Fall 2012 Grant Recipients - (T-Z)

Student Name



Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Keli Y. Tahara


Professor Ron Frostig

Horizontal Projections as an Anatomical Foundation for the Radial Spreads of Activity Following Single-Whisker Stimulation

Saniya Taher

Comparative Literature/ Women's Studies, and International Studies (Middle East, and Global Cultures)

Professor Rei Terada

Disjointed Public Consciousness: Antonioni’s Trilogy and the Question of Italian Postwar National Memory and Trauma

Joy A. Tawadrous

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Zoe Klemfuss
Professor Jodi A. Quas

Parental Reminiscing Style and Children's Suggestibility

Bakr H. Teebi

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Michelle Khine

Arrays of Tunable Gold Antennas for Enhanced Sensing

Carine B. Todmia

Materials Science Engineering/ Biomedical Engineering (minor)

Professor James C. Earthman

Containment Materials Reliability/Sustainability in a Thermal Neutron, Molten Salt Environment

George N. Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Steven C. Cramer

Longitudinal Study of Cortical Network Dynamics After Ischemic Stroke

Jenny D. Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Behnoosh Afghani

Intubation Exhibit at the Discovery Science Center

Daniel C. Tran

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Paolo Casali
Professor Guideng Li

AID-Dependent Recruitment of ATF2 to Switch Region Mediates Double-Strand Break Repairs in Class Switch Recombination

Anthony P. Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Shaista M. Malik

Risk Communication of CVD In Patients With Diabetes

Minh T. Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Stephanie Tjen-A-Looi

Study the Role of Opioids in the Nucleus of the Solitary Tract During Electroacupuncture

Truc T. Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Francesco Tombola

Effect of Membrane-Stretch on a Voltage-gated Proton Channel, hHv1

Teresa D. Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Mahtab Jafari

The Use of Tahitian Plant Extracts Protect Against Oxidative Stress

Diana T. Tran

Chemical Engineering/ Biological Sciences

Professor Scott D. Rychnovsky

An Investigation of Collision-Induced Dissociation (CID) Cleavable Protein Cross-Linkers

Jennifer Tran

Public Health Policy/ Psychology and Social Behavior

Professor Zuzana Bic

Passport for Health: Nutrition Promotion in the Latino Community to Reduce Diabetes Development in Orange County

Ivan Trang


Professor Elise Kleeman
Professor Katumi Sumikawa

Maternal Nicotine Exposure Effect on Novel Object Location and Novel Object Recognition

Stephanie Truong

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Mahtab Jafari

Characterization of the Putative Active Compounds in Rhodiola rosea

Joel A. Trushinski

Biological Sciences

Professor Weian Zhao

Multivalent Poly-Antibody CTC Capture Device

Anne Twardowsky Di Donato

Biological Sciences/ Medicine

Professor Yi-Hong Zhou

Epigenetic Regulation of EFEMP1 Expression in Malignant Glioma and Derived Primary Culture and Cell Lines

Rakhee N. Vaidya

Biological Sciences

Professor David Baglietto-Vargas

Role of Intracellular AB and Tau on Early Synaptic Alternations in an AD Model

Joshua L. Valdez

Biological Sciences

Professor Jefferson Chan

The Role of Nuclear-factor Erythroid-derived 2 Related Factor Family of Transcription Factors in Adipose Biology

Sarah Y.. Valles

Biological Sciences

Professor Steven Gross

Transport Regulating Proteins in Lipid-Droplets of Drosophila melanogaster Embryos

Sheila A. Vilanilam

International Studies/ N/A

Professor Robert M. Uriu

Decision Making, Leadership & Relationships in the Hermit Kingdom

Kevin Vu

Physics/ Mathematics

Professor Kieron Burke

Testing Machine Learning Methods on Density Functional Theory and Various Functionals

Andy U. Vu

Biological Sciences

Professor Zhiwei Wang

Screening for D3 and D5 Dopamine Receptor Agonistic and Antagonistic Compounds

Arman Walia

Biological Sciences

Professor Guy Hidas

Aerosol Transfer of Bladder Urothelial and Smooth Muscle Cells onto Demucosalized Colonic Segments for Bladder Augmentation

Ryan P. Wallace

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Professor Kathleen Treseder

Collection of Souvenir Species and Human Disturbances of Intertidal Zones

Yijiao Wang

Biomedical Engineering

Professor William C. Tang

Simulated Capillaries for Blood Rheology Study – Constriction and Relaxation of Circular PDMS Microchannels through Hydraulic Actuation

Melissa A. Ward

Biological Sciences

Professor Peter Bowler

Oxygen Transportation through the Lacunae System in Species of Emergent Marsh Plants

Umer A. Waris

Biological Sciences

Professor Nathan A. Wong

Prevalence of AHA Life Simple 7 Conditions Across Racial and Ethnic Groups in California

Sabrina D. Wedee

Biological Sciences

Professor Michelle Fortier

The Effects of Parental Attitudes about Pain Management using Analgesics on the Child’s Self Pain Report

Emily M. Whitley


Professor Jacob Avery

In-and-Out: Lives of Mentally Disabled Homeless Women in Los Angeles

Madison E. Wilson

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Jennifer Skeem

Targeting Criminogenic Needs via a Collaborative Process? Evaluating an Interactive Journaling Program for Probationers

Alison L. Wong

Public Health Sciences

Professor Zuzana Bic
Professor Brandon Brown
Professor Diane L. Diefenderfer

Student Dancers at UC Irvine: How Can Injury Risk Be Reduced?

Jazmine K. Wong

Anthropology/ Public Health Policy

Professor Margaret Schneider

Actual Intensity as a Moderator for the Relationship between Competence and Perceived Exertion in Physical Activity

Samantha A. Wong

Biological Sciences

Professor John C. Fox
Professor Shahram Lotfipour

Evaluation of Shoulder Injury in the Emergency Department: Utility of Bedside Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Acute Shoulder Dislocation

Jazmine K. Wong

Anthropology/ Public Health Policy

Professor Keith Murphy

A Closer Look at Cultural Models: Asian Americans and Mental Health

Chun Wu

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Michelle Khine

Optimizing the Working Conditions of the Hydrophilic Channels on Superhydrophobic Surfaces

Vinnie C. Wu

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Jutta Heckhausen

Parental Attachment and Shared Agency in Academic Motivation and Achievement

Yi X. Wu

Biological Sciences

Professor Weian Zhao

Cracking the Deoxyribozymes: Structure and Mechanism

Sheila Xiao


Professor Ann Hironaka

Politicization and Activism among University Students

Bryan J. Xie

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Jennifer A. Prescher

Development of Azido Carbamate Sugar for Catch and Release of Proteins

Michelle N. Yancoskie


Professor Lee Bardwell

Phosphorylation of the Transcription Factor Grainyhead-like 3 (GRHL3) by Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases

Elyse M. Young

Biological Sciences

Professor Mahtab Jafari

Biological Characterization of Rosavin and Synthetic Rosavin Analogs

Genesis M. Zamora

Biological Sciences

Professor Henry Hirschberg

Photochemical Internalization (PCI) Enhanced Nonviral Transfection of Pro-drug Activating Genes; a Potential Treatment Modality for Brain Tumors

Karina K. Zavaleta-Abel

Anthropology/ Spanish

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Measuring College Satisfaction at the University of California, Irvine

Ben H. Zhou

Chemical Engineering

Professor Allon Hochbaum

Silicon Nanowire and PEDOT:PSS Composite Films for Thermoelectrics