Fall 2005 Grant Recipients - (M-S)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Joseph V. Macias

Political Science/ Chicano/Latino Studies

Professor Louis DeSipio

Characteristics of Politically Active Latino AB540 Students

Gareth Malna


Professor Natalka Freeland

Jaques and the Monster

Mei-Ling N. Malone

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor John Dombrink

Perceptions of the Police Across Race and Generation Status

Katherine S. Massoth

History/ Social Science

Professor Michael J. Scavio

The Effects of War on Education through Funding, Enrollment, Attendance, and Continuation/Dropout Rate During World War II and the Vietnam War

Cari L. McAskill


Professor Darryl Taylor

New American Works and Neglected Voices

Cynthia Medina

Psychology/ Sociology

Professor Jeanett Castellanos

Mentorship, College, and Life Satisfaction of Latina/o Undergraduates

Rosalilia Mendoza


Professor Jeanett Castellanos

Depression Among Latina Undergraduates: A Quantitative Study

Allison E. Mercer

Psychology/ Art History

Professor Mary Louise Kean

The Effects of False Cognates on Second Language Learning

Derek Miao

Biological Sciences

Professor Ralph E. Purdy

The Effect of Hindlimb Unweighting on HSP-27 Phosphorylation in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Contraction

Karissa G. Miller


Professor Donald D. Hoffman

Interaction of Motion and Part Boundaries in Visual Perception

Swarupa R. Mohan Jatavallabhula

Sociology/ Comparative Literature Minor

Professor Feng Wang

The Emotional and Psychological Effects Among Ethnic Minority Women Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted

Pedro Morgado

Biological Sciences

Professor Ulrike Luderer

Characterization of ZP3GCLc Transgenic Mice; Overexpression of GCLc in Developing Ovarian Oocytes

Shahab Motamedinia


Professor Scott Brown

Examining the Role of Sequential Effects in Absolute Identification

Tara Mukund

International Studies

Professor Inderpal Grewal

The Changing Portrayal of Women in Bollywood

David S. Murdock


Professor Mike Davis

The Rise of Honky-Tonk in California During From the 1940's Through the 1960's

Natasha P. Narayan

Biological Sciences

Professor Gary Lynch
Professor Danielle Simmons

Effects of Lipoic Acid and Acetyl-L-Carnitine on Huntington’s Disease Pathology

Diem N. Nguyen

Political Science

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

The U.S. and China Power Struggle in Asia

Tan B. Nguyen

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Sheryl Tsai

Understanding the Substrate Specificity of Acyl-CoA Carboxylases: A Gateway to Designing Targeted Drug Therapeutics

Nhi Thao T. Nguyen

Asian American Studies/ Social Science: Multicultural Studies

Professor Linda T. Vo

Shaping the Ethnic Identity of Second-Generation Vietnamese Americans: The Role of the Family and Ethnic Community in Preserving Cultural Awareness

Manh Vu T. Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Shin Lin

Biophysical Properties of Meridians and Acupuncture Points

Phuong T. Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Edward L. Nelson

Evaluation of Constitutive and Immunoproteasome Expression Patterns in Primary Tumors by Immunofluorescence

Peter B. Nguyen

Sociology/ Information & Computer Science

Professor Feng Wang

Differential Quality of Health Care

Kiana Nouri

Biological Sciences

Professor Jerry L. McCullough

Effect of Topical Cytokinins on Reducing the Cutaneous Side Effects of Tretinoin in the Hairless Mouse Model

Alison K. Okuda


Professor Laura J. Mitchell

A Study of Caribbean Island Cultures and Their Relationships with Former Colonizers

Mayu Onozaki

Biological Sciences

Professor Charles E. Ribak

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Decreases Neurogenesis in the Dentate Gyrus of the Pilocarpine-Induced Status Epilepticus

Michael S. Ousdahl

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Roxane C. Silver

Reactions to 9/11 and Prior Experiences With Traumatic Events: The Developmental Implications of Parental Death and Other Types of Loss

Jenny Q. Ouyang

Biological Sciences

Professor Nancy T. Burley

Sex Identification of Chick Zebra Finches, Taeniopygia guttata by Acoustical Means

Jenny M. Paek

Environmental Analysis & Design

Professor Zuzana Bic

Influence of Cosmetic Surgery

Vijay Pandyarajan

Developmental & Cell Biology

Professor Christine M. Gall
Professor Ching-Yi Lin

BDNF Binding to TrkB Leads to Increases in the Association of Activated Integrin Signaling Intermediates With Cell Surface Proteins

Meghna V. Parikh

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Lbachir Benmohamed

Immunogenicity and Protective Efficacy Against HSV-1 of a gamma - 34.5 DNA-Vaccine

Alisa Patel

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Alison Clarke-Stewart

The Best Books for Joint Reading with Children

Shivani R. Patel

Social Science

Professor Jeanett Castellanos

The Effects of Perceived Educational Barriers, Cultural Congruity, Coping Strategies, and Acculturation on the Psychological Well-Being of Indian American Undergraduates

Maria L. Pena


Professor Jeanett Castellanos
Professor Jeanett Castellanos
Professor Feng Wang

Latino Parents’ Attitude Toward College: A Case Study on Padres Promoters

Raul Perez


Professor David J. Frank

“What’s so funny?” Humor and Inequality in American Society

Catherine N. Phan

Aerospace Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering

Professor Steven W. Barwick
Professor David J. Goldstein
Professor Lizhi Sun

Redesign and Structural Analysis of ANITA

Lise Phan

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Wen-Hwa Lee

Characterization of the Novel Rad-50 Associated Protein, RINT-1, in the Centrosome and in its Regulation of the Cell Cycle

Jessica S. Pon

Biological Sciences

Professor Charles E. Ribak

The Effects of Irradiation Treatment on the Adult Rodent Brain Following Pilocarpine-Induced Epilepsy

Alejandro J. Puga

Aerospace Engineering

Professor John C. LaRue

SAE Aero-design

Shyla Raghav

Applied Ecology/ International Studies

Professor Joseph F. DiMento

The Cost of Climate Change to Business

Ariana L. Rambuyan

Social Science/ International Studies

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

The Affects of Non-Profit Advocacy Research and Methodology on Immigration Policy, Reform, and Implementation

Angelita C. Ramirez

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

From Barrio Street Gangs to Transnational Criminal Organizations: A Continued Qualitative Analysis of La Mara Salvatrucha

Pedro N. Ramirez

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Chicano/Latino Studies

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Local Motion: The Dynamic of San Bernardino's Ethnic Enclaves

Nephthys Resurreccion

Psychology/ Social Ecology

Professor Salvatore R. Maddi

The Influence of Hardiness on the Intensity of Safe Place Imagery

Jonazary F. Reyes

Biological Sciences

Professor Laura Glynn

Low Birth Weight, Preterm Birth, and Psychiatric Outcomes of Children and Adolescents

Vincent Reyes

Biological Sciences

Professor Sunny Jiang

Differentiation of E. Coli Adapted to Natural Environments from those Adapted to Human/Animal Gut in Newport Bay and San Diego Creek

Lydia C. Rickert


Professor Steven W. Barwick

Use of Optical Modeling Software ASAP to Simulate Sub-Antarctic Neutrino Interaction Emission in Reference to the ANITA Project

Daryl T. Riddle

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Elaine Vaughan

Community Response to Bioterrorism

Edgar Rodriguez


Professor Feng Wang

The Continued Exploitation and the Dependency Created in a Third World Country

Rafael Rodriguez Leal Torres

Environmental Analysis & Design/ Anthropology Minor

Professor Rufus Edwards

"Killing You Softly", Indoor Air Pollution & Nutrition: Is Cooking the Cause?

Jason M. Rogers

Biological Sciences

Professor Sanjay Dhar
Professor Gregory R. Evans

Optimizing NGF Production and Molecular “Switch Off” in Transfected Human Embryonic Kidney Cells

Eileen S. Rosete

Asian American Studies/ Film and Media Studies

Professor Laura Kang
Professor Linda T. Vo

Construction and Performance of Identity in Filipina/o America: Debuts and Debutantes in California

Puja B. Ruparel

Computer Engineering

Professor James Earthman

Mechanical Testing of PCP-Nitinol-HAP Free Form Scaffold for in-situ Regeneration of Bone in Osteoporosis and Bone Cancer Patients

Sarah J. Sadeghi


Professor Sally Dickerson

High Depressed Mood Reactivity in Social Evaluative Tasks

Tarang Safi


Professor Fillmore Freeman

A Computational Study of Cycloaddition Reactions and Rearrangements of Sulfinyl Carbenes

Leticia V. Sanchez

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Jeanett Castellanos

Factors That Influence Latino Transfer Students' Aspirations Toward Graduate School

Dwetta A. Santos

Biological Sciences

Professor Elizabeth L . Rugg

Analysis of the Effects of Expressing Wild-Type and Mutant K17 in MCF-7 Cells

Vasudhsiri T. Sathienmars

International Studies/ Political Science

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

The Chinese Small Arms Trade in Africa and Its Consequences

Karen M. Schugt

Biological Sciences

Professor Elysia P. Davis
Professor Laura Glynn

Effect of Acute Stress on Secretory Immunoglobulin A

Jacqueline C. Schumacher

International Studies

Professor Wayne Sandholtz

Human Trafficking: A Policy Analysis of US and EU Legislation and its Effects

Brian C. Sears

Biological Sciences

Professor Adam P. Summers

Puncture Resistance in the Blue Shark (Prionace glauca) and Spiny Dogfish Shark (Squalus Acanthias)

Mimmi U. Sewerin

Biological Sciences/ Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Professor Peter J. Bryant
Professor Cristina Modak

Determining the Effect of a Mutated CKI Epsilon Gene Product Found in Breast Cancer Patients on the wnt Pathway

Mohammad Faiyaz A. Shaikh

Biological Sciences

Professor Frances M. Leslie

Age Differences in Cocaine-Induced ERK Activation

Rana Sharif

Women's Studies

Professor Lara Deeb

A Comparison: The Involvement of Palestinian Women in the First and Second Intifadas

Michael S. Shimasaki

Electrical Engineering/ Physics, Computer Engineering, Information & Computer Science

Professor Henry P. Lee

New Methodologies for the Creation of Single-Mode Fiber Taper Optic Waveguides

Jason E. Shuai

Information & Computer Science

Professor Tadashi Nakano
Professor Tatsuya Suda

Evolutionary Model for Autonomously Interacting Agents

Debora Siahaan

Biological Sciences

Professor Elysia P. Davis
Professor Laura Glynn

The Effects of Breast Milk on Infant Cortisol Reponse

Maro N. Siranosian

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor Jennifer L. Skeem

Self Perceptions of Risk

Donald F. Slack

Psychology/ Biology

Professor Charles Chubb

Extracting the Metric Imposed Upon Frontoparallel Visual Space by Regular Patterns

Richard R. Solano


Professor Tim Wigal

Behavioral Coding: The Prediction of Cognitive Performance

Sotheary Son

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Professor F. Lynn Carpenter

Aluminum- Accumulating Tropical Trees: Does Their Leaf Litter Aid or Hinder Growth of Rainforest Seedlings?

Hyang-Gi Song


Professor Feng Wang

Political Behavior and Media Coverage in the National Assembly in South Korea

KUL S. Sran

Biological Sciences

Professor Petra Wilder-Smith

Three Dimensional Optical Coherence Tomography For The Non-Invasive In Vivo Diagnosis of Oral Malignancy

Geul Suh

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Roxane Silver

Community Response to Man Made Trauma: Analysis of Laramie, Wyoming after the Murder of Matthew Shepard

Kristen D. Suihkonen

Economics/ Dance

Professor Gary Richardson

Federal Reserve Districts' Policies Affected the Degree of Bank Failures in Tennessee During the Great Depression

Lindsey E. Suits


Professor Lonnie Alcaraz

Found Spaces Theatre Company

Jessica A. Summers

Social Ecology

Professor Pete H. Ditto

Pin the Tale on the Donkey (or Elephant): The Impact of Political Group Affiliation on Framing Effects

Xiaocui Sun

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor David A. Fruman

FOXO Target Genes in Normal and Transformed B Lymphocytes

Emilyjane A. Sunga


Professor Megan E. Bourg
Professor Reg Penner

Electrodeposition and Characterization of Palladium-Nickel Nanowire-Based Thermocouples