Fall 2008 Grant Recipients - (M-S)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Daniel S. Mann


Professor Charles Wright

Does Effector Selection Modulate the Stimulus-Response Uncertainty Effect?

Jennifer Manss

Unaffiliated/ Actual Major: Nursing Science, College of Health Sciences

Professor Ellen Holman

Myths of Coping with Grief: An Empirical Analysis of Nursing Texts

Salina R. Massei

Biological Sciences

Professor James V. Jester

Effects of Age on the Human Meibomian Gland

Edith K. McClelland

Political Science/ International Studies

Professor Mark Petracca

Constituent Representation within the Economic Bailout of 2008 in Relation to Congressional Voting and Re-election Rates

Madelyn A. McKittrick

Chemistry/ Mathematics

Professor Sergey Nizkorodov

Investigation of Stoichiometry of Ozonation of Fumaric and Maleic Acids in Water

Nicole J. McQuiddy

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor Sara Wakefield

Civil Liberties v. National Security: Has 9/11 Changed Public Opinion Regarding Civil Liberties?

Sonia V. Mehta

Sociology/ Anthropology

Professor Cynthia Feliciano
Professor Cynthia Feliciano

Exploring Structures, Techniques, and Faculty Experiences of Fundamental and Neighborhood Elementary Schools in Santa Ana

Jennifer Melgarejo


Professor Virginia Mann

Overregularization in Second Language Acquisition: A Study Comparing Children Learning Spanish and Children Learning English as a Second Language

Glenn T. Mercado

Economics/ Accounting Minor

Professor Marigee Bacolod

Criminal Delinquency and Its Long Term Affects on Wages

Shadi N. Milani

Biological Sciences

Professor Yi-Hong Zhou

Regulation of EFEMP1 Promoter Activity in Glioma Cells

Heidi K. Miles


Professor Samuel Gilmore

The Transformation from Military to Civilian Life

Cathrine K. Mitchell


Professor Jodi A. Quas

Social Support at Encoding and Retrieval and Its Influence on Children's Performance

Lynsey E.. Moncrieff

International Studies

Professor Douglas R. White

Focused Ethnographic Bibliography Pre-test Coding for the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample “Marriage Payments Project”

Lourdes R. Morales

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor Elliott P. Currie

Assessing Gang Unit Officer Disposition towards Gang Members while on Patrol

Johnathan R. Morales


Professor Jeanett Castellanos

Latino Male Coping Strategies in Higher Education: A Psychosociocultural Perspective

Kirstin Morgan

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor George Tita

The Effects of Civil Gang Injunctions on Physical and Social Disorder in Targeted Neighborhoods

Sally A. Mouakkad

Political Science

Professor Lina Kreidie
Professor Lina Kreidie
Professor Caesar Sereseres

The Change in Palestinian Identity After the First Intifada

Madeline F. Mullens

Art History/ European Studies (will declare)

Professor Jane Newman

The Changing Reception of the Artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini: How the Discipline of Art History is (Re)Defined Through Textbooks and Exhibitions

Elizabeth Munoz

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Susan Charles

Perceived Stress and Cognitive Functioning among Spousal Caregivers and Non-Caregivers

Monica C. Murtaugh


Professor William Maurer
Professor Sheila O'Rourke

Investigating the Characteristics of Fan Fiction to Illuminate the Psychosocial Influence of Video Games

Bahar Naderi

Biological Sciences

Professor Stephanie Tjen-A-Looi

The Role of Serotenergic Projections from the NRP to rVLM in Modulating Electroacupuncture Related Inhibition on Cardiovascular Responses

Nima Nassiri

Biomedical Engineering/ Premedical

Professor Ranjan Gupta

Schwann Cell Integrin Expression Following Peripheral Nerve Injury

Edith Nazarian


Professor Ann J. Van Sant

The Gentlemen of Jane Austen: A Progression in Time

Rosa E. Neidhardt

Chemical Engineering

Professor Szu-Wen Wang

Post-adsorption Crystallization of Streptavidin at the Air-Water Interface

Bryan Ngo

Biological Sciences

Professor Wen Hwa Lee

Cellular Localization of Hec1 Leucine Heptad Motif Mutants

William H. Nguyen

Chemistry/ Biology

Professor Athan J. Shaka

Scandium Triflate Catalyzed Acetylation of Sugars for the Better Elucidation of Molecular Structures through NMR Spectroscopy

Anh N. Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Aimee L. Edinger

Calcineurin and Ceramide: Opposing Forces in Nutrient Transporter Down-Regulation

Ha XT. Nguyen


Professor Patrick Farmer

Synthesis of Resveratrol Derivatives for Anticancer Studies

Duyen T. Nguyen

Comparative Literature

Professor Nasrin Rahimieh
Professor Charles Whitchurch

Honoré de Balzac’s "Le Colonel Chabert" and the Nature of Translation

Andrew A. Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Ann K . Sakai
Professor Stephen G. Weller

Changes in Inflorescence Architecture after Two Generations of Selection for Sex Allocation in Schiedea Salicaria

Trung Nguyen

Earth & Environmental Sciences/ Biology

Professor Katharine Suding

Effects of Plant Species Diversity on Resource Heterogenity

Andy Nguyen


Professor Alan F. Heyduk

Studying Multielectron Processes by Tantalum Complexes Containing Redox-Active Ligands

Brian T . Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Patrick J. Farmer

NITROXYL (HNO) adduct of Cytochrome P450 BM3

Nahal Nikroo

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Shin Lin

Investigating the Effects of Massage Therapy on Cardiovascular and Autonomic Functions

Emily L. Nilsson

Sociology/ German

Professor David J. Frank

Attitudes towards Gay Males and Lesbians by Freshmen on Campus

Brenna C. Norris


Professor Charlie Chubb

Tonality Perception

Jared P. Novak

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Wendy A. Goldberg

Associations between Interparental Conflict and Adolescent Peer Relationships, and Adolescent Romantic Relationships

Kohtaro Ohara

Biological Sciences/ Business Economics

Professor Andrej Luptak

Developing Protocols for 5′ Fluorescent Labeling of RNA

Sean M. Okumura

Biological Sciences

Professor Olivier Civelli

Melanin-Concentrating Hormone System: The Next Potential Drug Target to Stymie Epilepsy Development

Hector Orozco

Chicano/Latino Studies/ Public Health Policy

Professor Michael Montoya

Social Determinants of Health: SES, Dietary Patterns, and Open Park Space in Santa Ana, California

Andre D. Paredes

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Elliot D. Botvinick

Measuring Adhesion Forces Using Optical Tweezers

Sherry H. Park

Political Science

Professor Claire J. Kim

We The People?

Reena N. Patel


Professor Gary Richardson

The Effect of Political Events on Banking During the Great Depression

Ruben R. Perez

Chicano/Latino Studies/ Psychology

Professor Michael Montoya

Community Empowerment

Gabriella M. Perez-Rosendahl

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Celia W. Goulding

The Pursuit of a Heme-Bound Structure of a Mycobacterium Putative Hemophore

Whitney R. Peterson

Social Ecology

Professor John M. Whiteley

An Analysis of Renewable Energy Policies in Rapidly Developing Countries: Comparing China and India

Mark Peterson


Professor Sergey Nizkorodov

Hygroscopicity of Nanoparticles Containing Surfactants

Tiffany Pham

Chemistry/ Biological Sciences

Professor Andrej Luptak

In Vitro Selection of Self-Cleaving Ribozymes in the Mouse Genome

David Poloniecki

Political Science

Professor Cecelia Lynch

The Challenges of French Muslims' Integration

Lissa Pratt


Professor Nicole Gage
Professor Jessamy Norton-Ford

The Intelligibility of Degraded Sentences

Jacque A. Prenger

Biological Sciences

Professor Frances M. Leslie

Nicotine Self-administration Combined with Norharmane, a Constituent of Tobacco Smoke, in Adolescent Male Rats

Ardeshir S. Rahman

Biological Sciences

Professor Jorge Busciglio

Assessment of Cryopreservation Methods for Long Term Storage of Human Nerve Cells

Stephen D. Ramgren


Professor Suzanne A. Blum

Palladium-Catalyzed Carboauration of Alkynes

Krishanu A. Ray

Physics/ Quantitative Economics

Professor Kieron Burke

Semiclassical Methods Applied to Quantum Mechanical Theory

Geraldo Raygoza

Women's Studies

Professor Mandy Mount

V-Day UCI 2009

Brittany M. Rice

Biological Sciences/ Minor in Psychology

Professor Laura Glynn

Psychological Stress in Birth Outcomes

Katherine A. Rippel


Professor Victoria Bernal

Rock and Roll Masculinities: An Ethnographic Study of Performance, Gender, and Music

Sara M. Ritchie

Anh-Minh Ta

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

Professor Steven Allison

Microbial Decomposers and Their Competitors

Daniel A. Rojas

Sociology/ Political Science Minor

Professor David A. Smith
Professor Judith Stepan-Norris

Labor Responses to the Origins of Capital Flight: 1950-1960

Enrique Ruacho

Criminology, Law & Society/ Political Science

Professor Elliott Currie

Race and the Juvenile Justice Process: Exploring the Overrepresentation of Latino Youth in California’s Juvenile Justice System

Pamela P. Ruiz

Chicano/Latino Studies/ Cognitive Psychology

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres
Professor Al Valdez

Gangs and Youth Prevention Programs: Looking at the Lessons and Best Practices from Honduras

Negar Sadeghein

Biological Sciences

Professor Mahtab Jafari

Drosophila, Virginity, and Lifespan

Arya Saidi

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Zhongping Chen

Improved Optical Coherence Tomography of Human Vocal Cords Through the Use of a Swept Source Data Collection System

Brandon D. Saller

Materials Science Engineering/ Aerospace Engineering

Professor Farghalli Mohamed
Professor John R. Porter

Electron Backscatter Diffraction Study of a Titanium Alloy

Rachel M. Schaffer

European Studies/ French

Professor Alice Fahs
Professor Jane O. Newman

Pierre Corneille and a Nuanced Raison D’état

Jordan N. Schonig


Professor Jerome Christensen

Inside Illusory Hollywood: Hyperreality in the Hollywood Novel

Thomas W. Schumacher

Studio Art

Professor Mara J. Lonner

Remix: An Exploration of the Aesthetics of Advertising

Sarah R. Seif

Anthropology/ International Studies

Professor William M. Maurer
Professor Sheila O'Rourke

Egyptian Christian Coptic Orthodoxy Within its Cultural and Historical Context and its Increasing Transnationalism

Heewon Seo

International Studies/ Political Science

Professor Dorothy Solinger

China’s Growing Rural-Urban and Intra-Urban Income Disparity: Threat of Social Instability as a Result of the Widening Gap between the Rich and Poor

Samantha G. Serrano

Social Ecology

Professor Caesar Sereseres

“Building a Bridge”

Dongjoon Shin


Professor Salvatore Maddi

Hardiness and Death: The Relationship between Existential Courage and Existential Meaning

Dongjoon Shin


Professor Salvatore Maddi

Relationship between Hardiness, Narcissism, and Self-Esteem

Shaghayegh Shojaei

Criminology, Law & Society/ Sociology

Professor Caesar Sereseres

Native Americans' Experiences of Autonomy

Anahita F. Sidhwa

Aerospace Engineering

Professor Benjamin Villac

Tagging Asteroids: In Search of Long-term Stable Orbits Around Asteroids

Kulwinder Singh

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Sally Dickerson

The Effects of High Rejection Sensitivity on the Cardiovascular System

Shawta Singh


Professor Susan K. Brown

Asian Indian Immigrants and Drinking Behavior: The Effect of Acculturation and Religious Identity

Aneesh Sinha

Biological Sciences/ Criminology: Law & Society

Professor Celia Goulding

Crystallography Studies of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Protein, Rv0203

Kevin J. Slagle

Physics/ Mathematics

Professor Anyes Taffard

ATLAS Data Quality Monitoring Graphical User Interfaces

Randall A. Smith

Dance/ Dance Performance and Choreography

Professor Lisa Naugle

Teaching of Choreography: An Intimate Account

Raquel J. Sojourner

Sociology/ African American Studies (Minor)

Professor Francesa Polletta
Professor Belinda Robnett

Levels of Identity and Connection to the African American Community among College-Aged Blacks

Marcus L. Solomon

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Susan T. Charles

Memory for Emotion Moderated by Overt and Narrative Memory Rehearsal and Optimism and Neuroticism

Batjargal Solongo


Professor Athan J. Shaka

Synthesis of Difluoroacetic acid and anhydride for Better Elucidation of Molecular Structure through NMR Spectroscopy

Scott D. Somers

Music/ Education minor

Professor Kei Akagi

Expanding the Boundaries and Connecting the Dots: An Endeavor to Create a Recording of Music Both Theoretically Contemporary and Culturally Relevant

Amelia L. Stanford


Professor Catherine I. Bolzendahl

The Effects and Causes of Political Discussion

Patrick G. Stanley


Professor Margaret Schneider

Fitness and Physical Activity in Online Gaming

Myles A. Sterrett


Professor Gary Richardson

Liquidity Ratio Deterioration and Bank Failures during the Great Depression

Erica Su

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Brian J-F. Wong

Analyzing the Optimal Mechanics of Needle Insertion into Rabbit Auricular Cartilage

Andrew H. Sumida


Professor Patrick J. Farmer

Photophysical and Electrochemical Characterization of [Ru(Bpy)2 L]2+

Catherine Sun


Professor Mary Louise Kean

Phonological and Semantic Influences on Verbal Short Term Memory