Fall 2001 Grant Recipients - (M-S)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Anabel Martinez

Biological Sciences

Professor Diana Krause

The Presence of Estrogen Receptors in Cerebral Vessels

Michelle Mathis

Chemistry/ Political Science

Professor Fillmore Freeman

An Experimental and Conformational Study of 1,3 Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Azomenthine Ylides and 2-Azaallyl Anions

Rick Mbiad

History/ Political Science

Professor Cecelia Lynch

International Educational Exchange: The Historic Challenges & Future Implications in an Era of Globalization

Wendy McIntosh

Environmental Analysis & Design

Professor Sharon Stern

Issues of Disturbance Affecting the Western Snowy Plover and Suggestions for Remediation

Mariana Mello

Social Ecology

Professor Joseph DiMento

An Analysis of Tools for Compliance of International Deforestation Law in Developing Countries

Ayesha Mian

Biological Sciences

Professor Ghassan Kassab

Compliance of Coronary Arteries Under Negative Transmural Pressures

Daisy Mo

Social Science

Professor Michael Scavio

Parachute Kids and Their Impact on Family Structure

Arash Nafissi

Biological Sciences

Edward Wong

Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)

Kieu Ngoc Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Laurence Mueller

The Metabolic Rates of AX and AUC Populations

Ha Nguyen

International Studies/ Music

Professor Caesar Sereseres

The Impact of Vietnamese-Americans on U.S. - Vietnam Relations

Cindy Oparah

Biological Sciences

Professor David Gardiner

The Effects of Nonylphenol on Embryogenesis and Hind Limb Development of Xenopus Laevis

Vahagn Ovasapyan


Professor Arnold Starr

Cognitive and Neurophysical Changes in the Negative Slow Potential with Aging

Joseph Park


Professor Michael Burton

Habitat Utilization and Activity Budgeting in Captive Ring-Tailed Lemurs (Lemur Catta)

Ian Penaflorida

Biological Sciences

Professor Ralph Purdy

Protein Determination and Functional Assays of Src in Rat Abdominal Aorta

George Peng

Electrical Engineering

Professor Chin Lee

Thermal Analysis of HFET Devices

Justin Penner

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Jutta Heckhausen

Management of the Transition to College by Transfer Students

Stephen Penner


Professor Stephen Tucker

Collaborative Classical Music and Dance

Cosme Perez


Professor Philip Cohen

Latinas "Without Papers" in California: Important Contributors or Social Burdens to Our System?

Alex Peterson

English/ Political Science

Professor Pamela Kelley

Freedom of Speech and Association in American School Law (K-12)

Tran Phan

Biological Sciences/ Sociology

Professor Donald Forthal

Mechanisms of Antibody-Mediated Immunity in Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection

Serafina Raskin

Political Science

Professor Cecelia Lynch

The Grameen Bank: For Better or Worse?

Rocio Rosales


Professor Virginia Mann and Dr. Jeanett Castellanos

The Role of Family Support on Latinos' Academic Persistence

Eduardo Ruiz


Professor Linda Georgianna

Sir Orfeo: Movement and Status; Spirituality and Physicality

Glen Sato


Professor Wang Feng

Rave/Club Culture: A Resurrection of the Hippies?

Dina Seif


Professor Marquis Vawter

Quantitative RT-PCR Study of Gene Expression in Patients with Schizophrenia

Shawna Shaw

Political Science

Professor Mark Petracca

Charitable Choice: A Case Study

Amy Shively

Political Science

Professor Mark Petracca

A Study of Child Soldiering as an Effect of Colonial Rule, Anti-Colonization Movements and Subsequent Decolonization

Joseph Shumate

Dance/ Drama

Professor Myrona DeLaney

New York Satellite

Marie-Claire Siddall


Professor Sue Trumbore

Global Climate Change Effects on Carbon-Cycling: Radiocarbon Analysis of Soil Samples from the Alaskan North Slope

Cynthia Simonian


Professors Robert W. Newsom and Bernard Gilmore

Benjamin Britten's Use of Music as Interpretation of Text in the Opera The Turn of the Screw

Sarika Singhal

Political Science/ Sociology

Professor Wang Feng

With Respect to the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, How Do People Cope with Racism?

Stephan Siptroth

Political Science

Professor Martin Wattenberg

The Faithful and Prudent Steward: The Catholic Priest in Politics and Democracy

Burt Slusher

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Robert Wheeler

Effective Advertising to Promote Anti-Smoking

Christopher Smith


Professor Keith Fowler

Questioning Nature Versus Nurture in an Undergraduate Drama Workshop

Joo-Yon Julia Song

Biological Sciences

Professor Ellena Peterson

Intestinal Carriage of Chlamydia pneumonia

Stephanie Soong


Professor Jane Newman

A Glimpse Into the Boudoir: An Analysis of Cosmetic History in the Late 18th Century France and 20th Century America

Jonathan Stefano-Moore


Professor Tammy Smecker-Hane

NGST Camera Simulations

Jennifer Strelecki

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Ellen Greenberger

Project of Adolescent Development

Paul Suhr


Professor Bernard McGrane

Social-Psychological Factors that Contribute to the Prevalence of Sexual Assault within the Greek System