Fall 2017 Grant Recipients - (T-Z)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Samira Tabatabaiepur

Public Health Sciences

Professor Kelli Sharp

Studying the Effects of Pilates on Collegiate Students' and Dancers' Balance and Pelvic Stability

Kiyomi A. Takemoto

Chemical Engineering

Professor Szu-Wen Wang

Mutants of Lactate Dehydrogenase for Lactate-Responsive Nanoparticles

Kevin Tan

Human Biology

Professor Scott Atwood

The Effect of aPKC on the Hedgehog Pathway in Drug-Resistant Basal Cell Carcinomas

Alejandra L. Tantamango Gavilan


Professor Ana E. Rosas

Special Call (Women's Empowerment): Generational Diversity among Latina Women Professionals: Documenting the Trajectories of Peruvian Professional Women, 1970-Present

Arya Tavakoulnia

Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine

Professor Kimberley Lakes

Measuring and Engaging Attention and Inhibition in Healthy Kids during Exercise using E.E.G.

Sydney L. Tea

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Albert F. Yee

Nanostructured Surfaces Effect on Cell Morphology and Degree of Adherence

Ardyss Thai


Professor Nancy Da Silva

Examining the Use of Acetate as Primary Food Source of Yeast

Radhanath Thialan


Professor Tong Wang

Shanghai Choreography Premiere and Senior Thesis

Tien To

Public Health Sciences

Professor Yaser Ghavami
Professor Wirachin Hoonpongsimanont
Professor Shahram Lotfipour

Clinical Evaluation of Tinnitus after Head Trauma in Emergency Setting

Yvonne Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Scott Atwood

Phosphorylation-Dependent Regulation of C2H2 Zinc Finger Transcription Factors

Vincent C. Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Julie V. Patterson

Impact of 4-Talker Babble on Tone Detection in Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia: Evoked Potentials and Relationship with Cognitive Function

Ngoctran Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor James S. Nowick

Understanding how Beta2-Microglobulin (β2M) Monomers Associate to Form Oligomers

Cuong J. Tran

Microbiology & Immunology

Professor Melissa Lodoen

Investigating T. gondii Infection of the Neurovascular Unit

Michelle Tran

Biological Sciences

Professor Stephanie Tjen-A-Looi

Electroacupuncture and Anti-Inflammatory Aspirin Decreases Blood Pressure in Hypertensive Rats

Danny A. Truong

Biological Sciences

Professor Cascade Sorte

Lottery or Determinism? Ecological Drivers of Fouling Community Composition in Bodega Harbor, California

Benjamin Tu

Political Science

Professor Robert M. Uriu

A Time of Remarkable Opportunity: Australia in an Asian Century

Cherokee L. Turner

Biological Sciences

Professor Katherine Mackey

The Effects of Wastewater Discharge on Phosphorus Concentration and Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in Phytoplankton

Emily D. Urena

Biological Sciences

Professor Donovan P. German
Professor Samantha U. Leigh

The Microbial Community in the Digestive Systems of Seagrass Eating Bonnethead Sharks

Manal T. Usmani

Biological Sciences

Professor Vipan K. Parihar

Sex-Specific Cognitive Deficits following Exposure to Galactic Cosmic Rays

Daisy L. Valle

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Educational Sciences

Professor Jeanett Castellanos

First-Generation Latina/o Students' Well-Being: A Psychosociocultural Perspective

Adrian E. Vallejo

Biological Sciences

Professor Christopher C. Hughes

Modeling Port Wine Birthmark Vasculture in vitro using a GNAQ Misexpression Lentivirus

Kerry C. Vang


Professor Daphne Lei

Asian Words Do Matter

Jose A. Vargas

Software Engineering

Professor Andre Van Der Hoek

Calico: Implementation of Code Analysis Functionality

Jacqueline Vasquez

Biological Sciences

Professor Donovan P. German

Effects of Omnivorous and Carnivorous Diets on Digestive Physiology of Xiphister mucosus

Siddharth Verma

Biomedical Engineering: Premedicine

Professor Michelle Digman

Phasor-FLIM of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Signature Metabolic States

Alexis P. Villani

Biological Sciences

Professor Ilhem Messaoudi

Transcriptome Analysis of Lymphoid and Spleen Tissues in Zarie Ebola Virus Makona Pathogenesis

Hillary M. Vo

Biological Sciences

Professor Edwin S. Monuki

Analysis of Transthyretin Expression using a Tdtomato Reporter: Assessment of mRNA by RT-qPCR

Michael Vu

Biological Sciences

Professor Albert Siryaporn

Development of Potent Inhibitors of Pyocyanin Production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Peiyi Wang

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Chuansheng Chen

Perceived Racial/Ethnic Discrimination and Psychological Well-Being among Asian American College Students: The Moderating Role of Coping Strategy

Xuejie Wang

Biological Sciences

Professor Amal Alachkar

Effect of MCH on Memory in Female Animals and if it is Age-Dependent

Symphony D. Washington

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Criminology, Law, and Society

Professor Teresa Dalton

Special Call (Computer Gaming): The Carousel Game: The Study of the Cycle of Intimate Partner Violence

Michael Wiedeman

Chemical Engineering

Professor Nancy Da Silva

Improving Membrane Transporter Expression and Trafficking to Increase Decanoic Acid Tolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Emily F. Wong

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Sarah D. Pressman

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Health

Gracie Wong

Earth System Science

Professor Saewung Kim

Characterization of Dimethyl Sulfide and Methyl Halides using Mass Spectrometry and Vacuum UV Spectroscopy

Amanda Woodworth

Public Health Sciences

Professor Margaret Schneider

A Pilot Study for an Acceptance-Based Intervention to Improve Physical Activity among Adolescents

James Yamada


Professor David A. Buote

The Distributions of Baryons and Dark Matter in Isolated Elliptical Galaxies

Xiantong Yang

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Michelle Digman

Time Lapse Study of Huntingtin Protein Inclusions by using Phasor-FLIM Analysis

Melany Yeung

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Michelle Khine

Implementing Conformal Strain Sensors for Fine Motor Control in Augmented and Virtual Reality

Junseok Yong

Biological Sciences

Professor Ken Cho

Feedforward Loops in Xenopus mesendoderm Gene Regulatory Network

You Jin Yoon

Criminology, Law & Society/ Anthropology

Professor John Hipp

Twitter Sentiment Analysis of Ethnic Neighborhoods in Southern California

Caytlin M. Yoshioka

History/ Political Science

Professor Adria L. Imada

The Role of Plantations, the U.S. Military, and Tourism on the Development of the Suburb of Mililani

Yongzi Yu

Biological Sciences

Professor Tallie Z. Baram
Professor Yuncai Chen

Sex Differences in Effects of Multimodal Stress on Dendritic Spines in the Hippocampus

Asal Yunusova

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Social Ecology

Professor Jessica Borelli

Special Call (Women's Empowerment): Military Wives’ Attachment and Trauma Histories Interact in Predicting their Psychological Adjustment across a Deployment: Hyperactive Focus on Threat

Jose Zamora

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor Angela F. Lukowski

Special Call (Women's Empowerment): Examining the Role of Parent Interaction on Generalization across Cues and Contexts in Children with Down Syndrome and Typically Developing Children

Zhuowei Zhang

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Yun Wang

M-Free Wheel

Whitney Zhang

Biological Sciences

Professor Thomas Ahlering
Professor Linda M. Huynh

The Integration of (68)-Ga PSMA PET/CT Imaging in the Management and Treatment of Prostate Cancer Recurrence

Jiayi Zhao

Biomedical Engineering/ Economics

Professor Brian Wong

Quantification of Thermal Effect of Electrochemical Therapy on ex-vivo Porcine Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue Using Thermography

Yuewen Zheng

Biological Sciences/ Bioinformatics

Professor Michael Demetriou

Rejuvenating Immunity to H1N1 Influenza A in Aged Mice by Inhibiting N-Glycan Branching

Lucy Zhuang

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Elliot Hui

Controlling Subcellular Localization in Light-Switchable Gene Expression