Fall 2004 Grant Recipients - (A-F)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Marie-Caline Z. Abadjian

Chemistry/ Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Professor Zhibin Guan

Synthesis of Gene Delivery Vectors for Transfection Studies

Amin Abdinezhad


Professor James L. McGaugh
Professor Christa K. McIntyre

The Role of the Immediate-Early Gene Arc on Consolidation of Spatial and Stimulus-Response Memories

Arthur P. Aragon

Chicano/Latino Studies

Professor Jeanett Castellanos
Professor Leo Chavez

Experiences of Transborder Students in the United States

Scott Bailey

Information & Computer Science

Professor Susan Sim

Tools and Methods Adoption Among Software Engineers

Ronald R. Baldonado

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor John Dombrink

Indian Gaming, Public Policy, and Public Opinion in California

Arpita Bariya


Professor Patrick Farmer

Electrochemical Reduction Potential of NO Myoglobin

Areg E. Barsegyan


Professor Larry F. Cahill

Olfaction, the Amygdala, and Memory in the Human Brain

Justine D. Basom

Social Science

Professor Robert Garfias

The Effects of Black Popular Music on the Self Identity of African American College Students Today: A Qualitative Study

Jean H. Bennett

Sociology/ Political Science

Professor Samuel Gilmore

Gender Gap in Political Attitudes

Huan N. Bien


Professor Guey-Chuen Perng

Identify the Promoter of Pro-Apoptosis AL Gene Encoded by Herpes Simplex Virus

Shana B. Bowie


Professor Donald McKayle

Evolving Choreography

Genevieve C. Brown


Professor John Lowengrub

Mathematical Modeling of Tumor Growth: Nonlinear Simulations in Three Dimensions

Irvin I. Bussel

Biological Sciences

Professor Michael R. Rose

Do Normal Flies Develop Cancer?

David J. Calderon


Professor Samuel L. Gilmore
Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Latino in the Workplace: The Relationship Between Culture and Decision Making

Robert M. Carpenter

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor Simon A. Cole

Quality of Latent Fingerprints

Loren S. Casuto

Political Science

Professor Wayne Sandholtz

The Influence of Communism on FDR and the Brain Trust During the Great Depression

Melissa Chan


Professor Feng Wang

A Comparative Study: Value Orientations of Chinese College Students

David N. Chan

Biological Sciences

Professor Guey-Chuen Perng

Quantitation of LAT RNA Transcript in an HSV-1 Mutant with the Regulatory Element in LAT Promoter Deleted

Vinutha M. Chandrasekaran

Biological Sciences

Professor Steven Franks
Professor Arthur E. Weis

The Effect of Varying Photoperiods on Flowering Time of a Genetically Intermediate Brassica rapa Strain Containing Both Early and Late Flowering Genes

Shirley A. Chang

Political Science

Professor Mark Petracca

Exonerating Citizen X

Stephanie Y. Channual

Biological Sciences

Professor Katumi Sumikawa

The Role of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Subunits Alpha 4 and Alpha 7 in Alzheimer's Disease and Cholinergic Decline

Carleen K. Cho

Biological Sciences

Professor James D. Belluzzi

Acetaldehyde: A Possible Cue That Enhances Nicotine Reinforcement

Angela D. Chou

Political Science

Professor James Danziger

Enhancing Education Through Technology

Whitney M. Cover

Dance/ Drama

Professor Myrona L. Delaney

New York Satellite Program

Marika D. Csapo

Dance/ Political Science

Professor Mark P. Petracca

Cuba's Tourist Industry: A Major Impetus for Social and Structural Change

Andrea D. Dailey

Chicano/Latino Studies

Professor Leo Chavez

Effects of Increased Surveillance at US/Mexico Border on Undocumented Immigration

Phuc N. Dang

Biological Sciences

Professor Ann Sakai
Professor Stephen Weller

Heritabilities and Genetic Correlations of Biomass Allocation in Schiedea adamantis (Caryophyllaceae)

Matthew E. Davis


Professor Elizabeth Allen

Listening to the Past: The Dialogue Between The History of the Kings of Britain and Layamon’s Brut

Lun Davitian

Chemical Engineering

Professor Farghalli A.. Mohamed

Grain Growth in Consolidated Cryomilled Nanocrystalline 5083 Al-Mg Alloy on Isothermal Annealing

Omar J. De La Riva

International Studies

Professor Robert Uriu

Emergence of Japan as a “Normal Nation”: The Meaning and Consequence Behind Japan’s Deployment in Iraq

Andrew M. Delaney

Earth & Environmental Sciences

Professor James T. Randerson

Analysis of Post Fire Vegetation Regeneration of Chaparral Ecosystems in High Temporal Resolution

Amanda E. Den-Heyer


Professor Patrick Farmer

Characterization of the pH Dependence of the Electrocatalytic Dehalogenation of CCl4 to CH4 Using the Thermophilic Enzyme P450 CYP119

Gabriel J. Der

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Andrei M. Shkel

Vacuum Test-beds for Sensor Evaluation

Alpay Dermenci


Professor Athan J. Shaka

Studying Derivatized Sugars with NMR Spectroscopy

Amanda A. Dick

Biological Sciences

Professor Arthur Weis

Assortative Mating by Flowering Time of Brassica Rapa by Bees in Nature

Michelle D. Don

Biological Sciences

Professor Elizabeth Head

Beta-Amyloid Pathogenesis on Down Syndrome

Janelle K. Eagle


Professor Keith Fowler


Derek M. Erion

Chemistry/ Biological Sciences

Professor Larry E . Overman

Total Synthesis of Minfiensine

Rabia Farooquee

International Studies

Professor Fan-Gang Zeng

Informational Masking and Spectral Resolution in Cochlear Implant Users

Jonathan H. Ficcadenti

Film Studies/ Drama

Professor Elizabeth M. Cane

Advancing Digital Cinematography Through Research and Application