

For more information, please contact:

Said M. Shokair, Director
Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)
Student Services II, Suite 2300
Phone: 824-4189 e-mail:

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