Fall 2005 Grant Recipients - (A-F)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Aalyia Ali

Biological Sciences

Professor Ralph E. Purdy

The Role of p38 MAP Kinase in Arterial Constriction

Alison L. Altuna


Professor Carol M. Burke

Female Adulterers and Their Guise of Power: A Cultural Analysis, 1965-1975

Juan M. Alvarez


Professor Jeanett Castellanos

The Influences of Depression Among Latino Male Undergraduates: Psychosocialcultural Factors and Their Relationship to Depression

Anjuli R. Amin


Professor Thomas Parham

The Relationship Between Acculturation Levels, Values and Educational Attainment Among Asian American College Students

Christian R. Anguiano

Chicano/Latino Studies/ Biological Sciences

Professor Deborah Vargas

Transgender Latinas in Transition: Creating Visibility for Efficient and Accessible Healthcare

Jaclyn N. Appleby

Criminology, Law & Society/ Psychology and Social Behavior

Professor Richard A. Leo

Public Perception on Interrogation and Confession: The Need for Expert Testimony in Confession Evidence Cases

Luis F. Arellano

Social Science

Professor Fabio Milani

Does Greenspan Deserve It All?

Rosie A. Aroush

Sociology/ International Studies

Professor Feng Wang

Preservation of Culture Through Art

Elizabeth Avila

Political Science/ Linguistics

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Struggle for Political Representation Among the Indigenous People of Bolivia

Nika Bagheri

Biological Sciences/ Mathematics

Professor Dominik Wodarz

Mathematical Models of Oncolytic Virus Therapy: A Relationship Between Viral Spread and Treatment Success

Kimberly S. Balazs

Biological Sciences

Professor Oladele A. Ogunseitan

The Fate of Anthropogenic Caffeine in Ocean Water and Freshwater: Implications for Cnidarian Bleaching and Wastewater Treatment

Razia Z. Baqai

Earth & Environmental Sciences/ Political Science

Professor Richard A.. Matthew

NGOs in Pakistan: Their Role in Sustainable Development

Gregoria Barazandeh

Political Science

Professor Louis DeSipio

"Pain Management Care for Chronic Pain Patients"

Brenda E. Barragan


Professor Wang Feng

Without a Home: A Comparative Analysis of the Street Homeless and Shelter Homeless in Downtown Los Angeles

Brian Bartolome

International Studies

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Understanding Methods to Approaching the Media: Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, and Television

Mariam Behbehani

Biological Sciences

Professor Kwang M. Jung
Professor Danielle Piomelli

An RNAi Approach for Silencing the Synthesis of Endocannabinoid-2-Arachidonoylglycerol and Its Role in Neurite Outgrowth

Jessica D. Blanchette

Social Ecology

Professor Salvatore R. Maddi

The Role of Hardiness and Religiosity in Scholastic Success

Briana Bowie


Professor Donald McKayle


Evan C. Brown

Materials Science Engineering

Professor Jia G. Lu

Vertical ZnO Nanowire Field Effect Transistor

Erin C. Bufalini

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor David Camerini

Does Trypanosoma cruzi Infection Increase HIV-1 Replication in Human Monocyte Derived Macrophages?

Virit D. Butani

Biological Sciences

Professor Maria C. Kenney

Characterization of mtDNA Damage in Keratoconus Families Leading to Altered Gene Expression and Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Jennifer R. Carden

International Studies/ Conflict Resolution Minor

Professor Karen B. Leonard

The Effect of Armed Conflict on Children in Nepal

Cynthia S. Cervantes

Spanish/ Chicano/Latino Studies

Professor Gilverto Q. Conchas

Heritage Language Instruction/Spanish for Native Speakers: The Construction and Consolidation of Cultural and Ethnic Identities in Chicano/Latino High School Youth

Caroline Chang

English/ Drama Minor, Management Minor

Professor Rudy Vega

Uncultivated Rabbits: Identity Development and Education Through Performance Art and Spoken Word

Stephanie Channual


Professor Katumi Sumikawa

Localization of nAChR Subunit mRNAs α (α2–α7) and β (β2–β4) in the Hippocampus of an Alzheimer’s Disease Animal Model

Farah J. Chaugule

Social Science

Professor Robert Garfias

Comparison of the Indian Sitar to the American Guitar

Grace Cheng


Professor Emily D. Grossman

Sign Language Activation During Point-Light Animations

Carleen K. Cho

Biological Sciences

Professor James D. Belluzzi
Professor Kelvin W. Gee

The Effects of Allosteric Inhibition of Nicotinic Receptors on Nicotine Self-Administration in Rats

Kim Ngoc T. Danh

East Asian Cultures/ International Studies

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

The Impact of China's Evolving Economy

Anne-Marie D. Dao

Political Science/ Cognitive Psychology

Professor Mark P. Petracca

A Study of Congressional Casework—Process, Impact and Effectiveness

Omar J. De La Riva

International Studies/ Japanese Language and Literature

Professor Robert M. Uriu

China's New Dominion: A Study on Chinese Regional Policy and Its Effect on Uyghur Identity

Christopher E. Dea

Studio Art

Professor Constance J. Samaras

Corporate Environments

Andria P. Denmon

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Marian L. Waterman

Expression and Activity of the Transcription Co-Activator Pygopus in Human Cancer Cells

Leah L. Dickenson

Psychology/ Psychology and Social Behavior

Professor Sally Dickerson

Effects of Early Family Environment on Adult Physical and Mental Health: Exploring Stress Reactivity as a Mediating Factor

Sumudu N. Dissanayake

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Anthony A. James

The Anopheles Gambiae Gene Expression Profile at UC Irvine: Control Sequence and Gene Regulatory Analysis

Joanna Do

International Studies/ Literary Journalism

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Human Trafficking Paradigm in South and Southeast Asia: The Impact of the Tsunami Disaster on Human Trafficking

John K. Elliott


Professor Alice Fahs

Dispossessed Children at the End of the 19th Century

Ahmed A. Elrefaie

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Lee Bardwell

Studying MAP-Kinases and Understanding Docking Site Patterns Using Mutated DNA

Derek M. Erion

Chemistry/ Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Larry E . Overman

Extending the Scope of Aza-Cope-Mannich Reactions

Peter G. Eskander

Mechanical Engineering/ Biomedical Engineering Minor

Professor Steven C. George

Quantification of In Vitro Endothelial Cell Capillary Networks

Cecile Fajardo

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Ghassan S. Kassab

Effects of Hemodynamics on the Carotid Artery

Charmaine G. Firme

Biological Sciences

Professor James W. Hicks

Have it Your Way: The Maximization of Energy Assimilation, Growth Rate, and Passage Time by Thermal-Preference in American Alligators. Measurements of Specific Dynamic Action at the Preferred Temperatures

Ann K. Fischer


Professor David Allan

Guidelines to Auditioning for a Professional Dance Company

James J. Fry

Biological Sciences

Professor Frances M. Leslie

Sex Differences in Cocaine-Induced Neuron Activation of Adolescent Rats