Fall 2000 Grant Recipients - (A-F)


Student Name


Faculty Mentor

Project Title

Evelyn Aguilar Political Science Professor John Dombrink The Struggles that Latinos Face When Seeking Equal Representation from Attorneys and Court Systems
Esen Akici Psychology and Sociology Professor Caesar Sereseres The Role of Gen. McCaffrey and ONDCP in Organizing the U.S. Anti-Drug Strategy
Daniel Alfi Economics and Biological Sciences Professor Hans Keirstead Spinal Cord Injury Resource Base
Christopher Au Chemistry Professor Fillmore Freeman Reactions of Dicyanomethine Ylides and Dicyano-2-azaallyl Anions
Faried Banimahd Biological Sciences Professor Vincent Caiozzo Hindlimb Suspension and Limb Distraction: Distinguishing the Roles Atrophy and Stretch Play in Serial Sarcomerogenesis, in Rat Soleus Muscle
Erwin Bonilla Environmental Analysis & Design Professor Chenyang Jiang ASUCI Shuttle as a Viable Method for Alternative Transportation
Edward Buell Criminology, Law & Society Professor James Meeker The Orange County Gang Incident Tracking System: Measuring the Effect of Anti-Gang Programming in K-12 Schools in Orange County
Janet Cacho Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Barbara Dosher The Effects of Trait Anxiety on Various Aspects of Memory
Muzaffer M. Cakir Biological Sciences Professor Thomas Ma Overexpression of Z0-1 Constructs in Intestinal Epithelial Cells
Vladimir Carino Chemistry Professor Fillmore Freeman Synthesis of Potential Anti-Cancer Compounds
Naomi Carpenter Information & Computer Science Professor Wanda Pratt Tabular View Interface for Document Retrieval
Virginia Chan Environmental Analysis & Design Professor Sanjoy Mazumdar Geographies of Immigrant Youth: Religion and Identity in Public Space
Heena Chandra Biological Sciences Professor Vincent Caiozzo Tibial Distraction and Subsequent Lengthening Induces Set-Point Sarcomerogenesis in Rat Soleus Muscle
Willie Chen Music, English and Film Professor Bernard Gilmore Senior Composition Project
Kelly Chen Psychology Professor Charles Chubb Effects of Texture Similarity on Metacontrast Masking
Jennifer Cheung Criminology, Law & Society Professor Kitty Calavita Ending Welfare as We Know It
Kae Chiang Chemistry Professor Patrick Farmer Investigations of Oxochlorin-Reconstituted Hemeproteins
Erin Crouch Drama and Music Professor Myrona Delaney The Development of Women's Roles in American Musical Theatre
Ferial De Lumen Spanish Professor Juan Bruce-Novoa The Role of the Poor in Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere
Brenda Dempsey Mathematics Professor Alice Fahs American Heroes: Memory of World War II Through Film
Mary Do Sociology and Criminology, Law & Society Professor Samuel Gilmore East Meets West, West Makes East
Katie Do Chemistry Professor Fillmore Freeman Conformational Studies of 2-(2-Aryl)-1,3-dithianes
Khoi Doan Chemical Engineering Professors Richard D. Nelson and John LaRue MEMS Fluidic Device for Simulating Environmental Remediation
Michelle Drouse Environmental Analysis & Design Professor Sanjoy Mazumdar Religion, Identity, & Space in Immigrant Communities: Islam and Youth
Linh Duong Biological Sciences Professor James Fallon Temporal Sequence of Subventricular Zone Cell Proliferation in Responses to TGFa Administration in Adult Rat Forebrain in vivo
Pamina Elgueta English Literature and Spanish Literature Professor Victoria Silver The Tragic Contradiction: Irrational Deity; A Study in Ancient Greek Tragedy
Roberto Escobar Psychology Dr. Kathy Canul The Stresses Faced by Central American Immigrants
Nelson Eusebio Drama Professor Keith Fowler Theatrical Fusion: Coalescence in Performance
Steven Evans Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Professor Steve George Effects of Donor Characteristics on Cell Line Behavior and Morphology in the Wound Healing of the Respiratory Mucosa
Rachel Fitzhugh Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Alison Clarke-Stewart Advanced Theory of Mind in Five-Year-Olds