Fall 2018 Grant Recipients - (G-L)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Alexandra Gacuya

Biological Sciences

Professor Andrej Luptak

Aptamer-Based Biosensor for Detection of Renal Cell Carcinoma Biomarkers

Adriel C. Garcia

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Education

Professor Mona Lynch

Influence of Foreperson in a Juror Group Setting

Louis D. Garcia


Professor Mark Steyvers

The Effects of Dimensional Constraints and Sequential Presentation in Rebus Puzzles

Michael G. Ghobrial

Biological Sciences

Professor Joseph Carmichael

Evaluating Adherence to ERAS Protocol in Colon Resection Randomized Controlled Trials utilizing a Novel Adherence Scoring System

Natasha A. Go

Biological Sciences

Professor Julie V. Patterson

The Effect of Gender and Ethnicity on PPI, Habituation and the P50 Evoked Potential

Madeleine Golding

Public Health Policy

Professor Lisa Ludwig
Professor Miryha G. Runnerstrom

Negative Roommate Relationships and the Health and Wellbeing of Students

Giovanni K. Gonzalez

Business Economics/ Education Sciences

Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

What Affects African Americans' Opinions on Government Spending on Education?

Sierra-Elainna Gross

Chemical Engineering

Professor Ali Mohraz

Bijel Derived Support for Quantum Dot Alloy Anodes in Lithium-Based Energy Storage

Suki Gu

Chemistry/ Material Science Engineering

Professor Sergey Nizkorodov

Monitoring the Effects of Water and Limonene Uptake on the Photodegradation of Secondary Organic Aerosols

Jiaqi Guo


Professor Albert Siryaporn

Using Microfluidic Devices to Identify Correlations between Growth Rate and Flow Response Gene Expression in Escherichia coli

Andrew Haddad

Human Biology

Professor Andrew Odegaard

Effects of Intermittent Fasting and Exercise on Body Composition and Mental Health

Elizabeth A. Hafen

Psychology/ Political Science

Professor Jeanett Castellanos
Professor Davin Phoenix

Latina Undergraduates Attitudes towards the 2018 Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination

Parisa Hajian

Biological Sciences

Professor Vincent Caiozzo
Professor Virginia E. Kimonis
Professor Hon Yu

Safety and Effectiveness of Resistance Exercise Training in Patients with Late Onset Pompe Disease Observed through MRI

Summer Hakim

Biological Sciences

Professor Cristina Kenney

The Comparison of the Mitochondria-Targeting Drugs Ciprofloxacin and Tetracycline on Cybrids of H and J Haplogroups

Joseph Han

Biological Sciences

Professor Marcelo A. Wood

Epigenetic Regulation of Tsc22d3 and its Role in Long-Term Memory Formation

Sara I. Hanif

Criminology, Law & Society/ Psychology and Social Behavior

Professor Nancy Rodriguez
Professor Nancy Rodriguez

Geography of Interactional Themes: Inmate-on-Staff Assaults in a Southwestern State Correctional System

Jianzhe Hao

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Yun Wang

Graphite and CNT Thermal Sensor

Eden V. Harder


Professor Stephen Mahler

A Rodent Model of Adolescent Cannabis Self-Administration via Vapor Inhalation

Amber F. Harrison

Public Health Policy

Professor Victoria A. Lowerson Bredow

The Impact of Complementary and Alternative Medicine on Self-Reported Stress and Resilience Levels in Young African American Women in South Los Angeles Combating Acute and/or Chronic Urban Stress

Kiana Hashemi

Biological Sciences

Professor Natasha Mesinkovska

A Significant Association between Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia and Facial Procedures

Ivan He

Public Health Sciences

Professor Scott X. Atwood
Professor Eric Tarapore

Identification of GLI Transcription Factor Mutants that Drive Basal Cell Carcinoma

Haley Heesch

Biological Sciences

Professor Cascade Sorte

A Decade of Human and Wildlife Use at the Laguna Canyon Wilderness Park

Adrian Hernandez Lopez

Environmental Engineering

Professor Joel T. Lanning

Effects of Applying Concrete on Different Non-Linear Material

Jessica M. Herrera

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Kyriacos Athanasiou

The Effects of Shear Stimulation across the Phases of Self-Assembled Articular Cartilage

Esmeralda Hic

Earth System Science/ Chicano/Latino Studies

Professor Katherine RM. Mackey

Phytoplankton Nutrient Limitation in Newport Beach: An Incubation Study

Jesse P. Higuera

Political Science

Professor Ines Levin

The Internet, The Digital Age of Regulation: The Retraction of Net Neutrality

Aneth G. Hinojoza


Professor Rocio Rosales

UnDACAmented and DACAmented: Undergraduate Students’ Higher Education Experiences

Kelley T. Ho


Professor Jane Page

Tea: Creating Unity in our Community

Phuong Ho

Biological Sciences

Professor Justyna M. Sosna

Colocalization of Amyloid Prefibrillar Oligomers and Fibrillar Oligomers with Histone Modification in Human Brains with Alzheimer’s disease

Thu Ho

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Melanie Cocco

Structural Studies of Reticulon-4

Wenxuan Hong

Biological Sciences

Professor Charles G. Glabe
Professor Justyna M. Sosna

Effect of Necroptosis-Inhibiting Drugs on Amyloid Beta Oligomer Concentration in Blood Plasma of 5xFAD Mouse Model of AD

Geoffrey A. Howard

Social Science

Professor Jacob Avery

Cars and Culture

Shih Yuan Huang

Education Sciences

Professor Jennifer Terry

Research on Ethical and Political Concerns of Stem Cell Reproduction

Alexander N. Huynh

Chemical Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering

Professor Andrej Luptak

Gamma-S-Crystallin-Aptamer Biosensor for Detecting Cataract Development

Amy Huynh

Aerospace Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering

Professor Yoonjin Won

Surface Treatment for Fog Harvesting

Amy Huynh

Aerospace Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering

Professor Natascha Buswell

How was your Internship? Stories about the Engineering Internship Experience from Five Female Engineering Students

Anh T. Huynh

Biological Sciences

Professor Charles G. Glabe
Professor Justyna M. Sosna

The Interaction of Conformation-Specific Fibrillary Forms of Amyloid with Modified Histones in Brains of Human with Alzheimer’s disease

Suyeon Hwang

Cognitive Sciences

Professor Gregory Hickok

Classification and Difference of Spectrotemporal Modulations Essential for Detecting Emotion in Speech and Music using Auditory Bubbles

Eloise E. Hwang

Biological Sciences/ Subdivision: Human Biology

Professor Michael Demetriou
Professor Christie Mortales

Characterizing New Transgenic Mouse Lines for Rescue of N-glycan Branching Deficient B Cells from Cell Death during Selection

Berna I. Idriz

International Studies/ Political Science

Professor Eve Darian-Smith

Measuring the Effectiveness of Sub-National Climate Action Networks in Global Cities: Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Rome

Arvin Izad


Professor Elizabeth R. Jarvo

Synthesis of Sulfonamides for Cyclopropane Formation by Cross-Electrophile Coupling

Afraah Javed

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Michael T. Green

Spectroscopic Characterization of a Lytic Polysaccharide Monooxygenase

Ung Seop Jeon

Biological Sciences

Professor Scott X. Atwood

Understanding the Effects of GLI1 Mutations on PKA-Specific Phosphorylation of GLI1

Vama Jhumkhawala

Public Health Sciences

Professor Scott X. Atwood

The Roles of Protein Kinase A-Specific GLI1 Mutations in the Development of Drug Resistance in Basal Cell Carcinomas

Mengrui Jiang


Professor Louis Narens

A Comparison of Evolutionary Learning Dynamics for Color Categorization

William P. Juan

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Jered Haun

Digestion Device Redesign for Rapid Digestion of Minced Tissue into Cellular Suspensions

Cybelle R. Kaehler


Professor Donald Hill

Special Call STEAM - How Long you Wander: A Short Biographical Film on Emily Dickinson and Queer Theory

Gwyneth G. Kaminski

East Asian Cultures

Professor Jerry W. Lee

K-Cool: The Popularity of Korean-American Music Artists in the U.S. as By-Products of Korean Culture

Tiffany H. Kao

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Melissa Lodoen

The Effect of Syk in ASC Phosphorylation and NLRP3 Activation during T. gondii Infection of Human Monocytes

Vibhav Kapoor

Philosophy/ Computer Science

Professor Aaron James

Perception of Photography

Thomas M. Kaufman

Materials Science Engineering

Professor Martha L. Mecartney

Flash Sintering of Murataite

Kaelen Kay

Biological Sciences

Professor Adriana Kraig

Social Support, Oxytocin, and Wound Healing in Coma Patients

Vivian Keorhagian

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Paul K. Piff

Social Class Predicts Stereotyped Judgments, Mediated by Social Attention

Lawrence Khournso

Earth & Environmental Science

Professor Katherine Mackey

Iron limitation, Copper Toxicity, and Light Concentrations on Crocosphaera watsonii and Synechococcus

Deena M. Khoury

Biological Sciences

Professor Michael J. Parsons

Identification of Transgenic Zebrafish Possessing a Functional Nitroreductase Enzyme for β-Cell Regenerative Studies

Sepideh Kiani Shabestari

Biological Sciences

Professor Mathew M. Blurton-Jones

Characterizing Engraftment Phenotypes of Human Xenotransplanted Microglia in the Murine Brain

Henry D. Kim

Biological Sciences

Professor Christine M. Gall

Sexual Dimorphism in the Enhancement of Episodic Learning by a Salient Cue

Sung Jin Kim


Professor Kim Green

The Effects of Microglial Elimination on Tau Pathology

So H. Kim

Biological Sciences

Professor Geoffrey Abbott

Anticonvulsant Activity of Native American Plants in Regulating KCNQ Potassium Channels

Jonathan J. Krebs

Political Science

Professor Jeffrey Kopstein

Sources of Support for Authoritarian Regimes

Michelle L. Krehbiel

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Elliott Currie

Understanding Impoverished Latinx in Orange County: Using Qualitative Methods to Explain Regional Problems

Run R. Kuang

Biological Sciences

Professor Frank M. LaFerla
Professor Laura I. Trujillo Estrada

The Impact of White Adipose Tissue on AD Pathology

Lavanya Kukkemane

Computer Science

Professor Kojiro Umezaki

Special Call (STEAM): Visualization of Rhythmic Phrases of the Tabla

Simran A. Kukreja

Cognitive Sciences/ Biological Sciences

Professor Susanne M. Jaeggi

Gender Differences in Inhibitory Control among Children with ADHD

Jazmine X. Lahbabi

Social Policy and Public Service

Professor Jeanett Castellanos
Professor Leo R. Chavez

Citizen Latinx College Students with Undocumented Parents: Influence of Anti-Immigration Policies on Family Advocacy

Chap-Kay K. Lau

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Andrej Luptak

Investigation of the Role of the CPEB3 Ribozyme in Cortical Neurons and How it Responds to Neuronal Stimulation

Kathy T. Le

Art History

Professor Judy Wu

Heterogeneity and National Identity: Vietnamese Architecture and Critical Regionalism

June H. Lee

Biological Sciences

Professor Petra Wilder-Smith

A Clinical and Imaging Study to Evaluate a Novel Dentifrice

Jessica J. Lee

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Yoonjin Won

Nanostructured Copper Surfaces for Thin Film Evaporation

Ariana M. Lee

Biological Sciences

Professor Donovan German

Effects of Temperature Stress on Red Abalone’s Digestive Physiology

Brandon P. Leon


Professor Jacob Avery

Community Response to Increasing Homelessness in Orange County

Alexis Lewis

Criminology, Law & Society/ Psychology and Social Behavior

Professor Nancy Rodriguez
Professor Nancy Rodriguez

Co-Occurring Disorder and Institutional Assaults

Jessica M. Leyva


Professor Charlotte Griffin

In our Best Light

Yulun Li


Professor Mu-Chun Chen
Professor Mu-Chun Chen

Sterile Neutrino Oscillation

Yong Li


Professor Eric O. Potma

Lanthanide Nano-Structures of the Optical Magnetism

Guohao Liang

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Chang C. Liu
Professor Theresa B. Loveless

Coupling Cell Cycle Counting with an Inducible Apoptosis Cassette in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Mary Allison A. Lim

Electrical Engineering/ planning to minor in Computer Science

Professor Elliot Hui

Pneumatic Logic Circuits and Soft Robotics: Are they Highly Compatible?

Zhongqi Lin

Biological Sciences

Professor Bogi Andersen

Exploring the Effect of IRX 5 on the Epidermal Stem Cell Differentiation

Kristy Y. Lin

Biological Sciences/ Computer Science

Professor David Luo

Optimization and Analysis in Spinal Cord Sensory Afferent Structural and Synaptic Organization with CLARITY

Zitong Lin

Biological Sciences

Professor Amal Alachkar

Role of Oxytocin-Melanin Concentrating Hormone pathway in Maternal Behavior

Shweta Loomba

Public Health Sciences

Professor Jogeshwar Mukherjee

Binding of the Radioligand 8-OH-DPAT to the Serotonin 5-HT1A Receptor Site

Deida D. Lopez

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Professor Cascade Sorte

Prey Preference and Potential Competition between Whelks Nucella emarginata and Mexicanthin lugubris

Audrey Lopez-Valdez

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Belinda Campos

Familism as a Buffer for LGB Life Satisfaction and Parent Disapproval in Heterosexual Relationships

Jordan Lu

Civil Engineering

Professor Joel T. Lanning

Alterations in Concrete Properties and Mixture based on Different Pigmentation

Da Lu

Biological Sciences/ Economics

Professor Amal Alachkar

The Role of Melanin-Concentrating Hormone Plays in Pain

Skylar Lung

Human Biology

Professor Sheryl Tsai

Structural Analysis of Aromatase/Cyclase Regio-Specificity using Oxetane-Based Probes