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E-SURP Fellows are expected to adhere to specific research and general conduct rules. Please click here to view the E-SURP Policy & Regulation Manual.

Congratulations to the following students for receiving an Edwards Lifesciences Summer Undergraduate Research Program (E-SURP) Fellowship in support of their faculty-mentored research projects.

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Grant Barnes Biomedical Engineering Professor Arash Kheradvar Devising the Transcatheter Delivery of Helix Cardia
Arian Cano Biomedical Engineering Professor Wendy Liu Development of in vitro Co-Culture Systems to Model Macrophage-Fibroblast Interactions in Various Environments
Brittanie Chu Biomedical Engineering Professor William Tang Energy Harvesting Pacemakers using Ferrofluids
Brandon Dehdashtian Biomedical Engineering Professor Arash Kheradvar Synchronizing Helix Cardia with a Pacemaker
Emil Lundqvist Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine Professor Anna Grosberg Analyzing Cellular Architecture and Contractile Forces using Gradual Angle Parquet Tiles
Adriana Rodriguez Biomedical Engineering Professor Anna Grosberg Investigating Fibroblastic Wound-Healing in Response to Local Injury
Mark Siemens Biomedical Engineering Professor Anna Grosberg Manufacturing Silicone Membranes for a Stretching Device to Determine the Effect of Strain on Cells with Lamin A/C Mutations
Zachary Siu Biomedical Engineering Professor William Tang Housing for Energy Harvester in Leadless Pacemaker
Junlin Wang Computer Science Professor Sabee Molloi Vessel Cross-Sectional Area Quantification using CT Angiography: Clinical Validation
Sabrina Wong Biomedical Engineering Professor Michelle Khine Wearable Sensors for Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring

Number of Proposals Submitted = 16
Number of Fellowships Awarded = 10
Number of Honorary Fellowships = 4

Total Funds Requested = $33,500
Total Funds Awarded = $20,000

For more information, please contact:

Ann M. Fain, Administrative Manager
The Edwards Lifesciences Center for Advanced Cardiovascular Technology
2400 Engineering Hall
Phone: (949) 824-0071 e-mail: cardio@uci.edu

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