Fall 2001 Grant Recipients - (A-F)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Matthew Adams


Professor Bernard Tranel

Optimality Theoretic Approaches to Phonological Change in German

Marisa Agama

Criminology, Law & Society/ Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Jodi Quas

Perceptions of Alleged Child Victims and Child Suspects During a Criminal Interrogation

Jody Agius


Professor Wang Feng

Inter-Ethnic Relations in Urban Ethnic Enclaves

Shahla Ali

Chemistry/ Physics

Professor Michael Dennin

Random Sequential Adsorption

Iam-Paulo Alvarado


Professor Ramesh Srinivasan

Measurement of Contrast Threshold for Visual Awareness During Binocular Rivalry

Allen Andres

Biological Sciences

Professor Ann Sakai

Heritabilities and Genetic Correlation of Biomass Allocation in Schiedea salicaria (Caryophyllaceae)

Leticia Ayala


Professor Keith Woerpel

Nucleophilic Substitution of Tetrahydropyran Oxocarbenium Ions

Edward Bacha

Political Science

Professor Katherine Tate

The Implication of JAZZ in Black Insurgency

Alexander Baker

Information & Computer Science

Professor Adriaan Van der Hoek


Holly Barajas

Criminology, Law & Society/ Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Susan Charles

Lack of Sleep, Mood and Activity

David Bear


Professor Ranjan Gupta

The Effect of Shear Stress on Schwann Cell Phenotype

Wendy Beattie

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Peter Ditto

Perceptions of "Morphed" Pictures

Nolina Beauchamp

Criminology, Law & Society/ English

Professor Richard Leo

Miscarriages of Justice

Guadalupe Bendz


Professor Juan Bruce-Novoa

The Discourse of Mexican Women Authors, Conflicting Relationship Within a Patriarchy

Blossom Benedict

Drama/ Music

Professor Myrona DeLaney

New York Satellite Teaching Observations

Armen Boghosian

Biological Sciences

Professor Petra Wilder-Smith

Early Detection of Oral Dysplasia and Malignancy Using Hypercin Induced Flourescence Exposure

Marla Bracken

History/ Information &
Computer Science

Professor Alice Fahs

Winning the Peace: Southern Influence on the National Memory of the Civil War

Devon Brover

Studio Art/ Digtal Art

Professor Daniel Martinez


ToTam "Tami" Bui

Political Science

Professor Mark Petracca

The Politics of Implementation by the U.S. INS: A Case Study of the Immigration Reforms of 1996

Tammy Chambers

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor George Tita

The Effects of Gang Truces and Civil Gang Injunctions on Homicide Rates

Sirintra Charoenbanpachon

Biological Sciences

Professor Petra Wilder-Smith

Early Cancer Detection Using In Vivo Fluorescence: An Alternative to Surgical Biopsy

Anjali Chaudhary

Political Science

Professor Caesar Sereseres

U.S. and India Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Relations

Jennifer Cheung

Biological Sciences

Professor Katumi Sumikawa

Identifying Interferon Inducible Genes in a Rat Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Ming Chou

Biological Sciences

Professor J. Patrick Kesslak

Exercise Paradigms and Their Relationship to BDNF Regulation in the Rat Brain

Danny Chung


Professor Daphne Lei


Jonathon Cooke

Biological Sciences

Professor David Imagawa

Inhibition of T-cell Activation by Antisense Rho GTPase

Lilian Coral

Drama/ International Studies

Professor Alison Brysk

Cold War Tactics, Drug War Practices

Caroline Crosa di Vergagni

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor Joseph DiMento

Crime and the Justice System Response in the Ligurian Feudal States in 1600 and 1700

Trien Dang

Biological Sciences

Professor Sabee Molloi

3-D Construction of the Coronary Venous Tree

Robin De Lano


Professor Dennis Castellano

Cabaret Show

Christopher DeCoro

Information & Computer Science

Professor Renato Pajarola

FastMesh: Efficient View-Dependent Mesh Simplification

Kellie Dunn


Professor Madeline Kozlowski

The Fashion and Function of Hats and Headdresses in the 19th Century

Long Duong

Film Studies/ Studio Art

Professor Randy Rutsky

Machine / Human Dynamics in a Utopian Frontier

Kwitka Durana

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Edward DeMet

Gustatory Threshold Test

Eric Dye

Political Science/ Sociology

Professor Pamela Kelley

Establishing a Legal Definition for Sex

Parissa Ebrahimzadeh

Comparative Literature/ Philosophy

Professor Beheroze Shroff

Female Gender Construction: A Critical Philosophical Examination Focusing on Women in the Middle East

Juan Enriquez

History/ Social Science

Professor Judith Stepan-Norris

What Effects do Fatigue Have on Truck Drivers?

Roberto Escobar


Professor Kathleen Canul

The Stresses Faced by Central American Immigrants

Steven Taylor Evans

Chemical Engineering/ Chemistry

Professor Steven George

Engineering a Cylindrical Airway Tissue and Minute Pressure Detecting Apparatus

Margaret Faoro

Environmental Analysis & Design

Professor Richard Matthew

An Analysis of Efficient Dormitory Design: A Comparison Between UC Irvine and Northland College

Delia Franco

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor Avrum Turk

Attorney Ethics

Cheryse Furman

Biological Sciences/ Chemistry

Professor Ann Sakai

Changes in Photosynthetic Traits with Evolution of Separate Sexes