Fall 2014 Grant Recipients - (G-L)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Anthony J. Gallegos

Biological Sciences

Professor Susana Cohen-Cory

The Role of DSCAM in the Development of Retinal Ganglion Cells in the Visual System of Xenopus Laevis Tadpoles in vivo

Christina M. Garibay


Professor Wendy Goldberg
Professor Yu-qing Guo

Is Autism Symptom Severity Associated with Emotion Co-regulation in Dyadic Interactions of Father and Child with ASD

Juan C. Garibay

Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine/ Psychology (minor)

Professor Charles G.. Glabe

Optimization of Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody Production in HEK293T Cells

Laura-Elena Garza

Sociology/ Chicano/Latino Studies

Professor Francesca Polletta

Special Call: The Difference in Rape Myth Acceptance among Latina and White Undergraduate Students

Savenaca V. Gasaiwai

Political Science/ Sociology

Professor Caesar Sereseres

Special Call: The Effects of Education, Gender, and Citizenship Acquisition on the Likelihood of Voter Turnout among 1st and 2nd Generation Pacific Islander Immigrants

Alexander Gau

Biological Sciences

Professor Yi-hong Zhou

Analysis of Growth and Invasiveness of Heterogeneous Glioblastoma Cell Types in Response to Irradiation

Jessica German


Professor Craig Stark

Pattern Separation and Memory Performance in Aging Adults

Nicki Ghafari

Political Science/ International Studies

Professor Bojan Petrovic
Professor Caesar Sereseres

Patterns of Consumerism in Turkey

Anthony J. Gibson

Literary Journalism/ Film and Media Studies

Professor Jack Miles

Understanding Humanity’s Separation from Nature

Anita MT. Gilbert


Professor Gillian Hayes

Supporting Health Organizations in the Global South

Jordan H. Glenn

Anthropology/ Economics

Professor Tom Boellstorff

Anatomy of a Fireteam: A Comparison of Social Interactions in Destiny and Facebook

Karen E. Godinez


Professor George Farkas

Assessing the Productivity of Jumpstart within Schools in Santa Ana

Afarin Golabgir Anbarani

Biological Sciences

Professor Petra Wilder-Smith

Prevalence of Enamel Demineralization: A Screening Study using Clinical and Imaging Tools

Rupal Golakiea

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Mahtab Jafari

Investigating the Life Extending Effects of Rhodiola rosea through the Cyclic AMP Signaling Pathway

Arianna E. Gomez

Biological Sciences

Professor Virginia Kimonis

Administration of CoQ10 Analogue Ameliorates Dysfunction of the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain in a Mouse Model of Angelman Syndrome

Larysha Green


Professor Samuel Gilmore
Professor Kristin Turney

The Effects of Paternal Incarceration on Mother’s Well Being and Child's Academic Success

Nicholas H. Green

Psychology & Social Behavior/ N/A

Professor Belinda Campos
Professor Arpine Hovasapian

Linguistic Analysis of Pride Expressions

Venus M. Green

Political Science/ African American Studies

Professor Jeanett Castellanos

Special Call: "It takes a Village:” 'The Role of Family on African American Female Undergraduates’ (AAFU) Academic Success

Matthew p. Guevara

Criminology, Law & Society/ Political Science

Professor Valerie Jenness

Special Call: Law Enforcement Interpretative Understanding of Sex Trafficking Bodies through Policy

Robert A. Gutierrez

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Jered Haun

Detection of Soluble Cancer Biomarkers using Nanoparticles

Edward Gutierrez

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Jeanett Castellanos

Special Call: Latina and Latino Racial Microaggressions and Well-Being: A Quantitative Analysis

Pega M. Hajian

Biological Sciences

Professor Anshu Agrawal

Signaling Mechanisms of the Activation of AMPK by Metformin

Eleni L. Haloftis

Anthropology/ Minor: Greek

Professor Andromache Karanika

Greek Diaspora Language Forms as Method of Cultural Freezing

Janelle M. Halog

Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine

Professor Elliot Botvinick

Analyzing Force-Extension Curves to Study Biophysical Differences in the Activation Notch Signaling

Anthony Han

Biomedical Engineering

Professor William C. Tang

Aptamer-based EIS for HIV Detection and Diagnosis

Minhoh Han


Professor Solmaz S. Kia

RFID Tags as Identifiers and Localization Landmarks in Mobile Robotics Experiments

Nasser A. Hasan

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Professor Steven D. Allison

Marine Extracellular Enzyme Response to pH Change in Coastal Southern California

Katrina M. Henrikson

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Jered Haun

Cell Filtration through a Microfabricated Membrane Filter Device

Jorge A. Hernandez

Sociology/ Information Systems

Professor Katherine Faust

Undergraduate Conceptions of Success & Failure: A Cultural Consensus Analysis

Jessica E. Hernandez


Professor David J. Frank

#Queer Community

Alejandra Hernandez


Professor Francesca Polletta

Special Call: Evolving Leadership Styles and Gender

Edgar A. Hernandez

Public Health Policy

Professor Zuzana Bic

UC Irvine Undergraduate Student Attitudes and Beliefs regarding Eating Disorders

Dana A. Hernandez

Environmental Engineering

Professor Sunny Jiang

Investigation of Bacterial and Viral Removal Efficiency through Different Water Treatment Processes at IRWD

Caitlin M. Hicks


Professor Loretta Livingston

CHP Senior Thesis

Kimberly M. Hilby


Professor Scott Rychnovsky

Expansion of Reductive Lithation Methodology

Margaret Ho

Biological Sciences

Professor Charles Glabe

Characterization and Quantification of Amyloid Aggregates using Conformational Dependent Monoclonal Antibodies

Huy V. Ho

Biological Sciences

Professor Kavita Arora

Analysis of the role of TGF-β/Activin signaling in Drosophila metamorphosis and Regulation of the Ecdysone Pathway

Arlene P. Ho

Biological Sciences/ Psychology

Professor Brian Wong

Evaluating the Viability of the Temporomandibular Joint in Culture and the Effect of Electromechanical Reshaping

David H. Ho

Biological Sciences

Professor Brian J. Wong

Low-Cost, Quantitative 3D Structural Imaging of the Nose and Other Facial Features Using Open Source Software

Long H. Hoang

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Wendy A. Goldberg

Special Call: Mother-Daughter Attitudes toward Homosexuality: The Gap between two Generations

Sabaa Hoda

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Elizabeth A. Martin

Assessing Emotional Awareness with Social Anhedonia

Sean p. Hogan

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Mahtab Jafari

The Effect of Rhodiola rosea on Carbohydrate Metabolism in Drosophila melanogaster

Scott P. Hogan


Professor Kai Evers

Das Nibelungenlied: Creating and Justifying Germany’s National Myth during the Weimar Republic

Richelle Roelandt L. Homo

Chemistry/ Biological Science

Professor Mahtab Jafari

Consumption and Fate of Natural Products in Drosophila melanogaster

James Hong


Professor Laura Mitchell

The Dutch East India Company: Prototype for the Corporate State

Hanze Hu

Biological Sciences/ Biomedical Engineer

Professor Xiaolin Zi

Delta-Tocopherol and Metformin Combination Treatment Results in Bladder Cancer Cell Death In vitro

Carolyn T. Hua

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Andrej Luptak

In vitro Selection of Adenine-Related Aptamers in a Human Genomic Pool

Jeremy Huang

Biological Sciences/ Minor: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Professor Adam C. Martiny

Microbial Gene Diversity in the Equatorial Pacific

Elaine Huang

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Criminology, Law and Society

Professor Michelle Fortier

Are Parental Perceived Stress and Anxiety a Predictor of Postoperative Recovery in Children?

Emma D. Hutchinson

International Studies

Professor Cecelia M. Lynch

Celebrity Humanitarianism in UNICEF

Steven Huynh

Biological Sciences

Professor Alyssa Braciszewski
Professor Donovan German

Egg Cannibalism and Digestibility in the California Grunion

Mariam Iskajyan

International Studies/ Political Science

Professor Cecelia Lynch

NGO Debates of “Humanitarian Intervention” in the Syrian Arab Republic: Dilemmas of Ethics, Justice, and Morality in the Use of Force

Jazmin Jimenez

Chicano/Latino Studies/ Spanish and Education

Professor Ana E. Rosas

Chicano Latino College Retention: How does the College Experience Impact Graduation Success?

Alexandra Jones

Political Science

Professor Caesar Sereseres

The Effects of Drug Abuse, Homeless Programs, and Incarceration on Homelessness

Lora R. Karch

International Studies/ French minor

Professor Daniel Brunstetter

Islamaphobia and Anti-Semitism in Europe

Adam Keppler

Computer Science

Professor Raymond Klefstad

Privacy and Data: Do Alternatives which Allow Users Privacy Exist?

Emily M. Kha

Mechanical Engineering

Professor William C. Tang

Microchannels for Cell-to-Cell Communication Studies

Phillip K. Khim

Biological Sciences

Professor Michael Demetriou

The Warburg Effect and T Cell Differentiation

Katie Khuu

Computer Science

Professor Lisa S. Pearl

Adding Naturally Derived Utterance Types to a Model of Syntactic Category Acquisition

Bita Kianian

Biomedical Engineering

Professor William C. Tang

Use of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) and Highly Sensitive Aptamers as a Platform for Malaria Diagnostics

Stephanie H. Kim

Biological Sciences

Professor Sergey Nizkorodov

Analysis of Carbonyl Compounds in Secondary Organic Aerosols

Daehwan Kim

Business Economics

Professor Gary Richardson

Banking Distress and Bank Performance During the Great Depression

Eline Kocharyan

Public Health Sciences

Professor Jean Gehricke
Professor Miryha Runnerstrom

Maternal Gestational Exercise, Inflammation and Autism

Allison S . Krebs


Professor Keith Murphy
Professor Sheila O'Rourke

The Subjectivity of Dress Code Violations in Public High Schools and their Effect on Students' Sense of Identity

John J. Krochmal

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Steven Wechsler

Vivo-Morpholinos: A Potential Drug Therapy for Recurrent Ocular Herpes Simplex

Cherie Kwok

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Salvatore R. Maddi

Hardiness and Implicit Racist Attitudes

Stephanie F. Kwok

Biological Sciences

Professor Charles Limoli

Effects of Titanium Particle Radiation on Medial Prefrontal Cortex of the Mouse Brain

Louai Labanieh

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Weian Zhao

Insulin Biosensor

Bijal D. Lal

Psychology & Social Behavior/ N/A

Professor Jeanett Castellanos

Special Call: Tanzanian Women Coping and Well-Being: A Qualitative Study

Ann Lan

Biological Sciences

Professor Geoffrey W. Abbott

Determining the Role of KCNE2 in the Pancreas

Tarra R. Laperdon

Social Science/ Dance

Professor Jeanett Castellanos

Special Call: Turning the Point: The Adjustment in Pursuing a Career as a Female Professional Dancer

Ashley A. LaRosa


Professor Lisa Naugle

Beginning a Professional Dance Career

Ashley A. LaRosa


Professor Molly Lynch

Success through the Eyes of a Dancer

Daryl Larry-Sar

Biological Sciences

Professor Frances M. Leslie

Age-Dependent Alterations in 5-HT1A Receptor Activity after Nicotine and Fluoxetine Exposure

Danielle Lauber

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor Keramet Reiter
Professor Nicholas Scurich

Special Call: The Gender Paradox in Homicide

Kelly A. Laugenour


Professor Jonathan RT. Lakey

Tissue Response to Alginate in an Immuno-Competent Murine Model

Tram-Anh T. Le

Biological Sciences

Professor Michael Demetriou

N-glycosylation Influences B Cell Co-stimulatory Functions by Altering Intracellular Signaling Pathways

Christina Le

Biological Sciences

Professor Francesco Tombola

Ability of the Stretch-Activated Ion Channel Piezo1 to Induce Spontaneous Ca2+ Transients

Toyen H. Le

Biological Sciences

Professor David Baglietto-Vargas

Investigate Signaling Pathways that Affect the Actin Cytoskeleton in AD

Gabrielle Lee

Earth & Environmental Science

Professor Patrick Rafter
Professor John Southon

A Stratigraphic Analysis on Ocean Sediment Cores: Are Sediments Viable for Paleoceanography?

Peying D. Lee

Sociology/ Criminology, Law and Society; Educational Sciences

Professor Jacob Avery
Professor Samuel Gilmore

Special Call: Shelters' Support of Homeless Women and Staff

Andrew O. Leon

Political Science/ International Studies

Professor Jeanett Castellanos

Latino Male Freshmen's Transition to College and their College Adjustment

Andrew O. Leon

International Studies/ Political Science

Professor Keramet Reiter
Professor Alfonso Valdez

Examination of Causation Factors of Incarceration Rates in America and Global

Yvette Leon

Chicano/Latino Studies

Professor Ana E. Rosas

Special Call: The Discourse on Racial Politics on Latina Reproductive Health: Addressing Latina Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Accessibility to Health Services through Community-Based Organizations and Family Dynamics

Hao Li


Professor Samuel Gilmore
Professor Yang Su

Intellectual Property Right Awareness in China

Stephanie Lieng

Biological Sciences

Professor Zhiwei Wang

Investigate the Interaction of BRS3 and EP3 with FRET Technology

Diana L. Lieu

International Studies

Professor Jefferey Wasserstrom

Comparison of Chinese-American Consumers to Mainland Chinese Consumers

Paulina Lim

Psychology/ Spanish

Professor Michelle Fortier

The Effect of Child’s Temperament on the Number of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapies Used in Pediatric Patients with Chronic Illness

Bernadette M. Lingat


Professor Kenneth J. Shea

Progress Toward Efficient Synthesis of Vinyl Chlorides form Ketones with Tungsten Hexachloride and Molybdenum Pentachloride

Krista Linzner

Biological Sciences

Professor Adam C. Martiny

Physiological and Genetic Response of E. coli Adapted to High Temperature

Qihao Liu

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Yun Wang

Electrical Conductivity of Microfiber

Stella Liu

International Studies

Professor Richard Matthew

Orange County Agriculture: Then, Now, and the Future

Sunny Y. Liu

Public Health Sciences/ International Studies

Professor Brandon Brown
Professor Terry L. Schmidt

Political, Socio-Economic and Cultural Factors that Influence the Effectiveness of Foreign and Internal Disaster Response and Outcome

Kevin Lo

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Olivier Civelli

Role of Melanin Concentrating Hormone in the Estrous Cycle

Patrick C. Lo

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Albert Yee

Fabricating Square Nanopillars on PMMA Substrates using Double Imprinting

Nicholas Look

Mechanical Engineering

Professor William C. Tang

Microfluidic Device for Capturing Circulating Tumor Cells

Johann S. Lopez

Earth & Environmental Science

Professor Adam C. Martiny

Diurnal Variation of Cellular Stoichiometry in Synechococcus WH8102 and the Effect of Cellular Division Rate

Michael S. Louie

Biological Sciences

Professor Adam Martiny

Newport Timeseries

Matthew Low

Biological Sciences

Professor Peter Kaiser

The Role of Cdc6 in the Methionine Dependency of Cancer

Vivian Lu


Professor Charles Wright

The Effect of Aging on Feature-Based Attention