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SURP Awards - 2011

Congratulations to the following students for receiving Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) Fellowships in support of their faculty-mentored research projects and creative activities.

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Mary Ahmadyar Biological Sciences Professor Elizabeth A. Van Es The Affects of the Clinical Community and Health Professionals on Adolescent Health and Academic Achievement in Low-Income Communities.
Amelia S. Ahmed Biological Sciences, Medical Anthropology Minor Professor Frank Meyskens Glucuronidation in Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer
Aiesha Al-Inizi Psychology & Social Behavior, Criminology, Law and Society Professor Richard Matthew Film in the Classroom: The Effects of Documentary Film on Student Audiences
Jazmine Alameddine Psychology & Social Behavior, Criminology, Law and Society Professor Richard Matthew From Affect to Action: The Use of Framing in Documentary Films
Joshua D. Almodovar Biological Sciences Professor Hans S. Keirstead,
Professor Magdalene J. Seiler
Analysis of Retinal-Specific Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Adan Amarillas Aerospace Engineering Professor Derek Dunn-Rankin,
Professor William Cooper,
Professor Benjamin Villac
Designing Water Purifying System by Solar Radiation for a Spacecraft
Adnan A. Anabtawi Civil Engineering Professor Brett F. Sanders Surface Flow and Flood Inundation Model Integration into a Hydrologic Modeling Framework
Cameron S. Bader Biological Sciences Professor David Camerini Characterization of HIV Protease from Rare Viremic Non-Progressors
Sourish Bandyopadhyay Biomedical Engineering Professor Steven C. George Cellular Ratio and Density Effects on In Vitro Prevascularized Cardiac Tissue
Chesca A. Barrios Biological Sciences Professor Lisa Flanagan Generating Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells and Measuring their Dielectric Properties
Ana I. Becerra Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Wendy Goldberg Intergenerational Relationships in Families of Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Nima Beheshti Biological Sciences, Political Science Professor Thomas Ahlering 5 Year Follow-up and Recovery Outcomes Following Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy
Karthik R. Bharadwaj Neurobiology Professor Timothy Allen,
Professor Norbert J. Fortin
Hippocampal Contributions to Medial Prefrontal Cortex in a Sequence-Odor Task
Kelly L. Block Psychology Professor Roxane Cohen Silver Adolescents with Cancer and their Parents: Perceptions of Support and Quality of Life
Britney L. Brown Dance, Arts and Humanites Professor Lisa Naugle Dance Improvisation and Choreography Intensive
Mindy Bui Biological Sciences, History Professor Jean-Daniel Saphores,
Professor Stanley Grant
Investigating Obstacles towards Water Recycling and Reuse
Mindy Bui Biological Sciences, History Professor Shawn Rosenberg Who Is an American: A Study on American Identity
Anna T. Bui Biomedical Engineering Professor Szu Wang Expression and Analysis of Truncated Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery
Vincent Douglas L. Cagonot Pharmaceutical Science Professor Mahtab Jafari Evaluating the Effects of Rosa Damascena on the Sirtuin Pathway and Aging in Drosophila Melanogaster
Marvin M. Chan Mechanical Engineering Professor Martha Mecartney Computational Modeling of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia with Second Phases
Philip H. Chao Biomedical Engineering Professor Elliot Hui,
Professor Robert Edwards
Optimization of Microfabricated in Vitro Culture Environment for Explanted Colon Crypts
Vickie Cheng Chemistry Professor Shiou-Chuan Tsai Interpreting the role of HedE in the Biosynthesis of the Hedamycin Aromatic Core
Heyzel F. Chevez Psychology, Chicano/Latino Studies Professor Belinda Campos Pregnancy Intention: The Influence of Unintended Pregnancy on Pregnancy Experience and Postpartum Adjustment in Latinas
Linett M. Chevez Psychology, Chicano/Latino Studies Professor Belinda Campos Culture, Stress and Social Support: Can Culture Buffer the Effects of Stress on Health and Academic Outcomes?
Brittany J. Chew Public Health Sciences Professor Adam Martiny Presence of Marine Fungi in Aquatic Environments
Nicole N. Chmielewski Women's Studies, Chemistry Professor Marek Kaminski Smolensk Tragedy: What Lies Behind the Old Iron Curtain?
Vincent H. Chow Biomedical Engineering Professor Nathan D. Wong The Role of Systolic and Diastolic J-curve Phenomena in Predicting Secondary Cardiovascular Events
Emerald Chun Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Steven C. George A PDMS Micropressure Device used to Measure Cardiomyocyte Response to Biaxial Loading
Jennifer L. Condas Art History Professor Jon Wiener,
Professor Alice Fahs
The Ultimate Tastemakers: How Women Revolutionized the New York Art World through Philanthropy, Promotion and Personal Collections
Alexandra L. Crampton Biomedical Engineering Professor Steven C. George Inflammation and Nitroslyation of RyR and SERCA Proteins
Carissa Nicole L. Cruz Biological Sciences Professor Hans S. Keirstead,
Professor Michelle Wedemeyer
No Pain No Gain: Analysis of Allodynia in Spinal Cord Injury Rat Model Following Transplantation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, Marrow Stromal Cells, and Neural Stem Cells.
Kateland A. Cunningham Music Professor Robin Buck,
Professor Frances Bennett
SongFest: An Intensive Study of the Voice and the Vocal Production, Interpretation, and Presentation of the Art Song
Stephanie M. Danielson Biological Sciences Professor Ann K. Sakai,
Professor Stephen G. Weller
The Effects of Environment vs. Evolutionary History on Seed Size in the Endemic Hawaiian Genus Schiedea
Chase T. Davis Biomedical Engineering Professor Wendy Liu Biomimetic Materials to Promote Immune Tolerance of Medical Implants
Zixin Deng Biomedical Engineering Professor Gultekin Gulsen Improving in vivo Diffuse Optical Tomography using MR Dixon Imaging
Jerome P. Dent African-American Studies, Comparative Literature, Global Cultures Professor Tiffany Willoughby-Herard Savage Spectacles Yet (Un)Seen: Human Desires, the Slave Imaginary, and the (im)Possibility of a Black Futurity
Quentin Dietz Biomedical Computing Professor Peter Bowler Growing and Extracting Biofuel from Algae
Jason Q. Dinh Mechanical Engineering, Material Science and Egineering Professor David Reinkensmeyer Hand Rehabilitation for Post-Stroke Patients
Joseph B. Dizon Chemistry Professor Kieron Burke Examining the Convergent and Divergent Properties of the Gradient Expansion of the Kinetic Energy
Sang X. Do Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Eric Knowles Speaking Without Words: Nonverbal Communication in Intergroup Interactions
Kelsey L. Downey Political Science Professor Mark P. Petracca Absentee Voting and its Relationship to Political Consultancy in California
Thorin J. Duffin Physics Professor Steven Barwick,
Professor Andrea Silvestri
Atmospheric Muon Background Simulation and Analysis of IceCube Data
Arthur J. Dunn Mathematics Professor John Lowengrub Solving the Keller-Segel Partial Differential Equations on Complex Domains and Surfaces: The Spatio-temporal Development of Population Patterns
Vincent Duong Chemistry Professor Rachel Martin Theoretical Calculations of Eddy Currents In a 500 MHZ Solid-state NMR Probe
Michael A. Duran Biological Sciences Professor David M. Gardiner Characterization of Blastema Proliferation and Apoptosis in the Regenerative Response of the Axolotl
Kyle James G. Dykman Materials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Professor Martha Mecartney Thermal Shock Behavior of Zirconia-Based Oxygen Sensors
Kyle W. East Chemistry, Biology Professor Athan J. Shaka Polyphenol Prevention of Amyloid Aggregates: A Colorful in vivo Approach to Treating Amyloidosis
Christine A. Feng Biological Sciences Professor Frances Leslie Unmasking the Role of Serotonergic Signaling on Behavioral Alterations Elicited by Nicotine on the Developing Dopamine System in Adolescence
Wesley T. Fuhrman Physics Professor Alexander Chernyshev Antiferromagnetic Spin Waves Under External Magnetic Field: Zero-Point Energy, Frustration, and Magnon Lifetime
Elias R. Gerrick Biological Sciences Professor Celia Goulding Contact Dependent Growth Inhibition in Gram Negative Bacteria
Jeffrrey B. Go Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Michelle Khine The Development of a Protocol for the Differentiation of Cardiomyocytes
Christopher M. Guevara Computer Science Professor Garnet Hertz OutRun 2.0: Detection of Humans in a Real-Time Augmented Reality Computer Vision Vehicle System
John G. Guzman Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Bernard Choi Subpurpuric Pulse-Stacking to Increase the Efficacy of Port Wine Stain Birthmark Removal
Stephanie M. Hai Pineda Biological Sciences Professor Thomas Poulos Structural Characterization of Holoenzyme Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase and Calmodulin using Chaperone Assisted Crystallography.
Stephanie C. Hammel Chemistry, Biological Sciences Professor Athan J. Shaka Gamma Irradiation: A New Treatment for Longer Life?
John T. Harduvel Psychology Professor Ramesh Srinivasan The Effects of Subjects’ Expectations of Competing Stimuli on Selective Attention
Neema Hariri Biological Sciences Professor Diane K. O'Dowd Role of Alternative Oxidase in Protecting Neurons from Mitochondrial Electron Transport Chain Inhibitors
Sara Hariri Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Arash Kheradvar A Hybrid Self-Regenerative Tissue Approach as a Proper Alternative for Prosthetic Heart Valves
Phillip L. Harris Music-Performance Professor Darryl Taylor The Vocal Experience
Lori Harris Criminology, Law & Society Professor Donna Schuele Panhandling: Socio-economics, Norms, and Governing
Vahan C. Hartooni Computer Science & Engineering Professor Garnet Hertz YouTube University: The Production and Sharing of Online Video for Researchers
Sarah Hashmi Biological Sciences Professor Cristina Kenney Effects of Memantine on Hydroquinone-treated Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial (ARPE-19) Cells in vitro
Roni Hazim Developmental & Cell Biology Professor Leslie Lock DUX4-Mediation of FSHD Pathogenesis
Robert y. Henley Physics Professor Zuzanna Siwy Chaotic Behavior in Nanopore Chemical Oscillators
Janette A. Hernandez Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Belinda Campos The Influence of Culture on Expressive Writing
Ryan V. Hingorani Biomedical Engineering Professor Bernard Choi,
Professor Sean White
In vivo Assessment of Blood Flow Following Anastomosis Between an Implantable Engineered Tissue and Host Vasculature
Asia N. Hodges African-American Studies, Social Science Professor Frank B. Wilderson Contemporary Racial Politics in the Afro-Argentine Community and Resonance to Politics of Global African Diaspora
Richard M. Hooy Biological Sciences Professor Gregory Weiss Phage Display: A Viable Tool for Studying Structure-Function Properties and Binding Interactions of Beta Barrel Integral Membrane Proteins
Mitchell Hsing Physics, Electrical Engineering Professor Gultekin Gulsen Polarization Sensitive Optical Coherence Tomography for Skin Cancer
Hao Hsu Biological Sciences Professor Yi-Hong Zhou Analyzing the Effect of Deletion/Mutation Constructs of EFEMP1 in Glioma Cell Invasion and Anchorage-independent Growth
Melanie L. Humphrey Psychology Professor Alyssa A. Brewer Visuomotor Adaptation to Left-Right Prism Goggles
Syed F. Hussain Biological Sciences Professor Brian J. Wong Evaluating the viability of Procine Cartilage
Douglas C. Huynh Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Robert A. Edwards In Vitro Growth of Primary Murine Colon Crypts in Microfabricated Substrates
Ryan M. Idrogo-Lam Biological Sciences, Computer Science Professor Pinar Coskun,
Professor Jorge Busciglio
Metabolic and Morphological Alterations in Cancer Cells under Different Supplements
Sami Kabbara Biological Sciences Professor Michael Berns Effects of Laser Microirradiation Parameters on the Modification of Type 3 Histones.
Guntas Kakar Biological Sciences Professor Daniela Bota The Effects of Acute and Chronic Graded CIS and TMZ Doses on Vulnerable Neuronal Populations and Study the Role of this Cellular Injury in Learning and Memory Defects
Mark C. Karman Chemical Engineering Professor William Cooper Photolysis of Enoxacin
Khizar Karwa Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering Professor John Garman Limiting the Current Used by a Propulsion System
Rachel S. Kaufman Biological Sciences Professor Dana Aswad Does a Deficiency in the Protein Repair Enzyme PIMT Lead to Hyperphosphorylation of Neuronal Proteins?
Garrett C. Kehoe Civil Engineering Professor Betty Olson Denitrifying Bacteria in a Wastewater Treatment Plant
Khachik Khachikyan Biological Sciences Professor Michael Demetriou IL-2 promotes Self Tolerance Through Regulation of N-glycosylation
Seyed Ali A. Khalessi Hosseini Biomedical Engineering Professor Stephanie Reich The Effects of Maternal Depression on Infant Health in the First Eighteen Months of Life
Jinwan Kim Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Brian Wong Control of Costal Cartilage Warping Using Electromechanical Reshaping
Helen K. Klein Political Science, Spanish Professor Etel Solingen The Gulf Cooperation Council and Iran's Nuclear Program
Marjan Koosha Biological Sciences Professor Michael R. Rose Bottleneck: Does Size Really Matter?
Sharango Kundu Aerospace Engineering Professor Peter Bowler Growing and Extracting Biofuel from Algae
Nicholas D. LaJeunesse Electrical Engineering Professor Garnet Hertz Pixel TV
Yama Latif Biological Sciences Professor Celia Goulding High-Throughput Inhibitor Screening of the Potential Virulence Factor, RipA, from Yersinia Pestis
Julian K. Lawrence Computer Science & Engineering Professor Ian G. Harris Reverse Engineering Medical Devices
David M. Lee Computer Science & Engineering Professor Brian C. Demsky Self-Stabilizing Java
Francis Lee Psychology Professor Charles E. Wright How Parkinson's and Attention Modulates Handwriting
Kevin K. Lee Biological Sciences Professor Mahtab Jafari Identifying Rhodiola Rosea's Mechanism of Action through Dietary Restriction
Eileen H. Lee Sociology, Psychology and Social Behavior Professor Joanne Christopherson Chaotic Lifestyles and Adverse Environmental Experiences on Adolescent Substance Use
Jaqueline B. Lenhard Dance Professor Lisa Naugle Progressive Composition through Integrated Levels: Dance, Music, Drama and Media Arts in Frigiliana, Spain.
Benjamin K. Lesel Chemistry Professor Ken Shea Analysis of a Sulfonate Containing Polymer Nano-Particle for Selectively Targeting Toxic Peptides
Michael W. Li Computer Science & Engineering Professor Brian C. Demsky Bamboo: A Data-Centric, Object-Oriented Approach to Multi-core Software
Alvin X. Li Psychology Professor Michael D'Zmura Using EEG Recordings of Covert Shifts of Spatial Attention to Signal Intended Direction
Jessica X. Lim Biomedical Engineering Professor Michelle Khine Patterning Superhydrophobic and Hydrophilic Surfaces on Shrinkable Films Using Photolithography and Oxygen Plasma Etching
Han Zhen Liu Biomedical Engineering Professor Marc Madou Writing Nanofibers Directly on 2D/3D Susbtrates With Microscale Precision Using Low Voltage Near Field Electrospinning
Amanda Lopez Public Health Policy Professor Zuzana Bic What Medicinal Practices Are Found among the Latino Population with Diabetes?
Estefania Lopez Political Science, Sociology Professor Louis DeSipio Ethnic Identity Among Undocumented Latino Youth
Sapphire L. Lopez Biomedical Engineering, Material Science Engineering Professor Farghalli Mohamed An Investigation into the Effect of Parameters on Spark Plasma Sintering of Cryomilled Titanium Powders
Scott Lorenzen Political Science Professor Charles Smith Biting the Hand that Feeds You: The Intersection of IP Law and Human Rights. Phase I.
Kimberly L. Lucas English Professor Julia Lupton The American Detective - Studying One's Surroundings
Ali Mansouri Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering Professor Daniel R. Mumm Analysis of the High Temperature Compatibility and Stability of Lanthanum Strontium Gallium Magnesium Electrolyte/Perovskite-Structured Cathode Material Systems
Jichi Mao Biomedical Engineering Professor James C. Earthman AMF on the reduction of Mineralization and Corrosion of Metal Surfaces
Sean Marquez Mechanical Engineering Professor Benjamin Villac Ion Propulsion Propellant Control System for Cube Satellite Application
Delsy M. Martinez Chemistry, Biology Professor Sheryl Tsai Solving the Crystal Structure of Pks1PT
Luisruben P. Martinez Chemistry Professor Elizabeth R. Jarvo Enantioselective Nickel-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling of Diarylethers: Synthesis of Biologically Active Diarylethanes
Tania M. Matos Psychology Professor Jeanett Castellanos Community Service Participation and its Effect on Leadership Development
Jacob P. Matson Biological Sciences Professor Paul Gershon Optimization of Solid Phase Extraction Phosphopeptide Enrichment using Electrostatic Repulsion Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (ERLIC) for Mass Spectroscopy Analysis
Paul A. McEldowney Philosophy, Mathematics Professor Jeremy Heis The Epistemic Value of Visualization in Mathematical Knowledge and Practice
Melissa A. McManus Biological Sciences, Art History Professor Stephanie Reich The Effects of Maternal Depression on Infant Health in the First Eighteen Months of Life
Ryan J. McMonigle Chemistry Professor Aimee L. Edinger Effects of Nutrient Stress on Cells Lacking the TSC2 Protein
Nicole L. Mendoza Biomedical Engineering Professor Steven C. George Studying Tumor Cell Behavior in Response to Varying Oxygenation Conditions
Nathan D. Mih Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor Shiou-chuan Tsai Structure-Function Relationship of Mycocerosic Acid Synthase in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Javier Miranda Political Science, Chicano/ Latino Studies Professor Sara Goodman Are Los Angel’s Immigrant Integration Policies More Effective and Efficient than Washington, D.C.’s?
Roya M. Mirilavassani Biological Sciences Professor Andrej Luptak Exploring Novel Tertiary Contacts Important to Ribozyme Self-cleavage
Daniel R. Mitchell Drama Professor Myrona DeLaney An Exploration of Musical Theatre in the Claire Trevor School of the Art’s New York Satellite Program, with an Additional Application Towards Professional Theatre at the Texas Shakespeare Festival
Katie Mo Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Steven C. George Donor Variability of Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Prevascularized Fibrin Tissue
Clara A. Moreno Social Ecology Professor Belinda Campos Simpatía and Stress: Do Cultural Ideals Shape Stress Experience?
Michael Mori Earth & Environmental Science, Urban Studies Professor Jean-Daniel Saphores,
Professor Stanley Grant
Investigating Obstacles Towards Water Recycling and Reuse
Amber N. Morley Psychology Professor Ilona Yim Autonomic Reactivity to Stress and Depressive Symptoms in Early Pregnancy
Leila M. Nazemi Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Arash Kheradvar Analysis of the Biocompatibility of a Novel Hybrid Tissue Material for Heart Valve Leaflets
Huy T.M. Nghiem Public Health Sciences, Mathematics Professor Jean-Daniel Saphores,
Professor Stanley Grant
Investigating Obstacles towards Water Recycling and Reuse
Elaine B. Ngo Biological Sciences Professor Peter Bowler Growing and Extracting Biofuel from Algae
Albert H. Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Hans S. Keirstead The Role of Neurotrophic Support from hESC-Derived Motor Neurons in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Synaptopathology
Phoebe Nguyen Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Wendy Liu The Role of the Adhesive Microenvironment on Macrophage Differentiation
Catherine Nguyen Biomedical Engineering Professor Michelle Khine Spontaneous Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells Using Biomimetic Multi-Scale Wrinkled Substrates
Steven N. Nguyen Informatics Professor Yunan Chen Time, Motions and Activities– Understanding EMR-based Doctor Workflow in an Emergency Department
Linda Nguyen Biological Sciences, Chemistry Professor Xiaolin Zi The Anti-Proliferative Effects and Underlying Mechanisms of a Novel Class of Selective COX-2 Inhibitors on Prostate Cancer Cells
Tony D. Nguyen Biomedical Engineering Professor Brian Wong Using Optical Coherence Tomography to Monitor Mechanical Behavior of Bovine Tendon during Electromechanical Reshaping
Christopher M. Nguyen Pharmaceutical Science, Chemistry Professor Virginia E. Kimonis,
Professor Angele Nalbandian
Characterization of the Neo- VCPR155H/- Knock-In Mouse Model of VCP-associated Inclusion Body Myopathy, Paget Disease and Frontotemporal Dementia (IBMPFD)
Kelly R. Novahom Comparative Literature Professor Alexander Gelley “Glasgow’s Miles Better” Phantasmagorical Constructions of the Post Industrial City: Rethinking Glasgow through Art Nouveau
Erik G. Olson Materials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Professor Garnet Hertz Pixel TV
Gabriel A. Orenstein Biological Sciences Professor Shin Lin Silk Reeling v. Active and Passive Motion: Measuring the Efficacy of Specific Tai Chi Movements Using LDF and AMI Devices
Breanna N. Padilla Biomedical Engineering Professor Elliot L. Botvinick Characterizing the 3-D Micro-Environment in a Strain Gradient Device
Boyang Pan Earth & Environmental Science Professor Diane E. Pataki The Influence of Prey Insect and Fertilizer Application on Carbon Uptake of a Tropical Pitcher Plant, Nepenthes Sanguinea
Reshma H. Patel Biological Sciences Professor Ulrike Luderer Effect of In Vivo Exposure of Benzo-a-pyrene on Hepatic Steatosis
Himika H. Patel Pharmaceutical Science Professor Jogeshwar Mukherjee [18F]FBM Binding to the Beta Amyloid Senile Plaques and Neurofibrillary Tangles in the Brain
Monil Patel Biological Sciences Professor Peter Bowler Growing and Extracting Biofuel from Algae
Sarah M. Peraza Biological Sciences Professor Elysia P. Davis Patterns of Maternal Behavior and Child Mental Health
Noemi S. Perlas Biomedical Engineering Professor Steven C. George Measurement and Evaluation of Work Output by a Myocardial Sheet
Syuzanna Petrosyan Economics, International Studies Professor Daniel Brunstetter,
Professor Daniel Wehrenfennig
Water Rights in the West Bank and Gaza: Implications of Unequal Policies in an Intractable Conflict
Kevin Q. Pham Pharmaceutical Science Professor Mahtab Jafari The Impact of Rosa damascena on the Target of Rapamycin
Hang T. Pham Biological Sciences Professor Bruce Blumberg Effect of Environmental Chemicals on Adipogenesis
Duc Phan Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Christopher Hughes Optimizing Cell Population Ratio of Endothelial Cells, Fibroblasts, Pericytes, and Smooth Muscle Cells for the Invitro Model of Angiogenesis
Kevin H. Phung Biological Sciences, Psychology Professor Julie V. Patterson Impact of Background Noise on Brain Responses to Tones in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder
Dylan J. Place Biological Sciences Professor Michael Demetriou Metabolic Regulation of N-glycosylation in Treating Autoimmune Disease
Srishti Prasad Chemistry Professor Jennifer A. Prescher Expanding the Set of Bioluminescent Tools for In Vivo Imaging
Jennifer L. Prescott English Professor Andrea Henderson The Gothic Legacy: From Udolpho to Austen and the Brontës
Sophie N. Punkar Criminology, Law & Society Professor Cheryl L. Maxson Masculinity and Gang Identity
Autumn L. Purkey Biological Sciences Professor John Weiss The Role of NADPH Oxidase as a Source of ROS Generation in Excitotoxic Events of Astrocytes
Amy E. Quanbeck Dance Professor Lisa Naugle Contemporary Dance Collage in NYC
Gustav Quinn Civil Engineering Professor Ayman S. Mosallam Recycled Concrete Properties Testing
Victor O. Ramos Pharmaceutical Science, Chemistry Professor Mahtab Jafari The Treatment of Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Cultured Cells by Rhodiola Rosea
Jacob T. Redmond Psychology, Cognitive Psychology Professor Alyssa A. Brewer Case Studies of Plasticity in the Visual Cortex as a Result of Natural Recovery in Chronic Hemianopsia
Brian R. Reinhart Computer Science, Physics Professor Deva K. Ramanan Using Depth to Create a Better Visual Interface
Esteban R. Rodriguez Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering Professor Pai H. Chou Infant Monitoring and Body System Networking through use of Sensor Technology and Embedded Systems
Edgar B. Rodriguez Dance Professor Lisa Naugle Dance for Art and Healing
Ilyssa Russ English Professor Jami Bartlett Emergent Genres: Defining Guidelines, Creating Narrative, and Setting Expectations in Charles Dickens’ Victorian Novel and Early Video Games
Amy M. Sage Biological Sciences Professor Grant R. MacGregor Analysis of the function of FNDC3A in mammary gland development in mice
Margaret B. Sahu Biological Sciences Professor Bruce Blumberg The In-Vivo Effect of the Obesogen Tributyltin on PPAR-7; Antagonist-treated Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
Kathyrn T. Salvadora Biological Sciences Professor Mahtab Jafari The Effects of Rhodiola rosea on Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Drosophila melanogaster
Maritza K. Sandoval Criminology, Law & Society, Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Cheryl L. Maxson Staff’s Perception on the Importance of Incentives in Reducing Facility Violence
Vladimir Satchouk Physics Professor Sabee Molloi Usage of Pyroelectric Crystals as a Novel Radiation Source in Medical Radiotherapy
Thomas D.L.. Sayles Aerospace Engineering Professor John C. LaRue Measurement of Integral Length Scale in Grid Generated Turbulence
Noelle C. Sepina Political Science, African American Studies Professor Jared Sexton U.S. Imperialism in the Philippines and the Politics of Domestic Pacification
Cameron I. Shaaban Biological Sciences Professor Christopher Hughes,
Professor Stephanie Popson
Analysis of the Functional and Genetic Interaction Between CD81 and IFITM1 in EC During in Vitro Angiogenesis
Jainam K. Shah Biomedical Engineering Professor Sabee Molloi Coronary Vulnerability Plaque Detection Using Two Contrast Materials and Spectral CT
Tej P. Shiwakoti Computer Science Professor Sanjoy Mazummdar Design, its Process, and its Relation with Technology
Andrew E. Silva Psychology Professor Charles Chubb Relationships Between Modal Sensitivity and Real-World Song Appreciation
Hannah F. Simon English Professor Ron Carlson Short Stories Discussing the Insane by Hannah Simon
Sylvia Smith African-American Studies Professor Jessica Millward,
Professor Zahra Ahmed
The art of Community Health and Healing: Exploring the Influence of African Diasporic Dance on the Community
Bossakara Sokhom Biological Sciences, Political Sciences Professor Dan Mercola Engineering Salmonella for Breast Cancer
Annie Spirka Dance Professor Lisa Naugle Dance Choreography and Improvisation Intensive
Cassandra D. Squiers Earth & Environmental Science Professor Daniel Stokols,
Professor David Kirkby
Market Characterization of Energy Feedback Technology
Dhivya Sridhar Biomedical Engineering Professor Elliot L. Botvinick Characterizing the Notch Cell Signaling Pathway
Nathan D. Sugarman Biological Sciences Professor Philip Felgner Identify Potential Subunit Vaccine Candidates for Plasmodium Falciparum
Philip Suh Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Elliot Hui Different Methods of Cell Co-culture in Tumor Angiogenesis
Carl K. Supnet Biological Sciences Professor Kailen Mooney The Effects of Aphis Gossypii and Spodoptera Exigua Herbivory on Interactions Between Arbuscular Micorrhizal Fungi (AMF) and Deinandra Fasciculata
Darany K. Tan Microbiology & Immunology Professor Naomi Morrissette The Role of a Plant-like Cytochrome P450 in Toxoplasma gondii Differentiation
Jessica E. Tan Psychology Professor Ramesh Srinivasan Effect of Statistical Changes in the Environment on Attentional Strategies
Julie M. Taylor Biomedical Engineering Professor Steven C. George The Optimal Matrix and Matrix Density for Constructing 3-D Perfused Microtissues
Jacqueline L. Thomas Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Professor Robert H. Liebeck The Human Powered Aircraft for Sport
Christine R. Thrasher Global Cultures, German Studies Professor Paula J. Garb Bridging the Divide: Online Education as an Instrument for Peace Building in the Georgian-Abkhaz Conflict
Christopher P. Tio Anthropology, Biological Sciences Professor Hans S. Keirstead Analysis of Photoreceptor Rescue by Transplantation of p-SC Derived RPE Cells
Xuan A. Tran Biological Sciences, Chemistry Professor Laurence D. Mueller Physiological Deterioration Prior to Death in Female Drosophila melanogaster
Lynn N. Tran Electrical Engineering Professor Bernard Choi Transillumination Laser Speckle Imaging to Detect Dental Pulp Vitality
Brian D. Tran Biological Sciences Professor Pietro Galassetti Altered Insulin Response to Exercise in Pediatric Obesity
Stephanie N. Tran Biomedical Engineering Professor Mark Bachman,
Professor Zeev Kain
Multimedia Feedback System for Stress and Pain Reduction
Thanh D. Truong Psychology & Social Behavior, Public Health Sciences Professor Candice Odgers Parental Monitoring and Adolescent Dietary Behaviors
Jennifer Tsau Mechanical Engineering Professor David Reinkensmeyer Influence of Timing on Motor Learning
Anthony A. Turk Neurobiology Professor Norbert J. Fortin,
Professor Timothy Allen
Fluorescent Muscimol Inhibits Arc Protein Expression in the Hippocampus
Siva Udayamurthy Mechanical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering Professor Daniel R. Mumm The Study of the High Temperature Stability between LaxSr1-xTO3(T=Co, Fe) Cathode and LSGM Electrolyte Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Julie T. Van Biological Sciences Professor David K. Imagawa Comparing the Relative Outcomes of Surgical Resection and Ablation as the Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma.
George A. Vela Biological Sciences Professor Naomi Morrissette Expression and Purification of Toxoplasma gondii P450
Giuseppe Venneri Aerospace Engineering Professor Robert H. Liebeck Design Build Fly Summer Projects
Shruthi C. Vijayalakshmi Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Steven C. George Impulse Oscillometry in Assessing Small Airway Dysfunction
Michael Vo Chemistry Professor Sheryl Tsai The Mystery of the Second Di-domain: Polyketide Ring Specificity
Stephanie A. Vreeland Psychology & Social Behavior, Criminology, Law, and Society Professor Paul Jesilow OIG Study
Timothy Q. Vu Biomedical Engineering Professor Abraham Lee,
Professor James Jester
Effects of Mechanical Stress on Keratocytes and Their Extracellular Matrix
Leiza Y. Walia Biological Sciences Professor Petra Wilder-Smith Screening Dental Caries with Optical Coherence Tomography
Jannelle C. Watson Political Science, Sociology Professor Katherine Tate Earthquakes, Government and Public Attitudes
Charles E. Whitlock Computer Science & Engineering Professor Ian G. Harris Reverse Engineering Embedded Systems
Megan Winter Biological Sciences Professor Martin Smith Characterizing the Role of Agrin-Dependent Regulation of the Alpha3 N,K-ATPase in Long Term Potentiation.
Brandon G. Wong Biomedical Engineering Professor Elliot Hui In vivo Imaging of a Dividing Stem Cell
Robert K. Wu Civil Engineering Professor Jean-Daniel Saphores,
Professor Stanley Grant
Investigating Obstacles Towards Water Recycling and Reuse
Bryan J. Xie Biological Sciences Professor Jennifer Prescher Developing New Bioorthogonal Chemistries to Probe Immune Function
Daixi Xin Developmental & Cell Biology Professor Rahul Warrior Does BMP Signaling Regulate Transcription in the Drosophila Melanogaster Accessory Gland?
Kimberline Yang Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor Sheryl Tsai Discovering and Developing New Tuberculosis Therapeutics: Crystallizing AccA3/AccD4
Michael A. Yen Physics Professor Philip Collins Cleaning Processes and Evaluation of Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscope Tip
Maggie Young Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Bernard Choi Determination of Burn Depths Utilizing Multimodal Optical Imaging in a Preclinical Animal Model

Number of Proposals Submitted = 229
Number of Fellowships Awarded = 192
Number of Honorary Fellowships = 21

Total Funds Requested = $647,783
Total Funds Awarded = $284,300

For more information, please contact:

Said M. Shokair, Director
Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)
Student Services II, Suite 2300
Phone: 824-4189 e-mail:

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