Fall 2000 Grant Recipients - (M-S)


Student Name Major Faculty Mentor Project Title
Michelle Mach Environmental Analysis & Design Professor Kenneth Chew Do Mixed-Race People Change Their Racial Identities and Why? A Study of Multiracial College Students and Their Parents.
Trina Adelle Mendiola Psychology & Social Behavior and English Professor Alice Fahs Women Warriors: Discovering the Place of the Feminine Character in Filipino-American Literature of Today
Catherine Mescher Mechanical Engineering Professor Vasan Venugopalan Development of a System to Perform Optical Spectroscopy in Epithelial Tissues
Erene Mina Biological Sciences Professor Tallie Z. Baram Effects of Kainic Acid-Induced Seizures on Cell Proliferation in the Immature Rat Hippocampus
Adrienne Ng Environmental Analysis & Design Professor Scott Bollens Are Community Development Block Grant Funds Effectively Targeting Low and Moderate Income Populations in Orange County?
Phuong Ngo Chemistry Professor Fillmore Freeman The Computational Study of the Relative Energies of Oxides of Alkyl Disulfides
ThanhTruc Nguyen Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Professors Richard D. Nelson and John LaRue Development of a MEMS-based Dielectric Mirror
Ha Nguyen International Studies Professor Caesar Sereseres Fragmentation of Orange County Vietnamese-American Politics
Minh Nguyen Physical Sciences Professor Gary Richardson Antipathy Towards Asians in the Age of Exclusion
Jan Nguyen Psychology Dr. Jeanett Castellanos A Comparison of English and Vietnamese Translations of the MMPI
Gemi Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor James Fallon The Pattern of Lesioned-Induced Responses to TGFa Administration
Nicholas Nguyen Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering Professor David Reinkensmeyer A Robotic Walking Assistant for Spinal-Transected Rats
Khanh Nguyen Chemistry Professor Fillmore Freeman The Reaction of Aminomalononitrile-p-toluenesulfonate (AMNT) with Cyanobenzaldehydes
Phuong Nguyen Biological Sciences Professor Laurence Mueller Foraging Behavior in Populations of Drosophila Selected for Ammonia and Urea Resistance
Emily Oh Information & Computer Science Professor Andriaan "Andre" van der Hoek Software Sim City
Veronica Orozco Psychology & Social Behavior Dr. Jeanett Castellanos MMPI and Latinos: Examining the Validity of the Hypochondriasis Scale
Cinthia Otero Social Science Professor Caesar Sereseres Hondurans: The Study of an Invisible Population in Southern California
Vahagn Ovasapyan Biological Sciences Professor Arnold Starr Brain Activity and Movement Preparation
Sally, Hsia-Ying Pai Criminology, Law & Society Professor Henry Pontell International Financial Fraud
Kirk Pak Neurobiology Professor Sue Duckles Effect of Estrogen on Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase (nNOS)
Nidhi Pandhoh Biological Sciences Professor Brian Wong Proliferation of Chondrocytes Following Laser Irradiation
Arush Patel Neurobiology and Economics Professor Ranjan Gupta Optimization of Schwann Cell Adhesion for Peripheral Nerve Inquiry
Rigoberto Paz Spanish and Linguistics Professor Jill Robbins Spanish Civil War Research Project
Evelyn Perez Social Science Professor Caesar Sereseres Academic Achievement: A Case Study of Latino Immigrant Scholars
Yannelly Perez Applied Ecology Professor Thomas Ma Delineation of the Interation Between Actin and Tight Junction Proteins in In-vitro Intestinal Epithelium
Khoi Phan Physics Professors Richard D. Nelson and John LaRue High Aspect Ratio Micromachining
Tran Phan Biological Sciences and Sociology Professor Donald Forthal The Role of Antibodies in Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection
Stephen Phan Biological Sciences Professor Julie Patterson Effects of Aging on Sensory Gating in Schizophrenia
Liliana Preciado Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Larry Jamner Violence as a Mediator for Smoking Among Adolescents
Elizabeth Price English Professor Jane Newman Reactions to Memorials of Stigmatized Wars
Jessica Raczka History Professor Lynn Mally Lenin and Stalin: The Transformation of the Cult of the Leader in Russia
Monica Ralli Biological Sciences and Chemistry Professor Murray Korc Inhibition of TGF-ß Mediated Pancreatic Cancer Cell Growth
Jessica Rickert Neurobiology and History Professor Ron Frostig The Effects of Enrichment on Adult Cortical Plasticity in Normal Rats
Rocio Rosales Psychology Professor Michael Scavio Underutilization of Mental Health Care Services Among Mexican Americans
Cheryl Samson Sociology & Social Science Professor Samuel Gilmore An Analysis of Filipina American Spoken Word Artists in Los Angeles and Their Impact on Social Change
Ivan Santos Biological Sciences and International Studies Professor Martin Smith Effects of Chronic Nicotine Exposure on n-AChR Expression of Mouse Cortical Neurons
Regina Shoppe Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Carol Whalen Daily Lives of Depressed Adolescents
Reshmi Sinha Biologogical Sciences Professor Michael Cumsky Characterization of the Essential Gene, YJL104w, in Sacchromyces cerevisias
Rakhi Sinha Biological Sciences and Anthropology Professor Agnes Henschen-Edman Glucose Modification of the Fibrinogen Structure
Ryan Stafford Biological Sciences and Chemistry Professor Gregory Weiss Anthrax Lethal Factor Inhibition and Binding by a Peptide Derived from Phage Display
Lisa Sutton English Professor Loraine Reed Going Local: Understanding Contemporary Southern California Literature
Santosh Swamidass Computer Engineering Professor Andrei Shkel MEMS Micro-Mirrors: From Design to Experimental Characterization