Fall 2018 Grant Recipients - (M-S)

Student Name


Faculty Mentor(s)

Project Title

Brianna L. Ma

Biological Sciences/ Medical Anthropology

Professor Peter H. Ditto

Situational Effects of Perceptions of Sexual Assault in an Experimental Study

Natalie Malek

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Bernard Choi

Use of Whole-Brain Optical Clearing to Elucidate the Effects of Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology on Cerebral Metabolism

Mariam Mansour

Biological Sciences

Professor Charles G. Glabe
Professor Justyna M. Sosna

Changes in Amyloid-Beta Deposits, Apoptotic, and Necroptotic Markers in the Internal Organs of 5XFAD Mouse Models of Alzheimer’s disease after Treatment with PLX3397

Patrick Mara

Earth & Environmental Science

Professor Adam Martiny

Evaluating Different Methods of Measuring Phytoplankton Growth Rate

Madona Y. Masoud

Biological Sciences

Professor Devon Lawson

Metabolic Programming in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Metastasis

Stephanie Matsuno

Microbiology & Immunology

Professor Donald N. Forthal

Generation of Multimerized Antibodies to Induce the Phagocytosis of HIV-1

Aditi Mayer

Literary Journalism/ International Studies

Professor Beheroze Shroff

Special Call (Women's Empowerment): Modernity, Tradition and Nativity: Feminist Fashion as Reclamation

Kevin K. McKinnon

Criminology, Law & Society

Professor Hillary L. Berk

Fundamental Right to Parent: Incarcerated Mothers and the "Best Interest of the Child"

George Mina

Human Biology

Professor Aileen Anderson

SCI Scar Formation

Nora A. Mohammad

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Jered Haun

Advancing Lifetime Based Multiplexing of Tumors using Amorphous Silica Nanoparticles

Seyed Omid Mohammadi

Biological Sciences

Professor Ken Lin

The Effect of Colony Stimulating Factor-1 Receptor Inhibition on Silicone-Induced Fibrosis in an in vitro Model

Katherine E. Mojica

Biological Sciences

Professor Scott X. Atwood

Understanding the Role of the Primary Cilia in the Development of Imiquimod-Induced Psoriasis

Cathleen A. Molloy


Professor Alyssa Brewer

Saliency of Intrusive Imagery: Somatic and Perceptual Markers Related to Depression Symptom Severity

Serena L. Moses

Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Roxane C. Silver

Relationship between Individual Vividness of Mental Imagery and Media Exposure Related Stress Response

Audrey H. Mosley

Education Sciences/ Psychology & Social Behavior

Professor Stephanie Reich

The Influence of Mobile Screen Technologies on Children’s Behaviors and Parent-Child Interactions

Renee M. Moulton

Political Science/ Criminology, Law and Society

Professor Mary McThomas

Immigration Lawsuits Pre- and Post-Trump Inauguration

Tigran Movsesyan

Biological Sciences

Professor Eman Azizi
Professor Jeffrey P. Olberding
Professor Kristin Stover

Digging into the Burrowing Kinematics of Hurter’s Spadefoot Toad

Bahaar K. Muhar

Biological Sciences

Professor Aileen Anderson

C1q Antibody (c1q nAb) Effect on Endogenous NSC/Progenitor Response in Inducible Ependymal Cell Reporter Mice Post SCI

Arion Muqolli

Biological Sciences

Professor Bruce McNaughton

Novel Stimulus Effects on Activity in the Retrosplenial Cortex

Karishma Muthukumar

Cognitive Sciences

Professor An H. Do

Special Call (STEAM): A Novel Cost-Effective Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) System with Emojis

Vihar Naik

Human Biology

Professor Allen Kong

Outcomes of Traumatic Brain Injury in Patients taking Novel Oral Anticoagulants

Joyce H. Nguy

Political Science/ Education Sciences

Professor Davin Phoenix

Special Call: Sexual Misconduct, Gender, Race, and Partisanship: Female Public Opinion of Candidates in the #MeToo Era

Paul Nguyen

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Amal Alachkar
Professor Olivier Civelli

Interactions between Nesfatin-1 and MCH in Regulating Eating Behavior

An T. Nguyen

Political Science

Professor Long T. Bui
Professor Jeanett Castellanos

Southeast Asian Deportations: The Role of Asian American Ethnic Organizations on Community Resilience

Thu Nguyen

Chemistry/ Biological Sciences

Professor Gregory A. Weiss

Characterization and Engineering of Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetase-Like Enzyme, TdiA

Nancy Nguyen

Biological Sciences/ Digital Filmmaking minor

Professor Bruce Yonemoto

(Special Call: Women's Empowerment) Frat House: Garden Grove's Last Gay Bar

Hillary Nguyen


Professor Vy Dong

Asymmetric Arylation of Chiral Aldehydes

Hellen Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Shahrdad Lotfipour

Investigation of the Molecular Effects of a SNP in the alpha (α)6 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Subunit

Phu Nguyen

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Kyle Cole
Professor Andrej Luptak
Professor Luiz Passalacqua

Biochemical and Biological Studies of Human Genome-Derived cGMP RNA Aptamers

Irene Nguyen

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Edwin Monuki

Characterization and Analysis of Biondi Body Inclusions and Associated Patterns

Angela Nguyen

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Matthew A. Inlay

Determing if T Cell Bias in Lyve1-Derived HSCs Remains upon Irradiation Stress

Tung Nguyen

Computer Science

Professor Iftekhar Ahmed

Differential Testing on RTOS File System

Sierra C. Nguyen

Chemistry/ Biology

Professor Christopher Vanderwal

Synthetic Efforts towards Lissoclimide Natural Product Analogues using Site-Selective Aliphatic C-H bond Halogenations

Melanie Nguyen

Human Biology

Professor Yu-Po Lee

Outcomes and Cost-Effectiveness of Opened One-Session Staged vs Two-Session Staged Instrumented Spinal Surgeries

Dennis Nguyen

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Amal Alachkar

Screening Fetal Tissues for the Endogenous Ligand to Bombesin Receptor Subtype 3

Kathern Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Wenqi Wang

Regulation of MST1 and its Effect on Yap Activation in Cancer Cells

Jacklyn Nguyen

Public Health Sciences

Professor Maria C. Kenney

Effects of Avastin on Metabolic Pathways and Apoptosis

Pauline Nguyen

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Matthew A. Inlay

Characterizing a Lymphocyte Progenitor that Arises Independently from Hematopoiesis from Mouse Embryo

Hannah M. Nguyen

Biological Sciences

Professor Anshu Agrawal

The Effects of Nicotine and IL-22 on Wound Healing Mechanisms

Shannon O'Connor


Professor Christopher T. Fan
Professor Jayne Lewis

Still Human: A Fictional and Critical Analysis of the Gendered, Android/Cyborg Body in Postmodern Science Fiction Media

Miguel A. Ochoa

Biological Sciences/ Chicano/Latino Studies

Professor Travis E. Huxman

Phenotypic Plasticity in Roots under Differing Nitrogen and Water Availabilities in Baccharis salicifolia

Dominique J. Oei

Asian American Studies

Professor Dorothy Fujita-Rony

Navigating Diasporic Identities: Deconstructing the Historic Positionality, Racialization, and Cultural Formation of Chinese Cambodian and Chinese Indonesian throughout Migration

Michael W. Olsen


Professor Sergey Nizkorodov

Solvent Effects on Mass Absorption Coefficients of Secondary Organic Aerosols

Meghan Osato

Biological Sciences/ Computer Science

Professor David Mobley

Predicting Fragment Binding Modes using Non-Equilibrium Candidate Monte Carlo with Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Sanjana P

Biological Sciences

Professor Tallie Z. Z. Baram
Professor Annabel Short

Determining the Effect of Estrogen Receptor Alpha during Estrus Cycle on Learning and Memory in Female Mice

Daisy P. Padilla

Education Sciences

Professor Anna-Lena Dicke
Professor Jacquelynne Eccles
Professor Nayssan Safavian

Life Changes Broadcast Students' Educational Aspirations

Marvin Paguio

Human Biology

Professor Virginia E. Kimonis

Voluntary Wheel Running Exercise for Pompe Mice

Abraham D. Paz


Professor Elizabeth R. Jarvo

Investigation of Cross-Electrophilic Coupling Tolerance for the Synthesis of Cyclopropanes

Dulce M. Perez

Education Sciences/ Chicano Latino Studies

Professor Ana E. Rosas

Latinx Art: Creative Approaches towards Illuminating Latinx Experiences in the United States, 1980-Present

Eric D. Perez

Chicano/Latino Studies/ sociology

Professor Al Valdez

Gangs and the Military

Colin R. Petree

Human Biology

Professor Linda Palmer

Monitoring Episodic Memory Formation in the Hippocampus of Rodents with DREADDs

Aidan Pham

Biological Sciences

Professor Tallie Z. Baram
Professor Annabel Short

Investigating the Mechanisms by which Estrus Cycle Affects Learning and Memory following Multiple Acute Stresses

Dziemhong T. Pham

Public Health Sciences

Professor Kyoko Yokomori

Perinucleolar Heterochromatin Clustering in Response to DNA Damage

Therese N. Pham

Biological Sciences/ Sociology

Professor Steven D. Allison

Phylum-Level Comparison of Extracellular Enzyme Activity of Bacteria from Loma Ridge Grasslands

Lilyana Pham

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Rianne Campbell
Professor Marcelo A. Wood

Role of HDAC3 in Gene Expression within D1R- and D2R- during Cocaine-Associated Behaviors

Kimmai T. Phan

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Timothy L. Downing

Understanding the Role of DNA Methylation in Topography-Induced Cardiomyocyte Maturation

Amanda Pinski

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Ilhem Messaoudi

Transcriptional Analysis of Early and Late Variants of Ebola Virus Makona to Explain Observed Pathogenic Attenuation

Farinaz Pirshirazi

Public Health Sciences

Professor Scott Bartell
Professor Mojgan Sami

Comparing Health Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors of Sub-populations in the “White” Racial Category

Andrea Porras

French/ International Studies

Professor Rachel O'Toole

Queer Identities in the Peruvian-American Family Dynamic

Joceline Porron

Chicano/Latino Studies/ Public Health Policy

Professor Glenda M. Flores

Special Call (Women's Empowerment): Self-Employed Migrant Women: Hair Salons, Ethnic Enclaves, and Gender Dynamics

Veronica Preciado

Public Health Policy

Professor Miryha G. Runnerstrom

A Content Analysis of Public Universities’ Sustainability Policies across the United States

Tianyin Qiu


Professor Ray Luo

Computational Analysis of Tumor Suppressor p53 Dimer Interface

Nazek Queder


Professor David B. Keator

Creating a New Brain Template for PET Studies of Alzheimer's disease in the Down Syndrome Population

Alexandra Quinones


Professor Alfonso Valdez
Professor Alfonso Valdez

Volunteering to be Exposed to Trauma: How do You do it?

Samantha Ramadan

Biological Sciences/ Earth System Science

Professor Sarah Kimball

Water Use Efficiencies of Native California Shrubs in Response to Neighboring Mixes of Native and Non-Native Plants

Chayanne Ramirez

Social Policy and Public Service/ Chicano Latino Studies

Professor Jeanett Castellanos
Professor Caesar D. Sereseres

A Qualitative Study: Parents of Children with Autism Satisfaction with Education System

Walter Ramirez

Political Science/ Education Sciences

Professor Davin Phoenix

Anti-Discrimination Law: Race, Gender, and the Legal Implications for African-American Women

Teresa Ramirez

Chicano/Latino Studies/ Political Science

Professor Glenda M. Flores

Army Strong: How Latinos have Found a Way to Secure Higher Education through the Military

Madison B. Ramos


Professor Susanne M. Jaeggi

The Effect of Inhibitory Control on Socially-Sensitive Implicit Association Test Effect Sizes

Caitlin Ratanarak

Public Health Policy

Professor Zuzana Bic

Influence of College Students Self-Perceptions of Aging on Alzheimer's Disease Risk Factors

Kishen Rathod

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Stephanie Tjen-a-looi

Effects of Electroacupuncture at ST36-37 Acupoints in Mild to Moderate Hypertension in Salt-Sensitive Rats

Danica Resurreccion

Public Health Sciences

Professor Jennifer A. Prescher

Engineered Luciferases as Sensors for Pathogens

Jennifer A. Rivera

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Criminal Law & Society

Professor Jessica Borelli

Attachment and Maternal Sensitivity in a Sample of Low-Income Latino Mothers and Adolescents

Danielle C. Rocco


Professor Sergey Nizkorodov

The Study of the Formation of Brown Carbon from Malondialdehyde Treated with Amino Acids

James F. Rodriguez


Professor Edwin Peraza Hernandez

Development of an Accessible Lead Stamper Tool to Improve Usability of Scantrons

Preston Rogers

Electrical Engineering

Professor Mohammad Al Faruque

Optimization of Food Intake Event Prediction Methodology

Yulissa Rojas-Montes De Oca

Psychology & Social Behavior/ Education Sciences

Professor Susanne M. Jaeggi

ADHD: Perceived Effectiveness of Motivation and Study Skill Interventions

Elianet Romero

International Studies/ Political Science

Professor Ruth Goldstein

Investigating Borderlands/La Frontera: Internalized Colonialism in Latino/a/x Communities in the United States and Anti-Immigration Rhetoric in Italy

Cesar M. Rosales

Psychology/ Language Science

Professor Jeanett Castellanos
Professor Glenda M. Flores

Latina/o Parents’ Perceptions of Bilingual Education Programs During the Trump Administration: A Qualitative Study

Jessica Rosiles


Professor Jacob Avery

Mexican American Experiences Navigating through their Biculteral Identity

Brianda G. Ruiz Chavez

Criminology, Law & Society/ Urban Studies

Professor Elliott Currie

Law Enforcement Perception of Undocumented Youth

Andrew L. Sabol

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Professor Xingyue Li
Professor James S.. Nowick

Development of an Improved Ornithine Turn-Linker for the Stabilization of Amyloidogenic 𝛽-Sheet Macrocycles

Ashkan Sadeghifard

Mechanical Engineering

Professor Jaeho Lee

Chameleon Inspired Thermal Camouflage by Nano-Particle Films

Syrus Sadvandi

International Studies/ Film and Media Studies

Professor Catherine Liu

Does China Have any Need for a Film Market outside its Own Borders?

Alejandra Saenz Mejia

Biological Sciences

Professor Shahrdad Lotfipour

Nicotine as a Gateway for Opioid Self-Administration

Samer Saleh

Chemical Engineering

Professor James S. Nowick

Special Call (STEAM): Creating an Automated Film Processing Apparatus Kit for Educational Applications

Jazmin A. Sanchez

Earth System Science

Professor Patrick Rafter

Determining Rainfall Patterns through Examination of Terrestrial Wood in Marine Sediments

Alicia Sanchez Martinez

Biological Sciences

Professor Han Li

Increasing Efficiency in Biosynthetic Pathways

Yvette M. Sanders


Professor Catherine Bolzendahl

“It’s Not Just a Phase”: Experiences of Bisexual Adults within Relationships

Ravi Sandhu

Public Health Sciences

Professor Yama Akbari

The Relationship between Spreading Depolarizations in the Brain and Heart Rate Variability

Patricia G. Sarion

Political Science

Professor Heidi Hardt
Professor Mary McThomas
Professor Mary McThomas

Special Call (Women's Empowerment): The Impact of Gender on Knowledge Sharing in International Organizations: The Case of the World Bank

Sasithorn Sarnthiyakul

Human Biology/ Psychology

Professor Dongbao Chen

Hydrogen Sulfide Biosynthesis is Reduced in Human Myometrium of Preeclamptic Pregnancies via Downregulation of CBS Expression

Buvaneshwari Sathishkumar

Chemistry/ Biological Sciences

Professor Jennifer A. Prescher

Deep Mutational Scanning for Analyzing Substrate Specificity of Orthogonal Bioluminescent Enzymes

Xiecheng Shao


Professor An Do

Design of a Portable Brain-Computer Interface utilizing Micro-Controller

Angelica M. Sheen


Professor Susanne M. Jaeggi

Special Call (Computer Gaming): Validity-Testing a Virtual Reality Measure of Risk Propensity

Janna L. Shim

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Aileen Anderson

Effect of Acute Complement C1q Neutralization on Endogenous Spinal Neural Stem Cells after Rat Spinal Cord Injury

Ginger L. Short

Nursing Science

Professor Susana Cohen-Cory

Endocannabinoid Activity Role in Developing Xenopus Visual System

Karanveer Singh

Public Health Sciences

Professor Elani Streja
Professor John Sy

Atrial Fibrillation in Dialysis Patients

Namrata Singh


Professor Jennifer A. Prescher

Understanding the Origin of Selectivity of Orthogonal Luciferin/Luciferase Pairs

Beverly Siu


Professor Deborah Oliver

Special Call (STEAM): The Fields

Rachel N. Smith

Cognitive Sciences

Professor Susanne M. Jaeggi

Improving Memory Consolidation through Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation in Older Adults

Vanessa Smith

Chemical Engineering

Professor Nancy Da Silva

Tool Development for Use in Kluyveromyces marxianus

Amanda Soedomo

Civil Engineering

Professor Joel T. Lanning

Refining the Lightweight and Sustainable Concrete Mix Design

Fnu Sohaila

Human Biology

Professor Amal Alachkar
Professor Olivier Civelli

Investigating the Function of Oxytocin on the Melanin Concentrating Hormone Neurocircuit in Post-Partum Depression

Alyssa M. Soria


Professor Jacob Avery

Mental Life of Food Service Workers

Merry Ann Sta. Maria

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Claire Chen
Professor Andrej Luptak

CPEB3 Ribozyme Detection in Primary Cortical Neurons using Fluorescence in situ Hybridization

Wei Hsuan Su

Pharmaceutical Science

Professor Sam Schriner

Validation of a Novel Model of Aging in the Yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Abhinand Sudarshana

Biological Sciences

Professor Timothy L. Downing

Long-Read ChIP Coupled with DNA Methylation Sequencing to Determine the Order of DNA-Protein Interactions across Cell Cycle Pseudotime

Alexandra J. Sumiyoshi

International Studies

Professor Julia H. Lee

And Stop Saying the N-Word: Appropriation in Asian America

Jeffrey Sun

Chemical Engineering

Professor Nancy Da Silva

Stable Expression of 6MSA Polyketide in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by Multiple Genomic Integrations via CRISPR/cas9

Yuxuan Sun

Biological Sciences

Professor Ann K. Sakai
Professor Stephen G. Weller

Reduced Pollen Viability in Schiedea hookeri and Schiedea kaalae Hybrids caused by Cytonuclear Incompatibility

Rachon Sweiss

Human Biology

Professor Michael A. Yassa

Functional Performance of the Anterolateral Entorhinal Cortex as a Novel Biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease