Fall 2003 Grant Recipients - (M-S)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Mauricio Mairena


Professor David Snow

Differences in Drug Treatment Compliance Among First and Second Generation Mexican Americans in Southern California

Christiaan P. Manno

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Elizabeth F. Loftus

Level of Encoding and False Memory Typicality

Keh-Chin Mao

Electrical Engineering/ Physics

Professor Peter Burke

Controlled Electro-Chemical Fabrication of Nanometer Size Gaps

Svyatoslav Marchenko

Chemistry/ Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor James S. Nowick

Synthesis of an iota-Type Amino Acid and Structural Studies of iota- Peptides

Alexander P. Marshall

Biomedical Engineering/ Information & Computer Science

Professor Mark Bachman
Professor Guann-Pyng Li

High-Throughput Low-Volume Protein Crystallization Screening

Trevor A. Martinez

Earth & Environmental Sciences

Professor Jin-Yi Yu

El Nino's Impacts on the Location and Intensity of Pacific Storm Tracks

Carolina Martinez

International Studies

Professor Teresa Caldeira

Discrimination of Blacks in Higher Education and Alternative Education in Brazil

Daisy Martinon

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Agnes Henschen-Edman

Identifying and Testing the Functional Relevance of Phosphate Groups in Fibrinogen of Horse and Sheep

Kevin T. Marx

Biological Sciences

Professor Diana N. Krause

Activation of PI-3/Akt Pathway by Estrogen and Testosterone in Male Cerebral Blood Vessels

Federico Mazzini


Professor Sarah Farmer

Soldiers' Society and Sociality During First World War: Flight and Change

Melissa E. Mecija

Political Science/ Psychology

Professor Louis Desipio

California Public Policy Concerning Bilingual Education in Grades K-12

Vivek Mehta

Biological Sciences

Professor Sastry Gollapudi

Dioxin and Host Susceptibility to Infection

Haik Mkhikian

Biological Sciences/ Philosophy

Professor Philip M. Carpenter

The Role of E-cadherin in Breast Cancer and Normal Tissue Interactions

Nathan R. Montgomery


Professor Gary Richardson

The Underlying and Overt Causes of Bank Failures in Depression Era Illinois.

Masato O. Muso

Political Science/ Sociology

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Campaigning in Cyberspace and Political Participation: A Qualitative and Quantitative Study

Kiminori Nakamura

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor George E. Tita

Victimization Patterns in Los Angeles: Who is at High Risk of Gang Violence and Where Does It Occur?

Tiffany G. Ng

Biological Sciences

Professor Ann K. Sakai
Professor Stephen G. Weller

Heritability and Genetic Correlations of Biomass Allocation in Schiedea salicaria in Response to Artificial Selection

Trung C. Ngo

Information & Computer Science

Professor Cristina V. Lopes

AML - Aspect Markup Language: A Markup Language for Aspect Oriented Programming

Hong-Phuc D. Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Christine M. Gall

Integrin Involvement in Long-Term Potentiation

Linda T. Nguyen


Professor James L. McGaugh

The Interaction of Dopamine with Noradrenergic and Cholinergic Neurotransmitter Systems in the Basolateral Amygdala During Memory Consolidation

Sarah J. Obana

Criminology, Law & Society/ English

Professor Mary V. Basolo

Shifting Social Responsibilities: The Case of Motel Living in North Orange County

Mary T. O'Callaghan

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Karen Rook

Older Adults Vulnerability to Negative Social Exchanges

Judson R. Ostle

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor JoAnn Prause

Correlates of Driving under the Influence of Alcohol in Adolescence: A Secondary Data Analysis of 1992 National Health Interview Survey Youth Risk Behavior Supplement

Mitra K. Pai


Professor Gary Richardson

New York Bank Policies and Immigration During the Great Depression

Delaram Pakzamir

Biological Sciences

Professor David M. Gardiner

The Effects of Chemical Pollutants in Limb Development of Xenopus laevis

Michelle S. Palmer

Chemical Engineering

Professor Daniel Mumm

Analysis of the Performance of Novel Truss Lattice Structures

Rajiv V. Patel

Information & Computer Science

Professor Tatsuya Suda

Options for Secure Connections in the Internet

Laura V. Peralta

Sociology/ Political Science

Professor Leo R. Chavez

Undocumented Latinos in Higher Education: Barriers and Strategies

Beth L. Pineles

Chemistry/ Biological Sciences

Professor Curt A. Sandman

Response of Infants in the NICU to a Repeated Painful Stressor

Samantha Pio

Political Science

Professor Louis Desipio

Policy Changes Regarding Mexican American Hometown Associations' Influence Towards Mexico

Cynthia Posada-Tugade


Professor Ana P. Ferreira

Claims to Heritage

Jose Q. Puell

Economics/ International Studies

Professor Michael L. Burton

Economic Recovery in the Henequen zone

James W. Quach

Biological Sciences

Professor Vincent Caiozzo

The Role of Satellite Cells During Longitudinal Growth of Skeletal Muscle

Nic John F. Ramos

Political Science/ Asian American Studies

Professor Katherine Tate

Multiculturalism and Student Organizations

Diana C. Rave

Biological Sciences/ Spanish Literature

Professor Michael Mulligan

Detection of a Cytidine Deaminase-Like Protein in Mitochondrial and Chloroplast Editing Sites

Pooja P. Reddy


Professor Scott D. Brown

Decision Making Processes in Dynamic Environments

Jana C. Remy

English/ History, Biology

Professor Alice Fahs

Martha Hughes Cannon: An Example of a New Womanhood in Utah

Rosa M. Rendon

International Studies/ Sociology

Professor Caesar Sereseres

The Reasons Behind Chiapas Migrants Towards the North Area of Tecate

Rachel D. Ridnor


Professor Belinda Robnett

Determinants of Dating Attitudes: A Case Study of Being Christian and Coming from a Divorced Family

Tannia G. Robles

Sociology/ Chicano/Latino studies

Doctor Jeanett Castellanos

The Influence of Religion, Spirituality, and Religiosity on Latina Undergraduate Coping Mechanisms

Edson Rodriguez

Sociology/ Anthropology

Professor Sam Gilmore

Cultural Capital And School Success in Junior High School

EvaMarie Rodriguez


Professor Alice Fahs

Baseball Cards and Masculinity

Jose V. Romero-Mariona

Information & Computer Science

Professor Debra J. Richardson

Formal Specifications Based Testing

Margaret L. Rottman-Hipps


Professor Myrona L. Delaney

Becoming A Broadway Idol How A Small Town California Girl Can Transform Into A Broadway Star?

Sepideh Saber


Professor Michael Leon

Activity Patterns in the Rat Olfactory Bulb in Response to Straight-Chain Aliphatic Odorants Differing in Carbon Number

Nancy E. Sanchez

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Public & Community Service

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Remittances from the United States to Mexico

Gabriel Santana

History/ International Studies

Professor Carolyn P. Boyd

The German Right-Wing Exploitation of the War-Guilt Clause

Ani Sarkissian

Biological Sciences

Professor Petra Wilder-Smith

A Novel Multi-Modality Non-Invasive Approach to Oral Malignancy

Saro Saroyan

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Timothy F. Osborne

Thyroid Hormone Directly Regulates Cholesterol 7-alpha-Hydroxylase (CYP7A) by binding to the CYP7A Promoter

Jeffrey A. Sawyer

Electrical Engineering/ Computer Engineering

Professor John C. LaRue
Professor Richard Nelson

Design and Development of a Data Acquisition Interface

Jason H. Schultz


Professor Jon Wiener

Freeway Opposition in Los Angeles: A Case Study of Route 2

Mariam Seddiqi

Biological Sciences

Professor Diana N. Krause

The Modulation of Inflammation by Gonadal Steroids in the Cerebral Vasculature

Vasant S. Sharma

Environmental Analysis & Design

Professor Sanjoy Mazumdar

The Vastu Shastra: An Intersection of Metaphysics and Design

Tian H. Shi

Electrical Engineering

Professor John C. LaRue
Professor Richard Nelson

System Architecture for a Data Acquisition System

Farhan Simjee

Electrical Engineering/ Computer Engineering

Professor Pai Chou

Reconfigurable Battery System for Power Management in Mobile Applications

Sonya S. Singh

Biological Sciences

Professor Fan-Gang Zeng

Melody Recognition as a Function of Electrode Number in Cochlear Implant Users

Kristina L. Smith

Information & Computer Science

Professor Tatsuya Suda

Methods for Improving Energy-Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks

Sondhaya Sritongsook


Professor Mei Zhan

Cultural Perceptions of Breast Cancer Among Vietnamese Women

Kathryn Sundell


Professor Charles Wheeler

The Lost Stories of the Vietnam War