Fall 2000 Grant Recipients - (T-Z)


Student Name Major Faculty Mentor Project Title
Pany Tehrani Biological Sciences Professor Linda Nelson Emotional Functioning in Epilepsy
Erin Thomas Psychology & Social Behavior Professor Wendy Goldberg Early Social Communication Skills in Siblings of Children with Autism
Tracy Tran Chemistry Professor Fillmore Freeman A Computational Study of the Ring Reversal of Axial and Equatorial Selenoxides
Kim Tran Biological Sciences Professor Tallie Baram Hippocampal GR-mRNA levels in the Immature Rate are Modulated Primarily by Sensory Maternal Derived Signals
Diep Tran International Studies Professor Caesar Sereseres Vietnamese Americans: Protest and Minority Politics
Clifford Tse Applied Ecology Professor Chenyang Jiang Comparison of the Level of Fecal Bacteria Contamination in Rivers and Creeks in Southern California During Wet and Dry Seasons
Pak To Nick Tse Electrical Engineering Professor Roland Schinzinger Electric Vehicle Research
Porino Va Chemistry Professor David Van Vranken Synthesis of a Dityrosine-Linked Protein G Peptide Dimer
Tina Vacharkulksemsuk Political Science Professor James Danziger The Social and Economic Effects of UCI on the University Marketplace
Danielle Wallace Psychology & Social Behavior Professor David Dooley Police Attitudes Towards Individuals of Higher Social Status
Jennifer Walsh Social Ecology Professor Sharon Stern Reclaimed Water: What will the Landscape Look Like?
Ryan White Drama Professor Keith Fowler Applications of Collaborative Theater
Amy Siu-Ting Wong Chemistry Professor Fillmore Freeman Synthesis of Alkyl(2Z,5E)-6(Aryl)-4,4-Dicyao-5-Aza-2,5-Hexadienoates [(1E,4Z)-2-Aza-1,4-Pentadienes)]
Deborah Yang Political Science Professor Caesar Sereseres The Impact of George Mitchell's Role in the Northern Ireland Peace Process
Oscar Young Biological Sciences Professor James Belluzzi Acquisition of Nicotine Self-Administration in Adolescent and Adult Rats
Shahin Yousef Biological Sciences Professor Michael Rose Viability of Late-Life Offspring
Catherine Chai-Ni Yu Environmental Analysis & Design and Studio Art Professor Sanjoy Mazumdar The Yami Culture Conception of House
Tien-Ying Yuan Electrical Engineering Professors Richard D. Nelson and John LaRue Development of a Method for Removal of High Aspect Ratio Sacrificial Layers