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SURP Awards - 2004

Congratulations to the following students for receiving Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) Fellowships in support of their faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Amin Abdinezhad Biological Sciences Professor James L. McGaugh,
Dr. Christa K. McIntyre
The Role of the Immediate-Early Gene Arc on Consolidation of Spatial and Stimulate-Response Memories
Arsen Akopyan Biological Sciences Professor Grant MacGregor Analysis of Mammary Gland Development in Sys Mice
Elizabeth A. Anderson Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Roxane Cohen Silver Childhood Negative Events, Avoidance Motivation and Health in Adulthood
Evan F. Anderson Anthropology Professor Teresa Caldeira Tasting Tourism: The New "Sugar" in Paradise
Christian R. Anguiano Biological Sciences, Chicano/Latino Studies Professor Gregory A. Weiss Synthesis of Terpenoid Estrogen Precursors
Kaveh Azartash Biomedical Engineering Professor Noo Li Jeon Chemotaxis
Vasudev J. Bailey Biomedical Engineering Professor William C. Tang Strain Sensitive Array for the Study of Bone Surface Mechanics
Gregoria Barazandeh Political Science Professor Caesar Sereseres Attitudes Toward Disabilities and Reasonable Accommodations and a Workable Communication Solution: Disability Fact Sheet Handbook
Huan N . Bien Chemistry Professor Guey-Chuen Perng Identify the Promoter of Pro-Apoptosis AL Gene Encoded by Herpes Simplex Virus
Michelle A. Camaya Dance Professor Nancy L. Ruyter,
Dr. Patrick Alcedo
Philippine Tribal Tour 2004
David N. Chan Biological Sciences Professor Guey-Chuen Perng Quantitation of LAT RNA Transcript in an HSV-1 Mutant with the Regulatory Element of LAT Promoter Deleted
Edmund Chang Information & Computer Science Professor Hong-Kai Zhao Visualization and Analysis of Large Sets of Discrete Points
Jennifer C. Channual Neurobiology Professor Ranjan Gupta The Temporal Pattern of Macrophage Recruitment in a Model for Chronic Nerve Compression
Jacqueline M. Chattopadhyay Political Science, Economics Professor Mark P. Petracca Representation and Rhetoric: An Exploratory Study of Descriptive Representation of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in Government Institutions and Popular Discourse
Michelle Y. Chen Information & Computer Science Professor William C. Tang Stem Cells: Are They Mechanosensitive?
Erin M. Conn Biological Sciences, Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Christopher C. Hughes Cloning of Wnt 3A cDNA
Shannon J. Curry Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Richard Matthew Violence in Peru: The Effects of Segregation, Poverty, and Abusive Power
Erin M. Curtis Biological Sciences Professor Aileen Anderson Quantification of Human Stem Cells in a Mouse Model of Spinal cord Injury
Natalia Dmitrieva Psychology & Social Behavior, Philosophy Professor Susan T. Charles Storytelling: A Study of Emotions
David Donald Art History Professor Gary Richardson Re-Imagining Visual Representations of Communism
Jamie Dreyer Political Science Professor Mark Petracca U.S. Foreign Policy in Iraq and North Korea: The Nuclear Threat Connection
Philip A. Dupre' Studio Art Professor Ulysses S. Jenkins Documentary on Comedians
Hamed Ebrahimi Information & Computer Science Professor Richard D. Nelson,
Professor John c. LaRue
Demonstrate the Utility and Operational Limits of Self-Assembled Networks
Rena M. Elhatem History Professor Vicki L. Ruiz Nineteenth-Century Family And Divorce In The American West
Alejandro Espinoza Chicano/Latino Studies, Sociology Professor Caesar Sereseres From Barrio to Middle Class
Adrian A. Fernandez Biological Sciences Professor Steven C. George Identifying the Effects of Different Diffusion Limitations on Capillary Tube Formation from Endothelial Progenitor Cells
Rosalba Gama Anthropology, Chicano/Latino Studies Professor Raul A. Fernandez Bolivian Resistance to Multinational Corporations Through Cultural Expression and Embracing Indigenous Identity
Mathew Garcia Aerospace Engineering Professor Kenneth D. Mease Autonomous Model Airplane Design and Flight
Holly E. Gerhard Psychology Professor Charles E. Wright The Capacity of Visual Short Term Memory
Sara H. Ghazi English Professor Ginger Stickney,
Professor Greg Hickok,
Professor Fan-Gang Zeng
Brain Mechanisms in Auditory-Visual Speech Perception
Leland R. Gilreath Electrical Engineering Professor Franco De Flaviis Characterizing the Loss and Dielectric Properties of Microstrip Transmission Line Substrates
Dirk H. Groeneveld Information & Computer Science Professor Falko Kuester,
Professor Tara C. Hutchinson
VizION: The VizClass Interface Operating Network
Jorge L. Guerra Physics Professor Philip Collins Bridging the Gaps Between Micro- and Nano-Electronics
Tricia Ann A. Gumabon Biological Sciences Professor Fan-Gang Zeng Identification of Monaural Cues in Speech Intelligibility
Sameer K. Hassamal Biological Sciences Dr. Albert E. Cerussi Establishing the Relationship Between Histology and Macroscopic Optical Properties
Melissa K. Hill Biological Sciences Professor Oswald Steward Effect of Strain Background in Mouse Models of Huntington's Disease
Angela C. Huang Biological Sciences Professor Fillmore Freeman Density Functional Theory Study of Cycloaddition Reactions of Dicyanoazomethine Ylides
Kristen N. Hunsberger English Professor Elizabeth Guthrie,
Professor Glen S. Levine
Moving From Culture Shock to Cosmopolitanism: The Position of Students Immersed in Educational, Cross-Cultural Experiences
Elyse M. Hunt-Heinzen Psychology & Social Behavior, Criminology, Law & Society Professor Ray W. Novaco Aggressive Symptoms and Behaviors of Elderly Individuals Diagnosed with Dementia, Alzheimer's Mental Disorders Residing in Nursing Homes and Psychiatric Hospitals
Jalene F. Imaoka Biological Sciences Professor Andrea J. Tenner Effect of Antibody to ß-amyloid on the Microglial Mediated Aß-Induced Neurotoxicity
Yuuiuchi S. Inomata Economics Professor Gary Richardson,
Professor Ivan Jeliazkov
Revisiting the Great Depression: An Analysis on Bank Failures with Hierarchical Modeling
Karl F. Isenberg Undeclared Professor Pai H. Chou Web-Based PDF Document Creation and Editing Tool
Elbert P. Jacinto Biological Sciences Professor Steven George Activation of ERB-B2 Receptors to Stimulate a Myofibroblast Phenotype from Fibroblasts
Lauren E. Johnson English Professor Michelle Latiolais (Rough Title) -- "Center" -- A Collection of Short Stories
Vic P. Keschrumrus Biomedical Engineering Professor Andrew Putnam Regulation of Vasculogenic Mimicry via Substrate-Mediated Gene Delivery
Mykhaylo Kostandov Computer Engineering Professor Joerg Meyer Navigation System for Virtual Reality Visualization of Large-Scale Datasets
Mercedes A. La Voy Psychology Professor Mark Steyvers Effect of Picture Similarity on Recognition Memory
Shadi Lahham Biological Sciences Professor Federico Vaca,
Dr. John Christian Fox
Can Emergency Physicians Diagnose Appendicitis Using Bedside Ultrasound?
Daniel K. LaVigne Biological Sciences Professor Abraham P. Lee Identifying and Sorting Given Types of Human Neural Stem Cells Via Microfluidics and Electrostatic Analysis
Gwendolyn A. Le Biological Sciences Professor Guey-Chuen Perng Mapping the Essential Bipartite Nuclear Localization Signal Domain or UOL Protein
Diana Le Biological Sciences Professor Peter Bryant Determining Gene Expression in Antennae of Female and Male Anopheles Gambiae Mosquitoes
Anh H. Le Computer Engineering Professor Abraham Lee Cell Encapsulation on Microfluidic Platform
Teresa C. Lee Biological Sciences Professor Guey-Chuen Perng Isolation of HSV-1 Small RNA Interference Molecules in Latently Infected Rabbit TG
Brandon J. Lee Undeclared Professor Steven C. George Contribution of TGF-beta in Cell-to-Cell Signaling on Epithelial-Fibroblast Interactions
Tsai Wei R. Lee Economics Professor Ivan G. Jeliazkov,
Professor Gary Richardson
Revisiting the Great Depression: An Analysis on Bank Failures with Hierarchical Modeling
Chao Li Biological Sciences Professor Brian Wong Assessment of Collagen Expression During Nd:YAG Laser Mediated Repair of Hyaline Cartilage.
Kevin Loutherback Physics, Electrical Engineering Professor Philip Collins Synthesis of Nanowire Heterojunctions for Advanced Nanoelectronic Devices
Marc L. Macaranas Dance Professor Lisa Naugle Then and Now: A Look at the Evolution of American Modern Dance
Tuong T. Mai Biological Sciences Professor Bogi Andersen mRNA Study of Hair Growth Associated Genes
Trevor A. Martinez Earth & Environmental Sciences Professor Jin-Yi Yu El Nino's Impacts on California Rainfall and Water Resources
Deborah L. Mitchell Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Chemistry Professor Sheryl C. Tsai Targeting Acyl CoA Carboxylase as a Source of Novel Polyketides; ACCase Mutation Studies
Sukant Mittal Biomedical Engineering Professor Noo Li Jeon Microfluidic Neurochamber for Neuroscience Research
Erik Montes Biological Sciences Dr. Susan E. McNulty Regulation of NFkB by CK2 in melanoma
David Ng Biological Sciences, Chemistry Professor Ronald Sherman Maggots as Fomites: Carriers of Infectious Diseases
Thong X. Nguyen Chemistry Professor Keith A. Woerpel Silylcarbonylation of Terminal and Internal Alkynes
Catherine H. Nguyen Comparative Literature, European Studies Professor John B. Culbert Vietnamese Francophone Literature: A Literary Survey
Hao H. Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Peter J. Bryant Drosophila Genetics- Disc- Large and ADGF-a in Drosophila Genome.
John S. Nobori Drama Professor Cliff Faulkner The Revitalization of Theater Through Community-Based Process
Jessica A. O'Connell Studio Art, Information & Computer Science Professor Bill Tomlinson The Protohuman Project
Maria Oh Biological Sciences Professor Frances M. Leslie Affect of Nicotine on Adolescent Brain
Jill N. Olson Anthropology Professor Gary Richardson Re-Imagining Visual Representations of Communism
Michelle S. Palmer Chemical Engineering Professor Daniel R. Mumm Analysis of the Performance of Novel Truss Lattice Structures II
Mayur R. Patel Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin Structural Design, Analysis, and Fabrication of a Nano-Satellite
Thu N. Pham Biological Sciences Professor Bogi Andersen The Epidermal Expression Patterns of Selected Genes in Dominant Negative Clim Mice
Beth L. Pineles Chemistry, Biological Sciences Professor Curt Sandman Response of Infants in the NICU to a Repeated Nociceptive Stimulus
Nick Punt Psychology Professor Edward K. Wong Visual Rehabilitation of Hemianopic Patients Using Inexpensive Version of Luebeck Therapy
Andrea A. Ramirez International Studies Professor Nancy L. Ruyter Untitled
Nikhil R. Rao Biological Sciences Professor David A. Fruman Role of PEST Sequence in KLF 4
Evamarie Rodriguez History, Art History Professor Alice Fahs The Growing Effect of Baseball Cards
Sean R. Rosenbaum Information & Computer Science, Mathematics Professor Padhraic Smyth Clustering the Web
Margaret L. Rottman-Hipps Drama Professor Myrona Delaney How a Small Town California Girl Can Transform Into a Hollywood Star?
Puja B. Ruparel Computer Engineering Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin UCISAT
Ellika Sadr Biological Sciences, Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Hans S. Keirstead Targeting the Immune System: A Possible Therapy to Spinal Cord Injury
Anant Sanchetee International Studies Professor Paula Garb Children Stained in the "Red"
Sean M. Sepulveda Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Mathematics Professor Michael R. Rose Injury, Stress, and Aging
Tirath J. Shah Biological Sciences Professor Ricardo Miledi Comparative Study of GABA and Glycine Receptors in Spinal Cord and Brain Membranes of Different Fish Species.
Shabnam Shenasi Azari Sociology, International Studies Dr. Lina H. Kreidie Seizing the Opportunity: Women in Iran, A Century of Struggle
Sonya S. Singh Biological Sciences Professor Fan-Gang Zeng Melody Recognition at Varying Frequency Ranges
Cassandra Stewart Biological Sciences Professor Linda Nelson The Progression of Alzheimer's disease in Down syndrome
Deepthi Sudhakar Chemistry Professor Keith A. Woerpel Stabilization of Oxocarbenium Ion Intermediates via Hyperconjugation of a Carbon-Halogen Sigma-Bond
James Sutandyo Information & Computer Science Professor Thomas Alspaugh UCSML and UCSSuite
Vaya W. Tanamai Biomedical Engineering, Biological Sciences Professor Bruce J. Tromberg Determining Trends in Mammary Tumor Vessel Density by Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy
Brad J. Taylor Information & Computer Science Professor Falko Kuester,
Professor Nader Bagherzadeh
Automatic Texturing of Three-Dimensional Avatars
Michael A . Thompson Chemistry Professor Reginald M . Penner Thermoelectric Properties of Lead Telluride Nanowire Arrays
Samuel G. Thorpe Psychology, Mathematics Professor Ramesh Srinivasan Visual Cortex: An Investigation of the Effects of Delay on Coupled Nonlinear Oscillators.
Phu N. Tran Biological Sciences Professor Guey Chuen Perng Mapping the Core Promoter Element of UOL Gene Encoded by Herpes Simplex Virus
Marie M. Tran Biological Sciences, Psychology Professor Ronald A. Sherman Maggots as Fomites: Carriers of Infectious Diseases
Linh Truong Biological Sciences Professor Ranjan Gupta Effects of Mechanical Stress on Schwann Cell MAG and MBP Proteen Expression
Nicholas J. Urrea Information & Computer Science Dr. Tadashi Nakano,
Professor Tatsuya Suda
Adaptive Replica Placement for Distributed Network Services
Edgar J. Vargas Electrical Engineering Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin UCISAT Power Subsystem
Martin O. Vega Comparative Literature Professor Jane O. Newman The Development of a Radical Postcolonialist Theory from Traditionalist Beginnings
Jonathan L. Velasquez Biological Sciences, Philosophy Professor Steven Lipkin High-Throughput Analysis of MLH1, MSH2 AND MSH6 CSNPS
Dale A. Ventura Sociology Professor Francesca M. Cancian,
Dr. Kassia R. Wosick-Correa
The Pervasiveness of Sexuality in Post-Identity Culture
Cindy H. Wang Biological Sciences, Chinese Professor Adriana D. Briscoe Evolution of the Period and EF1-alpha Genes in Lepidoptera
Ellen R. Warkentine Drama, Film Studies Professor Antoinette LaFarge Productive Play in a Stage-Screen Space: The Human-Computer Interface Experience
Christopher R. Welch Information & Computer Science Professor Gopi Meenakshisundaram Vision Based Surface Reconstruction of Static Scenes
Nicholas R. Whitley Biological Sciences Professor Victoria N. Camerini Defining Pathways of T-Cell Development in Cryptopatch Aggregates in the Small Intestine of the Laboratory Mouse, Mus Musculus
Nimalee D. Wickremasinghe Social Ecology Professor Thomas J. Carew The Role of Cerebral Ganglion Modulatory Neurons in Learning and Memory in Aplysia
Ksatria G. Williams Information & Computer Science Professor Bill Tomlinson The Protohuman Project
Khin M. Win Biological Sciences Professor Jorge A. Busciglio Characterization of Tau Isoforms Expressed in Cultured Human Cortical Neurons on Poly-L-lysine and Laminin Substrates
David M. Woods English Professor James L. McMichael Father Forgive: A Novel
Ryan J. Wright Biological Sciences Professor Brian JF. Wong Determination of Elastic Modulus in Rabbit Nasal Septal Cartilage Following Nd:YAG (λ =1.32mm) Laser Irradiation
Man Lok Yau Information & Computer Science Professor Bill Tomlinson Protohuman Project
Zamaneh E. Zamanian Biological Sciences Professor Bruce Blumberg Retinoid X Receptor Activation and Endocrine Disruption by Environmental Organotins

Number of Proposals Submitted = 138
Number of Fellowships Awarded = 106
Number of Honorary Fellowships = 8

Total Funds Requested = $411,000
Total Funds Awarded = $231,200

For more information, please contact:

Said M. Shokair, Director
Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)
Student Services II, Suite 2300
Phone: 824-4189 e-mail:

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