Fall 2002 Grant Recipients - (G-L)


Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Margie Gabriel

Biological Sciences/ Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Arthur Grant

Tactile and Auditory Perception in Piano Players

Nanna Gabrielsen

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor George Tita

Gang Related Homicides in Southeast Los Angeles

Christina Gagnier

Political Science

Professor Sherilyn Kay Sellgren

Eldred v. Ashcroft: A Constitutional Crisis on the Brink of the Digital Revolution

Akash Garg

Information & Computer Science

Professor Andre Van der Hoek


Nareg Gharibjanian

Biological Sciences

Professor Jay Calvert

Bioactivity of Polymer-Bound BMP-2 on MC3T3-E1 Cells

Matilde Gonzalez

Anthropology/ Biological Sciences

Professor Ulrike Luderer

Effects of Glutathione (GSH) Depletion on Apoptosis in Human Granulosa Cell Line (COV434)

Ilja Goushcha


Professor Andrei Shkel

Assembly, Micro-Scale Manipulation, and Physical Characterization of MOEMS

Aisa Green


Professor Virginia Mann

Phonological Awareness and Letter Knowledge of Young Children

Emily Griffin

Applied Ecology

Professor Arthur Weis

Stabilizing Natural Selection in Populations of Brassica rapa Adapted to Different Wet Season Lengths

Mary Griffith


Professor Michael Dennin

Pattern Transition in the Liquid Crystal N4

Edoardo Maria Guiotto

Electrical Engineering

Professor Keyue Smedley

Inverters for Photovoltaic Power Generation

Danielle Gust

Social Science

Professor Michael Scavio

Achievement Level Tracking and its Effect on Teaching Styles of Teachers and Student's Attitudes

Miklos Guttman


Professor James Nowick

Beta Sheet Binding Studies Using 1H-15N-HSQC NMR

Janine Highiet

International Studies

Professor Caesar Sereseres and
Dr. Lina H. Kreidie

Hearing Their Voices: Women and Politics

Thanh Hoang

Social Science

Professor Michael Scavio

The Attitudes of UCI Seniors Toward Donating Money to the University After Graduating

Martin Hosking

Biological Sciences

Professor Thomas Lane

The Role of the Non-ELR Chemokines CXCL9 and CXCL 10 and Their Receptor CXCR3 in a Murine Model of Multiple Sclerosis

Sai Hou


Professor John Liu

Chinese Diaspora in the United States Project

Lindsay Huber

Chicano/Latino Studies/ Political Science

Professor Caesar Sereseres

Opening Doors to Higher Education: An Analysis of Title IV of the Higher Education Act Through the Implementation of TRIO Programs

Julia Hughes


Professor Bob Boross

Hip Hop and its Roots

Lili Huynh

Political Science/ Sociology

Professor Samuel Gilmore

Interracial Dating Relationships Among Asian Americans

Jee Hwang


Professor Fillmore Freeman

Experimental and Computational Study of Silathiacyclohexanes and Their S-Functional Derivatives

Goldwyn Jequinto

Biological Sciences

Professor Petra Wilder-Smith

Optical Sensor for Non-Invasive Photodynamic Detection of Oral Cancer

James Jordan

Economics/ International Studies

Professor Caesar Sereseres

Multi-National Corporations and Their Role in the Privatization of Eastern Europe

Golam Kabir

Electrical Engineering

Professor Richard Nelson

Fabrication of Nanochannels With E-Beam Lithography

Jenna Kantor

Dance/ Drama

Professor Myrona Delaney

Jenna's Vegas-Style Show

Christina Kim

Anthropology/ Sociology

Professor Liisa Malkki

South Korean Nationalism

Maya Kinatukara

Political Science

Professor Claire Kim

Female Leadership and Activism in the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements

Jeffrey Klug


Professor Herbert Hopster

Temperature Dependant Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect in Ultra-Thin Fe/Cr/MgO Epitaxial Films

Kristine Kolkman


Professor Thomas Carew

Effect of Dopamine on Sensorimotor Synapses in Aplysia californica

Jeffrey Konshak

Information & Computer Science

Professor Cristina Lopes

Musical Computer Keyboard

Taline Kotchounian

Biological Sciences

Professor Gregory Evans

Assessment of Dental Implant Stability-Periometer Testing With Histological Correlation

Zhanna Kovaleva

Biological Sciences

Professor Murray Korc

Effects of Transfected Smad4 in the BXPC3 Cell Lines

Robert Krupica

International Studies

Professor Caesar Sereseres and
Dr. Bojan M. Petrovic

The Changing Role of NATO: Perceptions of the Trans-Atlantic Relationship in the Wake of 9/11

Kanika Kumar

International Studies

Professor Alison Brysk

South Asia's Nuclear Policy: The India-Pakistan Conflict

Allen Kuo

International Studies

Professor Feng Wang

Taiwanese-American Influence on U.S.-China Foreign Policy

Anders Larsson

European Studies

Professor Douglas White

The Question of the Neglect of Sami Culture and Life Ways Within the Context of History and Cultural Studies in Swedish Public Education

Wing Shuen Law

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Jutta Heckhausen

The Use of Control Strategies in High School Students

Kevin Lee

Computer Engineering

Professor Scott Jordan

Pricing and Differentiated Services in Internet and ATM

Daniel Lee

International Studies

Professor Dorothy Solinger

A Tale of Two Tibets

Daniel Lee

Biological Sciences

Professor Sunny Jiang

Comparison of Water Quality in Two Urban Rivers in Southern California: The L.A. and San Gabriel Rivers

Francisco LePort


Professor Henry Sobel

Calibration of 1kt Tank

Wen-Hao Leu


Professor Scott Rychnovsky

Achieving Spiroannulation by Reductive Alkylation of Nitrile in 4-Cyanocyclohexane

Xiong Lin

Electrical Engineering

Professor Peter Burke

Directed Growth of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Carlos Linares

Biological Sciences

Professor Ghassan Kassab

A New Technique to Denude Arterial Endothelium

Sophia Liu

Social Science

Professor Michael Scavio

An Investigative Study on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Instant Messaging

John Liu

Computer Engineering

Professor Stuart Kleinfelder

Counter-Terrorism Smart Badge

Nina Ly

Biological Sciences

Professor Donald Forthal

Characterization of Unique Antibody Against Breast Cancer in Multiparous Women

Lisa Ly


Professor Samuel Gilmore

The Relationship Between Ethnic Community and Ethnic Identity Among Vietnamese-American College Students