Fall 2016 Grant Recipients - (T-Z)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Hubert M. Ta

Business Administration/ Film and Media Studies

Professor Allison J. Perlman

American TV Violence, Evolving Standards and Censorship, and the Cultural Effect of TV Violence on Production, Regulation and Audiences

Sarah D. Tajran

Biological Sciences

Professor Hamid Djalilian
Professor Yaser Ghavami
Professor Harrison Lin

A Study on the Prevalence and Hereditary Patterns in Motion Sickness

Chiaki Takebayashi

Dance/ Psychology

Professor Molly Lynch

The Effects of Culture on Dance

Claudia C. Tapia

Education Sciences

Professor Jeanett Castellanos
Professor Al Valdez

The Status of Latino Middle School Males Participating in Restorative Practices: An Analysis of the Counselor-Student Relationship

Ledia Tarabey

Biological Sciences

Professor Scott Atwood

Protein Proximity Identification of aPKC Interaction Partners using APEX2 Labeling

Seraphim B. Telep

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Bruce J. Tromberg

Non-Invasive Optical Analysis of Human Endothelial Occlusion Response

Quentin D. Tercenio


Professor Vy Dong

Rhodium Catalyzed Alkyne Hydrofunctionalization

Victoria Thompson


Professor Myrona Delaney

Special Call (Women): New York Satellite Program: Issues with Black Female Roles on Broadway

Myint Myat Thu

Biological Sciences

Professor Pavan Kadandale

A Multiple-Choice Assessment Technique that Bridges the Gap between Multiple Choice and Free Response Question Formats

Kelsey E. Tom

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Criminology, Law and Society

Professor Elizabeth Cauffman

Peer Relationships of Callous-Unemotional Youth

Crystal J. Torres-Farias

Sociology/ Anthropology

Professor Raul Fernandez
Professor Samuel L. Gilmore

Blurring the Lines between the U.S. and Mexican Pop Music Culture

Tien T. Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Lbachir BenMohamed
Professor Arif Khan
Professor Ruchi Srivastava

The Efficacy of Prime and Pull Method of Vaccination in HLA Transgenic Rabbits Immunized Ocularly with HSV-1

Cuong Tran

Microbiology & Immunology

Professor Melissa Lodoen

Understanding T. gondii Breaching of the Blood Brain Barrier

Bryant Q. Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Maksim Plikus

Assessing the Role of de novo Lipogenesis in Lipochondrocyte Differentiation and Fine Regulation of Morphogenesis

Ngoctran T. Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Aaron P. Esser-Khan

Understanding Immune Signaling on the Single-Cell Level using Photocaged Immune Agonists

Anthony D. Tran


Professor Virginia Richards

Special Call (Gaming): Video Gaming’s Effect on Perception of Speech in Multitalker Babble Noise

Hau V. Truong

Biological Sciences

Professor Sheryl Tsai

Structural Characterization of Resistomycin Cyclases and Detection of Cage Formation

Tori Tucker

Developmental & Cell Biology

Professor Steven Chessler
Professor Jonathan Lakey

Observing the Effect Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines have on Porcine Islets when Cultured with Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines

Yunuen Valencia

Public Health Policy/ Education Sciences

Professor David Timberlake

The Smokeless Tobacco Council and its Possible Parallel Strategies to the Tobacco Institute

Micheal G. Vavro

Computer Science

Professor Nalini Venkatasubramanian
Professor Richert K. Wang

Dynamic Drone RF Field Network

Daisy V. Vera

Political Science/ Sociology

Professor Louis DeSipio
Professor Laura Enriquez

The Impact of Assembly Bill 60 on Undocumented Immigrants in California

Mary J. Villarreal


Professor Scott Rychnovsky

Expanding the Scope of Collision-Induced Dissociation-Cleavable Cross-Linkers for Protein Structure Analysis

Leyna Vo

Biological Sciences

Professor Donovan German

Understanding the Digestibility of Pricklebacks in response to

Michelle Y. Vu

Biological Sciences

Professor Zhigang David Luo

Calcium Channel Subunit α2δ1-Mediated Pain Hypersensitivity in Specific Cell Types

Albert T. Vu

Computer Science

Professor Aditi Majumder

Multi-Modal Interaction for Front and Rear Multi-Projector Systems

Jenny C. Vuong

Sociology/ International Studies

Professor Ann M. Hironaka

Special Call (Women): The Effects of Education and Gender on Economic Development

Francesca J. Vuono

Criminology, Law & Society/ Psychology and Social Behavior

Professor Cheryl Maxson

The Impact of Police-Sponsored Community Outreach Programs on Youths' Attitudes towards Police

Griffith L. Wagner

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Jered B. Haun

Integration of Tissue Dissociation and Single Cell Enrichment Devices

Brooke Wallace

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Aaron Esser-Kahn

Identification of New Agonist Synergies Containing RIG-1 that Produce a Targeted Response

Emma N. Walsh

Dance/ Education Sciences

Professor Molly Lynch

Silent Conversations: Discovering Dance as a Functional Tool to Improve Communication

Alicia M. Wang

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Belinda Campos

Special Call (Peace): Effects of Social Exclusion on Socioeconomic Status

Michael Wiedeman

Chemical Engineering

Professor Nancy Da Silva

Using Efflux Pumps to Reduce Decanoic Acid Toxicity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Sabrina J. Will


Professor Rahul Warrior

Identifying Regulatory Sequences of the ttv Gene

Jasmine Y. Wong

Biological Sciences

Professor Allon Hochbaum

Varying the Transition Phase of Geobacter sulfurreducens and Geobacter metallireducens Co-Cultures from Acetate to Ethanol

Emily F. Wong

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Sarah D. Pressman

Special Call (Peace): Optimization of Modern Technology in Coping with Stress and Depression

Kevin Y. Xu


Professor Gary Lynch
Professor Linda Palmer

Effects of the Enrichment Environment Setting on the Brain Activity of Rodents as Quantified through c-fos Protein Expression in the Dentate Gyrus

Hanqing Xu

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Larry D. Jamner

Special Call (Peace): The Relationship between Culture, Stress Perception and Coping in Everyday Settings: An Experience Sampling Study

Ahmed Yassine

Psychology/ Cognitive Science

Professor Emily Grossman
Professor Agenor Limon

Nicotine Modulations of Pulvinar Functional Connectivity

Priscilla S. Yau

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Jutta Heckhausen

Parental Relationships, Motivation, and Academic Achievement

Gordon G. Yee

Human Biology

Professor Kim Green

Microglia in the Central Nervous System Impacts Alzheimer’s disease Pathology

Katrina S. Yip

Education Sciences/ Psychology and Social Behavior

Professor Stephanie M. Reich

Mom, Get out of my Face(book)!

Setareh Zareh

Biological Sciences

Professor Albert Siryaporn

Characterizing the Mechanism of Surface-Activated Virulence in P. aeruginosa using a High-Throughput Screen

Ronak Zebarjedi

Biological Sciences

Professor Lee Bardwell

ERK1 and ERK2 Binding IQGAP and other Scaffolds

Yuran Zhen

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Robert Spitale

Light-Activated Cell-Type Specific Nascent RNA Profiling

Bingyao Zhu

Biological Sciences

Professor Robert F. Hunt

Epilepsy-Related Morphology Change in Chd2 Mutant Mice

Lucy Zhuang

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Elliot Hui

Engineering Independent Reporters for Multiplexed Light-Switchable Gene Expression