Fall 2006 Grant Recipients - (G-L)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Cynthia Galvan

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Leticia Oseguera

Factors Related to Latino/as Decisions to Transfer from a Community College to a Four Year University

Roshni N. Gandhi

Political Science/ Minor In Psychology

Professor Mark P. Petracca

East Indian Civic and Political Engagement: The Mystery

Alessandra E. Garbagnati

Criminology, Law & Society/ Psychology and Social Behavior

Professor John D. Dombrink

The Policing of Music Piracy

Alexander K. Gardner

German Studies/ Literary Journalism

Professor Andrzej J. Warminski

Martin Heidegger and Friedrich Holderlin: An Ongoing Dialogue

Gregory A. Gilmore

Biological Sciences

Professor Peter J. Bryant

Identification of Neural Stem Cells through Asymmetric Cell Division and Cell Markers of Proliferation and Differentiation

Mynor A. Godoy

Political Science/ International Studies

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Transnational Gangs: How They Have Evolved for the 21st Century and Why They Pose the Biggest Threat to Regional Security.

David A. Gold

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Professor Matthew McHenry

Biomechanics of Stimulus Response in Zebrafish Larvae (Danid rerio)

Robert Gomez

Environmental Analysis & Design

Professor Leticia Oseguera

Factors that Contribute to Traditional Latina/o Undergraduate Students’ Persistence Patterns

Ryon P. Graf

Biological Sciences

Professor Wen-Hwa Lee

Phosphorylation of Mitotic Regulator Protein HEC1 by Aurora Kinase is Essential for Mitotic Progression

Matthew D. Grilli


Professor Michael D. Rugg

The Impact of Contextual Information on Implicit Memory

Jennifer E. Harbison

Dance/ Film and Media Studies

Professor Jennifer E. Fisher

Can Jazz Dance Be Art? -A Critical Study of Jazz Dance from 1950 to the Present

Esmaeil Heidari

Biomedical Engineering/ electronics

Professor Zhongping Chen

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Imaging (Animal Study,Pigs), to Use High Resolution In Vivo Imaging to Study the Structural Properties of Cerebral Aneurysms. To Detect Early Stage of Aneurism in Blood Vessels, in Heart and Brain.

Kathlyn M. Henderson

African-American Studies/ Women's Studies

Professor Frank Wilderson

The Trajectory of Subordination: Hurricane Katrina Coverage as Racial Discourse

Megan M. Henley


Professor Samuel L.. Gilmore

Reading from the Private Sphere to the Public Sphere: Constructing Gender in Women's Book Groups

Angelina M. Hernandez

Biological Sciences

Professor James L. McGaugh
Professor Benno Roozendaal
Professor Marcelo A. Wood

Gloucocorticoid Modulation of Memory: Do Glucocorticoids Enhance Memory Consolidation Via Histone Acetylation?

Namanh V. Hoang


Professor Carter T. Butts

The Order of Attribution Effect on Consumer Evaluations of Brand Extensions.

Julie A. Horner


Professor Jodi A. Quas

Predictors of Children’s Health Functioning: Exploring Home Chaos and Parental Romantic Attachment Relative to a Normative Stressor

Toby A. Howard

International Studies

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Agricultural Subsidies in the Developing World: The Effects of U.S. Rice Subsidies on the Ghanaian Economy

Jiexi Huang


Professor Samuel L. Gilmore

Understanding the Impacts of Developing and Changing Dormitory Social Networks upon a First Year Student’s Academic Performance and Overall Satisfaction with a University

David W. Hubin

Computer Science

Professor Natasa Przulj

Graph Analysis of Drosophila Eye Development

Kevin Hung

Mechanical Engineering/ Materials Science Engineering

Professor James Earthman

Changing Damping Capacity of an Alumina Fiber/Magnesium Alloy Composite Due to Thermal Cycling

Laura M. Innes

Physics/ International Studies

Professor Ilya Krivorotov

Creation of Process for the Deposition of Niobium and Niobium Nitride for the Use in Spin Valves

Michael A. Joseph

Biological Sciences

Professor Mahtab Jafari

Cost vs. Benefit: The Effect of Ergogenic Compounds on Performance Enhancement and Lifespan in Drosophila melanogaster

Diana T. Jou

Studio Art/ Asian American Studies

Professor Shelby Roberts
Professor Connie Samaras

Muslim American Women: Exploring Contemporary Identities through Photographic Conversations

Robyn M. Kaake


Professor Ingrid Ruf

Identification of Novel Proteins that Bind to EBER-1 and EBER-2

Rujvi Kamat

Neurobiology/ Psychology

Professor Lawrence Cahill

Hormonal Effects on Strength of Memory for Emotional Events and Post-Event Spontaneous Intrusive Recollections in Women.

Marlen Kanagui

Psychology/ Sociology

Professor Jeanett Castellanos

Latino Parent's Attitudes Toward Higher Education

Koohyar Karimi

Biological Sciences

Professor Brian J. Wong

Lateral Morphometric Images in Facial Beauty

Natasha D. Kasabwala


Professor Richard Robertson

Liposomes Targeting Specific Dissociated Cells of the Liver

Behnood Khodayari

Biological Sciences

Professor Mahtab Jafari

Evaluating pioglitazone as an Anti-Aging Compound

Nan Y. Kim


Professor Barbara W. Sarnecka

Bilingual Word Learning- Korean and English

Allison N. Knight

Dance/ Drama

Professor James Penrod

Preparing For Life After A College Arts Education

Alejandro T. Komai

Economics/ Mathematics

Professor Gary Richardson

Questioning New Deal Legislation Regarding the Banking System

Tejal Kothari

Biological Sciences

Professor F. Lynn Carpenter

Identification of Arbuscular Mychorrihizal Fungi Species in Vochysia guatemalensis Roots and Surrounding Soils.

Mukul Kumar


Professor Vinayak Chaturvedi

Of Land Rights and Language Politics: Delhi 1956-1962

Yungtai Kung

Biological Sciences

Professor Ricardo Miledi

Electrophysiological Comparison of RNA and mRNA Isolation Methodologies in Xenopus laevis oocytes.

Eric P. Kuo

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Edwin S. Monuki

Characterization of Cortical Precursor Cells' Responses to Microfluidic BMP4 Gradient

Lawrence Kuok

International Studies

Professor Dorothy Solinger

Chinese Class Disparities

Jennifer R. Kwei

Art History

Professor Linda Bauer

A Flemish Curiosity: Rubens and Brueghel’s Feast of Acheloüs - Culture and Politics in Early Seventeenth Century Antwerp

Anne M. Lamsa

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Suzanne B. Sandmeyer

Requirements for Packaging and Transport of the Ty3 RNA Genome

Michael T. Lane


Professor Stephen Barker
Professor Douglas S. Goheen

Shelter: A Creative Investigation Into Non-Literary Based Play Devising

Alicia M. Langton

Environmental Analysis & Design

Professor Richard Matthew

The Sustainability of Waste Management at UCI

Judith Lau

Biological Sciences

Professor Elysia Davis
Professor Laura Glynn

The Effects of an Acute Stressor on Infant IgA Response at 12 Months of Age

An H. Le

Social Ecology

Professor Elizabeth F. Loftus

Change Blindness and Eyewitness Identification

Kenneth J. Lee

Biological Sciences

Professor Petra Wilder-Smith

Optical Detection of Salivary Pellicle: Optical Coherence Tomography vs. Multiphoton Microscopy

Hyuna Lee

Biological Sciences/ Spanish

Professor Noo Li Jeon

Studying Axonal Transport of Mitochondria in Neurons Using a Novel Microfluidic Platform

Sam C. Lee

Computer Engineering/ ICS minor

Professor John C. LaRue
Professor Richard Nelson

Data Acquisition Software for High Frequency Data Collection and Analysis

Sarah H. Lee

Criminology, Law & Society/ Political Science

Professor James D. Vigil

Asian American Gangs and Their Acquisition-Oriented Behavior

Supattra Lerknant

International Studies/ Political Science

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Thailand’s Military and Sustaining Stability in Crisis

Kevin Li


Professor Jeff Wasserstrom

The Power of Image and the Image of Power: Urban Iconography of French Colonial Ha Noi

Kimberly Liang

International Studies

Professor Ricardo Chavira
Professor Caesar Sereseres

Latin American Trends in Democracy

Jonathan KL. Lim

Psychology/ Film and Media Studies

Professor Barbara W. Sarnecka

Training Study

Joseph J. Lim

Computer Science

Professor Max Welling

Mobile Sensor Localization

Hannah S. Lim

History/ International Studies

Professor Eugene Y. Park

The Public Image of Pak Kun-hye: The Possibility of a Redefinition of Gender Roles in South Korean Political Representation

Aaron J. Lin

Biological Sciences

Professor James S. Nowick

Synthesis and Structural Analysis of Peptide with Hao

Dana D. Ling

Biological Sciences

Professor Frances M. Leslie

Dopaminergic Changes as a Mechanism for Nicotine as a Gateway Drug

Pui Yu Ling

Earth & Environmental Sciences

Professor James T. Randerson

Seasonal Cycle of Carbon Dioxide in High Northern Latitudes and its Implication on Global Climate Change and Ecosystem Response

Sunny Lo

Biological Sciences/ Chemistry

Professor Ingrid Ruf

Decreasing Ribosomal Protein L22 Expression In Vivo Using RNAi Technology

Veronica Lopez

Sociology/ Criminology, Law & Society

Professor Jeanett Castellanos

Latina/o Students’ and Faculty Mentors’ Perspectives on Mentorship: A Qualitative Study

Stephanie V. Lu

Biological Sciences

Professor Michael Rose

Measuring Age-Specific Frequencies of an Allele that Regulates the Expression of Heat Shock Protein 26 in Populations of Drosophila melanogaster

Ernesto Lujan

Biological Sciences

Professor Rahul Warrior

Generating an Important Tool for Genetic Analysis in Drosophila melanogaster

Trinh M. Luu

Comparative Literature

Professor Charles J. Wheeler

Of Melancholic “False” Returns: Articulations of the Vietnamese Reeducation Camp Experiences