Fall 2002 Grant Recipients - (T-Z)


Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Masooma Tamim


Professor Kenneth Shea

Synthesis of Functional Monomers in Developing a Sensor for Brevetoxin

Patrick Theofanis

Biological Sciences

Professor Andrea Tenner

The Influence of Background Genes on Alzheimer's Pathology in Murine Models

Heidi Thielmann

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor Cheryl Maxson

Burglary in Boyle Heights: A Routine Activities Approach

Rachna Tiwari

Biological Sciences

Professor Peter Kaiser

Genetic and Biochemical Analysis of the Transcription Factor Met4

Danielle Todaro

Biological Sciences

Professor Curt Sandman

Self-Injurious Behavior: Is There a Link Between Psychiatric Diagnosis and SIB?

Maria Tokuyama

Biological Sciences

Professor Donald Forthal

HIV Research

Exequiel Tostado


Professor Stanley Tyler

Development of a Device for the Preconcentration of Methane Gas in Whole Air

Debbie Tran

International Studies/ Political Science

Professor John Liu

Chinese Diaspora in the United States

Selah Victor


Professor Dennis Castellano

The Evolution of the American Musical

Mark Villamor

Electrical Engineering

Professors John C. LaRue and Richard D. Nelson

MEMS Microchannel Which can be Applied to the Separation of Biological Cells

Jouko Virtanen


Professor Vartkess Apkarian

Spectroscopy and Predissociation of Iodine Under High Pressure

Nola Wanta

Anthropology/ Social Science

Professor Jeanett Castellanos

Urban American Indian Elders: A Needs Assessment Study on Culture, Health, and Social Well Being

Steven Warkentin


Professor Myrona Delaney

The Metamorphosis of the Homosexual Character in Theatre

Roger Whitenhill


Professor Caesar Sereseres

Educational Flight of African American College Males

Bonnie Wickeraad


Professor Myrona Delaney

The Real Story: A Guide to Being an Actor in New York

Joseph Wnorowski

International Studies

Professor Caesar Sereseres

"For Your Freedom and Ours": A Look at the Polish American Community's Role in the Accession of Poland into NATO

Jackie Woo

Political Science

Professor Pamela Kelley

An Analysis of the Constitutionality of Single-Sex Schools

Ryan Wright

Biological Sciences

Professor Brian Wong

Inducing Viable Cartilage Reshaping in Porcine Septum Using Nd:Yag Laser

Yifan Yang


Professor Thomas Carew

Identification of Ca2+/ Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II in Aplysia californica

Vijaya Yelisetty

Biological Sciences

Professor Bogi Andersen

Transcriptional Networks in Cervical Cancer

Jasmine Yep


Professor Daphne Lei

Expressions of Asian Americans: A Look at a Changing Perspective Through Theater, Dance and Music

Christine Yocius-Escalona

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Jodi Quas

Coping Strategies, Reactivity, and Behavior Problems in Early Childhood

Rosa Zavala

Political Science

Professor Louis DeSipio

Latino Political Participation