Fall 2015 Grant Recipients - (T-Z)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Lizeth Tamayo

Sociology/ Social Policy & Public Service

Professor Caesar Sereseres

Indigenous Cultural Retention: Factors that Influence the Identity of Mexican Americans

Tanya Tatavets

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Olivier Civelli

Evaluating Presynaptic Inputs to MCH Neurons using Circuit Mapping Techniques

Vicki D. Tea

Biological Sciences

Professor Frances Leslie

Kappa Opioid Receptor Activation in Neuropathic Mouse Brain

Seraphim B. Telep

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Thomas OSullivan
Professor Bruce Tromberg

Analysis of Endothelial Occlusion Response in Healthy Individuals

Sarah D. Thompson


Professor Joel Veenstra

Special Call: UCI Women’s Empowerment Initiative: Women in Comedy (Chicago Study)

Naomi S. Thomson

Materials Science Engineering

Professor Albert S. Yee

Shear Strength of Fibroblast Cells on Nanopatterned Polymer Surfaces

Jimmy N. To

Biological Sciences

Professor Wirachin Hoonpongsimanont
Professor Shahram Lotfipour

Retrospective Study on Methodologies of Screening and Brief Interventions and Referral to Treatment in Underserved Primary Care Setting

Anne V. Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Petra Wilder-Smith

Investigating the Effects of Altering the Oral Microbiome on Neoplasia

Ngoctran T. Tran

Biological Sciences/

Professor Mark Warschauer

The Impact of ChemM2LA/ChemM2LB on Chem1A/B Students

Bryant Q. Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Maksim Plikus

Rediscovering the Lipochondrocyte: A Characterization of a Novel Cell Type in the Mammalian External Ear

Peter Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Anshu Agrawal

Impaired Generation of T Regulatory Cells and Tolerance in Aged Dendritic Cells

Donald Trinh


Professor Asantha R. Cooray

Herschel Dust Measurements of SDSS Supernovae Host Galaxies

Peri Trono

Dance-Choreography/ Dance-Performance

Professor Shaun Boyle

Vulnerability as a Medium: A BFA Dance Thesis Performance

Hau V. Truong

Biological Sciences

Professor Shiou-Chuan Tsai

Structural Characterization of Resistomycin Cyclases and Detection of Cage Formation

Tori R. Tucker

Developmental & Cell Biology

Professor Jonathan RT. Lakey

A Novel Strategy to Ameliorate Hypoxia in Encapsulated Islets using Perfluorodecalin

Emuejevuoke A. Umukoro

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Elizabeth Hemming
Professor Guiyun Yan

Effects of Long-term use of Antimalarial Drugs on Plasmodium falciparum Parasite in Western Kenya

Omid Vadpey

Microbiology & Immunology

Professor Steven P. Gross

Elucidating Novel Kinase Dependent Pathways which Regulate Dynein Driven Organelle Transport

Estefania Valois

Political Science

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

Poverty and Vulnerability: How Mexico's Education System is Failing its Students

Jennifer H. Van


Professor Frances M. Leslie

Regional Neuronal Activity after Nicotine, Ethanol, or Nicotine and Ethanol Exposure in Adolescent Rats

Angelica Victoria


Professor David Igler

Special Call: Native American Women and Resistance

Alexander M. Vo


Professor Cornelia Ringer
Professor Johnn Weiss

Correlation of Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide Expression at the Motor Endplate with Motor Neuron Degeneration in a Mouse Model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Hetika Vora

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Xiaolin Zi

Treatment of Docetaxel Resistant 22Rv1 Prostate Cancer Cell Line

Thinh H. Vu

Biological Sciences

Professor Petra Wilder-Smith

Detection of Enamel Demineralization by Autofluorescence Imaging

Brian Vu

Biological Sciences

Professor Maksim Plikus

Mechanism of Hair Follicle Cycling

Taylor C. Wang

Biological Sciences

Professor Ron Frostig

Long-Range Horizontal Projections from Lateral Occipital Area in the Dysgranular Zone

Jian Wang

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Yun Wang

Graphene-Based Supercapacitor for Renewable Energy

Victoria Wang

Public Health Sciences

Professor Andrew Noymer

Childhood Conditions and Men's Mortality

Nik Warren

Public Health Policy

Professor Miryha Runnerstrom

Violence and Aggression

Kaylee M. Wells

Developmental & Cell Biology

Professor David M. Gardiner

Gland Development in Embryonic and Regenerating Limbs of Ambystoma mexicanum

Keira Whitaker


Professor Molly Lynch

Special Call: Using Movement as a Call for Women’s Equality and Solidarity

Timothy R. White

Chemical Engineering

Professor James C. Earthman

Modeling the Corrosion Behavior of Hastelloy N. in Molten Flouride Salt

Tim M. Wiher

Biological Sciences

Professor Aimee L. Edinger

Furthering the Understanding of the Structure-Activity Relationship of FTY720 through an Investigation of its Sphingolipid Derivatives

Edward C. Wu


Professor Simon Penny

Robotic Herd

Karen L. Wu

Biological Sciences

Professor James V. Jester

Immunofluorescence Tomography of Limbal Epithelial Stem Cells

Helary Yakub

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Anthropology

Professor Caesar Sereseres

Impact of Sex, Ethnicity, and Age of Exposure on Adult Mental Health who as Minors were Exposed to Domestic Violence

Yuhang Yang


Professor Jennifer Prescher

Synthesis of a Novel D-Luciferin Analogue via Cross-Coupling Precursors

Margaret Yang

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Hannah L. Park

Special Call: Applying the Health Belief Model to the Practice of Physicians to Improve and Provide Personalized Healthcare for Patients at Risk for Breast Cancer

Abhishek Yellapu

Electrical Engineering

Professor Ozdal Boyraz

Data Transference via Light-Based Comunications

Jason E. Yim

Chemical Engineering

Professor Szu-Wen Wang

Investigating a New Method of E2 Nanoparticle Purification

Tae Yeon Yoo

Biological Sciences

Professor Ken Cho

Phasor-FLIM Technique for Analysis of Embryo Viability

Jea O. Yoo

Public Health Policy

Professor Zuzana Bic

Relationship between Depression and Various Stress Coping Strategies

Shuhab M. Zaher

Biological Sciences

Professor Yama Akbari

Critical Period during Cardiac Arrest Predicts Long Term Outcome

Iliana C. Zepeda

International Studies/ Education Sciences

Professor Jeanett Castellanos

A Qualitative Study: Latina/o Undergraduate Students' Persistence