About SURP

The Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) provides funding for UCI undergraduates from all disciplines who are conducting summer research projects or creative activities under the guidance of UCI faculty members. The program offers students the opportunity to become immersed in a research topic for a full-time ten-week period, or the equivalent of 400 hours.

Students can apply for funding by submitting a proposal during the SURP Call for Proposals in the Spring Quarter of each academic year. SURP is open to all non-graduating (must be a returning student) UCI undergraduates who are in good academic standing and who will have been involved in a faculty-mentored research project or creative activity for at least one quarter before the beginning of the Summer. Proposals should be prepared by the student applicant and jointly submitted by the student and a faculty member.

SURP Fellowships will be awarded on a competitive basis; the UROP Faculty Advisory Board reviews all proposals and makes funding recommendations. SURP Fellows are awarded a maximum $3,000 stipend in support of their time and efforts conducting a summer research project or creative activity. Requests can be for less than $3,000 if other funding sources are contributing to the student’s summer stipend. These funds are NOT intended to support such expenditures as the purchase of research-related materials and supplies, but students could use part of their stipends for such items. Requests for project-related supplies can be submitted in response to UROP’s Spring Call for Proposals. Students receiving adequate funding from departmental or other sources can submit an application for a SURP Honorary Fellowship.

Students who receive the SURP Fellowship can enroll in summer courses, upon receiving approval from their faculty mentors, as long as they meet the 400-hour minimum requirement of the fellowship. SURP is administered by the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) in the Division of Undergraduate Education.

Research Conduct

Students supported by UROP must adhere to UCI's research conduct rules dealing with health and environmental issues, research ethics, use of humans as experimental subjects, care of laboratory animals, as well as patents and copyrights.

Additional research conduct guidelines and appropriate forms are available at the following Web site: http://www.research.uci.edu/.

Library Benefits

Through the collaborative efforts of UROP and the UCI Library, SURP Fellows receive several library privileges to support their research or creative activity. These include:

  • Extended borrowing privileges of 90 days instead of 30 days
  • Access to the Nordstrom Honors Study Room (Main Library, Room 457) for quiet study (the key can be checked out at the loan desk)
  • Unlimited Interlibrary Loan to enhance access to other UC campus collections and to other libraries' collections worldwide

To contact a librarian for assistance on a particular research or creative project subject, visit: http://www.lib.uci.edu/about/contact/subject-librarians.html.

For more information on the UCI Libraries-UROP partnership and the other services that the UCI Library offers, visit: http://www.lib.uci.edu/about/projects/urop/undergraduate-research-opportunities-program.html.

2020 SURP Call for Proposals

Deadline: Monday, May 4, 2020

View Proposal Form Details

Proposal Writing Workshop: Tuesday, April 21, 2020
(3-5 p.m., Calit2 Auditorium)

Proposal Guidelines (PDF)

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