Fall 2003 Grant Recipients - (T-Z)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Vaya W. Tanamai

Biomedical Engineering/ Biological Sciences

Professor Bruce J. Tromberg

Monitoring the Effectiveness of Chemotherapy using Photon Migration Spectroscopy

Irene S. Tang

Social Ecology

Professor Marlon Boarnet

UCI Commuting Behavior

Xue Teng

Information & Computer Science/ Management (minor)

Professor Tatsuya Suda

Handoff in Mobile Wireless Network

Maria Tokuyama

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Donald N. Forthal

Isolation of Monoclonal Antibodies Against a Chimeric Epitope on gp120/CD4 Complex

Darlene P. Tong

International Studies/ Spanish

Professor Katherine Tate

The Transition of Women's Political Involvement in Latin America

Exequiel Tostado


Professor Stanley S. Tyler

d13C of Soil Organic Carbon in Thailand Forest and Cropland

Phu N. Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Guey-Chuen Perng

Mapping the Core Promoter Element of UOL Gene Encoded by Herpes Simplex Virus

Daniel B. Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Gregory R. D. Evans

Growth Kinetics and Differentiation Potential of Adipocyte Derived Stem Cells

Chris T. Tran

Film Studies

Professor Nanette Fornabai

The (Re)Invention of the Medical Spectacle

Nancy Tran

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Rahul Warrior

Characterization of DnudC, a Gene Required for Drosophila Oogenesis, and Two Possible DnudE Mutants

Chi-Lin Tsan

Computer Engineering

Professor Richard Nelson

Modeling of Dielectric Mirrors

Ana Tsao

Biological Sciences

Professor Christine M. Gall

Ampakines Down-Regulate the mRNA Expression of AMPA Receptor Proteins GluR1 and GluR2

Beril Unver

International Studies/ Minor: Political Science

Professor Patrick Morgan

Post Operation Iraqi Freedom Turkish-American Relations: Can Damaged Ties Be Mended?

Tida Y. Vasinamakin

Anthropology/ Psychology

Professor Mei Zhan

Ethical and Social Constraints Facing Immigrants from Mainland China and France

Mark B. Villamor

Electrical Engineering

Professor John C. LaRue
Professor Richard D. Nelson

Techniques for Improved Pulse Shape for Particle Detection

Athena H. Vuong

Biological Sciences/ Psychology

Professor Stephen G. Weller

Heterostylous Breeding Systems: Effects of Incompatibility Modifications on the Frequency of the Mid Morph

Abigail T. Wald


Professor Virginia Mann

Personality and Motivation

Amy N. Watson

Social Ecology

Professor Jean-Daniel Saphores

Huntington Beach Desalination Project

Kandace M. Whiting

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Larry D. Jamner

Gender Specificity of Aggressive Behavior: Interactions with Cynical Hostility

Jennifer L. Wilcoxson


Professor Stephen F. Barker

The Complete Process of Playwriting

Ryan J. Wright

Biological Sciences

Professor Brian Wong

Determination of Chondrocyte Viability Following Nd:YAG (λ =1.32mm) Laser Irradiation

Machiline Xiong

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Social Ecology

Professor Paul D. Jesilow

Suicide, Identity, and Acculturation: Study of a Social Problem Within the Hmong Community

Jonathan M. Yee

Electrical Engineering

Professor John C. LaRue
Professor Richard Nelson

Development of Metal Micro-Springs

Jekwon Yeh

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Edward Nelson

Identification of the Expression of a Novel Tumor Antigen: RMT-1

Christine M. Young


Professor Jay W. Calvert

Chondrocyte Behavior on Novel Saccharide-Based Polymers

Leena E. Youssefian

Biological Sciences

Doctor Zulma Duenas
Professor Ricardo Miledi

Are GABA Receptors Present in the Sciatic Nerve?

Payam Zamani

Biological Sciences

Professor Frances M. Leslie

The Role of Nicotinic Receptors on Developing Olfactory Neurons

Fazlul R. Zubair

Aerospace Engineering/ Physics

Professor Allen Kine
Professor John C. LaRue
Professor Richard D. Nelson

Development of Enhanced Thermally Based Low Pressure Sensor