Fall 2007 Grant Recipients - (A-F)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Ani Abrahamyan

Biological Sciences

Professor Mahtab Jafari

Rhodiola Induced Mitochondrial Respiration Rate Changes

Motunrayo D. Akinmurele

Political Science/ Women's Studies

Professor Claire J. Kim

Transnational Social Movement: The Framing of the Comfort Women's Movement

Matthew E. Alecock

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor John Dombrink

California’s Compassionate Choice - The Failure of California’s Right to Die Legislation Despite Electorate Majority Support

Mariam Amini

Biological Sciences

Professor Devin K. Binder

Changes in Water Content Following Seizures Assessed by Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Tissue Analysis

Jacqueline X. Andrade


Professor Virginia Mann

The Long-term Effects of Learned Educational Tools in the Family

Janetta L. Arellano

Biological Sciences

Professor Devin Binder

Role of AQP-4 on the Neuron Cell Death and Degeneration in the Formation of Epileptic Networks in the Brain

Robert J. Ashmore


Professor Jerome Christensen

Searching for an Audience: Veteran Alienation and Juvenile Delinquency in Post-WWII American Film

Clara Asuncion


Professor Jayne E. Lewis

The Reading Within Reading: Considering Tarot Cards and Literature

Audrey Au

International Studies/ Literary Journalism

Professor Feng Wang

China's Strange Bedfellows: How does Its Communist Rule and Economy Affect the Nation in an Increasingly Global World?

Malerie Ayala


Professor Scott Rychnovsky

Synthesis of Novel Cross-Linking Reagents for the Study of Protein Interactions in Solid and Solution-Phase Chemical Cross-Linking

Anet Badali

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor James W. Meeker

A Spatial Analysis of Domestic Violence: A Study of Santa Ana

Samantha Balasubramanian

International Studies

Professor Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan

How State Sovereignty Affects Human Rights in a State of Emergency

Rachel Bell

Dance/ English

Professor Israel Gabriel

Bare Bones Dance Theater

Pooja Bhojak

Biological Sciences

Professor Chenyang Jiang

Detection of Bacteria in Ice Used for Consumption in Fast Food Restaurants

Zheng Bi

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Pete H. Ditto

A Drop in the Bucket?—The Analytic System of Thinking on Donations to Identifiable and Statistical Victims

Jada L. Bittle

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Criminology, Law and Society

Professor Jennifer Skeem

Predicting Recidivism from Internalizing and Externalizing Behavior

Ashley L. Boal


Professor Manuel N. Gomez
Professor Mandy Mount

Assessment of Sexual Victimization and Intimate Partner Violence at the University of California, Irvine

Benjamin F. Bohr

Political Science/ Global Cultures

Professor Wayne Sandholtz

Transformative Military Occupations: The Evolution and Development of International Norms

Kathryn J. Bordonaro

Biological Sciences

Professor Frances M. Leslie

Nicotine Self-Administration in Adolescent Rats

Reno F. Bowen


Professor Charles F. Chubb
Professor Charles E. Wright

Peripheral Motion Based Stimuli: Specially Functioning Exogenous Cues?

Joel G. Breuklander


Professor Michelle Latiolais

Contemporary Short Fiction and Poststructuralist Literary Theory

Heather L. Bridges

Women's Studies/ English

Professor Jennifer Terry

"Abstract Liberalism"; and Multiculturalism: Their Potential Political Limitations

Jessica L. Broadfoot


Professor Catherine Bolzendahl
Professor Samuel Gilmore

An Examination of Gender Equity of College Athletics in the Media: The Media Coverage in Newspapers and the Reasons Behind Those Decisions

Jessica G. Bruystens

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Hartmut Luecke

Structure Determination and Analysis of Uridylyltransferases by Means of X-ray Crystallography for Trypanoside Development

Andrea Bui

Economics/ Mathematics Minor

Professor Gary Richardson

Survival Models of Bank Failure in the Great Depression

Patrick E. Burns


Professor Daniel G. Busby

Patrick Burns' Untitled One Man Show

Troy H. Campbell

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Peter H. Ditto

Judging Moral and Ethical Dilemmas

Xuyen K. Caponera


Professor Chris Vanderwal

Examination of the Scope of the Zincke Ring Opening Reaction of Pyridines

Michael P. Champion

Physics/ Mathematics

Professor Michael Dennin

Exploration of Velocities in a 2-Dimensional System of Beads Under Linear Oscillations

Yuia Y. Chang

Political Science/ International Studies

Professor Dorothy J. Solinger

The Correlation Between China’s Economic Success Equating to Possible Social Reprehensions

Michelle Y. Chang

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Professor Katharine N. Suding

Plant-Soil Feedback Effects from Native and Exotic Soil

Wei Sang Chen

Earth & Environmental Sciences

Professor William Cooper

Engineering Advanced Oxidation Treatment for Disinfection Byproducts in Water Reuse

David Y. Cheng

Biological Sciences

Professor John H. Weiss

Zn2+ Induced Changes in and Interaction With Dysfunctional Mitochondria Related Apoptotic Cell Death

Maureen M. Chesus


Professor Myrona Delaney

UCI New York Satellite Program in Music Theatre

Aaronson Y. Chew

Comparative Literature

Professor Thomas A. Parham

Exploring African American College Student Racial Identity Attitudes: A Comparison Across the Diaspora

Christine Chu

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Political Science

Professor Alison Holman
Professor Roxane C. Silver

How Australians Perceive Terrorism and Its Effects on Coping

Megan Clark


Professor Bill Maurer
Professor Sheila O'Rourke

Human Sex Trafficking from Nepal into India

Mark Combs


Professor Daniel Stokols

The Characteristics of Living a Virtual Based Lifestyle: Do They Affect Attachment to Physical Place-Based Environments?

Bita F. Cyrus

Biological Sciences

Professor Edwin Monuki

The Role of Lhx2 in Proliferation along the Dorsal Telencephalon

Valerie D. Dao

Political Science

Professor Mark P. Petracca

Regional Variances in Civic Education

Alexander G. Davis


Professor Charles F. Chubb
Professor Charles E. Wright

Functional Differences in Visual Motion Judgments

Michael R. Delay


Professor Sam Gilmore

Screenwriters: Survival in a Freelance Market and an Evolving Business Structure

Denise Der

Chemistry/ Biology

Professor Gregory Weiss

Site-specific Single Molecule Attachment to a Covalently Functionalized Carbon Nanotube

Zlatko Devcic

Biological Sciences

Professor Brian J-F. Wong

The Use of a Genetic Algorithm and Facial Morphing Software to Define Ethnic-Specific Ideal Facial Aesthetics

Megan J. DeVoy


Professor Jeanett Castellanos

Graduate School Aspirations of Latina/o and White Community College Transfer Students

Heather J. Diaz

Environmental Analysis & Design/ Sociology

Professor H.C. Clitheroe
Professor Daniel Stokols

Student Commuter Status and Sense of Community at UCI

Bao T. Dinh

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Steven C. George

The Role of Lysyl Oxidase in Collagen Production and Stabilization in Extracellular Matrix of Asthmatic Airway Using Multi-Photon Microscopy

Casey Dzuong

Chemistry/ Biology

Professor Marc Madou

An Integrated Microfluidic System for Point-of-Care Diagnostic Testing

Julian J. Eison


Professor Samuel Gilmore

The Unilluminated Shade of Aristocracy: Social Mobility and The Social

Eddie C. Erazo

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Sally Dickerson

The Effect of Burnout on Cortisol Responses to a Laboratory Stressor Task

Barbara Escobar

Psychology/ Chicano/Latino Studies Major

Professor James Vigil

Mexican Foundation Reintegra A.C. 2007: An Observer-Participant and Secondary Analysis on Prevention of Recidivism and Social Reintegration of Minors in Conflict with the Law

Daniel T. Eskander

Biological Sciences

Professor Yi-hong Zhou

The Role of PAX6 on Suppression of Angiogenesis in Glioma

Jennifer A. Evans

Political Science

Professor Dorothy J. Solinger

Protests in France

Jamie A. Evora

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Elliot Botvinick

u-fluid induction of Endothelial NO Production

Charles W. Felix


Professor Mary L. Kean

The Effects of Priming on the Interpretation of Ambiguous Idioms

David L. Fischer


Professor Peter Taborek

Acoustically Driven Super-Critical Bubble Chamber

Jose R. Flores

Spanish/ Chicano/ Latino Studies

Professor Alejandro Morales

Representations of Counter Culture in 1960s LA & Mexico City: An Overview of the Lives and Work of Oscar Zeta Acosta and Parménides García-Saldaña

Cristina Flores

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Jeanett Castellanos

Latina/o Parents' Attitudes about Higher Education

Kathryn C. Fore

English/ Psychology and Social Behavior, minor - European Studies (Early Modern Europe)

Professor Jane Newman

Kristeller's Philosophy: Historical Interpretations of Renaissance Humanism and Their Contemporary Pedagogical Practice

Jonathan A. Fossler

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Public Health

Professor Daniel Stokols

Relationship Status and Community Involvement

Raymond Fung

Biomedical Engineering

Professor William Tang

Strain Sensitive Array for the Study of Muscle Surface Mechanics