Fall 2001 Grant Recipients - (T-Z)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Rachna Tiwari

Biological Sciences

Professor Adam Summers

Amphibia Web - A Computer Database of Amphibian Diversity

Sueann Tran

Criminology, Law & Society/ Economics

Professor Valerie Jenness

An Examination of the Correlates that Influence Liberal or Conservative Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors

Sandra Uribe


Professor Vicki Ruiz

School Desegregation in Orange County: Mendez v. Westminister

Victoria Wilson

English/ Political Science

Professor Katherine Tate

Campaigns and Elections

Christopher Wolfe

Drama/ English

Professor Cliff Faulkner

The September 11th Documentary Project

Elizabeth Yanni

Biological Sciences/ Comparative Literature

Professor Arthur Grant

Tactile Perception in Skilled Piano Players

Yuichi Yokoyama

Biological Sciences

Professor Vincent Caiozzo

Skeletal Muscle Plasticity in Hibernating Ground Squirrels: Parallels to Disuse Atrophy