Fall 2000 Grant Recipients - (G-L)


Student Name

Major Faculty Mentor Project Title
Jasmin Garcia Biological Sciences Professor Jeffrey Kuo Potential Efficacy of Radiation Therapy on Heterotopic Ossification Prevention
Dina Giannikopoulos Environmental Analysis & Design Professor Daniel Stokols Spatial Proximity: Its Effects on Transdisciplinary Research
Angela Gomez Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Virginia Mann Bilingualism and Phoneme Awareness: Does Knowledge of Spanish Enhance Phoneme Awareness in English?
Rafael Gonzalez Biological Sciences Professor Hans Keirstead Does the Immune Response Elicited by Immunological Demyelination Contribute to the Regenerative Effect of Immunological Demyelination?
Jennifer Grinels Drama Professor Dennis Castellano Cultivation Cabaret
Jantje Groot Neurobiology Professor Linda Nelson Normalization of the MMPI-2 for Demographic Subgroups of Epileptic Patients
Phillip Gruber Physics Professor Roger McWilliams Laser Induced Fluorescence Measurements of Argon Plasma Ions in a Plasma Processing Source
Amalia Guerrero Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Ellen Greenberger Mexican Adolescents and Depressed Moods: A Within Culture Gender Comparison
Julie Gunderson Linguistics Professor Alice Fahs Laura Towne and Charlotte Forten: Missionary Teachers or Yankee Reformers?
Brooke Haueisen Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering Professor Scott Samuelsen Retrofit of an Absorption Chiller and Micro-Turbine Generator Co-Generation System
Lindsay Hendrickson Drama Professors Keith Fowler and Clifford Faulkner Ritual and Theatre
Nicole Hermanson Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Thomas Crawford Green Party Campaign Workers: A Study of Political and Social Attitudes and Actions
Jose Herrerias Psychology & Social Behavior Professor John Dombrink Immigrant Advocacy Organizations: Multiple Efforts to Keep Immigrant Communities from Collapsing
Brian Hill Chemical Engineering Professor Vasan Venugopalan Determination of Optical Absorption, Scattering, and Anistrophy Coefficients Using Photon Migration Methods
Brian Holloway Biological Sciences Professor James McGaugh The Effect of Corticotropin-Releasing Factor on Memory Consolidation in the Basolateral Amygdala
Maryam Horiyat Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor Andrea Giuffrida Evaluation of the Role of Endocannabinoid in Parkinson's Disease
Debbie Hsu Criminology, Law & Society Professor Sharon Stern The Connections Between Chinese American Political Participation and Levels of Acculturation
Michael Huynh International Studies Professor Patrick Morgan The Conflict Between Identity and Integration in French Security Policy
Edward Hyatt Sociology Professor Bernard McGrane Transformation of South African Unions
Mario Iobbi Biomedical Physics Professor David Reinkensmeyer Artificially Impaired Reaching Using a Tele-operated Robot
Derek Iwamoto Psychology Dr. Jeanett Castellanos A Test of Proximal-Distal Model
Amber Johnson Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Chuansheng Chen Need for Convergent and Divergent Thinking
Han Kang Biological Sciences and International Studies Professor Caesar Sereseres Social Disruption as a Primary Risk Factor for HIV Transmission and Infection among Migrant Haitian Laborers in the Dominican Republic
Tom Kuo-Ching Kao Biological Sciences Professor Timothy Osborne Dimerization Properties Influencing the Activation Potential of the SREBP Isoforms
Anita King Chemistry Professor Fillmore Freeman Reactions of Aminopropanedinitrile 4-methylbenzenesulfonate (AMNT) with Aromatic Aldehydes
Elizabeth Kirchner Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Roxane Cohen Silver Coping with Parental Depression: Children's Reports
Shyam Kumbhani Biological Sciences Professor Julie Patterson The Effects of Stimulus Intensity on P50 Measures of Sensory Gating
Phi Lam Biological Sciences Professor Laurence Mueller Foraging Behavior in Populations of Drosophila Selected for Accelerated Development
Dung Lam Chemistry Professor Fillmore Freeman The Reaction of Aliphatic Aldehydes with Aminopropanedinitrile 4-Methylbenzenesulfonate
Shokry Lawandy Biological Sciences Professor Hans Keirstead Characterization of MMP and TIMP Expression Following Spinal Cord Injury
Sora Lee Biological Sciences Professor John Krolewski Regulation of IFN Signaling
Szu-Hui Lee Psychology Professors Christine Lofgren and Barbara Dosher Effects of Task Labels on Performance Following Neutral and Failure Experiences
Edith-Nicole Lenz Drama Professor Cliff Faulkner The Holocaust in Film & Drama